Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Amilkar Cathargo talks about Black Leaders

One of my favorite listeners is Amilkar Cathargo.He is always on point.He gets it!He knows the Kala Nation is where the truth lives.We have exposed the slave system that keeps mediocrity and oppression going in Black America.The same foolishness and lack of accountability on those self described "Black leaders" that keeps the White man in power.Now it is time to have the conversation about Nationhood and long term independence.The following is a response to the Kala Nation show about the Black Achievers:

Kala: In reference to Sunday night's show (04/24/2011)....We've got to get out of this "leadership" bullshit. Excuse my French, but f**k Black leadership. Does an "entrepreneur" need the approval and leadership of Black leaders?...Chinese leaders?...Latino leaders?...Irish leaders?...Arab leaders?...You gettin' me Bruh? Current Black leaders don't have our best interests at heart for the Diaspora. "Black leadership", sad to say, is a remnant of slave mentality, where we have to wait for the approval and sanctioning of others, or make the "group" mentality move before we do. In other words, waiting for others to make that move (with a pair of a balls/ovaries)!!!...Black people, especially those that are very, very serious of changing the trend of our current Black culture, should become "a leader of one", where each of us take on the responsibility of risk and chance to make things happen. We've got a lot of opportunities out here to partake in and make advantageous to "O-U-R" economic interests...Telecommunications...Alternative energy sources and development...Infrastructure design....Electric cars...articulated financial services....Agriculture. We have the intellectual capital, the money (nearly $1 trillion consumer dollars) and resourcefulness to make Black entrepreneurs and risk-takers a part of the wave of movers and shakers in the new millennium. Remember King Solomon's words:..."Where their is no vision, the people perish." "Black leadership" should be replaced with that of concentrating on "Black economics". If you were to wait on these Negroes, you are going to be waiting a very, very long time. The reality that we all face is that of becoming "imprisoned" within the stranglehold of poverty, persistent economic manipulation and further disintegration of what's left of the Black Diaspora in ameriKKKa ....if we don't move now. This is no reproachment to you or your great show,but just my opinion and response to your latest show....and as always, you bring it Bruh!!!....Keep that fire lit under asses Bruh!!!..... KALANATION!!! KALANATION!!! KALANATION!!!

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