Saturday, December 19, 2009

Cyber Gangsters

An alarming new trend is happening on the internet which could explain the sudden rise in teen gang related murders over the last few years.They are called E-Thugs or Cyber Gangsters.Teens are now sending threats over the internet to their rivals not caring if law enforcement is listening.Some of these threats have led to murders.The question is,how are these kids able to get guns before they get an education.This is clearly not a poverty issue but a cry for help in a country that has abandoned a large segment of our youth.From coast to coast young Latino and Black youth feel the society does not love them.We have a culture that saturates youth with violence,materialism,self hate,lust and greed.In modern America it is all about how much money you have,not how you got it or how you use it.The main thing is you can buy people and buy respect.The idea of community is gone.Shooting another human being is just like shooting a bird.Now it seems our so called scholars and spokesmouths have given up the hard fight and now settled for the blame Obama for everything.Why are many militant groups flagged on youtube and the internet but cyber thugs reign supreme?The following is a video of recent incidents in Chicago and how it is out of control.

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