Friday, December 4, 2009

Rev Conrad Tillard protest Glenn Bekkk at Christmas performance in New York City

Glenn Beckkk is going no respect these days.His half heart attempt to reach out to Blacks by having a Black issues show was answered by a stunning rebuke from the Rev Conrad Tillard in New York yesterday.Beck is the darling of the Tea Bagger and Birther movement.The main point the Rev was making was people have the right as citizen to critique the President and engage in debate.But what the right wing wants is to destroy this President and in the process destroy the country.These are the same hypocrites who wrap themselves in the flag but support every violent anti government movement,and would overthrow the country if they could.A recent study in Idaho reveals that many of the Aryan Nation people now hold mainstream positions in the conservative movement.This is the atmosphere that ultimately led to the assassination of President John F Kennedy.Could this happen to President Obama

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