Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Open Rant

*** (08:56:58):Welcome to the Kalagenesis Chat Room.
Kalagenesis says (08:59:55):
Kalagenesis says (09:01:45):
Welcome to the Voice of the Kala Nation Open Rant
BryanSmith0 says to (09:02:25):
Judging from your "printed" trailer....I am assuming yu are gong to identify "black conservative"......OK....I'm listening
Pianki says to (09:02:53):
Hey Kala Nation Builder
Kalagenesis says (09:02:58):
I will explain what a Black Conservative is
Kalagenesis says (09:03:03):
Hey Pianki
BryanSmith0 says to (09:03:45):
Are you on yet???? don't hear anything:@
Kalagenesis says (09:04:03):
What ever is on your mind
moonhoax says to (09:04:16):
fk the new woeld order ,fk the cia,fk the fbi, down with tiranny,fk the lies ,fk the united states goverment and every one supporti ng the killers in the wars fk them all
Kalagenesis says (09:04:18):
Refresh button
firstplatoon says to (09:04:45):
Salute troopers
moonhoax says to (09:04:50):
is time for you to stand up and be count
Kalagenesis says (09:04:48):
firstplatoon says to (09:05:23):
Ok, where can I get these lyrics
moonhoax says to (09:05:36):
and stop supporting the murderers over seas fl the troops fk dick chaynne fk the bush family
moonhoax says to (09:05:51):
fk them all
moonhoax says to (09:05:57):
hang the mother fkers
moonhoax says to (09:06:17):
stand up and be count they are about to kill you too
BryanSmith0 says to (09:06:20):
dam that was too much work...had to leave and come back....but hell, I'm here.....define "black conservative" to oughta be good
firstplatoon says to (09:07:32):
I need a definition of a "Yard Negro"
P1C says to (09:07:58):
I think were all being played....Dems and reps
firstplatoon says to (09:08:26):
Dems and Reps are all the same creature.
Dr Solo says to (09:08:52):
Peace Kala and chat room
BryanSmith0 says to (09:08:55):
something gives me the idea yard negro is gonna be black conservative:D
P1C says to (09:09:17):
Left, right...Black, white.....Were ALL being played against eachother
firstplatoon says to (09:09:25):
Oh, I heard that Black Conservative is sickening.
African Warlord X says to (09:09:28):
Yes. We must choose between the lesser of two evils
African Warlord X says to (09:09:40):
Right Kala
African Warlord X says to (09:09:56):
Ted Kennedy wasn't like Strom Thurmond
firstplatoon says to (09:10:16):
Sorry but if the Dems would stand up the planet wouldn't have these problems.
BryanSmith0 says to (09:10:21):
No...p1c.....there is a big difference between left and right.....the right are faciists
P1C says to (09:10:35):
What makes you think you can save something that is designed to fail??
Obama minion says to (09:10:35):
Crazy too
firstplatoon says to (09:10:39):
Dems go along with everything the Reps say
African Warlord X says to (09:10:52):
Would you rather get bitten by a green snake or a rattle snake ?
firstplatoon says to (09:11:07):
Dems say 1 thing in the morning but at nite they totally agree with each other
BryanSmith0 says to (09:11:37):
???first platoon????
firstplatoon says to (09:11:40):
Black people should create their own political party for black interested
Obama minion says to (09:11:54):
The Dems aren't perfect but they're way better than the Reps
firstplatoon says to (09:12:15):
Yes, Bryan
African Warlord X says to (09:12:36):
And they'd allow the corporations to pay workers $2.00 an hour.
firstplatoon says to (09:12:39):
The sound is lower and lower. Where is the host doing his show from?
P1C says to (09:12:50):
We need to revert back to our family.....Gov will NEVER help you
African Warlord X says to (09:13:15):
BryanSmith0 says to (09:13:25):
Maine gov is trying to get rid of child work laws
firstplatoon says to (09:13:27):
Excuse me sir but you sound very far away
UniteDaHouses says to (09:13:41):
I guess one Devil is better than one Devi
UniteDaHouses says to (09:13:52):
Dr Solo says to (09:13:54):
Mcdonalds want to hire 50,000
P1C says to (09:14:11):
This Country has a Constitution!!! Uphold it!!!
firstplatoon says to (09:14:12):
Dems were for slavery. I don't think anything has changed sir
P1C says to (09:14:34):
Hand out ARENT part of the Constitution
BryanSmith0 says to (09:14:44):
first got your head up your a$$'
UniteDaHouses says to (09:14:57):
alot of killers and murders had families too
P1C says to (09:15:07):
Ment Handouts
BryanSmith0 says to (09:15:16):
Then repugs were abolitionists....that aint happening now
UniteDaHouses says to (09:15:23):
Pianki says to (09:15:33):
@P1C. Yeah we need to stop all that aid. Clinton is giving the Issurectionist in Libya 10 million
Obama minion says to (09:15:36):
first, I assure you the modern Democrat party does not support slavery
BryanSmith0 says to (09:15:42):
that was 150 years ago
African Warlord X says to (09:15:54):
Is Joe Wilson the same as Nancy Pelosi ?
UniteDaHouses says to (09:16:26):
What political part did Lyndon johnson belong too?
Pianki says to (09:16:26):
They all view Iarael the same don't they?
African Warlord X says to (09:16:44):
Not all Republicans are bigots, but practically all bigots are Republicans.
Obama minion says to (09:16:47):
first, why do you think the south is mostly Republican now?
firstplatoon says to (09:16:52):
Bryan, do you know me. I haven't insulted you
BryanSmith0 says to (09:17:00):
Joe Wilson is a repug
African Warlord X says to (09:17:07):
Mark Sanford of South Carolina
firstplatoon says to (09:17:19):
Sir, once a Klansman always a Klansman
BryanSmith0 says to (09:17:42):
Nicki Haley is the gov of SC bad as Sanford ever was
Pianki says to (09:17:43):
Both parties view Israel the same. Really balcks too.
Pianki says to (09:17:53):
African Warlord X says to (09:18:05):
A snake fighting a scorpion = Israel vs. Palestine
BryanSmith0 says to (09:18:45):
maybe worse...she is willing to take a law suit from the machinists order to DENY unions a "foothold" in SC
African Warlord X says to (09:18:56):
Right @ Bryan She is a big time teabagger
firstplatoon says to (09:18:57):
The system "It is not" complexed! Money Talks in America!
African Warlord X says to (09:19:22):
Not to be sexist, but she slept her way to the top
firstplatoon says to (09:19:27):
The Republicans are for $$$
African Warlord X says to (09:19:30):
do the research
firstplatoon says to (09:20:03):
Sir I can tell plenty of things slip by you.
BryanSmith0 says to (09:20:03):
hell war lord....she screwed a blogger.....but it got her elected(lol)
African Warlord X says to (09:20:13):
African Warlord X says to (09:21:27):
UniteDaHouses says to (09:21:36):
Niggahs always goin' through bull*** change
But when it comes for real change,
Niggahs are scared of revolution
Pianki says to (09:21:55):
Stanford Bishop GA-,Arthur Davis -Al, David Scott - Ga, William Jefferson - La, Louis Ford are black democrats who vote against black interest.
firstplatoon says to (09:21:57):
I agree Unite
P1C says to (09:22:52):
African Warlord X says to (09:23:23):
Don't forget the " safe Negro "
UniteDaHouses says to (09:23:31):
Love to see niggahs act
Love to see niggahs make them plays and shoot the ***
But there is one thing about niggahs I do not love
Niggahs are scared of rev
UniteDaHouses says to (09:23:36):
firstplatoon says to (09:23:55):
Obama is against reparations. Tell me which Black Democrat is/has talked about reparations. Not 2 many @ Bryan
Pianki says to (09:24:02):
Mike Rogers-Ala, Randy Forbes-Va, Steve Cabert-Ohio, Jim McCrory - La, Chi Pickering - Miss, John Barrow - Ga, are republicans representing Black
Pianki says to (09:24:05):
UniteDaHouses says to (09:24:06):
Im bout to listen to the song one more time
African Warlord X says to (09:25:45):
P1C says to (09:25:51):
Did I walk into the black KKK?
firstplatoon says to (09:26:00):
Sir you've talked about NationHood tell me which White Democrat is willing to support this?
uBpJessie says to (09:26:05):
UniteDaHouses says to (09:26:15):
what is black kkk?@p1c
BryanSmith0 says to (09:26:24):
Reparations.....that is something I would like to see comments on
P1C says to (09:26:33):
<~~~~ runs
Pianki says to (09:26:37):
Non... Look at what happen to the Branch Deridiem
MsCarmenMaggette says to (09:26:39):
@firstplatoon Bill Clionton
MsCarmenMaggette says to (09:27:00):
Barack is not a nationalist
firstplatoon says to (09:27:01):
MsCarmen. No one today
UniteDaHouses says to (09:27:14):
Black reperation = Arab Empowerment Fund
MsCarmenMaggette says to (09:27:19):
firstplatoon Anthony einer
P1C says to (09:27:25):
Were all so busy hating other ppl that we dont se the looting of this country
firstplatoon says to (09:27:25):
lol @ Unite
MsCarmenMaggette says to (09:27:34):
Anthony Weiner
African Warlord X says to (09:27:43):
That's like saying " there is water in the ocean "
P1C says to (09:28:05):
To many it means nothing...To some, they knw were in trouble
UniteDaHouses says to (09:28:08):
but that is a good question at firstplatoon i have never heard one white democrat support reperations?
firstplatoon says to (09:28:14):
I must research this MsCarmen.
BryanSmith0 says to (09:28:39):
define these repartations
MsCarmenMaggette says to (09:28:41):
UnitedDaHouses I have
P1C says to (09:29:12):
Your dignity isnt judged by the "white man"\
firstplatoon says to (09:29:26):
<--- Runaway slave
Pianki says to (09:29:31):
Kala, what did the yard negro do in the winter when the snow was on the ground?
firstplatoon says to (09:30:00):
My thoughts exactly Mr. Pianki
MsCarmenMaggette says to (09:30:33):
Kala do ou feel the criminal in the white house is a pan africanist?
P1C says to (09:30:39):
Host, UMMMMMM were ALL slaves to the system
BryanSmith0 says to (09:30:45):
As a member of the Green Party, I voted for repartations....but before they were implemented, I would want to know specifics....what are specifics>>
UniteDaHouses says to (09:30:48):
But "WE' and "OUR" in relation to this country is a slave term. OUR HOUSE BOSS 21 century OUR COUNTRY BOSS
firstplatoon says to (09:31:20):
Bryan compensation for years of free labor, abuse, etc.
Pianki says to (09:31:24):
All these Congress persons are yard negros the way they keep spending money.
BryanSmith0 says to (09:31:52):
I know the definition firstplatoon....but what is the plan>>>>
P1C says to (09:31:57):
How do you expect to be free if you know nothing of the system that enslaves you??
African Warlord X says to (09:32:15):
Carmen is an ignorant Latina from San Diego, CA
firstplatoon says to (09:32:18):
Bryan, I'm willing to design a plan are you?
UniteDaHouses says to (09:32:24):
The state of death we are in reperation wouldnt work anyway. black reperation=Arab liquor cornerstore empowerment Fund
African Warlord X says to (09:32:34):
I don't forget anyone. She used to come into my chatrooms
BryanSmith0 says to (09:32:37):
UniteDaHouses says to (09:32:51):
The state of death mentally
P1C says to (09:32:54):
You can talk about left and right all you want....The pain is comming VERY soon
Pianki says to (09:32:56):
Clinton gives Egypt 100 million to help kick them off. She gives the Libya Rebels 10 million to fight the Gov troops, they give Israel 250 million for a weapons
BryanSmith0 says to (09:32:58):
I don't know it would be accepted...but yeah
Pianki says to (09:32:58):
firstplatoon says to (09:33:00):
Then stop with the insults and work on a plan @ Bryan
Dr Solo says to (09:33:14):
Dr Solo says to (09:33:19):
UniteDaHouses says to (09:33:24):
I dont disagree@P1C
BryanSmith0 says to (09:33:36):
Hey dumb ass .... I told you I had a plan first platoon
firstplatoon says to (09:33:36):
SlimJim says to (09:33:48):
here's a concept.. dont worry about things u cant control, like the past and focus on the future... not plodding for group power and achieve individual power.. its easier to obtain and harder to have taken away
firstplatoon says to (09:34:07):
Bryan, again attacks and insults! Is that the best you got???
UniteDaHouses says to (09:34:24):
You suppose to be worldly and have knowledge of all things.
BryanSmith0 says to (09:34:25):
I gotta you???
Dr Solo says to (09:34:35):
firstplatoon says to (09:34:46):
Bryan, you are the reason why we can't stand dialog
P1C says to (09:34:46):
Bryan, Im living my plan
Pianki says to (09:35:09):
@Slim. The future. They say I owe over a million towards the debt. I can't control that.
firstplatoon says to (09:35:10):
P1C says to (09:35:16):
BC is on the phone
DesertRose says to (09:35:20):
(F) Kala!!!!!
Kalagenesis says (09:35:21):
BryanSmith0 says to (09:35:25):
You must be a white southerner p1c
Dr Solo says to (09:35:32):
HEY DROSE !!!!!!!!!!!!
DesertRose says to (09:35:34):
DesertRose says to (09:35:40):
((Dr Solo)))
BryanSmith0 says to (09:35:42):
Hey Desert Rose:-*
SlimJim says to (09:35:48):
right pianki, so focus on what u can do for yourself, family and friends.. but i dont need to tell u that..
P1C says to (09:35:50):
Hey Rose...How does ya??
DesertRose says to (09:35:58):
firstplatoon says to (09:36:01):
SlimJim, That doesn't make sense. I looks like mind control
firstplatoon says to (09:36:05):
DesertRose says to (09:36:14):
I am good.. am back in college
Pianki says to (09:36:23):
@Slim.You got a point on looking at your family.
P1C says to (09:36:31):
DesertRose says to (09:36:39):
P1C says to (09:36:44):
Oh ok
SlimJim says to (09:36:45):
all charity begins at home
DesertRose says to (09:36:48):
(lol) i guess i talk a lot
Dr Solo says to (09:37:06):
BryanSmith0 says to (09:37:11):
what your major Rose???
DesertRose says to (09:37:14):
its like journalism/media
BryanSmith0 says to (09:37:25):
oops...just saw it
DesertRose says to (09:37:31):
SlimJim says to (09:38:19):
Warlord.. did u just say "typical lower class white guy"
Kalagenesis says (09:38:26):
SlimJim says to (09:38:30):
just checkin so i know the rules
BryanSmith0 says to (09:38:30):
maybe you can be my press secretary in my next political campaign
Dr Solo says to (09:38:32):
SlimJim says to (09:38:37):
DesertRose says to (09:38:40):
P1C says to (09:38:41):
Hey caller....Im a northern white guy....Lets chat!!
DesertRose says to (09:38:59):
afte i write my article on what happens to young men who dont learn how to play
DesertRose says to (09:39:03):
Pianki says to (09:39:29):
Only 45.4% of Americans were employed 2010, lowest since 1983
P1C says to (09:39:35):
Cars, really???
UniteDaHouses says to (09:39:38):
“If you can control a man’s thinking, you don’t have to worry about his actions. If you can determine what a man thinks you do not have worry about what he will do. If you can make a man believe that he is inferior, you don’t have to compel him to seek an
firstplatoon says to (09:39:39):
Ms Rose are your teaching Player Classes? or just studying how to be one
SlimJim says to (09:39:49):
Warlord.. i could use the same "brakes" analogy witht he tax cut extention..
UniteDaHouses says to (09:39:55):
inferior status, he will do so without being told and if you can make a man believe that he is justly an outcast, you don’t have to order him to the back door, he will go to the back door on his own and if there is no back door, the very nature of the man
P1C says to (09:40:11):
DesertRose says to (09:40:24):
lol Platoon!!!!!
firstplatoon says to (09:40:27):
Teabaggers are racist.
SlimJim says to (09:40:40):
gay men are racists?
Pianki says to (09:40:41):
One fourth of all income is earned by 1% of the people.
BryanSmith0 says to (09:40:49):
What you get at a teabagger bar b que???? A full set of teeth(lol)
firstplatoon says to (09:40:49):
Todays tea Party was started by Klansman
DesertRose says to (09:40:51):
exactly dont be a wuss
BryanSmith0 says to (09:40:55):
DesertRose says to (09:40:56):
just be who you are
BryanSmith0 says to (09:41:00):
Dr Solo says to (09:41:21):
P1C says to (09:41:37):
He made a racist comment and BC covers him
P1C says to (09:41:49):
Pianki says to (09:41:55):
Only 66.8% of American Man were employed in 2010
firstplatoon says to (09:42:05):
BC = Black Conservative?
SlimJim says to (09:42:10):
why ya'll so scared of the tea party? i think i know why.. no mo free money if they get their way... time for everyone to be a man and pay his own way
P1C says to (09:42:11):
BOER4AFRICA says to (09:42:12):
UniteDaHouses says to (09:42:20):
Integration and civil rights were and is white supremacy and against the most high
DesertRose says to (09:42:21):
phh PC that is warlord
firstplatoon says to (09:42:30):
OH, BC is a moron, yard negro. liar.
DesertRose says to (09:42:30):
they sound alike
DesertRose says to (09:42:36):
but its not BC
SlimJim says to (09:42:55):
your stats are true Pianki
P1C says to (09:42:56):
Oh ok
P1C says to (09:43:00):
TY rose
firstplatoon says to (09:43:00):
Boer are you from South Africa
DesertRose says to (09:43:05):
UniteDaHouses says to (09:43:34):
Moshe/Moses taught and lived seperation. He didnt teach integration with an oppressor
BOER4AFRICA says to Kalagenesis (private) (09:43:36):
P1C says to (09:43:42):
The root of the problem is that the "elite" turned us all against eachother
Kalagenesis says to BOER4AFRICA (private) (09:43:54):
Shut up Moron your on your way out
UniteDaHouses says to (09:44:04):
elite turned who against who?
BOER4AFRICA says to Kalagenesis (private) (09:44:01):
P1C says to (09:44:16):
Dont recall stutering
firstplatoon says to (09:44:18):
History tell us that white have never truly worked on Farms in South Africa
Pianki says to (09:44:36):
U.S home values fell 6.3 trillion dollars since the real estake peak market in 2005. That is crazy.
UniteDaHouses says to (09:44:36):
dont recall you speaking
P1C says to (09:44:39):
m m m m mst a t
DesertRose says to (09:45:12):
and prisons
Kalagenesis says (09:45:13):
P1C who exactly are the elites? call in
DesertRose says to (09:45:19):
prisons are more than welfare
DesertRose says to (09:45:25):
cost more
P1C says to (09:45:47):
Im just a fool...
UniteDaHouses says to (09:45:50):
The US needs to fall apart the dumb negroes didnt prepare for the dall like OUR true teachers and leaders taughtus
firstplatoon says to (09:46:00):
The caller is correct. I don't understand why whites attack the welfare system without talking about Corp. Welfare!!!
Pianki says to (09:46:04):
In the pass 48 months food stamp recips in North Carolina doubled. Obama won N.C by 13,700 votes in 2008
P1C says to (09:46:13):
Prisons are a PRIVATE COMPANY...fools...
P1C says to (09:46:32):
LOOK IT UP!!!!!!
Kalagenesis says to BOER4AFRICA (private) (09:46:30):
DesertRose says to (09:46:49):
i think when you add up officers, food, gov buildings etc
DesertRose says to (09:46:55):
those are gvernment
UniteDaHouses says to (09:46:58):
get thqt boer demon out of here
SlimJim says to (09:46:59):
Pianki.. i bet the cell phone plans in NC stayed the same though.. or maybe even increased
P1C says to (09:47:01):
P1C says to (09:47:07):
DesertRose says to (09:47:16):
ohh thats too complicated for me
BOER4AFRICA says to Kalagenesis (private) (09:47:17):
DesertRose says to (09:47:21):
P1C says to (09:47:28):
DesertRose says to (09:47:47):
African Warlord X says to (09:47:55):
Yes @ P1C
African Warlord X says to (09:48:02):
Rose !
DesertRose says to (09:48:09):
firstplatoon says to (09:48:11):
You wouldn't need prisons if you educate your citizens equally and level the playing field @ P I C
P1C says to (09:48:14):
People are so worried about black and white but miss the point that they are pawns
Pianki says to (09:48:17):
In 2005 the median property tax on a house in the US was $1614. It is now $1917. Damm
Pianki says to (09:48:39):
As property value decreased
P1C says to (09:49:02):
first, prisons make MONEY for some
SlimJim says to (09:49:24):
if we use oil for gassoline, then it must be extracted from somewhere.. so, I ask why not get it from here?? bring down the price and lower the volatility
firstplatoon says to (09:49:45):
Yes, P 1 C . But why are politicans getting kickbacks
SlimJim says to (09:49:55):
right Pianki.. but thats a local thing
P1C says to (09:49:57):
Slim, corruption is goo for business....
DesertRose says to (09:50:16):
yea but they have no teeth.. i would get services .. get my teeth.. then complain later
SlimJim says to (09:50:17):
then Obama is good for business
firstplatoon says to (09:50:20):
America was built by criminals
Pianki says to (09:50:20):
35% of home owners are under water on their mortgages. 8 million Americans are at least 1 month behind on their mortgage.
DesertRose says to (09:50:24):
:'( i know i am so vain
DesertRose says to (09:50:29):
i should take a nap
DesertRose says to (09:50:36):
P1C says to (09:50:38):
Dont ANY of you get it???? THE US WILL COLLAPSE.....PART OF THE PLAN!!!
SlimJim says to (09:50:40):
he ran off the oil exporation and working on the nuclear plants
BOER4AFRICA says to Kalagenesis (private) (09:51:00):
Pianki says to (09:51:26):
Today they had reports on a upsurge in building permits ..but 13% of all homes in the US are empty.
P1C says to (09:51:35):
As your fighting about right and left, Black and white....The system is COLLAPSING!!!!!
P1C says to (09:52:02):
SlimJim says to (09:52:13):
P1C.. dont you get it???? not all of us are defeatists.. i will take measures in proportion to the direness of the moment.. many of us will
firstplatoon says to (09:52:16):
America won't collapse. I think they plan is to work people harder for less pay. Have you check the stores prices lately. You are paying more for less products
UniteDaHouses says to (09:52:17):
this is something the white started so what is your point
SlimJim says to (09:52:47):
this country gained its independence via 16% of the population of the time
Pianki says to (09:52:54):
Yeah the portions are less and the cost is more
firstplatoon says to (09:53:04):
Exactly Pianki
P1C says to (09:53:07):
The "white" started? wow
firstplatoon says to (09:53:17):
No one is talking about it either @ Pianki
UniteDaHouses says to (09:53:23):
then not only that their our more hispanics here thatn mexicans than us
UniteDaHouses says to (09:53:40):
more hispanics than AA here
southern region nbpp says to (09:53:51):
peace kala/warlord x/and guest
firstplatoon says to (09:54:00):
Peace Southern
SlimJim says to (09:54:05):
i want some of what United is drinkin!
Kalagenesis says (09:54:05):
southern region nbpp says to (09:54:13):
UniteDaHouses says to (09:54:27):
Colt 45 with some Champale
Pianki says to (09:54:44):
Almost 25% of all US households now have zero or negative worth. In 2007 it was only 18.6%
firstplatoon says to (09:54:55):
Champale is still on the market?
SlimJim says to (09:55:12):
firstplatoon says to (09:55:17):
UniteDaHouses says to (09:55:46):
yeah you can get any kind of the death and poison in Deoittr
UniteDaHouses says to (09:55:51):
Pianki says to (09:56:02):
In 1965 only 1 of 50 was on medicaid. Today it is 1 in every 6.
firstplatoon says to (09:56:33):
So is Kala planning on attending the NBPP rallys this weekend?
SlimJim says to (09:56:36):
Champagne and Ripple.. champipple you big dummy! (F.G. Sandford)
Kalagenesis says (09:56:49):
P1C says to (09:56:58):
Pianki, most have NO clue that its about to fail!!!
uBpJessie says to (09:57:00):
did shirley sherrod deserve to lose her job
uBpJessie says to (09:57:17):
over some political goating?
SlimJim says to (09:57:21):
no she did not..
WEBDuBOSS says to (09:57:22):
who that kracker peckerwood
Bostonant says to (09:57:34):
White supremacy is the problem!
Pianki says to (09:57:38):
Median household debt in US has risen to $75,600. Not to include their portion of the Nation's debt.
WEBDuBOSS says to (09:57:50):
krackers got more in common with monkeys than anybody
SlimJim says to (09:57:55):
BUT, the laufter in the room of NACPers was disgusting when she said what she did
firstplatoon says to (09:57:58):
I dont' like the New Caller.
P1C says to (09:58:03):
Its kinda funny.... If Jesus Christ came in here and tol the truth..Most would turn their head
WEBDuBOSS says to (09:58:09):
you see a red face monkey? that a kracker.
firstplatoon says to (09:58:39):
lol, He almost called him a dumb azz
firstplatoon says to (09:58:43):
P1C says to (09:58:47):
UniteDaHouses says to (09:58:50):
its like this the black man has to understand his purpose, when we understand our purposethen we wont contiinue to play this game with white america and this nation.
SlimJim says to (09:58:51):
ok Web.. then call us monkeys.. dont bother us.. we dont get all bent outta shape about silly little things
P1C says to (09:59:01):
Caller speaks his mind
Pianki says to (09:59:13):
Average US household debt is at a level of 136% of household income. In China it is only 17% of avg household income.
firstplatoon says to (09:59:31):
The caller is very ignorant.
Bostonant says to (09:59:43):
We know everything about white people!
WEBDuBOSS says to (09:59:44):
that kracker spreadin veneral diseases through the phone
SlimJim says to (10:00:00):
like a simple term refering to humans similar to you .... "you people"
P1C says to (10:00:07):
UniteDaHouses says to (10:00:08):
really white supremacy is a problem but the death negro death mindset is as big a problem
SlimJim says to (10:00:18):
getting upset with that is just crazy
P1C says to (10:00:27):
WEBDuBOSS says to (10:00:52):
that kracker need melatonin to research a cure for his peckerwood
firstplatoon says to (10:00:57):
WTF. YOUR PEOPLE NEED WHITE PEOPLE. is this what he is saying???
UniteDaHouses says to (10:00:57):
well lets deal with nationality not race
P1C says to (10:01:16):
First, I hope not
firstplatoon says to (10:01:16):
Ok, hang up and move on
Pianki says to (10:01:20):
The U.S has lost avg 50,000 manufacturing jobs per month since China joined the world trade Org. in 2001
Bostonant says to (10:01:21):
Self love is a start?
Pianki says to (10:01:35):
50,000 per month
WEBDuBOSS says to (10:01:55):
that kracker is a lawyer pretendin to be an ignorant farmer
UniteDaHouses says to (10:02:07):
“The educational system of a country is worthless unless it [revolutionizes the social order]. Men of scholarship, and prophetic insight, must show us the right way and lead us into light which is shining brighter and brighter.
Pianki says to (10:02:21):
American now owe over check this ... $904 billion in student loans.
firstplatoon says to (10:02:41):
Excuse my french but Snake is a Dyck
Bostonant says to (10:02:48):
White is right?
WEBDuBOSS says to (10:02:57):
snake is a peckerwood
UniteDaHouses says to (10:03:00):
i got about 30k in student loans
Pianki says to (10:03:19):
Half of all Americans earn less than $505 or less per week.
Pianki says to (10:03:44):
"$505 or less"
SlimJim says to (10:03:48):
good lord united.. hope u didnt major in business or finance
UniteDaHouses says to (10:04:06):
them klan faggots still exist
firstplatoon says to (10:04:07):
UniteD. that is crazy. The Dept of Veterans Affairs paid for my education
P1C says to Kalagenesis (private) (10:04:15):
Dr Solo says to (10:04:40):
WEBDuBOSS says to (10:04:41):
that *** is nothin. i owe 60k for a tricked out whip.
Pianki says to (10:04:44):
25% of all Americans now have a credit score below 599.
SlimJim says to (10:04:52):
the department of "pay as u go so u dont owe" financed my education
UniteDaHouses says to (10:04:55):
yeah i got a plan though to get out of their in 2 years
DesertRose says to (10:05:17):
i have 1000 left in loans from 1983
Pianki says to (10:05:29):
@Slim Other words Things are all messed up. A living nite mare
WEBDuBOSS says to (10:05:47):
you need a white trick to pay your bills. they love the mamba.
Pianki says to (10:05:49):
No way this is gonna be fixed
Pianki says to (10:06:04):
No way
Pianki says to (10:06:36):
Enter the Fat Lady
SlimJim says to (10:06:37):
yep.. i was wierd.. i earned the money first, then paid for college a semester at a time.. took a while but no loans.. also the same reason i never had a car note
firstplatoon says to (10:06:42):
SlimJim is very rich and not your typical lower class white guy.
SlimJim says to (10:06:45):
why give money to banks?
SlimJim says to (10:07:12):
i was poorer than you ever were at one time platoon..
Pianki says to (10:07:14):
Banks want to charge you extra for having a debit card
firstplatoon says to (10:07:28):
SlimJim prove it?
Dr Solo says to (10:07:33):
P1C says to (10:08:14):
I think Im on the line
Pianki says to (10:08:19):
@Solo. In those lines for jobs at McDonalds are teens and retirees
Pianki says to (10:08:28):
And Phd's
Dr Solo says to (10:08:37):
SlimJim says to (10:08:46):
well, i cant Platoon, but i can tell you i lived in a tent for about a year on 5$/week camp site working hard labor to get tuition money
UniteDaHouses says to (10:09:15):
slimjim where was this at?
WEBDuBOSS says to (10:09:24):
slim the type to suck dick for ham sandwitch
SlimJim says to (10:09:33):
north louisiana
firstplatoon says to (10:09:38):
SlimJim, I lived in a tent and was shoot at so I earned my paid education
WEBDuBOSS says to (10:10:07):
who you think negros copyin? kracker violence from hollywood.
SlimJim says to (10:10:27):
you got paid.. smart move and an admirable one.. so you education was rightly paid for.. i should have taken that course
Pianki says to (10:10:31):
In the U.S 17 million are working less than their degree shold allow. 17 million Master, Phd's, Bachelors degrees are not working at professions they
UniteDaHouses says to Kalagenesis (private) (10:10:30):
I know
Pianki says to (10:10:34):
degreed in
Pianki says to (10:10:45):
WEBDuBOSS says to (10:10:54):
pianki on krack
UniteDaHouses says to Kalagenesis (private) (10:11:05):
you collapsing many different movements into one voice. those are saying from many different movements
Pianki says to (10:11:16):
The Nations is on Broke
WEBDuBOSS says to (10:11:24):
i know a kenyan brother who moved back to the motherland. now he makin 250k runnin a cornerstore. real nigga s h i t.
firstplatoon says to (10:11:56):
Yes SlimJim. You need to humble yourself. Before I lived in that tent I lived in 1 of the worst cities in America.
SlimJim says to (10:12:11):
i can say this.. i will go to my grave haven never taken a dime from the government assistance and paid more than my share and now give 10% to chirty
WEBDuBOSS says to (10:12:21):
these miseducated negros need to refund their degrees
SlimJim says to (10:12:35):
i am humble.. these are just facts
firstplatoon says to (10:12:52):
I was Another Murder capital for me SlimJim
Pianki says to (10:13:17):
@Slim Me either
SlimJim says to (10:13:42):
well i cant say that.. unless some hunter took a shot at me.. but we were talking about being broke
SlimJim says to (10:13:49):
firstplatoon says to (10:14:01):
I'll take $$$ from the Government. They shouldn't take any of my $$ in the form of taxes
WEBDuBOSS says to (10:14:15):
f u c k marriage. fresh pussy all a nigga need.
Pianki says to (10:14:30):
@FirstPlatoon. True
Dr Solo says to (10:14:32):
uBpJessie says to (10:14:36):
kala the male-female dynamic is f*ck up
Bostonant says to (10:15:04):
Most couples must work, in america!
firstplatoon says to (10:15:33):
Sorry but I dont' have Kids, Why are my taxes paying for schools. They only want to send these kids to prison.
SlimJim says to (10:15:40):
yep.. to afford all the crap they buy
firstplatoon says to (10:16:05):
I've never need the police why am I paying their salaries
SlimJim says to (10:16:15):
i agree platoon, but that is a local issue
Pianki says to (10:16:16):
Rising gas prices I will cut back to mowing the lawn to once a month
WEBDuBOSS says to (10:16:39):
they dont want ballers to floss in the latest whips no more
SlimJim says to (10:16:46):
Pianki.. what does your mower run on?? lol
firstplatoon says to (10:16:53):
Ok, SlimJim. I don't agree with US government property either
Pianki says to (10:16:56):
Pianki says to (10:17:15):
I wish it was bacon grease
SlimJim says to (10:17:28):
that can be arranged Pianki
Dr Solo says to (10:17:38):
SlimJim says to (10:17:42):
how much grease u have access too?
firstplatoon says to (10:17:48):
I should be able to sleep in the White house when I want to.
Pianki says to (10:17:51):
They would probably put me on the no fly list
Bostonant says to (10:17:55):
We are all slaves to the system,our money spend before we make it?
UniteDaHouses says to (10:18:03):
so i can look fly
Dr Solo says to (10:18:17):
UniteDaHouses says to (10:18:30):
we might all be slaves but we all dont have a slave mind
Pianki says to (10:18:40):
Hey @Slim. Do you think they will drop the Nationa Speed limit back to 55 mph???
SlimJim says to (10:18:42):
used to be that way platoon.. a citizen could walk right in the white house, sit in a chair in the hallway and wait to give the president a piece of his mind..
Bostonant says to (10:18:50):
So true!
firstplatoon says to (10:19:30):
SlimJim, it won't be that way for along time if not ever. Reason: The Lie about Terrorism
Pianki says to (10:19:33):
Like back in the 80's
SlimJim says to (10:19:50):
they will try Pianki.. but wont happen.. hell in my state they just raised the speed limit to 75 for a stretch of interstate cuz people were haulin ass and runnin into slower traffic
SlimJim says to (10:19:53):
firstplatoon says to (10:20:07):
America is the Biggest Terrorist on the planet
Pianki says to (10:20:09):
UniteDaHouses says to (10:20:21):
hell no
P1C says to (10:20:41):
He wont answer
firstplatoon says to (10:20:42):
I don't mind paying taxes for Health Care for ALL
SlimJim says to (10:21:07):
why dont u just pay for health care then platoon?
Bostonant says to (10:21:17):
Heath care is great! It's not big enough! It's a start!
SlimJim says to (10:21:18):
cut out the middle man who skims?
Pianki says to (10:21:21):
Over the last decade the number of Americans without Ins rose from 32 million to 52 million.
Pianki says to (10:21:51):
I am against making people have ins.
firstplatoon says to (10:21:57):
SlimJim, I'm doing something like that already. But I have free Health Care
DesertRose says to (10:22:01):
doesnt matter.. everyone pays taxes
DesertRose says to (10:22:04):
stop crying
DesertRose says to (10:22:09):
why you crying
DesertRose says to (10:22:14):
SlimJim says to (10:22:14):
platoon, you would rather pay the government for your health care, let the gov get its cut and what is left to pay back to you for your health care????
Pianki says to (10:22:17):
Driving a car is a privillage Kala. Hell you can ride the bus.
firstplatoon says to (10:22:43):
Yes, SlimJim. I should have more say so about where my tax $$ goes
SlimJim says to (10:23:03):
oooohhhhh the caller just said the "C" word in Kala's house!!!!!!!!!!!:D
Pianki says to (10:23:20):
And you don't have to buy just insurance. You can have a bond or a certificate of deposit in the amount of the liability requirments
UniteDaHouses says to (10:23:23):
Im not sure about the US government controlling the black mand womens health (care).
firstplatoon says to (10:23:43):
Insurance is 1 big fat con game!
SlimJim says to (10:23:48):
right Pianki... thats what i'm working towards..
SlimJim says to (10:24:12):
need a $50k to dedicate to it
Pianki says to (10:24:25):
George Washington got permisson from Congress before he engaged in the indian wars.
firstplatoon says to (10:25:02):
Pianki, isn't that like going to war with its citizens?
Pianki says to (10:25:03):
@Slim. Right make the monthly payments to yourself.
Pianki says to (10:25:19):
@First. Good question
African Warlord X says to (10:25:37):
Right @ first
SlimJim says to (10:25:45):
thats what i'm working towards.. but dont i need a substantial "start" fund? Pianki?
Bostonant says to (10:25:45):
" Fair Game" Was a good movie about the Bush years!
firstplatoon says to (10:25:50):
I think America is still at war with other citizens.
Pianki says to (10:25:57):
Yea but he interpeted the war powers correctly.
Bostonant says to (10:26:27):
Bush lied about everything?
Pianki says to (10:26:43):
George Washington was accurate on what the war powers act was meant.
firstplatoon says to (10:26:44):
All Politicans lie!!!
Pianki says to (10:26:59):
to be
DesertRose says to (10:27:23):
actually Kala your very fair.. you always give people a chance to talk
DesertRose says to (10:27:32):
even Benji
Bostonant says to (10:27:36):
The trillons that go to the war was started by HIM?
Kalagenesis says (10:27:34):
DesertRose says to (10:27:39):
SlimJim says to (10:28:12):
Kala.. sounds like the quote "a fool and his money are soon parted"
P1C says to (10:28:25):
Rose, Been working on my nice guy feeling...How am I doing?
Kalagenesis says (10:28:22):
Pianki says to (10:28:30):
Sobriety and Safety Checks witha tow truck on the side. They are robbing people.
SlimJim says to (10:28:38):
geez.. now kala cant keep from spending his money without blaming someone else
DesertRose says to (10:28:41):
a lot better PC.. i was surprised
Bostonant says to (10:28:56):
I forgot tax cuts for the RICH? Bush has bashed us!
DesertRose says to (10:28:56):
i was expecting something else
DesertRose says to (10:29:05):
(F) here have a flower
P1C says to (10:29:06):
Me too...hehe
P1C says to (10:29:16):
awwww thank you
Pianki says to (10:29:17):
Than bring in Industry
Pianki says to (10:29:33):
Ha Ha Ha
P1C says to (10:29:40):
(F) Back achya
Pianki says to (10:29:52):
Portable Fire Hydrant
DesertRose says to (10:29:56):
firstplatoon says to (10:29:57):
I was stationed in a few southern Cities.. It was cultrial shock for me
AmericanCitizen says to (10:30:16):
DesertRose says to (10:30:20):
I like AC. he is very intellegent
P1C says to (10:30:20):
WOW, Why could the host and myself talk about this...AGREE 100%
UniteDaHouses says to (10:30:26):
SlimJim says to (10:30:27):
at least that same thing happens to all of us.. those police traps dont see black or white.. just GREEN
SlimJim says to (10:30:42):
to get fancier equipment to bust us with
SlimJim says to (10:31:22):
what southern city platoon?
firstplatoon says to (10:31:22):
UniteD somethings were good but other things stood out more that others ie; Black/White relations
firstplatoon says to (10:31:35):
I'm from California
SlimJim says to (10:31:59):
what souther city were u stationed?
firstplatoon says to (10:32:00):
I thought CA was bad
DesertRose says to (10:32:04):
oh me too platoon
UniteDaHouses says to (10:32:15):
well not worried bout black/white relations how was black/black realtions to you?
pumpkin13 says to (10:32:16):
That was not nice or called for, wishing death on another person. You should be ashamed!
P1C says to Kalagenesis (private) (10:32:18):
DesertRose says to (10:32:26):
pumpkin13 says to (10:32:35):
It appears someone did not have a mom that taught them right from wrong.
pumpkin13 says to (10:32:38):
HI Rose!
Pianki says to (10:32:50):
60% of Calif School Children qualify for free or reduced prices lunch.
DesertRose says to (10:32:50):
does someone need a spanking
firstplatoon says to (10:32:51):
UniteD, Black/Black relations was strange also
DesertRose says to (10:32:55):
pumpkin13 says to (10:33:03):
YEs, someone needs a very big spanking.
DesertRose says to (10:33:10):
UniteDaHouses says to (10:33:20):
SlimJim says to (10:33:23):
this aint that kinda room
DesertRose says to (10:33:28):
yes Pianki
Bostonant says to (10:33:28):
Republicans governers pretend like they don't raise taxes. They take from the poor and middle!
firstplatoon says to (10:33:56):
SlimJim I've been to GA, LA, Ala and MS
SlimJim says to (10:34:08):
SlimJim says to (10:34:12):
fort polk?
Pianki says to (10:34:20):
I heard that Chenney had a company on the gov. dole
firstplatoon says to (10:34:31):
Yea, you been there?
SlimJim says to (10:34:40):
oh yes.. many times
DesertRose says to (10:34:54):
i hate lima beans*-)
P1C says to (10:35:00):
Tryin to get thru
Kalagenesis says (10:35:11):
DesertRose says to (10:35:16):
i accidently took a bite of one the other day
firstplatoon says to (10:35:20):
OH you're from North LA. I see why you say crazy things @ SlimJim
Pianki says to (10:35:24):
Can you get Congress to Repent and stop their evil spending ways?
DesertRose says to (10:35:36):
DesertRose says to (10:35:40):
aww he is nice
Bostonant says to (10:35:41):
Love and forgiveness is healthy!
P1C says to (10:35:51):
SlimJim says to (10:35:56):
i'm in south LA now (not los angeles) lol...
DesertRose says to (10:36:07):
Bostonant says to (10:36:16):
Your anger can't consume you!
firstplatoon says to (10:36:27):
I love Los Angeles
UniteDaHouses says to (10:36:27):
South LA confused negroes wharehouse
Pianki says to (10:36:37):
@Slim. I hear Shrimpers are still waiting to get paid down there.
UniteDaHouses says to (10:36:37):
firstplatoon says to (10:36:45):
I agree UniteD
SlimJim says to (10:37:18):
some are.. but all the hard working ones are out there gettin it... people are givinin them much business..
P1C says to Kalagenesis (private) (10:37:16):
pumpkin13 says to (10:37:39):
Oh Rose, how could you hate lima beans, they are so good in soup.
DesertRose says to (10:37:51):
i dont know
SlimJim says to (10:37:53):
a true shrimper wont sit back and wait for a check in the mail
Pianki says to (10:37:56):
Ummm Lima beans are good.
DesertRose says to (10:38:05):
must have been something from when i was young
firstplatoon says to (10:38:06):
The big corp. are moving in the Louisana. things are going to change for poor people there
Pianki says to (10:38:09):
Butter Beans too
DesertRose says to (10:38:12):
i like brussel sprouts
DesertRose says to (10:38:21):
but my whole family hates them
Pianki says to (10:38:34):
Problem is these women today can't cook worth jack
Bostonant says to (10:38:35):
America is a white man illusion!
SlimJim says to (10:38:46):
lol Pianki!!
DesertRose says to (10:38:48):
i can cook some stuff
DesertRose says to (10:38:54):
DesertRose says to (10:38:57):
top ramen
firstplatoon says to (10:38:58):
Brussel Sprouts aka baby cabbage
DesertRose says to (10:39:02):
P1C says to (10:39:08):
So tired of hearing about race...Your mind is the ONLY thing holding you back
SlimJim says to (10:39:16):
keep making excuses Boston.. the world will pass u by
DesertRose says to (10:39:17):
yes baby cabbage
Pianki says to (10:39:42):
Brussels sprouts are too bitter to me
DesertRose says to (10:39:54):
a lot of people dont like them
firstplatoon says to (10:39:56):
I don't need to cook. I have a different diets every nite. Tonite it was Mexican
firstplatoon says to (10:40:09):
Boy, Maria sure is a good cook
P1C says to (10:40:10):
Black people this, White people that...WOW!!!!
SlimJim says to (10:40:26):
how bout some mustard greens, boiled peanuts and black-eyed peas???
UniteDaHouses says to (10:40:33):
see black people are suppose to go along to get along and thank the good white man from savagin us from Africa. Carry their names and speak their language and be good negroes...
SlimJim says to (10:40:36):
soul food!
DesertRose says to (10:40:51):
that i like! but dont know how to cook
firstplatoon says to (10:41:02):
SlimJim thats not Soul Food thats West African
DesertRose says to (10:41:12):
speaking of cooks.. wheres Chef
Pianki says to (10:41:13):
I taught my 13 yr old grandson how to prepare green beans and potatoes sat with smoke trukey. He got it right ran all over the neighborhood bragging.
P1C says to (10:41:16):
United, seems your history doesnt go back far enough
pumpkin13 says to (10:41:20):
I have never heard of butter beans.
UniteDaHouses says to (10:41:31):
enlighten me
pumpkin13 says to (10:41:36):
Good for your grandson Pianki.
SlimJim says to (10:41:38):
its soul food... at least thats what the large black lady calls it and i aint arguin with here!
ggt183 says to (10:41:44):
Whats up this is where everybody was tonight
firstplatoon says to (10:41:45):
DesertRose says to (10:41:47):
oh nice Pianki
P1C says to (10:41:50):
Im white, Dont want to influence you
P1C says to (10:41:58):
Kalagenesis says (10:41:54):
UniteDaHouses says to (10:42:07):
oh demon you could never influence me
DesertRose says to (10:42:07):
UniteDaHouses says to (10:42:14):
Pianki says to (10:42:15):
Butter beans abd corn bread is good
P1C says to (10:42:16):
Pianki says to (10:42:22):
SlimJim says to (10:42:23):
yess Pianki
P1C says to (10:42:44):
Oh, your one og them that think that whites are demons?
P1C says to (10:42:53):
I feel sorry for you
Pianki says to (10:43:02):
Bout the only thing left worth eating anymore
SlimJim says to (10:43:05):
<<<< demon (6)
DesertRose says to (10:43:08):
pumpkin13 says to (10:43:18):
Pianki says to (10:43:19):
Tomatoes taste like jelly
firstplatoon says to (10:43:20):
Ok, I need to call my lady friend from Ghana tomorrow then my lady friend from New Orleans for Gumbo
DesertRose says to (10:43:22):
actually most nonwhites do
Kalagenesis says (10:43:19):
DesertRose says to (10:43:26):
just let it go
UniteDaHouses says to (10:43:26):
sir i carry your name and speak your language isnt that enough
SlimJim says to (10:43:28):
<<<< white devil ! (6)
SlimJim says to (10:43:32):
DesertRose says to (10:43:36):
dont give it another thought
DesertRose says to (10:43:40):
lol Slim
P1C says to (10:43:43):
Carry my name?
P1C says to (10:43:59):
Your name is P1C too?
UniteDaHouses says to (10:44:14):
legal name your not ignorant sir
Kalagenesis says (10:44:25):
SlimJim says to (10:44:39):
platoon.. now i'm a gumbo eatin fool! no one eats gumbo better than me.. i'm a pro, 3 times a week.. wish i could make it
UniteDaHouses says to (10:44:43):
we carry the french, english, irish,spanih,etc...
DesertRose says to (10:44:56):
thats what i want to try is gumbo
Pianki says to (10:44:57):
Direct that anger towards growing a garden
P1C says to (10:44:58):
Your right, Im not...But im starting to question you!??!?
pumpkin13 says to (10:45:01):
Maybe you should change your name and learn a new language UniteDaHouse.
DesertRose says to (10:45:09):
Warlord you going to make me Gumbo??({)
firstplatoon says to (10:45:13):
Really, SlimJim don't take this personally but I hate you
SlimJim says to (10:45:15):
and i dont go for that chicken and andouille gumbe.. better bet a few oysters in there
UniteDaHouses says to (10:45:23):
you be a johnson
SlimJim says to (10:45:24):
Pianki says to (10:45:33):
Shrimp and polish saugage Gumbo mmmmm
P1C says to (10:45:34):
Me be not
SlimJim says to (10:45:43):
nooooooo PIANKI
SlimJim says to (10:45:47):
UniteDaHouses says to (10:45:48):
or a bunch, smith, jackson also
pumpkin13 says to (10:45:53):
UniteDaHouses, you can go to court and change your name and you can take a class to learn a new language.
Bostonant says to (10:46:11):
Action cures the anger and fear!
firstplatoon says to (10:46:12):
Wow, I miss LA for those big shrimps.
UniteDaHouses says to (10:46:16):
yes ms. powelll
Pianki says to (10:46:18):
I guess oyster are bad from the oil spill @Slim
P1C says to (10:46:27):
Pumpkin, juicing the system is easier
SlimJim says to (10:46:36):
jumbo shrimp? boilin some tomorrow night!
DesertRose says to (10:46:46):
8-| serious
SlimJim says to (10:46:47):
and 4 sacks of crawfish
pumpkin13 says to (10:47:04):
I don't like seafood, smells funny.
Pianki says to (10:47:04):
Probablly best to travel up north for oysters
UniteDaHouses says to (10:47:07):
well really im up out of here when my finances are straighten out
DesertRose says to (10:47:14):
:P i invited myself to Slims
DesertRose says to (10:47:18):
firstplatoon says to (10:47:34):
I go into Mexico for shrimp and the Freakin customs jerks make me dump most of my load
P1C says to (10:47:40):
Didnt anyone notice that many ppl that voted for barry was or were on the system
SlimJim says to (10:47:42):
no Pianki.. depends on which lease.. Lafourche oysters are good
pumpkin13 says to (10:47:51):
You do not need to be a Johnson or Smith, etc. You can change your name UniteDaHouse to something that you can feel good about.
Pianki says to (10:47:59):
@Firstplatoon. Why?
firstplatoon says to (10:48:21):
The want' tariffs sometimes
SlimJim says to (10:48:21):
c'mon ya'll! i'll get some more sacks.. plenty of beer and music
firstplatoon says to (10:48:25):
DesertRose says to (10:48:29):
Pianki says to (10:48:29):
All bulll
UniteDaHouses says to (10:48:30):
what is nationality@pumpkin
DesertRose says to (10:48:43):
(F) happy vacation at slims
firstplatoon says to (10:48:55):
Maybe its just me. cause I usual see the same people at the border
pumpkin13 says to (10:48:58):
I do not understand what you are asking me UniteDaHouse, please re-word it for me.
DesertRose says to (10:49:06):
UniteDaHouses says to (10:49:08):
what is your nationality excusme me
UniteDaHouses says to (10:49:14):
excuse me
P1C says to (10:49:16):
WOW....Name ONE thing positive ( following the Constitution) that Obaaaama has done?
pumpkin13 says to (10:49:20):
I am white if that is what you are asking.
P1C says to (10:49:21):
Or bush?
Pianki says to (10:49:25):
@Firstplatoon How much they running down there?
P1C says to (10:49:27):
SlimJim says to (10:49:32):
yep.. but easter always runs up the price of crawfish at the best time of the year to catch 'em :@
P1C says to (10:49:34):
Bush SR.?
UniteDaHouses says to (10:49:34):
yes mam
DesertRose says to (10:49:37):
are you Pumpkin?
P1C says to (10:49:41):
Carter? \
pumpkin13 says to (10:49:43):
Yes I am.
DesertRose says to (10:49:48):
(lol) all these years I didnt know that
pumpkin13 says to (10:49:52):
DesertRose says to (10:49:53):
DesertRose says to (10:49:57):
P1C says to (10:49:57):
firstplatoon says to (10:50:01):
In Mexico? About 3$ a kilo for large shrimp
DesertRose says to (10:50:02):
your a woman right?
pumpkin13 says to (10:50:10):
Yes, I am a woman. LOL
pumpkin13 says to (10:50:15):
Bostonant says to (10:50:17):
Religon is powerful, brain washing tool?
DesertRose says to (10:50:18):
:S what a relief
SlimJim says to (10:50:20):
just over $2 / pound
DesertRose says to (10:50:21):
Pianki says to (10:50:26):
Damm 2lbs for $3 thats a steal
DesertRose says to (10:50:48):
too funny.. i didnt know that
firstplatoon says to (10:50:55):
SlimJim says to (10:50:56):
but i got a "hook up" round breaux bridge if i drive over the basin to sack em
pumpkin13 says to (10:50:59):
I am very white Rose, with lots of freckles. Burn Burn Burn in the sun without lots of sunblock.
DesertRose says to (10:51:00):
i thought you were like me
Pianki says to (10:51:05):
$1.50per pd
DesertRose says to (10:51:06):
oh te
DesertRose says to (10:51:08):
SlimJim says to (10:51:30):
where u gettin $1.5?
Pianki says to (10:51:33):
$1.50 for 1.1lbs
DesertRose says to (10:51:33):
i always wanted freckles
SlimJim says to (10:51:40):
DesertRose says to (10:51:41):
when i was young
firstplatoon says to (10:51:51):
Pianka when I come back I have about 4 large coolers of shrimp
pumpkin13 says to (10:51:52):
UniteDaHouses, you really can change your name, I am not being a jerk or joking around.
Pianki says to (10:51:54):
@Slim he said $3 kilo
SlimJim says to (10:52:00):
Bostonant says to (10:52:05):
The south doesn't hide it's racism
SlimJim says to (10:52:12):
i was about to fire up the truck!
UniteDaHouses says to (10:52:18):
so what more can we do, we carry your names, speak your language, and believe in your reality and dominion more than our survival as a people.
Pianki says to (10:52:22):
We better be careful. They will thing we are selling drugs
SlimJim says to (10:52:31):
pumpkin13 says to (10:52:55):
UniteDaHouse, find your history, your names, etc. Then make them part of the USA!
firstplatoon says to (10:53:06):
See this is another reason why I think drugs should be legal so I can get my shrimp fix
Pianki says to (10:53:06):
My luck I will be on the way back and get cross ways to a drug gang fight.
SlimJim says to (10:53:16):
i was talkin about crawfish.. not shrimp or coke
SlimJim says to (10:53:23):
just for the record
UniteDaHouses says to (10:53:32):
But then when the ones among us who believe in seperation,independence,freedom, and excellence we are hated. Hmm interestin
Pianki says to (10:53:42):
Crawfish is poor man lobster
Bostonant says to (10:53:43):
Whites got the best of the civil rights movement!
firstplatoon says to (10:54:05):
Crawfish is good !!!
Bostonant says to (10:54:09):
The poor got the shaft?
DesertRose says to (10:54:11):
i miss benji
DesertRose says to (10:54:17):
its been so quiet today
firstplatoon says to (10:54:19):
Who is Benji
DesertRose says to (10:54:21):
firstplatoon says to (10:54:34):
Benji was a dog movie, right
Pianki says to (10:54:34):
Justin Wilson could cook up a mess of Crawfish
pumpkin13 says to (10:54:38):
UniteDaHouse, I cannot stand in your shoes but, I hope you stay in the USA. Usually, people will accept what is repeated to them over and over again.
SlimJim says to (10:54:43):
best seafood in the world is right here..glad i dont have to go anywhere else.. hell, i can even go out there and get my own if i had the time
DesertRose says to (10:54:47):
oh yea there was a movie
UniteDaHouses says to (10:55:00):
Mlk was sincere but that negro was crazy as hell. Integration wasnt meant to hell all of black america just a minority for one generation
pumpkin13 says to (10:55:02):
Learn your history, your names, etc. and repeat it over and over again. Demand to be heard and share your culture.
SlimJim says to (10:55:12):
Pianki.. Justin was a tv character..played a role
firstplatoon says to (10:55:16):
Sorry SlimJim, I've had good seafood in Asia and Africa
DesertRose says to (10:55:18):
DesertRose says to (10:55:20):
ggt183 says to (10:55:22):
Pianki says to (10:55:22):
@Slim yeah
SlimJim says to (10:55:29):
dont thinkJustin was even from around here
Bostonant says to (10:55:34):
Good program! I always learn something! Thank you!
DesertRose says to (10:55:34):
i am starting to memorize that song
SlimJim says to (10:55:40):
but he was funny as hell
DesertRose says to (10:55:45):
has brain washing effects^o)
Pianki says to (10:55:55):
@Slim. I gauranteeeee!
Pianki says to (10:56:17):
Man sure could cook
SlimJim says to (10:56:20):
oh platoon.. yes, SE asia has great seafood too ive heard.. im just partial
SlimJim says to (10:56:27):
yes he could
DesertRose says to (10:56:28):
he needs to get out.. lets take him to africa for vacation(F)
DesertRose says to (10:56:34):
take him dancing
DesertRose says to (10:56:38):
Pianki says to (10:56:56):
@Desert LoL
UniteDaHouses says to (10:56:59):
Miss pumpkin what imsaying is that our purpose as a people is not to live wicked, kill and disrespect ourselves, follow your people to our destruction,etc.. Our purpose is to live according the most high and be in peace with
firstplatoon says to (10:57:19):
The philippines and Thailand...Yummy,
Pianki says to (10:57:53):
Well 2 min warning coming up
pumpkin13 says to (10:58:07):
I agree UniteDaHouse.
UniteDaHouses says to (10:58:17):
each and the world. Our purpose is to stand up as a free people and create our own destiny. I wish all the best for white america and your people as long as it doesnt conflict with our destiny as a people
Pianki says to (10:58:19):
Been nice and educational
DesertRose says to (10:58:27):
this was a good show
DesertRose says to (10:58:35):
fun chat
SlimJim says to (10:58:39):
if you ever want to see white people and black people of all walks get along and have a time.. get them together at a crawfish boil with plenty of beer and some zydeco goin.. everyone is happy!
firstplatoon says to (10:58:47):
I'm visiting family in Gary, Ind. It sucks here cold and going to rain for the next 3 days
ggt183 says to (10:58:49):
great show kala (})
Bostonant says to (10:58:51):
The problem is white supremacy! We show boat, because we feel we have no value!
pumpkin13 says to (10:58:53):
I do hope that you would consider sharing your way with others some day UniteDaHouse.
Pianki says to (10:58:55):
Yeah ... Brussel Sprouts and Butter Beans
DesertRose says to (10:59:03):
Kalagenesis says (10:59:01):
Pianki says to (10:59:13):
Bye Kala. Be careful Y'all
DesertRose says to (10:59:15):
firstplatoon says to (10:59:22):
Peace Pianki
DesertRose says to (10:59:24):
i need to visit Don
DesertRose says to (10:59:31):
hugsss everyone
Bostonant says to (10:59:37):
firstplatoon says to (10:59:38):
Pianki do you have a show
pumpkin13 says to (10:59:39):
Hugs to Rose!
UniteDaHouses says to (10:59:42):
lol its not my way im just a student
DesertRose says to (10:59:43):
SlimJim says to (10:59:48):
bye ya'll take care everyone! (kiss my ass Kala :D)
firstplatoon says to (10:59:55):
SlimJim do you have a show
DesertRose says to (10:59:57):
firstplatoon says to (11:00:04):
Rose do you have a show
SlimJim says to (11:00:08):
oh sorry... u too Warlord
DesertRose says to (11:00:18):
not tonight
pumpkin13 says to (11:00:18):
We are all students UniteDaHouse, have fun with it and do not let jacbutts get you down. EVER!!!
SlimJim says to (11:00:18):
no platoon
UniteDaHouses says to (11:00:21):
MLKing negro jr and negro death civil rights movement
firstplatoon says to (11:00:22):
Anybody else has a show coming on soon
DesertRose says to (11:00:24):
don is on
firstplatoon says to (11:00:32):
Who is don
Bostonant says to (11:00:34):
We deserve better!
UniteDaHouses says to (11:00:37):
firstplatoon says to (11:00:45):
Is He any good @ Rose
pumpkin13 says to (11:00:47):
Have a good night folks.

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