Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Arrested Development

God created man in his own image it says that in genesis.Like all things mankind must have food,water,shelter to survive.We like all living things want to reproduce and live in comfort.We are the only creatures who believe in god and have a conscious.So you atheist and hedonist listen up.It is in all men to be there own master.Our Constitution and our great Republic was founded on those ideals.You might say wasn't there slavery and repression in this land even when the country was founded?Yes.But no other civilisation ever tried to at least guarantee liberty to the common man.Much of the world live under feudalism and tyranny.Some were benevolent others were not.It is the natural order of man to provide for himself and his family.It is not natural for a man to abandon his duties as a father or patriarch.As we are the only creatures who murder,rape,and bear false witness.Why would a man not progress into the natural state of adulthood and leave childish behavior alone?In my community the African-American there is an epidemic of boy acting men who just wont take responsibility for there own behavior.Not to single us out entirely it seems like everyone in America has an excuse for the way they behave.Look recently at Paris Hilton going to jail.She blamed everyone but herself for her circumstances.This prolonged adolescence is contrasted Development'.
This problem is out of control Among the Black and Latino male populations in America.Many of my brothers don't take care of their seeds and think it is okay for a woman to pay the bills.It is not my friend.If you are in a relationship and all of the bills are in you girls name not yours you are not a man.Even if you are contributing, have something in your name.That is a sign of independence.Now in the hip hop community most rappers celebrated the arrested development in their lyrics.If you are over the age of twenty five and you pay more for cloths than you do for books,savings,investing,you need to grow up.Money in your pocket means nothing is you don't know how to speak.If you cant point to your state on a map then your development has been arrested.If you live at home with your parents and don't work or go to school your development has been arrested.If you don't know how to hold a conversation with a woman without gawking then your natural development has been arrested.If you cant settle a dispute without violence or confrontation,your development has been arrested.You see this in hip hop everyday.Most defenders of rappers now tell us that it is not their fault the material is negative its the record companies fault.Or the White man made me do it.he White man made me sell my soul.I am not a man I am 30 YEAR OLD BOY!Someone else is responsible for what I am going through.Recently Drew Pickett advised rappers not to appear on TV to defend themselves.I thought they were so tough and gangsta.Why cant they stand up like men and defend themselves?More shocking and surprising, is when the people that defend them advise them not to defend themselves.Are they men?Or boys?I say it is arrested development again.
Where did this come from?According to leading African-American scholars,this has its root in slavery no surprise.You see male slave were separated from children and females.He had no responsibility for the survival and future or his family.This took the natural paternalistic nature away.The slave owner fed the slaves all he had to is make them when the slave owner wasn't horny himself.The natural state of progression to manhood was arrested by a cruel racist system.This continues to this day.Rappers instead of being men and standing up for their beliefs,and not tell us its the record labels fault.They say I am a boy not a man.THEY BRAG ABOUT SELLING DRUGS,etc Fat Joe Joey Crack,The Chemist,Tony Ya yo.Ya yo is Spanish for cocaine.But the rappers call themselves victims of an evil White record label.And we Black fools in the community should concentrate on the CIA and the Government bringing the drugs in not them.These brothers at the end of the day should simply grow up.
Kala Nation

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