Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The New Confederacy.Still racist and backward

Here in the modern United States where we have witnessed so many great things as well as tragedies we still have backward thinking people who don't want to progress.Now before you start picking on Billy Bob inbred,I am not just talking about him.All over the country people particularly in the South are talking about how they want their country back.Back from what we may ask?The clues can be found in the number of militia groups,hate groups,birthers,tea baggers,ect who are openly opposed the the Presidency of Barack Obama.Ignorance combined with paranoia,about having a Black family in the White House is bringing attitudes many told us was in the past back to the present.The number of racist groups who hide their racism under the guise of being concerned about spending,this is the racist belief that black men are irresponsible and out to destroy the White man's civilization.Now there are millions of non White people living in the Southeastern United States,why do so many White people think they can talk about succeeding from the Union violently if necessary without regard to the fact the African Americans would not want any part of their Neo Confederate society.You see the Neo Confederates are the lowest form of RACIST.The like to hide behind legitimate movements like the conservatives and other groups.They know like their ancestors their real aim or target is the menacing Black man in their society.It is no accident that the most racist areas have the highest Black on Black crime,poverty,unemployment ect.In the old order of the South all White people belong to an aristocrat class based on White skin color.They the racist try to hide this and talk about Southern pride.What exactly is Southern Pride?Besides the fact that at one time White people completely controlled Black people in this region.Even White Northerners traditionally supported Southern traditions romantically because they can imagine an illusion of importance at the Black races expense.This is what the South means to people who go there.White supremency is the 800lb gorilla in the room.You cannot think about the South without thinking of slavery and the oppression of Black people.Those who do are liars and hypocrites.

Some Whites spit on the graves of people who shed blood for this country
I am always amazed that everytime I hear White people talk they talk about hating government.CNN just did a report about militia groups in Michigan arming themselves against what they perceive as an oppressive government.You have Neo Nazi groups calling for an overthrow of ZOG.Zionist Occupied Government,Even so called mainstream politicians and journalist talking of harming elected officials(Bill Oreilly threatening House Speaker Nancy Pilosi)Most of the right wing anger come from the fact that they believe only people like them are suppose to prosper in this country.When other people do it is at their expense.So they attack Barack Obama as a socialist for reigning in greed,and corruption on Wall Street.
Sarah Palin's supported Alaska and Texas succession
Yes this is a woman who in her new book she calls for profiling based on what happened at Fort Hood.She says political correctness is killing us.What about her association with far right wing groups who say the US government in the enemy.This is all rooted in the spread of the confederate culture to all aspects of White America.They are the enemies of America not the Muslim community.The racist right wing are a threat to national security but they get a pass because they are White and only non Whites can be terrorist and threaten America.Take a good listen to people who curse this country its flag but never get called out for it much less an investigation


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Hey bro,

Blog Talk Radio is giving me major problems. I've emailed them to tell them that I can't log in to my account, and what they've told me to do doesn't work. I received your message, and I'll join you ASAP. I cant even listen to Podcasts live or recorded anymore. I have to download them. Do you have any problems listening to your shows? I'll check with these folks again to see what's up. Peace.

Kala Nation said...

Yes There was a message sent around saying your account was suspended.I think something funny is going on over their.But Black talk radio with Scotty is building a new platform we are launching next year.We are build something great and I told Scotty I wanted you to be with us.