Thursday, December 10, 2009

African American trivia question.

The question is, what are the reasons why your perception of the following list of people has so dramatically changed in the last four years. People in our community who were held as leaders and spokesmouths for the masses of field negroes in the eyes of the world are now fighting to maintain credibility not just with White America but Black America as well.It seems no one can claim to speak on the behalf of Black people,unless they go on Fox News who still needs a Black face to represent all Black people.What has changed this dynamic?Lets see who is on point and who is still a sleep.
Bet Founder Robert Johnson
Rev Jesse Jackson
Tavis Smiley
Russel Simmons
Rev Al Sharpton
Minister Farrakhan
Maxine Waters
Gangster Rappers
Black Church
Black Colleges
Black Music
All of the people places and thing mentioned were standard in our culture but now many have lost credibility.What caused the image and perception of the above to crumble in the last few years?

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