Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Open Rant

*** (22:57:31):Welcome to the Kalagenesis Chat Room.
SlimJim says to (23:03:18):
just left freedomizer radio with all the black helicopters.. man some white people got a crzy imagination
SlimJim says to (23:03:45):
Han Solo.. get outta my room!! :D
Dr Han Solo says to (23:03:55):
Dr Han Solo says to (23:04:09):
not you again..
Kalagenesis says (23:04:19):
Peace Doc
SlimJim says to (23:04:41):
dis is my house.. Kala aint nuttin but a tennant
SlimJim says to (23:04:47):
firstplatoon says to (23:05:17):
Down Squatters
Kalagenesis says (23:05:34):
Welcome to the Open Rant
firstplatoon says to (23:06:00):
Is this weekly?
Kalagenesis says (23:06:10):
SlimJim says to (23:06:11):
i beleive in evolution, so my blood lines go back to africa.. therefore, i am an African!
SlimJim says to (23:06:34):
<< African American
Kalagenesis says (23:06:41):
No all bloodlines dont go to Africa moron idiotic blood dont
Kalagenesis says (23:07:18):
Welcome Tea Baggers
SlimJim says to (23:07:18):
evolutions says they do
SlimJim says to (23:07:44):
all human life originated in africa
SlimJim says to (23:08:18):
thats the fossil record
firstplatoon says to (23:08:25):
SlimJim, I don't think you are allowed in the club
SlimJim says to (23:08:33):
SlimJim says to (23:08:42):
thats messed up!
SlimJim says to (23:09:00):
i'm a man without a home..:@
firstplatoon says to (23:09:44):
You don't need a home! Live free and on the streets.
DesertRose says to (23:09:44):
(lol) roflmaoooooo Rye Boy
DesertRose says to (23:09:52):
thats classic'
DesertRose says to (23:09:53):
DesertRose says to (23:10:00):
(F) Kala
DesertRose says to (23:10:08):
(((((Dr Solo)))
DesertRose says to (23:10:15):
DesertRose says to (23:10:28):
:P i have snacks ready to rant
SlimJim says to (23:10:41):
i have beer..
Dr Han Solo says to (23:10:43):
firstplatoon says to (23:10:47):
What type of Snakes
firstplatoon says to (23:10:54):
firstplatoon says to (23:10:57):
DesertRose says to (23:11:00):
chocolate covered peanuts
SlimJim says to (23:11:24):
she like chocolate nuts.... just sayin
firstplatoon says to (23:11:33):
I see that
SlimJim says to (23:11:47):
and just kidding... (think i'm in trouble)
firstplatoon says to (23:11:55):
Rose SlimJim love recycled Peanuts.
DesertRose says to (23:11:58):
(F) they are my favorite
DesertRose says to (23:12:30):
that would be cool
DesertRose says to (23:12:48):
DesertRose says to (23:13:29):
DesertRose says to (23:13:42):
dont feel bad just got my first cell phone 2 weeks ago
DesertRose says to (23:13:44):
DesertRose says to (23:13:51):
still trying to figure out the buttons
firstplatoon says to (23:13:52):
I kinda like BlogTalk but 2 many of these host concentrate on their Chat Rooms and not their show topics. Why?
Big Bucks Bristol says to (23:14:37):
Because they don't have a topic?
firstplatoon says to (23:15:12):
May be.
DesertRose says to (23:15:38):
i always talk to the chat
Big Bucks Bristol says to (23:16:00):
On topic, Ryan's budget plan is based on fantasy
firstplatoon says to (23:16:04):
It seems crazy to talk to your monitor alone at home!
SlimJim says to (23:16:49):
platoon.. call in and talk to him then
firstplatoon says to (23:17:19):
I'm learning how not to host. First lesson Never scream at my monitor.
firstplatoon says to (23:17:47):
You call in and ask him Jim
firstplatoon says to (23:17:55):
I'm shy
firstplatoon says to (23:19:03):
Thats a simple process to becoming a Leader.
Kalagenesis says (23:23:01):
Peace Africa Unite
Antoinette from De says to (23:23:38):
Hello Kala, Africa, Big b ucks, Rose, DR Han, Drcarl, First, guests, slim,
AfricaUnite2022 says to (23:23:45):
peace brothers
DesertRose says to (23:24:21):
firstplatoon says to (23:24:34):
Hello Antoinette from De
Big Bucks Bristol says to (23:24:43):
Hi A from D
drcarlamiller says to (23:25:20):
SlimJim says to (23:27:30):
the tea is
Big Bucks Bristol says to (23:29:06):
China is thriving because they're selling all their stuff to us
SlimJim says to (23:29:23):
they are making stuff to sell
SlimJim says to (23:29:39):
the stuff we used to make
Big Bucks Bristol says to (23:30:12):
SlimJim says to (23:30:32):
but know this, China needs us to succedd.. they are in deep
SlimJim says to (23:30:40):
firstplatoon says to (23:30:49):
If the govt shuts down will the mercenaries like "Black Water " still get back. The Miliary won't get paid.
firstplatoon says to (23:31:10):
green backs
SlimJim says to (23:31:13):
the DOD will always be funded
firstplatoon says to (23:31:44):
OH goodie then I still get paid...Retirement is great
SlimJim says to (23:31:50):
at least its in the constitution.. oh oh.. I said the "C" word
Big Bucks Bristol says to (23:32:14):
If we lower wages to about a buck an hour I guess we could be capitalist leaders too
SlimJim says to (23:32:21):
as well u should platoon
firstplatoon says to (23:32:53):
thank you
firstplatoon says to (23:32:59):
I feel the same way
SlimJim says to (23:33:12):
its not just wages.. its regulation, unions, competiveness, bad trade agreements etc
firstplatoon says to (23:33:48):
I'm only worried about wages.
SlimJim says to (23:34:05):
oh.. and taxes.. how did i forget about that?
Big Bucks Bristol says to (23:34:13):
So lowering wages wouldn't be enough?
SlimJim says to (23:34:20):
no, not enough
firstplatoon says to (23:34:34):
Will they collect taxes? I hope not.
SlimJim says to (23:34:48):
allow free enterprise back
Big Bucks Bristol says to (23:35:10):
Maybe we could just all move to China and let all them, move here. Would that make us a succressful nation again?
SlimJim says to (23:35:12):
the govenment does not collect taxes
SlimJim says to (23:35:31):
they force the employers to do it for them free of charge
firstplatoon says to (23:35:49):
Not true SlimJim I have a letter from the IRS.
SlimJim says to (23:36:00):
u know what i mean
firstplatoon says to (23:36:05):
SlimJim says to (23:36:28):
i pay and pay and get that same letter oevery year
firstplatoon says to (23:37:15):
Well the letter really isn't for me its for my ex-. and I plan to tell them her address
SlimJim says to (23:37:16):
i pay taxes every 30 days at risk of interest and penalties.. most emplyers do
SlimJim says to (23:37:40):
lol platoon
Big Bucks Bristol says to (23:37:55):
I thought the Chinese were commies. Now they're capitalist leaders?
SlimJim says to (23:38:07):
yep.. aint that a bitch?
firstplatoon says to (23:38:32):
Bucks, That Commie thing has some merits
SlimJim says to (23:38:38):
the only differnce is that they are a state-run capitalist society
Big Bucks Bristol says to (23:38:45):
I don't think you would like the government if you lived there.
Big Bucks Bristol says to (23:39:04):
Do they allow citizens to own guns?
firstplatoon says to (23:39:12):
I lve here and I don't like the government.
SlimJim says to (23:39:19):
dont think so.. have to check
SlimJim says to (23:40:06):
when the government fears the people, you have liberty, when the people fear the govenment, you have tyrany
firstplatoon says to (23:40:57):
Jim, when was the last time the government in American feared the citizens?
firstplatoon says to (23:41:09):
I'd say never
SlimJim says to (23:41:32):
it happened, just not in recent history
SlimJim says to (23:41:46):
not since Wilson
firstplatoon says to (23:41:54):
Well wake me when it happens again.
SlimJim says to (23:42:04):
and the institution of the income tax
SlimJim says to (23:42:24):
lol platoon.. hope its a short sleep
SlimJim says to (23:43:20):
leave it to Kala to enter our conversaion late and get all confused.. :D
firstplatoon says to (23:43:28):
firstplatoon says to (23:43:59):
See what I mean about the host talking to the Monitors!
SlimJim says to (23:44:31):
i'm starting to see you point.. never noticed it before...
firstplatoon says to (23:45:04):
Lesson # 2, reasons for not reading the Chat Room cause it brings confusion
firstplatoon says to (23:45:42):
Big Bucks Bristol says to (23:45:55):
That 2.8% unemployment estimate is a complete fantasy
firstplatoon says to (23:46:19):
In the USA @ Bucks
Big Bucks Bristol says to (23:46:43):
Unless we lowere wages to a buck an hour, then maybe
firstplatoon says to (23:47:43):
a buck an hour??? Yea, you'll homeless in America
Big Bucks Bristol says to (23:48:10):
but at least you'll have a job :)
firstplatoon says to (23:48:31):
You don't work for $1 an hour.
firstplatoon says to (23:48:50):
You try it then tell us how its working
Big Bucks Bristol says to (23:49:16):
I was making a joke related to Slim's earlier praise for China
firstplatoon says to (23:49:36):
Big Bucks Bristol says to (23:50:02):
Guess he left
firstplatoon says to (23:52:56):
What wing do you belong to Kalagensis?
wiz999 says to (23:53:08):
Okay my brothas and sistas....let talk knowledge and leave the uninformed crap behind.....scott walker is brought and paid for by the koch brothers....kasich was bush's budget director (nuff said)....and nj, conn, and indiana and close in lock step....
Big Bucks Bristol says to (23:55:12):
By the way 1stP, I don't need a job. Didn't you hear?
wiz999 says to (23:55:31):
the white man is going to get his new slaves and he gives a damn how he get them so we need to start to develop our exit strategy and think beyond the US....kala you are right we need to find a land for our own and keep the toms & coons behind..
firstplatoon says to (23:56:01):
Bucks I saw that already and I think its sad.
firstplatoon says to (23:57:33):
FORD (Fix Or Repair Daily)
Big Bucks Bristol says to (23:57:36):
Mr Holipsism says to (23:58:41):
Systems do not exist for change. Systems exist to maintain themselves
firstplatoon says to (23:59:23):
Good Point Mr. Holipsism
Mr Holipsism says to (00:00:20):
wiz999 says to (00:00:47):
GM is a racist company they only hired black to force down wages, break strikes, and work in the forge (the most dangerous job)
wiz999 says to (00:01:13):
Jesse is a baby daddy...nuff said....
WEBDuBOSS says to (00:02:10):
kala needs to keep names out of his big mouth
wiz999 says to (00:02:15):
all our movements get sidetracked by whites....urban league, naacp, core all run by whites with black faces
WEBDuBOSS says to (00:02:23):
this brotha just mad he aint got a followin. jealous fool.
Kalagenesis says (00:02:42):
Scotty Reid = WEB Dubuster
Mr Holipsism says to (00:03:05):
How did you and Scotty get into
Mr Holipsism says to (00:03:06):
WEBDuBOSS says to (00:03:16):
i know a cat who moved back to kenya. im about to get sum of this money.
Mr Holipsism says to (00:03:43):
nicovelz87 says to (00:04:01):
WEBDuBOSS u got exposed
firstplatoon says to (00:04:23):
I'm Scotty Reid
nicovelz87 says to (00:05:35):
Its crazy that the US spends 1.2 million for every missle they launch over there in libya but the schools over here in the US r firing teacher because they cant afford em
nicovelz87 says to (00:06:07):
they r even tryin to cut back on school lunches
WEBDuBOSS says to (00:06:23):
kala is yappin about employment at the cornerstore. smh.
Mr Holipsism says to (00:06:26):
firstplatoon says to (00:06:44):
nicovelz, You can say the same thing about the Wars in Iraq and Afganistan
Mr Holipsism says to (00:07:07):
a potato chip company. Potatoes, Oil, and sea salt
nicovelz87 says to (00:07:31):
people r losing jobs because of this war in africa
nicovelz87 says to (00:07:54):
Glenn Beck is not going to be on Fox news no more he's done
wiz999 says to (00:07:56):
so what if he is talkin about jobs at the corner store....when i was coming up that was a black store with black employees so its all important
firstplatoon says to (00:08:01):
How so @ nicovelz
WEBDuBOSS says to (00:08:34):
wiz still pushin a food cart. get with the times old man.
WEBDuBOSS says to (00:09:00):
recognize game. kala dont.
nicovelz87 says to (00:09:02):
They have an article on it its true
WEBDuBOSS says to (00:09:13):
shorty head game is A PLUS
nicovelz87 says to (00:09:35):
kick him out
WEBDuBOSS says to (00:09:37):
i break yella bones like wish bones
*** (00:09:43):WEBDuBOSS is muted by Admin for breaking rules!
wiz999 says to (00:10:54):
my brotha i live a life you wish you could live....your problem is that you think that a discussion of black nationalism and our collective future is a joking matter when it is important to develope a future course or we will die in this white racist world
*** (00:11:28):WEBDuBOSS has been unmuted by Admin.
nicovelz87 says to (00:11:45): Thats T
wiz999 says to (00:11:58):
webduboss is a parasitic fool
nicovelz87 says to (00:12:00):
thats the link to glenn Beck
WEBDuBOSS says to (00:12:16):
kala got a good show when he's not hatin
firstplatoon says to (00:12:25):
no nicovelz. you typed "people r losing jobs because
of this war in africa"
firstplatoon says to (00:12:39):
I asked how so?
nicovelz87 says to (00:13:22):
Did u just read what i said the US spend 1.2 million dollars on missle they r firing now
nicovelz87 says to (00:13:42):
so why ask that question have u been lookin at the news
wiz999 says to (00:13:44):
i'll answer.....that war money could be educating children, developing new technology, and building the next economy....dumbas*
firstplatoon says to (00:13:52):
Yes, but how does it relate to people losing their jobs
wiz999 says to (00:14:02):
nicovelz87 says to (00:14:07):
there r only low paying jobs available
WEBDuBOSS says to (00:14:21):
lil wayne and drake dont need college
Mr Holipsism says to (00:14:49):
No such thing as Black Leadership
firstplatoon says to (00:14:51):
When a missle is fired it increases dividends for shareholders.
WEBDuBOSS says to (00:14:53):
all you gotta do is spit fire
*** (00:15:22):WEBDuBOSS is muted by Admin for breaking rules!
nicovelz87 says to (00:15:53):
He's an idiot
*** (00:16:28):WEBDuBOSS has been unmuted by Admin.
nicovelz87 says to (00:16:44):
firstplatoon r u for the US army killin innocent people
firstplatoon says to (00:16:56):
firstplatoon says to (00:17:04):
and how is 'US'
firstplatoon says to (00:17:07):
nicovelz87 says to (00:17:24):
so why make that comment
WEBDuBOSS says to (00:18:02):
pan africanism? smh. how you gonna help us cash in on kenya? i know a cat who moved back. he's makin dough now.
firstplatoon says to (00:18:17):
Coz, their is no relationship between missles being fired and people losing their jobs
firstplatoon says to (00:18:33):
Those missles have to be replaced
firstplatoon says to (00:19:06):
So firing missles can bring over time to some areas
WEBDuBOSS says to (00:19:10):
strippers in jamaica know kala aint worth a dollar
firstplatoon says to (00:19:20):
Stardove says to (00:19:44):
I am not into rap!!!
*** (00:19:48):WEBDuBOSS is muted by Admin for breaking rules!
DesertRose says to (00:20:12):
cause he is a wuss
nicovelz87 says to (00:20:18):
u kno what u will never get damn
firstplatoon says to (00:20:20):
Save $$$ by watching Strippers on the Internet.
nicovelz87 says to (00:20:40):
that money can go to these so called poor people who is suffering
firstplatoon says to (00:20:57):
I get that nicovelz
Stardove says to (00:20:58):
Why can't the USG get a budget passed? Shut down the UGS, but Congress will still get paid.
firstplatoon says to (00:21:12):
I'm in full support of that nicovelz
*** (00:21:28):WEBDuBOSS has been unmuted by Admin.
firstplatoon says to (00:21:48):
I'm also for decreasing the defense budget.
nicovelz87 says to (00:22:12):
what is ur nationality firstplatoon
nicovelz87 says to (00:22:31):
and the original ARABS R BLACK
WEBDuBOSS says to (00:22:33):
how can we get this ghana money
nicovelz87 says to (00:23:32):
The Moors spoke Arabic
wiz999 says to (00:23:44):
arabs are arabs hailing from the hajaz and babylon....africans are african
wiz999 says to (00:24:09):
the moors were islamic not arabic...
Mr Holipsism says to (00:24:52):
nicovelz87 says to (00:24:55):
The original moors came from west africa then we mixed in
Mr Holipsism says to (00:24:55):
Mr Holipsism says to (00:24:57):
Mr Holipsism says to (00:25:00):
Mr Holipsism says to (00:25:08):
pretty much sums up
wiz999 says to (00:25:08):
moors converted to islam but islamic does not make you arabic.....pharoahs were african....
Mr Holipsism says to (00:25:16):
Mr Holipsism says to (00:25:19):
Mr Holipsism says to (00:25:34):
WEBDuBOSS says to (00:26:48):
who gonna open a cornerstore in lesotho
Vorpalbite says to (00:27:12):
I didnt even know COngo had a civilization
nicovelz87 says to (00:27:14):
Kala the moors were originally west africans who develope a islamic culture and travel around europe
wiz999 says to (00:27:20):
youtube is not an defining source.....Timbu Tip was an african ruler in present congo and he was an african that professed an islamic faith
Stardove says to (00:27:49):
I'm a white felmale this life, but I was a black African tribesman in another life.
nicovelz87 says to (00:28:06):
Have u read The golden age of the moors
Mr Holipsism says to (00:28:10):
Cleopatra came so late in the game what difference does it make? lol. I notice that don't question if Queen Tiye was Black
AfricaUnite2022 says to (00:28:12):
Hey brother Kala if Muritanians realize that morish legacy has been claimed by some blacks in the U.S they well be laughing til kingdom
AfricaUnite2022 says to (00:28:13):
WEBDuBOSS says to (00:28:21):
kala might got a thing for you stardove
nicovelz87 says to (00:28:32):
by Ivan Sertima
Stardove says to (00:28:32):
nicovelz87 says to (00:28:49):
nicovelz87 says to (00:29:07):
it was
Stardove says to (00:29:10):
Seriously I was in a meditation and I saw myself as a male tribeman. Spooky stuff.
nicovelz87 says to (00:29:28):
ok im not laying claim its the truth
firstplatoon says to (00:29:38):
LMAO...Mr Holipsism that video is funny
Stardove says to (00:29:54):
Does anyone every call in?
Mr Holipsism says to (00:29:59):
WEBDuBOSS says to (00:30:13):
somebody smack kala with black athena
Vorpalbite says to (00:30:26):
Vorpalbite says to (00:30:30):
firstplatoon says to (00:30:35):
Who is American Citizen? He is dancer.
*** (00:30:38):WEBDuBOSS is muted by Admin for breaking rules!
nicovelz87 says to (00:30:47):
Monsu Mosa was a moor
pumpkin13 says to (00:31:02):
*** (00:31:05):nicovelz87 is muted by Admin for breaking rules!
Mr Holipsism says to (00:31:24):
Good Point,
Mr Holipsism says to (00:31:29):
wiz999 says to (00:31:32):
monsa mosa was not a moor
Vorpalbite says to (00:31:35):
Are you aware IN POLAND, the baby jesus is BLACK !
*** (00:32:28):WEBDuBOSS has been unmuted by Admin.
wiz999 says to (00:32:35):
Musa I was the king of mali.....?????? a moor in mali?????
Stardove says to (00:33:00):
I am an American citizen...born in Texas.
Mr Holipsism says to (00:33:20):
This video sums it up NICELY
nicovelz87 says to (00:33:37):
Yes it dose trace back to africa
nicovelz87 says to (00:33:49):
why kick me out man
wiz999 says to (00:33:52):
If you are only an american then you are lost!!!!
Stardove says to (00:34:06):
Did I miss the rant about Paul Ryan who is a former waiter from Wisconsin >
firstplatoon says to (00:34:30):
Look at this site:
WEBDuBOSS says to (00:34:48):
nico actin up like a strong black woman. boys like kala scared of that.
Stardove says to (00:34:56):
Actually I am a native Texan! Long live Texas.
WEBDuBOSS says to (00:34:59):
are you light skinned nico
*** (00:35:13):WEBDuBOSS is muted by Admin for breaking rules!
Vorpalbite says to (00:35:15):
Kala - have you ever considered returning to Africa ?
nicovelz87 says to (00:35:30):
thank mute him out
Vorpalbite says to (00:35:52):
Vorpalbite says to (00:36:03):
firstplatoon says to (00:36:50):
In 4yrs????
Benyamin Solomon says to (00:38:20):
My name appears in the description.
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firstplatoon says to (00:38:26):
wth, you buy a ticket then Leave!
ggt183 says to (00:38:34):
what up kala
firstplatoon says to (00:38:39):
Its simple!
Vorpalbite says to (00:38:57):
Becarful in Africa
firstplatoon says to (00:39:23):
You have to be careful everywhere
*** (00:39:28):Benyamin Solomon has been unmuted by Admin.
nicovelz87 says to (00:39:34):
*** (00:39:34):Benyamin Solomon is muted by Admin for breaking rules!
Stardove says to (00:40:32):
There is one race...the human race. IMHO
firstplatoon says to (00:40:45):
ok, Since when have the Jews been good people? I saw videos of the Jews killin more Arabs than Arabs killing Jews
Stardove says to (00:41:07):
Yes I am
Stardove says to (00:41:12):
Stardove says to (00:41:18):
It's my world
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Stardove says to (00:41:51):
Just wait till the aliens from the outer limits land on Earth
Stardove says to (00:42:01):
Then we'll be one race.
Vorpalbite says to (00:42:15):
I am a monster - I have no guilt killing off MUSLIMS - I will not tolerate ppl that call for my death
Vorpalbite says to (00:42:28):
sdo Kill them right back
Vorpalbite says to (00:42:31):
nicovelz87 says to (00:42:46):
Ben sounds like a white boy lol
Kalagenesis says (00:42:52):
he is
nicovelz87 says to (00:43:11):
damn he a waste of time
firstplatoon says to (00:43:21):
Stardove, you look at the Alien news or you got their phone numbers?
*** (00:43:28):Benyamin Solomon has been unmuted by Admin.
*** (00:43:34):Benyamin Solomon is muted by Admin for breaking rules!
Stardove says to (00:43:39):
My mother was the token white in a black church which she gave to the black people in her community, until my grandmother was about to pass so mom went back to her mother church..
firstplatoon says to (00:43:47):
Sorry but the Jews are Terrorists!
Vorpalbite says to (00:43:56):
Palistine is nothing more than muslim agression
Vorpalbite says to (00:44:10):
Never reward terrorists
Stardove says to (00:44:11):
No, but I saw the video over Japan....
Vorpalbite says to (00:44:16):
No Palistine state
Vorpalbite says to (00:44:45):
I could fe different if the Palistinains were victims
Vorpalbite says to (00:44:48):
firstplatoon says to (00:45:23):
The Jews aren't victims.
nicovelz87 says to (00:45:25):
The biggest joke is that anybody can come to america and sell black people anything to pay the jews rent
*** (00:45:28):Benyamin Solomon has been unmuted by Admin.
Benyamin Solomon says to (00:45:46):
I did not say that all arabs are evil.
Vorpalbite says to (00:45:48):
I say you never reward TERRORISTS
nicovelz87 says to (00:45:54):
we need a culture for real
Benyamin Solomon says to (00:46:13):
Arabs, who want peace in the territories, risk their lives since they may be killed by other Arabs.
Mr Holipsism says to (00:46:17):
Unless the terrorists are financial ones
Mr Holipsism says to (00:46:25):
Then you give them the house
Stardove says to (00:46:32):
The people in the ME are awakening and the shift of consciousness is coming to the planet.
Vorpalbite says to (00:47:09):
the day palistine lay down their weapons, is the day I will support a Palistine state
nicovelz87 says to (00:47:14):
u talking to me Mr. Holipsism
Vorpalbite says to (00:47:19):
But I will not support terroists
Benyamin Solomon says to (00:47:25):
firstplatoon says to (00:47:27):
The Jews (TERRORISTS) are being rewarded with US Aid
Mr Holipsism says to (00:47:33):
No. I'm talking to Vorpalbite
Stardove says to (00:47:42):
WAR = $$$$$ and that is evil.
pumpkin13 says to (00:47:48):
I would like all the killing to stop.
nicovelz87 says to (00:47:54):
true indeed
Stardove says to (00:48:03):
Me to pumpkin
Vorpalbite says to (00:48:08):
Mr Holipsism says to (00:48:23):
Is Israel a terrorist state?
nicovelz87 says to (00:48:34):
i agree it is
pumpkin13 says to (00:48:50):
I wish people could just accept the differences and learn to tolerate each other, people might just find they like each other for one reason or another.
Vorpalbite says to (00:49:04):
sure Isreal is a terrorist state, but UN all ready laid state hood on them
Mr Holipsism says to (00:49:26):
its always funny to me when a Jew accuses someone of political manipulation. LOL
Vorpalbite says to (00:49:26):
no reason to repeat the same mistake
nicovelz87 says to (00:49:37):
those people killed the original palestine during the 40s and 50
pumpkin13 says to (00:50:10):
The problem with reading the Bible is that not all people accept the Bible. It is not the way of the entire world.
nicovelz87 says to (00:50:50):
Amen R Squad talk about Africa culture
pumpkin13 says to (00:50:53):
Like I said, learn to accept the differences and learn to tolerate each other.
Vorpalbite says to (00:51:12):
tree hugger
Vorpalbite says to (00:51:18):
thats a dream
Stardove says to (00:51:26):
I love trees and tree huggers!
Vorpalbite says to (00:51:32):
nicovelz87 says to (00:51:34):
Amen Ra Squad
Vorpalbite says to (00:51:38):
it works
pumpkin13 says to (00:51:38):
If people would learn to tolerate, not accept, but just tolerate, this world would be a much better place.
Stardove says to (00:51:51):
AMEN pumpkin
pumpkin13 says to (00:51:55):
I love trees also.
Vorpalbite says to (00:52:04):
"Tolerance is the last virtue of a dying society", Aristotle
Stardove says to (00:52:05):
Vorpalbite says to (00:52:14):
Tolerance is not a desirable trait
DesertRose says to (00:52:36):
DesertRose says to (00:52:41):
it goes so fast
Stardove says to (00:52:47):
Isn't Aristoile dead? :D
pumpkin13 says to (00:52:49):
Diversity is good, tolerance towards diversity is golden, me.
Benyamin Solomon says to (00:52:52):
GGt183 discredited the claim that the tea party is racist.
nicovelz87 says to (00:53:06):
Stardove says to (00:53:06):
I finally hear Paul Ryan!
Benyamin Solomon says to (00:53:17):
Although :ee interupted the show to atttack me and then I lose it. Anyway.
DesertRose says to (00:53:18):
Stardove says to (00:53:24):
Am I the toten white here?
pumpkin13 says to (00:53:26):
Hi Rose.
nicovelz87 says to (00:53:26):
u kno what kills me this light skin vs dark skin
DesertRose says to (00:53:33):
nicovelz87 says to (00:53:51):
blame W .E. B DuBios
DesertRose says to (00:53:52):
star your a troll.. already on my nerves
Stardove says to (00:54:03):
Sorry Desert.
nicovelz87 says to (00:54:06):
the talented tenths
Mr Holipsism says to (00:54:06):
I've been looking for a Black artist for the longest
DesertRose says to (00:54:14):
:'( sorry people.. i guess i need some sleep
DesertRose says to (00:54:18):
Stardove says to (00:54:21):
Just looking for what was on the radio. Read the top...
pumpkin13 says to (00:54:22):
nicovelz87 says to (00:54:24):
i can draw
DesertRose says to (00:54:29):
(F) i will be good
Vorpalbite says to (00:54:36):
Judge a person by the content of their character and not the color of their skin
pumpkin13 says to (00:54:44):
I know you are trying Rose.
Vorpalbite says to (00:54:45):
thats right, I said it
firstplatoon says to (00:54:50):
I'm a Beer Drinker (dying Art form)
Mr Holipsism says to (00:54:59):
If you are serious, nicovelz87, send me an email.
DesertRose says to (00:55:01):
i am pumpkin! even changed my diet and everything
DesertRose says to (00:55:02):
pumpkin13 says to (00:55:07):
Mr Holipsism says to (00:55:10):
I'd like to see your work
Vorpalbite says to (00:55:14):
If I call you a turd, its because you are crappy on the inside
nicovelz87 says to (00:55:23):
its mr holipsism right
Mr Holipsism says to (00:55:24):
Stardove says to (00:55:41):
At least I don't live in a neighborhood!
Mr Holipsism says to (00:55:50):
I'm looking for storyboard work
nicovelz87 says to (00:56:13):
ok i will send it to u tomorrow
Mr Holipsism says to (00:56:19):
Thank you!
nicovelz87 says to (00:56:22):
what r u workin on
Vorpalbite says to (00:56:32):
Stardove says to (00:56:58):
I have never been call a troll. Not sure what to think about this.
Vorpalbite says to (00:57:07):
No joke
Vorpalbite says to (00:57:18):
I was giving a label to your dillema
Vorpalbite says to (00:57:31):
thats what its called
Vorpalbite says to (00:57:46):
Vorpalbite says to (00:58:40):
Cops see a black driving an expensive car - there is going to a pull over / traffic stop
Mr Holipsism says to (00:59:02):
I need an artist that does anatomy very well. Especially Female figures
Vorpalbite says to (00:59:20):
Even black cops pull over blacks drivers
firstplatoon says to (00:59:43):
Black cops make it worst
nicovelz87 says to (00:59:53):
oh ok i hope u my work when i send it to u
Vorpalbite says to (01:00:00):
BLACK MEN are revenue to the system
pumpkin13 says to (01:00:02):
I think every 80 year old should be pulled over just to check and see if they should still be driving.
Mr Holipsism says to (01:00:15):
Stardove says to (01:00:15):
My car is 11 years old, so being white I'm probably safe from long as I'm not speeding right?
Stardove says to (01:00:28):
LOL pumpkin
Vorpalbite says to (01:00:39):
the cop, the judge, the prison all gain finacially for foring black males into the systemn
Vorpalbite says to (01:00:47):
DesertRose says to (01:00:53):
darn i tried to call
pumpkin13 says to (01:00:55):
Have a good night folks.
Dr Han Solo says to (01:00:58):
Great Show Kala !!
Stardove says to (01:01:12):
Night pumpkin..thanks for being nice to me.
DesertRose says to (01:01:13):
Kalagenesis says (01:01:18):
Thank you
Stardove says to (01:01:23):
ngiht Rose.
Vorpalbite says to (01:01:25):
Stardove says to (01:01:35):
What else is on?
firstplatoon says to (01:01:54):
I called in 666
DesertRose says to (01:02:05):
Kalagenesis says (01:02:09):
presss 1
Stardove says to (01:02:35):
Will my computer explode if I press 1?
Kalagenesis says (01:02:39):
firstplatoon says to (01:02:41):
dialing, I got disc
Stardove says to (01:03:01):
1 Nothing happened.
firstplatoon says to (01:03:12):
press 2
Stardove says to (01:03:23):
Two glasses of wine should be my limit.
firstplatoon says to (01:03:26):
Is the show over
Kalagenesis says (01:03:35):
its in overshow
Stardove says to (01:03:42):
What was you first clue first?
Dan Newton says to (01:03:58):
great show
Dan Newton says to (01:04:03):
Kalagenesis says (01:04:07):
firstplatoon says to (01:04:12):
ok, peace
Stardove says to (01:04:22):
Sorry to be a troll....I was just wandering in the www looking for some talk.
Stardove says to (01:04:29):
Peace Love Stardove

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