Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kanye West at 2009 VMA.Hip hop at the crossroads

So Sunday evening in September have been a central event in my household for the past eight years.That is when I started watching the VMA's live on MTV.In 2000 hip hop overtook rock as the dominant music genre among American youth.I supported it back then for many reasons.One reason was I thought anytime black youth can make money at an art form was a step forward.I though hip hop would break down barriers and misunderstandings among different races.I believed this back then but what I have always noticed is that many artist are not vetted or censored in the community.Once a person has a so called hit record MTV and the powerful recording industry decide to beam this artist into every home in America,their antics and actions come along with it.Many artist have little professional or family background rooted in descent behavior.Although there were shocking things at the VMA's far worst than what Kanye West did to country music artist Taylor Swift,in the age of Obama and even the most liberal White America now has his eyes on every thing that comes out of Black America.

Racism at the heart of the Kanye/Swift Controversy
The question many of us who consider ourselves nationalist and Pan Africanist is:Why do these hip hop so called brothers behave so stupidly?Why do they continue to insist like Bill Cosby said recently that racism is not a problem?Why don't these people understand in their simple arrogant minds that what they do is always going to reflect the Black/White relationship in America?And being the weaker group we as black people often will suffer the most from any fallout in the area of race relations.We have never gotten to the point where we are independent of White America
economically.Now hip hop is at a crossroad.Although many artist like Kanye,50 cent,Lil Wayne,Soldja Boy,Gucchi Man,Jay Z,Diddy,ect get hood and got swagger,they are dependent on the White youth and White party crowd for their bread and butter.One thing we Pan African culturalist have over the hip hop nation is we do not on the whole need or want White approval to succeed.

The fallout from this will have racial implications
We have an African American President,but many whites still hold racist views in America.Remember the John Birch Society?The Ku Klux Klan whom by the way was once the largest organization in American history.The racist groups like the Aryan Nations,The Order,and National Alliance all see fertile recruiting ground among lost white people.The image of a Black man stealing the innocent moment from a White All American blond girl triggered racist animosity that goes back to slavery in the United States.The image of him snatching the mic from Taylor Swift in a country where White people have seen a black man take the primary from a White woman,then the Presidency from another.This imagery all conscious black men know is still dangerous in a racist anti black society.The question the Kalagenesis has is when are the black artist going to act responsible like the artist who came before them?Back in the sixties artist represented the community the best way they could and to a people who did not have much they made us fell proud.Looking at Kanye walking around drunk passing hennessy to Joe Jackson live before millions of viewers was an low point for the African American community.

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