Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sacred Cows pt3 Islam under scrutiny in the Black Community

What our many educators,intellectuals,and thinkers failed to do the bloggersphere is now doing.A growing debate about the role of Islam in Africa and in the African American community.Without taking away from the great contributions the Nation of Islam made to the community,many are saying Islam is actually a White Arab religion colonizing Negroes the same way as the Christian White man enslaved and colonized Black people.
Radical Islam at war with America
One of the main impediments to the Nation of Islam is that it started out non political.The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught his followers to be self sufficient,clean,hard working,honest,and a dutiful Muslim.Joining the military was forbidden as was voting and working with Whites.Now on the surface the organization looked like it had it together.Underneath the surface was unchecked and unanswered questions.From the start many were uneasy with the idea that the socalled White man was a devil created by some evil scientist named Yacub.Most people who joined did so to escape the reality of a racist country.Many of the smartest,brightest and most militant people joined the early Black Muslims.It was the first organization of any kind to introduce human development and human improvement.Drug rehabilitation and prison reform were all NOI introductions.The problem is inspite of racism and the brutality most Black people knew the racist doctrine of the NOI was wrong.Many liked the beliefs in community,family,and support of Black businesses.What many people oppose is the always siding with America's enemies in the name of being united by religion with the so called Muslim world.This is now proving to be the undoing of the whole religion in the world.All over the world secular governments are under attack by people who don't recognize any law but Sharia.In Algeria,Egypt, young barley literate Muslims who dont benefit from the progress of the secular societies want to destroy them and install an Islamic one linked across the globe based out of Mecca.Now it is clear what the agenda was all along with the Muslim conquerors.It was never about brotherhood and religion.It was about political,and economic gain.Just like the modern religious movements like the Catholic Church is about power and influence more than saving souls.
Since September 11 Islam has been on a decline
When 19 highjackers attacked the Worlds Trade Centers buildings in 2001,the militant movement in Black America quickly distanced itself from the attack.Also more Black people were wearing American flag lapels,talking about"we"were attacked by"them"The them were radical Muslims.This heat was so intense that Min Farrakhan felt compelled to speak and offer regrets to the victims.For years he talked about a holy war or spiritual war against the West and its evil it produces around the world.Now the world saw Islam as the evil.In Nigeria riots in the southern city of Obasuen,and the Northern city of Katsina attracted world attention.Thousands died when Christian mobs beat Muslims and vice versa saying Islam is an evil religion.Now in America the number of people who converted back to Christianity and now emphasis traditional African culture is exploding.
Is Islam an African religion or a White Arab religion.
A recent debate in Harlem NY put a Black Nationalist and a top minister in the NOI in a heated discussion about the credibility of the origins of Farad Muhammad and weather Elijah Muhammad was a Mason.Islam was practiced among Persians,Arabs,and Black Hamites.Though many consider Hamites Black people the are actually Afro-Asiatic people like the Dravidians of southern India.Many to give Islam credibility will call them Africans but in Africa there is a distinction.Most Africans in the West are of Bantu origin the group targeted by Muslims and Europeans for the slave trade.Black Hamites of Arabia,Sudan,Mauritania,Mali,Kano seldom were treated as inferior by Arabs.But other black people were.The people who try to sell Islam to the black man now says all blacks were welcomed to join them.History tells us differently.

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