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Nigerian Forces crack down on Islamic extremist

The enemies of Africa in the Arab world and the West are on notice.There is still one African country dispite all of the great challenges is going to be the next superpower.A country that will represent the hopes and dreams of millions of Africa's children who suffered and still suffer under an unjust world order.This world order has Africa who once was the center of trade,science and learning while Europe was backward and fuedal,now has Africa at the bottom.The reason is the importation of alien religions and Anti African ideologies that leads to stagnation and idleness.For example African countries have a long history of indigenous industries,trade,and communication.Instead of many African states spending millions training people to run industries why not modernize the traditional craftsmen and tradesmen like Japan did during the mejii period?That would produce automatic economic growth.The reason many in Africa rely on foreigners to run farms and it businesses is because the lact of confidence in things African.One country is bucking this trend.That country is Nigeria.Long villified by traitors and enemies Nigeria's influence in Africa and the world is threatening people who have other plans for Africa.Nigeria has all the means plus dynamic new leaders dedicated to building the country and making us proud.Nigeria has enemies in the American oil sector who only want oil.Also Nigeria has a new enemy Islamic extremist who would love to destablize the great Empire State and make it and Al Queada safe haven.The traitors under the guise of Islamic Fundamentalism want to destroy schools,hospitals,niteclubs,churches,beauty salons ect.Anything that is not strictly Sharia law.Not content with the strict Sharia codes in Northern Nigerian states they want to spread this to the rest of Nigeria and beyond.The extremist groups Boco Haram and Kala-Kato have made a fatal mistake.Nigeria is a strong military styled Pan African country,and not one to give in to what the so called international community says.Nigeria is determined to crush the insurgency in its country.Kalagenesis
The Following is an article along with a video about the growing extremism in Nigeria,and the governments fight to stop them.Could Sharia becoming to Black America?

BAUCHI, Nigeria — Dozens more bodies were recovered Wednesday after violent clashes between security forces and Islamists in northern Nigeria, bringing the death toll to around 70, a count at a hospital morgue showed.

An AFP reporter listed 42 bodies on the floor of the morgue in the city of Bauchi, all with bullet or machete wounds. Another 25 bodies, mostly young people including minors, had been placed in cold storage rooms.

"The bodies were brought in on Monday after the violence," a morgue employee told AFP.

Police late Monday said 38 people died in the fighting, including three members of the security forces.

The clashes erupted Monday between suspected members of a radical Islamist sect and security forces.

The Kala-Kato sect, also known as Maitatsine, has been present in several Muslim-dominated states in northern Nigeria for decades.

It led religious uprisings in 1980 and 1992 which claimed thousands of lives in the northern cities of Kano and Yola.

The number of its followers is not known but estimated to run into several thousands.

Sect leader Badamasi Saleh Alkaleri was among those killed by security forces, the police said.

Police forces across Africa's most populous country have been placed on high alert in the aftermath of the clashes as part of a bid to forestall further violence.

Life was returning to normal Wednesday in Bauchi where the Red Cross was organising burials of the victims. Soldiers and police deployed across the city had withdrawn by early Wednesday.

"So far we have 40 dead bodies and we have secured a warrant from the justice commissioner for the burial," Adamu Abubakar, the head of the Red Cross office in Bauchi told AFP.

"With the heat, these bodies need to be buried quickly as they will decompose rapidly," said the worker at the morgue, where the room was being cooled by a single fan.

Houses, cars and motorcycles were burnt during the clashes.

The Kala-Kato sect abhors modernity, including Western-style education and medicine. It bans television and radio in its members' homes and rejects any literature except the Koran.

A sect with similar inclinations, known as Boko Haram, led an insurrection in July. At least 800 people were killed then when security forces crushed the uprising in nearby Borno State. It's name means "Western Education is a Sin" in the local Hausa language.

The fighting in Bauchi began when sect leader Alkaleri delivered a fiery sermon to his followers, calling for the destruction of a breakaway faction, according to Bauchi state police chief Atiku Kafur.

The sect leader had called for the death of his enemies and of anyone who rejected his dogma, prompting residents to call for police help.

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