Saturday, December 5, 2009

Kalagenesis poll question.Have you ever worked for and African American business and recieved a paycheck from payroll with tax and health deductions?

The question the Kalagenesis is asking today is,how many of us ever worked and giving our best to a fellow Black person.Are we still in slavery?Why do most of us still work for the man?Are we happy to be on the plantation?One thing could bring joy to the community is economic independence.To do so is going to take a united community building together.Now what I have discovered is that part of the reason venture capitalist don't take us seriously is they don't know anything about us.If our businesses are not using a DUNS report and and credit ratings system how can banks loan us money?Payroll taxes are an indication of what a businesses potential is.Stocks are measured by how much productivity a business have.If everything is done under the table then how can banks,equity firms know what to lend our companies?
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