Friday, April 1, 2011

Why my opinion of Israel Changed for the worst.

As many of you may know Ive have always been a supporter of the state of Israel.I thought that Israel was a model of nationalism we as African American nationalist should follow.Actually it was the Pan Africanist movement and desire for a homeland in the land of their forefathers that Jewish men like Theodore Herzel founded the modern Zionist movement.Also the first ideal for the Zionist was a homeland in Kenya near Ethiopia where the Jews were said to have originated.Now we have racist Zionist like Benyamin Solomon thinking the piece of stolen Palistinian land is theirs only.Their needs to be a Palistine State along side a Jewish State period.The following is an article about the Israelis plan to build and artificial Island off the coast of Gaza so as to keep Gaza their little concentration camp.
Yisrael Katz told Army Radio suggested that an international force could control the island for "at least 100 years" and for unloaded cargo to be brought into Gaza along a 3-mile-long bridge with a security checkpoint to prevent arms smuggling.

"The Israeli military would continue the naval blockade, but in a more localised way," he said.

Mr Katz said he had pitched the project to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who told him to put together a plan, which "has been under examination for many months" by experts.

A spokesman for the West Bank-based Palestinian Authority described the idea as "pure fantasy" and an attempt by Israel "to divert attention from the real problems of Gaza resulting from the Israeli siege". Hamas spokesman called it "a Zionist effort to ... internationalise" the blockade.

"I am at the stage where the prime minister has to give the green light," Mr Katz said. "This has not happened yet ... I am certain the Europeans and the Americans and many private elements will be willing to be part of this."

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