Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Ra Ra Ra!!!!!!!!!!!A look at the Political Super Bowl

Fricker fracker firecracker shish cum ba!!Kala Nation, Kala Nation ra ra ra!!Or any political,social,or belief you want just form your own fan club.This is what the political scene in America is looking like.I don't believe the framers of of the political system we live in had this in mind.For example the Whig party died for this same reason.When groups of people hold on to an ideology over common sense without compromise they are leading their party to a sure destruction.They whig party stood for the values of the Declaration of Independence and strong institutions.This served the progressive forward thinking people of the time.Then some thought the same rights should be extended to people who's lively hood was made on the backs of others.Ultimately the party split over slavery and the result was the civil war.There are some things that cant be negotiated.Slavery was one of them.The right of a people to define the morals and its collective character was something worth fighting for.It is these ideals and only these ideals that we should rally and demonstrate.The idea of forming ourselves into these camps and oppose for the sake of opposing is leading to the break down of civil discourse.
Rush Limbaugh,Beck,Hannity,have turned the political world into a pep rally
One thing many people including many Progressive Pan Africanist and Black Empowerment people have in common with the left wing in this country is the opposition to the right wing zeal in the media.You see most people on the left react to the right wing.They are the aggressors.They have even convinced most people that they are the true Americans who are the banner carriers of the Founding Fathers.No matter that it was a so called right wing nut who committed the largest mass murder by a citizen of this country on fellow citizens.Tim Mcveigh in Oklahoma.Also it is the right wing who are constantly talking of succeeding from the country and over throwing the government.When Rush Limbaugh says he hopes President Obama fails,it does not even cross his mind that the country he says he loves will fail also.But to him Hannity and the other rabble rousing cheerleaders it does not matter.As long as their side wins.Look at the health care debate.Senator Demitt of South Carolina says not if we can do better for the American people with health care,but that his party can score political points if Obama fails.The chant from Demitt might go
Fricker fracker firecracker shish cum ba Republicans,Republicans, ra ra ra!!
The Danger of the Left doing the same
It seems that the left wing has its own ra ra ra's.The stalling over the health care because some wanted a completely socialized system with single payer.There also was no compromise among the left.Ive always said any passage would be a path to single payer.The left figured since it won the election it was winner take all.Lets change everything we dont like about America with one election of one man.Every ra ra ra on the left had their hand out and Obama wisely rejected many of the proposals of the extreme left.He did not endorse gay marriage,only said don't ask don't tell should be repealed.Obama wisely knows like the Whig party of the 19th century that pushing the country too fast too soon would bring a meltdown and you could see Sarah Palin as the next President.
Sarah Palin Unqualified to be President
That does not stop her ra ra ra's pushing her book.Anyone who they can rally around suddenly without thought becomes the new quarterback for the team.We need to get back to being civil and stop all the ra ra ra!!!!!!!!!!!!

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