Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Kala Nation

I just want to give thanks to god amighty for giving me wisdom and giving me the most precious gift of all life. To many of us take that for granted that we forget what is important.What is important is being a good human being and being proud of what you are. You should accept the hand that god gave you.God wishes that we all live in harmony with one another.Wars are not of god.Hatred is not of god but of man.In other words hatred towards your fellow man for no reason is not of god.There is a time to hate as there is a time for all things.As long as god is guiding the situation,and men of high moral respectability.When one is called to lead he has a responsibility to be an example to others.Leadership requires one to exceptional not ordinary.A true leader sometimes tell us what we dont always want to hear.As a person whos opinions will effect the lives of others he/she is obilgated to be impartial,uncorupted,and be an example to others.Once that trust is broken then he loses his right to represent the people.
With that said the next question is how do we as African-Americans wind up with the most corupted people leading or being spokemouths for us? In my studies I have read nearly all leading Black scholars and authors and I came to the conclusion the the problem of lack of leadership comes from a continued slave/master culturethat we've embarassing carried on to the new mellinium.For the most part leaders were often chosen by Whites.Booker T Washington in his Atlanta Compromise was championed as the new Negro leader.Whites would get a subduded submissive Black poputlation who who work hard making White Businessmen wealthy rebuilding the war torn south.Granted Blacks were cut off fromthere homeland,so they had no choice but to submit or die.After the defeat of the confederacy most of the former slaves knew they would be targeted for retaltiation from ex planters and their henchmen.The Ku Klux Klan was born.The Klan rank even today as on of the most successful movements or organisations in history.There was no stopingthem their goal was restoring the lost cause of the conferderacy.What was their cause? It was a romantic image of Scotish Old England where a lily White wonderland existed.Blacks were mere beast after beautiful White women and it was up the White Knights to protect the White Race from being destroyed through race mixing.The former slaves didnt stand a chance.Most the leaders urges the ex slaves to stay in the south.Lynchings,Jim Crow,segregation,forced them to migrate elsewhere.The leaders were seen as uncle tom negroes.
For most of our history our people were on a"zion quest"People may ask what is that?Just as the Children of Isreal were led out of Eygypt by moses so too is our history paralelled to that of the Children of Isreal.It was alway a big lie that we were trying to move into White Society and become 'Black Americans these were things that were forced apon us.Raising families,owning land men living by god laws that is all we ever wanted.When this did not happen we took to hedenism,sin,crime and god knows what else.It is in every man to want to be free.America was built around freedom and the human spirit.Why should we be any different than any other people?Why should we feel guilty about us unifiying around our race?Are we so far gone that we feel we are being racist when we say we want to preserve our institutions,businesses,communities,culture,common heritage ect?Just who is responsible for this?What happened to the love that was once the envy of the world.One of the things was we had very little until recently.Some of us alwasy had money but were so steep into the struggle that the money on got you so far.Read Paul Robeson,Langhston Hughs Richard Wright,James Baldwin.All knew the extraordinary capabilities among African-American were being wasted in the slums of America.What kept us safe was love.There were always evil among us but the good dominated because we kept Whites away from core strongholds like Black radio,newspapers,colleges,banks, churches mosques and the hidden language we always spoke to each other.So it asks the question is so much exposure to our culture by the outside world damaged the way we see and communicate with each other?For example nowadays it is considered unusual for you call another Black Man Brother.Years ago the was the norm.The lose of the nation conciousness among our people is the root cause of the problems among our people.We once was a very deeply religious people we are no longer.Our music of today has a disconnect from our church past.When we were following god we were united because we drew parallels between ourselves and the children of Isreal.Only a people that think wholistically can do this.Much ofhip hopand todays Black cullture teach individualism or secular humanism.A collective purpose or in Swahiili Nia is frowned apon.It is in this mindset where we find Black on Black violence because it is every man for himself.I once heard Biggie Smalls ranting on a cable show about Tupac.It was at this time I realised the danger of thug life.Usually when two Black men talk about each other they try to rashion that in the end we are both Black males living in a racist society so lets not quarell among each other in public.When you hear thugs talk you would think it was an Isreali and a Palistinian fighting.How did this disunity happen?One was the welfare system, the other was agrowing underworld culture that glorified negativity in our community.Remember their was always that one house at the end of the block that the bad people lived in?The house that kids cursed drank and listen to sinful music?The dominate communty for the most part went to church and did their thing.The music,art, culture and media images reflected the positive majority.Even the people that lived in the house down the block was effected by the positivity they saw.I remember even the drunks would tell you to stay in school while hidding their liquor in a bag.Black music picked up the world with songs of love and triumph.So what is Kala Nation?Well lets define what is a nation.A nation is defined by its common land,race,language,culture.A people with a common destiny and history.A people cannot be a nation without its own land.Every people that is advanced on this earth has an indegeneous culture that bonds them together like glue.Make no mistake no matter how rich a man is in this world it is because the nation he helped build blessed him with wealth.Look at every American city.Some Anglo Saxon built it and got rich.Look at Japan hundreds of corporations now dominate the world in trade and industry.Could the Japanese have gotten that by all coming to America?No,they had Japan to build and make strong.That is the difference between us and everyone else,we are the only people who fully believe in America.Even more than White people.White people benefit from a system of White Supremecy and racial chavenism that gives them skin color priveledge and advantage over non whites in this country.If that system is threatened then whites turn on this country.Example the Arayan Nations/militia/Tim McVeigh,all want to over through this government in Washington DC.These are the Whites who feel that the country doesnt belong to him anymore and they are losing what their forefathers fought for.Can to races coexist in peace?Well because of the history of slavery,jim crow ect this is highly unlikely.Mutual respect is need on both sides.cont--

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