Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tea Party extremist

*** (08:58:44):Welcome to the Kalagenesis Chat Room.
African Warlord X says to (09:02:55):
Yeah, yeah, yeyahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!
African Warlord X says to (09:03:02):
Peace fam.
African Warlord X says to (09:03:08):
And enemies
Kalagenesis says (09:03:13):
how is the sound?
African Warlord X says to (09:04:22):
I can hear anything
Kalagenesis says (09:04:27):
Peace welcome to the Voice of the Kala Nation
African Warlord X says to (09:04:31):
" cant "
Kalagenesis says (09:04:34):
Can you hear?
African Warlord X says to (09:04:41):
can't hear anything...could before
Kalagenesis says (09:04:52):
can you hear music?
African Warlord X says to (09:04:54):
okay, I can now
DesertRose says to (09:05:01):
African Warlord X says to (09:05:07):
Rose !!!!!!!!!
DesertRose says to (09:05:24):
(lol) coon busters pic
Kalagenesis says (09:05:40):
Tonight lets rain fire and brimstone in Kala Land
DesertRose says to (09:05:42):
DesertRose says to (09:05:45):
African Warlord X says to (09:05:47):
lol........that's trip isn't it. I can't wait to learn how this new system works
Kalagenesis says (09:05:47):
peace Rose
DesertRose says to (09:05:50):
African Warlord X says to (09:06:09):
I'm starving for some tea-clowns to call-in
African Warlord X says to (09:06:18):
I'm in a brutal mood
DesertRose says to (09:06:32):
DesertRose says to (09:06:45):
me too.. i need to throw down
DesertRose says to (09:06:50):
African Warlord X says to (09:06:53):
lol @ DS
CFGA says to (09:12:16):
CFGA says to (09:12:47):
Doc who's a clown?
African Warlord X says to (09:13:30):
Ohhhhhh, the teabaggers have shown up. Thank you so much !
CFGA says to (09:13:45):
Who's a tea bagger?
African Warlord X says to (09:13:58):
If you don't know, you're probably one
CFGA says to (09:14:08):
I don't belong to a tea party
CFGA says to (09:14:17):
may you do
African Warlord X says to (09:14:18):
Do you have teeth that look like Indian Corn ?
CFGA says to (09:14:31):
do you?
African Warlord X says to (09:14:39):
Do you wear a tie with dirty overalls ?
African Warlord X says to (09:14:52):
Do you serve moonshine at weddings ?
CFGA says to (09:14:54):
do you?
CFGA says to (09:15:02):
I don't go to weddings
DesertRose says to (09:15:10):
CFGA says to (09:15:14):
No I do have lips like intertubes
CFGA says to (09:15:23):
eat fried chicken
CFGA says to (09:15:39):
and serve malt liqour ar weddings
African Warlord X says to (09:15:39):
They peddle their fake version of Christianity
African Warlord X says to (09:15:57):
White women like my lips
CFGA says to (09:15:58):
challenge me on that Doc
CFGA says to (09:16:05):
CFGA says to (09:16:07):
CFGA says to (09:16:21):
I don't care about white women
African Warlord X says to (09:16:24):
But Black women have my heart
CFGA says to (09:16:29):
I like a thick dark sista
CFGA says to (09:16:33):
mine too
CFGA says to (09:16:48):
African Warlord X says to (09:16:55):
And you too being silly :0)
African Warlord X says to (09:18:26):
Are you guys taking notes ?
DesertRose says to (09:18:37):
:| good thing i am not sensitive
DesertRose says to (09:18:47):
African Warlord X says to (09:18:48):
lol @ Rose
CFGA says to (09:18:52):
No I don't need notes
CFGA says to (09:19:23):
Why would we not believe you
CFGA says to (09:19:32):
thats cool
DesertRose says to (09:19:43):
hi East!
African Warlord X says to (09:19:44):
Let's give Wale Tinubu and Mutallab their props
CFGA says to (09:19:46):
I hope he continues to build his nation
Kalagenesis says (09:19:55):
CFGA says to (09:20:02):
I hope he does good with it
CFGA says to (09:20:05):
he should
African Warlord X says to (09:20:13):
they have our talents, and we have more patents than any other group
African Warlord X says to (09:20:24):
not to put anyone down
African Warlord X says to (09:20:41):
we've been put down, so I'm just building us up
PAN AFRICANIST says to (09:21:12):
stop hating white people.we need them
African Warlord X says to (09:21:13):
The U.S. Patent Office has a listing of thousands of our inventions
African Warlord X says to (09:21:19):
I have three
PAN AFRICANIST says to (09:21:32):
we need te white south africans
CFGA says to (09:21:41):
what did you invent warlord?
*** (09:21:43):PAN AFRICANIST is muted by Admin for breaking rules!
African Warlord X says to (09:21:51):
is that humerous ?
Perry Steele says to (09:22:06):
I have two patents AWX
African Warlord X says to (09:22:10):
Something nobody in your life will invents, trust me
African Warlord X says to (09:22:21):
nothing close
African Warlord X says to (09:22:37):
undergrad in physics, so i'll rest my case
CFGA says to (09:22:47):
if it's so great then why are you not a billion aire yet
African Warlord X says to (09:23:13):
yep, i'm calling after bro Kala gets warmed up. no, being a racist is a waste of time
CFGA says to (09:23:16):
where's the money
CFGA says to (09:23:34):
Being racist is stupid
African Warlord X says to (09:23:37):
How do you know what my assets are ?
CFGA says to (09:23:44):
I have no race preferance
AfricaUnite2022 says to (09:23:45):
Yes my brother...providing support and cover my brother...this thing is about to go down soon.
SlimJim says to (09:23:56):
you have assets, warlord? :D
African Warlord X says to (09:24:07):
of course
CFGA says to (09:24:08):
yea slim
CFGA says to (09:24:12):
base ball cards
Dan Newton says to (09:24:25):
peace peoples
CFGA says to (09:24:30):
African Warlord X says to (09:24:36):
and no, i'll never talk about them on air
CFGA says to (09:25:07):
DOC did you find a cure for whiteness?
CFGA says to (09:25:12):
CFGA says to (09:26:47):
Obama is still getting paid
SlimJim says to (09:27:25):
its pretty simple.. there are things that are a drain on the budget to provide services to a selected group, not the whole.. shut that down..
CFGA says to (09:27:29):
light it on fire
CFGA says to (09:27:32):
CFGA says to (09:27:39):
burn baby burn
CFGA says to (09:27:48):
African Warlord X says to (09:28:50):
A government shutdown is a good thing ?
SlimJim says to (09:28:57):
anyone whos been on the dole for, say, over 2 years.. stop the checks. thats a start
CFGA says to (09:29:02):
not for everyone doc
CFGA says to (09:29:31):
Maybe Sarge will call in
CFGA says to (09:30:09):
let him talk kala
CFGA says to (09:30:12):
come on
African Warlord X says to (09:31:47):
who are all of these people on the dole ?
SlimJim says to (09:31:52):
i feel like i'm in Timbuktu right now....
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DesertRose says to (09:32:23):
CFGA says to (09:32:24):
every race of people have added something great to mankind
African Warlord X says to (09:32:30):
Welfare is 0.5 of the gov expenditures outside of health care
SlimJim says to (09:32:31):
c'mon warlord.. all those checks that people flock to the mail man for...
SlimJim says to (09:33:22):
warlord, thats not true.. section 8 is a form of welfare, there are many programs that allow for the printing of checks
African Warlord X says to (09:33:28):
And, what happens to all of these blacks that go to college ?
DesertRose says to (09:33:32):
PAN AFRICANIST says to (09:33:43):
my brother kala our arabian brothers build most of timbuktu
SlimJim says to (09:34:01):
so, i guess it would be OK then, since its so few, that they stop the check printing and mailing
CFGA says to (09:34:01):
CFGA says to (09:34:09):
*** (09:34:13):PAN AFRICANIST is muted by Admin for breaking rules!
CFGA says to (09:34:14):
that'as not true
MsXtotheM says to (09:34:47):
CFGA says to (09:35:33):
I never said I wanted those tax cuts
CFGA says to (09:35:43):
when did I SAY THAT
SlimJim says to (09:37:25):
i did..
MsXtotheM says to (09:38:22):
SlimJim says to (09:39:53):
warlord, you dont know what you are talking about.. i say let the americans companies operate freely, no unions, fair taxes, less rgulations, you know, better trade agreements like the over seas.. and since the maket is here, the jobs will come back
CFGA says to (09:40:01):
Sarah Palin never said she could see Russia from her back yard
CFGA says to (09:40:10):
that was a saturday night skit
pumpkin13 says to (09:40:29):
Hello folks.
SlimJim says to (09:40:36):
go ahead and tax the hell outta businesses.. and see what happens
MsXtotheM says to (09:40:39):
pumpkin13 says to (09:40:42):
Lively show tonight.
CFGA says to (09:41:21):
I want to talk to DOC
CFGA says to (09:41:37):
He made some ignorant statements
SlimJim says to (09:41:38):
yeah, and unemployment under bush was at 5.5%, till the dems took over..
CFGA says to (09:41:47):
CFGA says to (09:41:56):
what does that have to do with me
CFGA says to (09:42:13):
Obama thought there was 57 states
CFGA says to (09:42:15):
MsXtotheM says to (09:42:29):
SlimJim says to (09:42:55):
who thinks there are 57 states in america??? Obama... but there are 57 islamic states
CFGA says to (09:43:00):
Obama said there were Mexicans in the colonies
CFGA says to (09:43:08):
BryanSmith0 says to (09:43:11):
cfga...she said " you can actually see russia from parts of alaska
BryanSmith0 says to (09:43:15):
SlimJim says to (09:43:50):
warlord, if you care to know by economic philosophies.. read up on Milton Friedman and Thimas Sowell..
MsXtotheM says to (09:43:56):
SlimJim says to (09:44:00):
Thomas Sowell
pumpkin13 says to (09:44:17):
Obama also thought breathalyzers would be good for kids with asthma. He thought that if we give all the asthmatic kids breathalyzers they would not need to go for the ER when they had breathing problems.
BryanSmith0 says to (09:44:20):
Of course she didn't know what magazine or newspaper she read it in
*** (09:44:23):PAN AFRICANIST has been unmuted by Admin.
pumpkin13 says to (09:44:25):
Everyone says stupid things.
*** (09:44:31):PAN AFRICANIST is muted by Admin for breaking rules!
DesertRose says to (09:44:34):
oh your DOC
DesertRose says to (09:44:45):
(lol) i was wondering who that was
SlimJim says to (09:45:02):
i dont belive in minimum wage.. its a tread on the youth.. its complicated, but it is true.. IMHO
pumpkin13 says to (09:45:02):
Hi Rose.
DesertRose says to (09:45:09):
African Warlord X says to (09:46:16):
What should be the minimum wage Slim ?
BryanSmith0 says to (09:46:40):
The "tea party" as a group are not racist....BUT....MOST of the members of this "group" I have met ARE
pumpkin13 says to (09:47:12):
The majority of the Tea Party is not racist but, many of them are Dominionists.
MsXtotheM says to (09:47:24):
SlimJim says to (09:47:58):
you see.. people like Warlord take a select few big corporations as examples as if outsourcing and tax cuts are the norm.. i'm talking about small businesses trying to survive
BryanSmith0 says to (09:48:43):
teabaggers are a little sad....most are working class....busting their ass for very little money....but buy into the republican/take care of the wealthy attitude
African Warlord X says to (09:48:44):
Barack Obama gave small businesses the biggest tax cuts in history
MsXtotheM says to (09:49:00):
African Warlord X says to (09:49:06):
Let's get down tonight !!!!!!! I'm ready to teach
SlimJim says to (09:49:18):
if you want to go after the big coporations that are violating your precious ideal, fine.. but dont penalize the small businesses trying to grow
African Warlord X says to (09:49:20):
Thanks @ MsX
pumpkin13 says to (09:49:40):
Obama did nothing for the black farmer!
SlimJim says to (09:49:54):
Warlord.. really? i own a small business and my taxes werent cut.
African Warlord X says to (09:49:59):
Did you not read what I just typed. You don't want to believe it
African Warlord X says to (09:50:07):
but I know it to be true
pumpkin13 says to (09:50:07):
They were losing their farms and he gave them $50,000.00. What the heck can a farmer do with $50,000.00??????
MsXtotheM says to (09:50:17):
HE IS A DAMN LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT WHAT DID U EXPECT FROM A PINK PIG!!!!!!
African Warlord X says to (09:50:41):
Whites DID do a lot to balck farmers
African Warlord X says to (09:50:49):
he's not a sultan, by the way
African Warlord X says to (09:50:57):
learn !!!
Curtiscaife says to (09:51:08):
African Warlord X says to (09:51:14):
pumpkin13 says to (09:51:21):
You are wrong Warlord, these farmers asked for help from our current president......HE GAVE THEM A BAND-AID.
MsXtotheM says to (09:51:22):
SlimJim says to (09:51:28):
punpkin.. the black farmer thing was a fiasco and a waste.. billions were wasted cause lawyers were getting any joe black person to fill out a form saying they "attempted" to have a farm.. and the checks went flying out
SlimJim says to (09:51:50):
they had to go get more money.. just like the clunker thing
African Warlord X says to (09:51:54):
Why don't you have anything to say about the dogs that discriminated against them in the first place
pumpkin13 says to (09:52:27):
I love dogs Warlord, so, I do not understand whay you mean by your question.
SlimJim says to (09:52:43):
warlord, i will, and do.. but anytime a program is set up by the gov to help.. people and lawyers take advantage of it
African Warlord X says to (09:52:53):
dogs that walk on two legs and talk like humans
SlimJim says to (09:52:53):
like Katrina..
pumpkin13 says to (09:53:05):
Cannot compair the two Warlord.
African Warlord X says to (09:53:46):
Lawyers take advantage of people getting divorces
African Warlord X says to (09:54:12):
I'm in rare form tonight, so Kala and I will burn BTR down tonight
BryanSmith0 says to (09:54:24):
It is the entire socio-economic dynamic that causes more African-Americans to commit crime....It is some culture (some racisim) that causes cops and Caucasions to "profile" the community.
Curtiscaife says to (09:54:38):
AfricaUnite2022 says to (09:54:50):
Man..... skin color is so serious a black man would fear another black man at night
BryanSmith0 says to (09:54:55):
We need to address ALL the problem....not just a part
SlimJim says to (09:55:03):
sure.. but in the end.. a man who lies to get money has to take the blame.. like all the food stamp fraud and other programs riddled with fraus and waste.. i say fix that, then we'll look at it again
African Warlord X says to (09:55:14):
What makes you think that Blacks commit more crimes ? none of us are on wall street
Curtiscaife says to (09:55:27):
im 6'4'' 340 im pretty meanacing looking
African Warlord X says to (09:55:30):
and we didn't kill 100,00 people in Iraq
BryanSmith0 says to (09:55:31):
More white ppl get food stamps and welfare than black ppl
pumpkin13 says to (09:55:42):
African Warlord X says to (09:55:43):
Curtiscaife says to (09:56:01):
i got my 200 today
pumpkin13 says to (09:56:06):
Shouldn't we be more bothered by the fact that people need food stamps to feed their kids?
African Warlord X says to (09:56:08):
Curtiscaife says to (09:56:08):
BryanSmith0 says to (09:56:15):
Everyone that says welfare or food stamps automatically think "black"
SlimJim says to (09:56:23):
Walrod, i would submit that we did not.. now, i encourage you to look to the suicide bombers for the deaths of those innocent civilians
pumpkin13 says to (09:56:31):
Not everyone Bryan.....not everyone.
African Warlord X says to (09:56:32):
right @ bryan
SlimJim says to (09:57:33):
Bryan.. once again, i mention food stamp and someone thinks i'm talking about black people.. (hhmmm).. i say get rid of all waste and fraude, then MAYBE we will reinstitute the hand outs
CFGA says to (09:57:56):
CFGA says to (09:58:08):
Been acting up on me
SlimJim says to (09:58:22):
people get on the dole, and tend to stay there.. that pisses me off.. i will give a man a hand up, but not a hand out..
African Warlord X says to (09:58:22):
Okay, if welfare is money that goes to people that need assistnce, then lets get rid of Social Security
BryanSmith0 says to (09:58:24):
I don't see it as "hand outs"....I see it as showing compassion for your fellow man
DesertRose says to (09:58:46):
are you going to scream again
DesertRose says to (09:58:50):
Curtiscaife says to (09:59:00):
ohh ok
Curtiscaife says to (09:59:09):
uncle ruckus
SlimJim says to (09:59:12):
warlord.. SS is paid into by the individual.. cmon
pumpkin13 says to (09:59:24):
If you need food stamps then it is ok, but, there are some people who abuse it. I am not saying black people.....just people.
SlimJim says to (09:59:29):
where is "welfare" listed on your paycheck?
WEBDuBOSS says to (09:59:48):
my sisters and my brothers
l33t says to (09:59:57):
Kala, facts don't work on Sarge
SlimJim says to (10:00:02):
were is "food stamp" security listed on the paycheck?
WEBDuBOSS says to (10:00:58):
who are these uncle toms and a kracker
Kalagenesis says (10:01:00):
Sarge and his cereal box info
Kalagenesis says (10:01:17):
SlimJim says to (10:01:23):
didnt Obama go to Occidental College? wonder what his GPA was there?? if it were so good, he would use it to promote himself and his hard work..
Kalagenesis says (10:01:30):
East Coast says to (10:01:32):
Utube Professor Sarge
WEBDuBOSS says to (10:01:40):
kala mad im going to be the first brother to open a cornerstore in lesotho
Kalagenesis says (10:01:47):
Kalagenesis says (10:01:54):
BryanSmith0 says to (10:02:04):
East Coast says to (10:02:20):
Next comes the constitutional education from Sarge
BryanSmith0 says to (10:02:21):
Who is the birther
l33t says to (10:02:24):
Sarge has thoroughly researched the matter at World Nut Daily
WEBDuBOSS says to (10:02:28):
im going to be the liberachi of lesotho
East Coast says to (10:03:16):
Educate me Sarge......LOL
pumpkin13 says to (10:03:37):
GM should have never received a penny of our tax dollars.
SlimJim says to (10:03:37):
LOANS!!! really??? warlord... small businesses dont want loans.. thats money to the bank they dont have.. they need relief
pumpkin13 says to (10:04:09):
Our Gov. is not suppose to be in the Auto Manufacturing business. I will never buy another Government Motors car.....ever!
BryanSmith0 says to (10:04:10):
And the preferred stocks that America got from GM are now rising....O is making us some cash when we sell out
WEBDuBOSS says to (10:04:37):
gm is garbage. you see a bentley in lesotho?
SlimJim says to (10:04:46):
thats how economically stupid Obama is.. his once said small busnisses need loans to make payroll. thats a recipe for disaster.. not business would do that
*** (10:05:02):WEBDuBOSS is muted by Admin for breaking rules!
BryanSmith0 says to (10:05:15):
What about Corporate Socialism?????????
BryanSmith0 says to (10:05:40):
We prop em up....and they cash in
African Warlord X says to (10:05:51):
Right Bryan
DesertRose says to (10:05:55):
East Coast says to (10:06:14):
Sarge I'm a success because of socialism
SlimJim says to (10:06:24):
and Obama said his health care plan would reduce health care costs 3,000% !!! Thats a mathmatic impossability.. cost can go up 3000%, but down only 100%.. at which point it would be free
SlimJim says to (10:07:14):
Obama has no business sense, or ability to understand economic principles.. the sooner he is out, the better
BryanSmith0 says to (10:07:51):
The constitution doesn't bring up "police forces" that would be a state right for their local defence
East Coast says to (10:07:55):
Sarge are you ready to take Cripus Attucks in the modern 21st century.....give me liberty or give me death
SlimJim says to (10:07:57):
and for the record, i complainded many times about Bush's policies as well
l33t says to (10:08:01):
We really should have the national anthem playing in the background when Sarge is speaking
East Coast says to (10:08:26):
BryanSmith0 says to (10:09:36):
This guy is a trip
SlimJim says to (10:09:40):
wasnt that Patrick Henry?
East Coast says to (10:09:41):

yep I33t
East Coast says to (10:10:15):
Slim just a figure of speech
SlimJim says to (10:10:24):
East Coast says to (10:10:34):
Sarge believes strongly
CFGA says to (10:10:49):
Sarge believes rightly
CFGA says to (10:11:12):
Doc can't hang with Sarge
East Coast says to (10:11:23):
more Americans need to be passionate about their country
BryanSmith0 says to (10:11:38):
Cut the defense budget by 25%, cut "homeland security" by 60% and you save about 200 Billion Dollars
BryanSmith0 says to (10:11:44):
No cuts to veterans
East Coast says to (10:11:53):
Sarge ur being too fast on numbers
BryanSmith0 says to (10:11:56):
No cuts to SSI
BryanSmith0 says to (10:12:03):
No cuts to Education
CFGA says to (10:12:23):
Send no money to foriegn nations period
CFGA says to (10:12:27):
for any reason
SlimJim says to (10:12:29):
Warlord.. are u crazy?? more money in the gov does not mean they willpay down the debt. just means they will spend more
CFGA says to (10:12:36):
take care of us first
SlimJim says to (10:13:42):
here come the heart strings...
SlimJim says to (10:13:58):
as if all the money spent by the gov is not wasted and fraud
pumpkin13 says to (10:14:12):
I am an average person and the only way my family will see more money is if the taxes are cut. Cut the taxes and stop the spending.
SlimJim says to (10:14:33):
BryanSmith0 says to (10:14:37):
Cut taxes for everyone under 50k
BryanSmith0 says to (10:14:56):
eliminate them for anyone under 30
SlimJim says to (10:15:23):
half the people don pay taxes anyway.. yet the feel the right to chime in..
*** (10:15:23):WEBDuBOSS has been unmuted by Admin.
SlimJim says to (10:15:35):
federal taxes i should say
African Warlord X says to (10:16:04):
Who puts money in tax shelters, the poor, smh
East Coast says to (10:16:06):
Sarge Congressman McDermott from Washington says it's easy freeze spending I believe for 10yrs at 2010 levels and repeal the Bush tax cut and the deficit problem is solve. He said it on's that simple
pumpkin13 says to (10:16:07):
This has nothing to do with Obama's skin color. He is just as much white as he is black.
East Coast says to (10:16:33):
Now that's painless
BryanSmith0 says to (10:16:37):
In south pay the same sales tax on a 15k car, that you pay on a 80k exactly is that "equitable"?
WEBDuBOSS says to (10:16:51):
kayla pansy africanist needs to take names out of his mouth
African Warlord X says to (10:16:54):
Those people that called his children monkeys dont see him as half white
SlimJim says to (10:17:01):
warlord, there u go with the big coporations again.. how many companies fit that category?
BryanSmith0 says to (10:17:04):
And sc is going in the economic toilet
*** (10:17:12):WEBDuBOSS is muted by Admin for breaking rules!
pumpkin13 says to (10:17:22):
Warlord, how can you judge the entire world population by the actions of a few?
SlimJim says to (10:17:36):
OK.. how about we just put in a flat tax and be done with it..
East Coast says to (10:17:37):
Slim what do u think about Congressman's McDermott's comments
pumpkin13 says to (10:17:52):
Leave the children out of this, the kids are off-limits. Do not even bring up the kids.
African Warlord X says to (10:18:05):
Because more than a few people are suffering
SlimJim says to (10:18:09):
east coast.. i folow my own mind.. not the mind of another man
SlimJim says to (10:18:28):
a man who folows another man leaves no footprints
Pianki says to (10:18:35):
Hey Kala
African Warlord X says to (10:18:39):
tell the teabaggers to leave thae children out of this
Kalagenesis says (10:18:43):
East Coast says to (10:18:44):
That's a simple solution and we wouldn't be going through potential closing of government
African Warlord X says to (10:18:48):
peace @ Pianki
SlimJim says to (10:18:59):
whos talking about kids?
BryanSmith0 says to (10:19:04):
Who made it possible for the wealthy to make their millions....billions? they are prospering on the backs of their fathers/grandfathers AND the backs of the working people
AfricaUnite2022 says to (10:19:05):
Man I don't think these is any person who goes to Iraq and don't realize that thi hot desert can not possibily have WMD
Pianki says to (10:19:05):
@Warlord Peace
CFGA says to (10:19:12):
let Sarge a sensible voice back on
pumpkin13 says to (10:19:36):
I am ignoring you Warlord, I do not want to even listen to a person who has to bring children into it. You should be ashamed to use children in this manner.
East Coast says to (10:19:40):
Slim what do you think about his solution
East Coast says to (10:19:48):
Is it too simple
SlimJim says to (10:20:02):
dont mess with Cheney.. (he has a few tactical nukes)
BryanSmith0 says to (10:20:23):
and he might shoot you in a "hunting" accident
AfricaUnite2022 says to (10:20:27):
My the diry job commited by the the Bush people is amazing. remember John Yoo and David Addingtion?
Pianki says to (10:20:51):
Chenny was bribing Nigerian Officials
East Coast says to (10:21:06):
Slim I would rather pay a higher taxes than dismantle Medicare and Medicaid
African Warlord X says to (10:21:26):
lol !!!!!! @ Bryan I'd forgotten about that hunting accident. Hilarious
African Warlord X says to (10:21:38):
Right @ EC
African Warlord X says to (10:21:51):
Yes !!!!! @ Pianki
East Coast says to (10:22:01):
Thanks X
SlimJim says to (10:22:16):
east coast.. i can tell you that you are free to pay higher taxes all you want.. the IRS will gladly take your check
Pianki says to (10:22:39):
The hell with higher taxes
African Warlord X says to (10:22:50):
Slim Jim. Taxes are lower now than they were under Reagan
Pianki says to (10:22:58):
on the common citizen
SlimJim says to (10:23:17):
under reagan of 1980 just after carted. true
East Coast says to (10:23:24):
Slim we're talking repealing Bush tax cuts
SlimJim says to (10:23:26):
dont play those games
SlimJim says to (10:23:54):
repealing the tax cuts is a tax hike on job creators.. and i'm against that
SlimJim says to (10:23:56):
East Coast says to (10:24:26):
Taxes worked during Clinton's admin slim
SlimJim says to (10:24:38):
economy was booming
African Warlord X says to (10:24:41):
What's good Southern Region, bro Drew X
SlimJim says to (10:24:47):
it ws affordable.. not now
African Warlord X says to (10:25:11):
Reagan raised taxes after he ctut them, because he ran the debt to the moon
BryanSmith0 says to (10:25:15):
It is a simple fact....If we cut every social program out of the budget.....military spending, and the other authoritarian measures along with "bush tax cuts" will cause our country to continue going in the hol
BryanSmith0 says to (10:25:17):
Pianki says to (10:25:23):
Jackie was ugly
East Coast says to (10:25:29):
So Slim if we hold spending levels for 10yrs and repeal tax cuts you couldn't live with if it takes care of our deficit issue
Pianki says to (10:26:08):
Hilliary legs look like bolo bats
SlimJim says to (10:26:10):
spending is too high to freeze it..
SlimJim says to (10:26:44):
cut spending, pay down the debt.. then freeze, then MAYBE we'll talk about raising taxes
African Warlord X says to (10:26:52):
So, was the extension of the Bush tax cuts a good thing Slim Jim ?
East Coast says to (10:26:55):
It's a simple solution Slim and I don't believe the congressman was lying
SlimJim says to (10:26:55):
but then, why would we need to..?
BryanSmith0 says to (10:27:15):
BTW....who stole mitch mcconnels chin....he is one ugly motherf........
*** (10:27:23):WEBDuBOSS has been unmuted by Admin.
SlimJim says to (10:27:28):
warlord.. it was less of a bad thing than raising taxes on job creators in this economy
WEBDuBOSS says to (10:27:52):
there is big money in africa. peep game in lesotho.
East Coast says to (10:28:03):
Slim was is this too difficult to understand
East Coast says to (10:28:23):
easy for me
African Warlord X says to (10:28:24):
But as I said before, President O gave small businesses their biggest tax cuts in history
WEBDuBOSS says to (10:28:28):
you going to see my bentley parked at my cornerstore in lesotho. peep game.
SlimJim says to (10:28:28):
east coast.. its easy to understand.. but i feel it is wrong
*** (10:28:40):WEBDuBOSS is muted by Admin for breaking rules!
pumpkin13 says to (10:29:08):
If what is going on in Africa is so appealing to some people then I would love to have someone explain to me what is so great about on group of black people controlling and at times killing other black groups of people?
East Coast says to (10:29:14):
Slim there were be no drag out fights under this scenario
BryanSmith0 says to (10:29:16):
Teabaggers take over.....first Greece...Ireland...Portugal.....then US
Pianki says to (10:29:28):
That don't mean nutin ... honey.
SlimJim says to (10:29:35):
sure OK warlord.. i saw no tax cut of any significance.. and i personally file and pay the 940/941 taxes every month...
African Warlord X says to (10:30:10):
We're about to lose our triple a credit rating on the world market
Pianki says to (10:30:20):
@Slim. Don't mess up on those 940/941 man they will take ur boat and skoals
BryanSmith0 says to (10:30:21):
Oh yeah
East Coast says to (10:30:44):
X didn't we make money on TARP?
SlimJim says to (10:30:49):
every month.. then state every quarter.. then again at the end of the year.. i spend 5% of time of my work year filing and paying taxes
SlimJim says to (10:31:18):
right u are Pianki! they are serious about other peoples money!
BryanSmith0 says to (10:31:24):
east....we got most of it back....they used the profits for bonuses
African Warlord X says to (10:31:35):
Yes @ EC
Pianki says to (10:31:35):
@Slim. But don't screw up on them two Better the income than those witholding
East Coast says to (10:31:52):
But wasn't TARP to fail
East Coast says to (10:32:08):
Sounds like good decision making to me
African Warlord X says to (10:32:09):
Right @ EC and Bryan
SlimJim says to (10:32:26):
oh, i never screw up the withholdings.. but they want employer contributions and the money may not be there every 15th.. you know?
East Coast says to (10:32:34):
That's what want out of a President good decision making
SlimJim says to (10:32:41):
and the penalties and interest can get crazy ive heard
Pianki says to (10:33:07):
Damm the harmony. It is about the money Kala. Tell him that. Anybody will smile at you if they are selling you their stuff.
African Warlord X says to (10:33:14):
well, i don't like everything about the government
BryanSmith0 says to (10:33:23):
Most of O's decisions have turned out just takes a while....and you can't "microwave" the economy
SlimJim says to (10:33:23):
Sooooooooo.. when those payments get tight.. its time to let people go
Pianki says to (10:33:41):
Asians will not give black merchant family prices on wholesale goods.
East Coast says to (10:33:45):
Right Bryan
East Coast says to (10:34:04):
Give the brother time to see the fruits of his labor
SlimJim says to (10:34:26):
Sarge is right about this one.. Richar A.. did it
Pianki says to (10:34:31):
@Slim. You better believe it. Employer trust funds is a nut cracker
East Coast says to (10:34:49):
Sarge we can hear you
Dan Newton says to (10:35:07):
this guy sarge is a loud mouth
East Coast says to (10:35:11):
SlimJim says to (10:35:30):
cuz he was a sarge.. thats how they talk
SlimJim says to (10:35:41):
specially a gunny
Dan Newton says to (10:35:44):
he has issues
Pianki says to (10:35:48):
@Slim they can't take your skoals if you mess up and be short on the income taxes. Buttt if you come up short on the 941 they will take your personal baby
SlimJim says to (10:36:03):
BryanSmith0 says to (10:36:18):
The Nigerian letter regarding "yellow cake" was a fraud....disregarded by three different intelligence agencies in europe....
East Coast says to (10:36:34):
Sarge did you work around artillery or heavy armour? Need a hearing test....LOL
Pianki says to (10:36:45):
@Slim. But they can be beat.
BryanSmith0 says to (10:36:46):
we used it to "wrap the evidence around the outcome" bush wanted
pumpkin13 says to (10:37:08):
Why are some so concerned about Bush when Obama is the current president?
SlimJim says to (10:37:28):
like i said, i never came up short on 940/941.. i have suspended my own pay to keep current for months.. but the gov still wanted me to pay taxes on the momey i would have made
BryanSmith0 says to (10:37:41):
<<<BryanSmith0 says to (10:37:57):
he would lose his pension and security detail
SlimJim says to (10:37:58):
too much of that, and its time to let people go.. sad
African Warlord X says to (10:38:01):
40 years of corruption led up to this mess, but we're pretending Obama got us into this
CFGA says to (10:38:02):
@east coast yes Sarge did work around artillary for many years
Pianki says to (10:38:04):
@Slim. ??? Huh
Pianki says to (10:38:22):
You didn't write yourself a check did you?
East Coast says to (10:38:38):
thought so Lee....LOL
CFGA says to (10:38:42):
pumpkin13 says to (10:38:43):
It is sad you want to live in the past Bryan, may I suggest you work on that so you can live in the present.
SlimJim says to (10:38:53):
BryanSmith0 says to (10:39:04):
I am living in the present sweetheart
pumpkin13 says to (10:39:18):
It doesn't appear that way Bryan.
Pianki says to (10:39:19):
They wanted you to pay taxes on what you might have gotten but did not?
*** (10:39:23):WEBDuBOSS has been unmuted by Admin.
SlimJim says to (10:39:25):
East Coast says to (10:39:35):
Like Pres O says let's look forward....LOL
SlimJim says to (10:39:41):
i told them to take a flyin shiit
Pianki says to (10:39:52):
Hey they penalized me one time for over paying my 941.
pumpkin13 says to (10:39:53):
Better then living in the past East Coast.
WEBDuBOSS says to (10:39:55):
uncle toms and a kracker cookin a sausage fest. smh.
SlimJim says to (10:40:07):
that does not suprise me
Pianki says to (10:40:20):
I still have that letter cause noone believed me
Kalagenesis says (10:40:31):
WEBDuBOSS says to (10:40:36):
this is more despicable than brother shabazz negogiatin with krackers
Pianki says to (10:40:36):
They gave the money back later.
Kalagenesis says (10:40:40):
East Coast says to (10:40:42):
Many folks died and are mane for life
*** (10:40:54):WEBDuBOSS is muted by Admin for breaking rules!
East Coast says to (10:41:21):
brought many tears
Pianki says to (10:41:32):
Ron Paul has some great points.
pumpkin13 says to (10:41:33):
Why can't some people move forward, why are some so stuck on the Bush era?
pumpkin13 says to (10:41:40):
Gee folks, move on!
BryanSmith0 says to (10:41:51):
Ok pumpkin.....I want Obama to close quantanamo....and get us the hell outta iraq and afghanistan
SlimJim says to (10:41:59):
941 ain that big of deal... easy to see over payin medicare, its the 940 that gets tricky and more serious
pumpkin13 says to (10:42:05):
Kudos for Bryan!
Dan Newton says to (10:42:37):
pumkin call in so we can here your veiws
East Coast says to (10:42:51):
bottom line is let's not do that again
SlimJim says to (10:43:10):
then the sate wants theres.. and the county.. then the insurance, then the etc etc etc.. then maybe me.. but according to Warlord.. we are evil
pumpkin13 says to (10:43:13):
Cannot do that Dan. Kid sleeping in the next room. I listen on earphones. :)
Dan Newton says to (10:43:23):
Pianki says to (10:43:51):
940 them FUTA
Pianki says to (10:44:09):
They need all of that they can get right about now
Pianki says to (10:44:37):
Ron Paul has some great ideas
BryanSmith0 says to (10:44:51):
who ever is are right.....
SlimJim says to (10:44:54):
withholdings, SS, employee and employer contributions
Pianki says to (10:45:03):
SlimJim says to (10:45:07):
federal taxes basically
BryanSmith0 says to (10:45:09):
i think it was on market watch.....
SlimJim says to (10:45:32):
i want a flat tax, now, and for all
BryanSmith0 says to (10:45:39):
greece, ireleand, portugal, then.....US
SlimJim says to (10:45:47):
whatever it is, i promice not to bitch
Pianki says to (10:45:48):
@Slim. I had to pay every tuesday.
SlimJim says to (10:45:57):
Pianki says to (10:46:13):
I had to make deposits every tuesday.
SlimJim says to (10:46:21):
either you were way behind or had REALLY big company
Pianki says to (10:46:32):
Huge payroll
SlimJim says to (10:46:43):
most fortune 500 pay evey week, some more than that
Pianki says to (10:47:05):
The next level up is next day after payroll
SlimJim says to (10:47:25):
have to say, it is nice with the new electronic thing
Pianki says to (10:47:26):
I started once a month
SlimJim says to (10:47:40):
was that your company?
Pianki says to (10:47:48):
I never used that. I took the coupons to the bank
SlimJim says to (10:47:56):
Pianki says to (10:48:04):
Yes my company
BryanSmith0 says to (10:48:11):
(lol) teabaggers
SlimJim says to (10:48:24):
wow... i'm impressed
BryanSmith0 says to (10:48:29):
I'd like to teabag a few of em
Pianki says to (10:48:31):
No, I just did not like doing the E thing
SlimJim says to (10:48:46):
Bryan, what is tea bag?
SlimJim says to (10:49:11):
so you had the bank wire the $#
BryanSmith0 says to (10:49:19):
teabagging is.....a sexual act
SlimJim says to (10:49:34):
you like sexual acts with men?
Pianki says to (10:49:41):
Oh yes, the bank was a deposit agent for the Feds
BryanSmith0 says to (10:49:56):
it involves inserting testicles in the mouth of another........
Pianki says to (10:49:59):
We mailed the states.
SlimJim says to (10:50:05):
goctcha.. maybe i should do that too
SlimJim says to (10:50:17):
yes.. i mail the states
Pianki says to (10:51:22):
Have to keep payroll acct separate so no chks bounce then but later they came up with a fix for that too
SlimJim says to (10:51:58):
yes, i do that as well.. all seperate
Pianki says to (10:52:00):
Blacks did not benefit monetary from those inventions Kala
SlimJim says to (10:52:27):
trailer park people on the dole piss me off too
Pianki says to (10:52:32):
@Ok Slim good luck on your business and your family.
BryanSmith0 says to (10:52:36):
DeLeon made a speach over one hundered years ago, that the inventors get "screwed" while the owneer of the company makes out like a bandit
SlimJim says to (10:52:44):
it aint a white/black thing.. its a green thing warlord
SlimJim says to (10:53:00):
same to you Pianki
SlimJim says to (10:53:06):
thanks for the advice
BryanSmith0 says to (10:54:01):
The owners of company's don't contribute much to their business or society as a whole
Pianki says to (10:54:07):
If you ever get ready to go out of biz and having trouble with those taxes look me up and I can tell you what I have seen work.
Pianki says to (10:55:59):
Ron Paul would make a great president
pumpkin13 says to (10:56:03):
Folks, no body in the chat is a current slave, so, why do some think anyone owes them for being a slave?
Dan Newton says to (10:56:47):
ford had george washington carver make seal to keep water out of windows and trunks for ford cars
SlimJim says to (10:57:40):
night ya'll take care...
Pianki says to (10:57:57):
If the congress don't agree on the budget the government will shut down friday at midnite.
pumpkin13 says to (10:58:09):
NIght SlimJim.
Pianki says to (10:58:25):
Kala, we want be able to go into Yellow Stone sat.
pumpkin13 says to (10:58:37):
Maybe that is the only way to stop the spending Pianki.
Pianki says to (10:59:01):
They want stop spend until people hit the streets.
pumpkin13 says to (10:59:23):
I hope you are wrong Pianki.
Pianki says to (10:59:36):
How are you gonna make up 15 trillion by cutting 80 billion at a time.
Pianki says to (11:00:08):
It will take decades. Then what if something comes up 12 years from now?
pumpkin13 says to (11:00:41):
I know, it is very depressing.
Dan Newton says to (11:00:48):
pumpkin every body that got done wrong by America got reparations ecept for African Americans.
Pianki says to (11:00:57):
Opps out of quarters
pumpkin13 says to (11:01:46):
Not true Dan.
pumpkin13 says to (11:01:51):
Have a good night folks.
Dan Newton says to (11:02:01):
Pianki says to (11:02:34):
@ Dan. To be honest. In 1943 Mexicans who was born here got deported back to mexico
Dan Newton says to (11:02:55):
Pianki says to (11:03:04):
They were U.S Citizens
Dan Newton says to (11:04:03):
Pianki says to (11:04:26):
U.S. urged to apologize for 1930s deportations
Pianki says to (11:04:41):
You were right it was the 1930's
Dan Newton says to (11:06:38):
Dan Newton says to (11:07:47):
peace peoples kala great show
Kalagenesis says (11:07:58):
THank you

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