Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Enemy Within.pt5.The Radical Islam destroying African Culture

As a people not being fully educated in our history,language,culture and value system we are naturally attracted to ideas,peoples ect that fill the void.Islam or a variation of this has been in Africa for the past 1000 years.In West Africa large cities like Timbucktu,Goa,Djenne had large Berber and Arab populations and with them came Islam from the Middle East.On the East coast of Africa a new culture came about from the mixture of the Arab traders and Africans living and fellowship on the coast.City/States like Zanzibar and Kilwa were a testament to the greatness of the two cultures building together and sharing knowledge.There is evidence that many rulers converted to Islam not so much as being devote Muslims but for economic and political reasons.As the the old saying men don't live by prayer alone.In West Africa great Kings like Mansa Musa of the Mali Empire converted to Islam and made the hajj to Mecca.During his trip it is said he brought tons of gold,thousands of soldiers and servant in an impressive display of his kingdom's wealth and power.On his return from his trip the Mansa brought back many famous Islamic scholars from Cairo to build new schools and mosque in Timbucktu.One famous Muslim scholar was Es Sahali who designed new buildings in Djenne and Timbucktu.Islam for hundreds of years had an African personality.Traditional Gods of the Mande,Yoruba,Bambara were still observed along side with Islamic beliefs.In many countries where the culture was strong it was the same way.In modern Mali many observant travelers who visit madrossis marvel at how peaceful the youth are in their teachings.Gone are the rhetoric about Jihad and and killing infidels.In fact what many people do not realize is there was a reformation in Islam in West Africa much like what happened during the Protestant Reformation in about 1200Ad Europe.Although many laws were written from the Koran.Many of the day to day dealings of rulers had little regard for the constraints of Islamic teachings.For example Mansa Musa's Mali Empire heavily relied on gold production,and requiring miners to stop and pray five times a day was slowing output down.So making everyone convert was not feasible.Even during his reign 1324AD to about 1350AD the were those who wanted a pure Islamic rule and considered Mansa an infidel.Islam is not merely a religion.To believe the Mullahs and the Jihadist are concerned about salvation is foolish.From day one the whole hajj and turning to Mecca is about domination and expansion.
Radical Islam and Black America
Most of us know the story of Islam in America,or how a sect of it came into the heart of the Western World and gained a foothold. In 1930 a barely literate sharecropper from Sandersville Georgia named Elijah Poole was introduced to it by a man named WD Farad whom records now show his name was actually Ford.It was tailor made for lost souls looking for direction.In fact there were many Black cults and organizations springing up all over the North in the 1930's.What Poole did was combine bits of teachings from the most popular movements among African Americans at the time like the UNIA organization led by Marcus Garvey and some teachings of Noble Drew Ali and others.After awhile a complete belief system came about with the religion of Islam being the base.The new group was called the Nation of Islam.The NOI was very on time in uplifting the Black people in America.The NOI taught self reliance,respect,cleanliness,duty to ones community and hard work.The NOI was the first organization of any kind to teach diet,against substance abuse,and prison rehabilitation.The NOI has a long history of defending the African American community and building institutions in the community.The organization is a pillar in Black America and it is needed.
Pan Africanism vs Radical Islam
During much of our history with NOI most militants regarded the NOI as the mother ship in the many individual Black Unity movements in America.This is because Malcolm X emphasized the notion that we are Black first Christian and Muslim second.Now it was clear to Malcolm X that the interest of the Islamic world might conflict with the African world.During the sixties it was revealed that Arab states had their own issues with race and Black fair no better in those countries as they do in the West in many cases worst.In White Muslim countries Africans are 1000 times more likely to be poor and live on the margin than an Arab.In other words the question needs to be asked,'Why are so many Black men willing to join with the Arabs in the name of Islam?'Can it be more clear that the radical Muslims want to destroy any culture,state,or people that does not conform to their beliefs and ideology?Pan Africans are watching with horror as these jihadis are wrecking havoc on the African continent.Now they are recruiting African youth to kill their own people in order to spread terror in the name of Allah.Why is the respectable elements of the Black Muslim community silent?We in the Pan African community now see these Islamic extremist as a new enemy among us.Those who will destabilize an African country for Al queada to have a safe have is a traitor and you are not one of us.The time has come to choose just like the NOI use to make loyal African Americans choose America or them,now they have to choose.Do they condemn the crazy blood thirsty,savages running around in the name of Islam or are they supporting them?

Above video is about an extreme Muslim group Boco Haram in Northern Nigeria

Above is a suicide bomber blowing up Somali graduates on 12/03/2009

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