Thursday, April 21, 2011

Benyamin Solomon as Droopy

Hello Amalakites!!!!!!This is the Kalagenesis and I want to introduce my friend Benyamin Solomon the BTR resident Zionist and right wing nut job.No one knows what Ben looks like so I am using a computer compositor to figure it out.The profile came back with the above picture.Now if you want to hear such smash hits as Im a good ole American sung by an inbred redneck or the annoying song There is no Palistine sung by some Yiddish nerd tune it.Remember Ben recommends you eat tuna on rye(Kosher)with sprouts,Kosher pickle graham crackers and tea.Then sing Henai Von toe twice a day.You will be in Ben's truth zone!

1 comment:

Benyamin Solomon said...

Kala, your post is pathetic. Here we go again with your creepy neurotic visions of me eating Tuna in rye. I'm sick of you crying racism over anything while you continue with your anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial. You're a loser with no life and with the intelligence below that of a rock.