Tuesday, April 12, 2011

ask kala

*** (22:53:18):Welcome to the Kalagenesis Chat Room.
Kalagenesis says (22:53:32):
Welcome to ASK KALA
Kalagenesis says (22:53:49):
I will surrender control tonight
Kalagenesis says (22:54:25):
Kalagenesis says (22:54:35):
Kalagenesis says (22:55:18):
Remember Fred Kargar and Lee Atwater?
Kalagenesis says (22:55:26):
Willie Horton ads
Kalagenesis says (22:56:20):
Mississippi Lynchings happening?
Kalagenesis says (22:56:25):
Kalagenesis says (22:57:31):
Jesse Lee Coon Peterson thanks the White man for slavery
Kalagenesis says (22:57:35):
Kalagenesis says (22:58:50):
Kalagenesis says (22:59:38):
Majority of GOP IN Mississippi want interracial marriage banned
BryanSmith0 says to (23:03:32):
OK....I'm new to this show.....what the hell is going on??????
Kalagenesis says (23:03:39):
BryanSmith0 says to (23:04:23):
This is a progressive show right????
Kalagenesis says (23:04:28):
ggt183 says to (23:04:29):
what up kala
Kalagenesis says (23:04:31):
Antoinette from De says to (23:04:37):
Hello Kala, bryan, lee, ggt,guest and negrit
Kalagenesis says (23:04:42):
hello Ant
BryanSmith0 says to (23:04:48):
Hey Antoinette
CFGA says to (23:04:50):
hey Antoinette
ggt183 says to (23:04:59):
Antoinette from De says to (23:05:37):
how is everyone
Kalagenesis says (23:05:42):
Welcome to Ask Kala
East Coast says to (23:06:30):
Morning Kala
East Coast says to (23:06:39):
Morning all
BryanSmith0 says to (23:06:39):
OMG...please dont have a grizzliebear with lipstick sound bite....my stomach can't take it
Kalagenesis says (23:06:45):
peace East Coast tonight Im getting down
East Coast says to (23:06:56):
U always do Kala
Antoinette from De says to (23:07:07):
he east coast
Kalagenesis says (23:07:07):
I try
East Coast says to (23:07:23):
Morning Antoinette
Kalagenesis says (23:07:33):
Is the sound coming in clear?
Antoinette from De says to (23:07:44):
East Coast says to (23:07:56):
Antoinette was listening to manifest station he great on health
Antoinette from De says to (23:07:56):
Gen Jack D Ripper says to (23:08:24):
Loud and clear private
Antoinette from De says to (23:08:27):
realy hv to chck that ou
Kalagenesis says (23:08:28):
On the mic is Salif Keita
AfricaUnite2022 says to (23:08:38):
Greetings brothers and sisters
Kalagenesis says (23:08:49):
East Coast says to (23:08:58):
Sound okay
Kalagenesis says (23:09:07):
Gen Jack D Ripper says to (23:09:17):
BryanSmith0 says to (23:09:27):
chrystal kala
Kalagenesis says (23:09:31):
Dr Solo says to (23:10:01):
Peace Kala and chat room
AfricaUnite2022 says to (23:10:02):
yes the sound is perfect brother Kala. whats that music?
Antoinette from De says to (23:10:21):
nat a gen afrca
AfricaUnite2022 says to (23:10:51):
oh, yes..
East Coast says to (23:11:43):
LOL Kala
infodude3 says to (23:13:09):
East Coast says to (23:13:30):
They love the Southern Strategy--over 40 yrs
Antoinette from De says to (23:13:47):
Hello infodude
BryanSmith0 says to (23:13:57):
hell even strom thurmond was a democrat......
Antoinette from De says to (23:13:58):
hello coach
infodude3 says to (23:14:14):
East Coast says to (23:14:27):
Was he whistling dixie Bryan....LOL
SlimJim says to (23:14:36):
how do you use race to get people to the polls? oh yes.. like when Michelle said in 2008 primaries, "when is black america going to wake up and get behind obama?"
BryanSmith0 says to (23:14:53):
yeah...when running for prez on the "dixiecrat" party
SlimJim says to (23:15:02):
the dems have used and abused color and race in politics for more..
BryanSmith0 says to (23:16:29):
The gop and teabaggers are not racist organizations....but (at least in the south) most of their members are!
BryanSmith0 says to (23:16:55):
therefore....they are a racist organization
SlimJim says to (23:17:12):
most? so you should be able to name few
SlimJim says to (23:17:21):
and give examples.. not emotions
Gen Jack D Ripper says to (23:17:57):
How about the 40% that think interracial marriage should be outlawed?
SlimJim says to (23:18:12):
oh, i forgot.. racism now means anyone against big government and overspending
BryanSmith0 says to (23:18:13):
<<Gen Jack D Ripper says to (23:18:13):
I don't know their names
Antoinette from De says to (23:18:57):
hello Dr. Solo
SlimJim says to (23:19:08):
40%??? where did you get that stat? and should i remind you that many in the black community feel the same way about interacial marriages
BryanSmith0 says to (23:19:34):
slim...that was a poll of GOP ppl.....
SlimJim says to (23:19:45):
now the confederate uniform is a sign of racism??
SlimJim says to (23:19:49):
Dr Solo says to (23:19:56):
Hello Antoinette
SlimJim says to (23:20:01):
i aint from Mississippi
BryanSmith0 says to (23:20:04):
<<Dr Solo says to (23:20:08):
oh no slim jim
SlimJim says to (23:20:18):
Dr Solo says to (23:20:31):
BryanSmith0 says to (23:20:39):
Hey now!!!!
Gen Jack D Ripper says to (23:20:52):
SlimJim says to (23:21:08):
SlimJim says to (23:21:27):
Kala is not on top of his game tonight
Gen Jack D Ripper says to (23:21:48):
What do you think of interracial marriage Slim?
BryanSmith0 says to (23:21:55):
Should interracial marriage be legal....those ppl said NO.....what the hell is that????
CFGA says to (23:22:01):
<--from Mississippi
SlimJim says to (23:22:01):
no one is saying interacial marriages should be a crime...
CFGA says to (23:22:10):
and i LOVE my State
BryanSmith0 says to (23:22:21):
Slim they said it shouldn't be allowed
Gen Jack D Ripper says to (23:22:29):
46% is no one?
SlimJim says to (23:22:39):
and the deeper point is that there are segments on both sides that do not condone it. that is the real issue
Gen Jack D Ripper says to (23:22:58):
But most of them are on your side
East Coast says to (23:23:20):
We'll cut ur highway funds....LOL
SlimJim says to (23:23:57):
OK.. please source the survey that says interacial marriages should be a criminal offense punishable by jail time.. you guys are getting kookier every day
CFGA says to (23:24:18):
Slim those laws don't exsit
CFGA says to (23:24:28):
there are no laws against it
BryanSmith0 says to (23:24:30):
They didn't say it would be crimminal....just not legal marriage
SlimJim says to (23:24:30):
Gen Jack Ripper... i dont have a side...
East Coast says to (23:24:53):
Hmmm Kala what will 2012 bring us
BryanSmith0 says to (23:25:40):
Alaska froze sister sarahs....friggin brain...what there was of it
Antoinette from De says to (23:25:44):
I done now Kala, no moree presidental voting for me
Gen Jack D Ripper says to (23:25:52):
Slim, the poll pdf http://www.publicpolicypolling.com/pdf/PPP_Release_MS_0407915.pdf
East Coast says to (23:25:59):
LOL Bryan
SlimJim says to (23:26:16):
thanks.. brb
American Cit says to (23:26:46):
BryanSmith0 says to (23:26:47):
Alaska is one of the most "socialist" states in the union.....they all get oil money......dam where is my check
East Coast says to (23:27:12):
Jesse P was on a panel Kala tonight
East Coast says to (23:27:22):
blog talk radio
Kalagenesis says (23:27:38):
East Coast says to (23:27:51):
U listened to that Kala....LOL
Antoinette from De says to (23:27:55):
ggt183 says to (23:28:01):
Jesse P is an idiot
FertilityCoachRina says to (23:28:03):
FertilityCoachRina says to (23:28:07):
what a fool
Antoinette from De says to (23:28:08):
FertilityCoachRina says to (23:28:10):
I heard it
East Coast says to (23:28:12):
live and color on Perry's show
East Coast says to (23:28:48):
Jesse P can't help himself
BryanSmith0 says to (23:29:06):
That was an interesting clip....yeah...I wanna go to a foreign country to be OWNED for a couple hundred years to get to "America"
CFGA says to (23:29:06):
25% of the people who took that poll in Mississippi were not condervative
CFGA says to (23:29:14):
East Coast says to (23:29:15):
LOL Kala I was there
CFGA says to (23:29:24):
36 were some what
CFGA says to (23:29:33):
40% were conservative
East Coast says to (23:29:38):
Kala they jumped on American Citizen
East Coast says to (23:29:53):
Jesse P called him a dummy....LOL
CFGA says to (23:30:40):
how many of those who are not conservative stated they wanted to outlaw interracial marriages?
East Coast says to (23:30:45):
No boundaries for Jesse P and Black Conservative
Antoinette from De says to (23:30:51):
hello Ac
Antoinette from De says to (23:31:02):
Hello Slim
Gen Jack D Ripper says to (23:31:06):
Where you getting these numbers from CFGA?
CFGA says to (23:31:22):
It's everyones place to ask whatever questions they want to
CFGA says to (23:31:31):
you have the right not to answere
CFGA says to (23:31:51):
Gen I will give ya the link
FertilityCoachRina says to (23:31:56):
they are not allowed!!!!!
FertilityCoachRina says to (23:32:07):
East Coast says to (23:32:24):
FertilityCoachRina says to (23:32:29):
CFGA says to (23:32:29):
@ Gen Jack. http://www.publicpolicypolling.com/pdf/PPP_Release_MS_0407915.pdf
Antoinette from De says to (23:33:41):
he will find that his children or gra ndchildren will be the one that marries outside their race
Gen Jack D Ripper says to (23:33:43):
It says right there "46% of these hardcore Republican voters believe interracial marriage should be illegal"
CFGA says to (23:34:03):
lynching? has anyone been arrested for those lynchings?
Gen Jack D Ripper says to (23:34:06):
Go read it
Antoinette from De says to (23:34:07):
I preached to my sons not to marry o utside of their race and both did, all I could do was accept it
CFGA says to (23:34:13):
no it didn't
CFGA says to (23:34:22):
the word hard core wasn't even used
Gen Jack D Ripper says to (23:34:31):
You are nuts or blind
CFGA says to (23:34:40):
36% were some what conservative
CFGA says to (23:34:54):
40 percent conservative
Gen Jack D Ripper says to (23:35:04):
OK, you're nuts, I believe you
CFGA says to (23:35:07):
4% liberal
CFGA says to (23:35:16):
statistics makes me nuts
CFGA says to (23:35:31):
you have to deny facts to stay a hater
CFGA says to (23:35:42):
hate all ya want
BryanSmith0 says to (23:35:48):
The klan you see wearing their sheets....they are the stooges for the ppl who can use them to show how "opened minded" they are
Gen Jack D Ripper says to (23:35:50):
You are the one denying facts here
CFGA says to (23:35:59):
i stated facts
CFGA says to (23:36:15):
CFGA says to (23:36:20):
thank you sir
CFGA says to (23:36:22):
Gen Jack D Ripper says to (23:36:50):
BS, if you could read you would see it says exactly what I said, including the word "hardcore"
CFGA says to (23:38:02):
did you read question number 15?
Gen Jack D Ripper says to (23:38:03):
Isn't it against your religion to lie?
BryanSmith0 says to (23:38:25):
Damn DesertRose gets around don't you???
CFGA says to (23:38:32):
read question #15
Antoinette from De says to (23:38:58):
Hello Rose, how are you
CFGA says to (23:39:15):
my point is this that not all thay voted were conservatives
BryanSmith0 says to (23:39:30):
(}) Rose
CFGA says to (23:39:39):
you just want contention
Antoinette from De says to (23:39:45):
ggt183 says to (23:39:54):
i live in North Carolina and what the caller says is true.Most liquor stores are located in or near black communities
CFGA says to (23:39:59):
You lose the discussion when ya name call
Gen Jack D Ripper says to (23:40:09):
The best you can say about Q15, 76% call themselves conservative
CFGA says to (23:40:52):
36% were somewhat
Gen Jack D Ripper says to (23:40:55):
I suppose anyone that calls themsaelves moderatly conservative is a liberal in your book
CFGA says to (23:40:56):
be honest
CFGA says to (23:41:02):
CFGA says to (23:41:16):
some what means somewhat
CFGA says to (23:41:25):
what do you not understand
CFGA says to (23:41:42):
some what conservative could mean anything
SlimJim says to (23:41:52):
mass transportation should be driven by the same metrics as the telecommunications industry.. pure market driven supply/demand economics.
CFGA says to (23:42:19):
ggt183 where I live which is a white area of town we have 4 liqour stores in a 3 mile radius
CFGA says to (23:42:23):
why is that?
SlimJim says to (23:42:30):
government tries to be the answer to everything when it is often the problem
ggt183 says to (23:42:40):
Lee i can only speak for North Carolina
CFGA says to (23:43:00):
Gen Jack D Ripper says to (23:43:04):
Besides, nobody thinks they're extream. Everyone thinks their view is the moderate one
BryanSmith0 says to (23:43:14):
mass transit has to be seen as a public good....good for the citizens, good for the community, good for the economy....it's not really a money maker
CFGA says to (23:43:23):
My point is that they don't purposely put them there to destroy blacks
BryanSmith0 says to (23:43:33):
in the "bottom line" mindset
ggt183 says to (23:43:34):
the state controls where the stores are built
CFGA says to (23:43:43):
same in Mississippi
SlimJim says to (23:43:53):
the mass transit system in many cities are broke.. and lose money every year
CFGA says to (23:43:54):
they control liquor here also
ggt183 says to (23:44:14):
i never said they were..i was just making an observation...
CFGA says to (23:44:19):
there is not one liqour store near a black area here
CFGA says to (23:44:36):
in my town
DesertRose says to (23:44:51):
hi Bryan! Antoinette!
BryanSmith0 says to (23:44:59):
how many liqour stores cfga???
DesertRose says to (23:45:09):
CFGA says to (23:45:14):
in my town?
BryanSmith0 says to (23:45:16):
in your town
CFGA says to (23:45:20):
CFGA says to (23:45:30):
population 40 thousand
SlimJim says to (23:45:40):
you wanna know what government considers economic develpment?? anything that brings in more money to the government.. that is the only goal of the govenment
bluesky69 says to (23:45:44):
hi lee(L):-*\
CFGA says to (23:45:51):
hey Paula
bluesky69 says to (23:45:55):
ggt183 says to (23:45:56):
Lee..the city i live in has 7 stores and all of them are in black communities
bluesky69 says to (23:46:05):
this show over
CFGA says to (23:46:18):
whats the black population there?
ggt183 says to (23:46:19):
just an observation brotha..calm down
Antoinette from De says to (23:46:19):
no ound
FertilityCoachRina says to (23:46:21):
says still 1 hour?
CFGA says to (23:46:25):
I'm calm
pumpkin13 says to (23:46:30):
CFGA says to (23:46:33):
I \'m not mad
bluesky69 says to (23:46:34):
no sound
Gen Jack D Ripper says to (23:47:04):
refresh the page
bluesky69 says to (23:47:19):
i got sound
bluesky69 says to (23:47:26):
refresh everyone
BryanSmith0 says to (23:47:44):
<<bluesky69 says to (23:47:46):
hi solo
bluesky69 says to (23:47:59):
CFGA says to (23:48:06):
I think a lot of things are conspiracey theories thats all
bluesky69 says to (23:48:22):
DesertRose says to (23:48:29):
Dr Solo!!
BryanSmith0 says to (23:48:43):
ICan Hear!!!!!...kinda worried there for a bit
DesertRose says to (23:48:54):
Antoinette from De says to (23:49:18):
ggt183 says to (23:49:20):
70% white 25%black 5%other
BryanSmith0 says to (23:49:25):
had to refresh Rose
DesertRose says to (23:49:34):
bluesky69 says to (23:49:39):
hi antoinette(L):-*
CFGA says to (23:50:00):
are there any liqour stores near white areas?
bluesky69 says to (23:50:03):
hello everyone(L)(L)
ggt183 says to (23:50:19):
CFGA says to (23:50:31):
cause if there are not then white folks are going to the black side for liquor
bluesky69 says to (23:50:44):
1 for what ggt?
ggt183 says to (23:50:48):
and its the cleanest and best kept of them all
ggt183 says to (23:51:34):
again..just an observation
CFGA says to (23:52:16):
Funny you should say that cause Memphis is a dirty nasty town.. the mayor is black so are the city great majority of the city councilmen except 2
CFGA says to (23:52:48):
thats one of the biggest complaints blacks have in Memphis
BryanSmith0 says to (23:52:57):
Just out of curiosity....what the hell is the big problem with liqour stores? Yeah, there are an inordinate number in the black community in NC.....but the gov. controls em...and they look for the cheapest rent
CFGA says to (23:53:04):
is that the mayor won't clean the town up
CFGA says to (23:53:14):
He said he would
CFGA says to (23:53:17):
but hasn't
Russel Jones2 says to Kalagenesis (private) (23:53:59):
are you taking calls?
Russel Jones2 says to Kalagenesis (private) (23:54:09):
BryanSmith0 says to (23:54:22):
SC they are privately owned...and you still have one in my town that is primarily there for the black community....and we only have a pop. of about 15k
bluesky69 says to (23:54:23):
lee hows the weather there today?
SlimJim says to (23:55:36):
Bryan.. you dont know much about economics.. the location of a store is driven by the product for sale and proxinity to deman.. a store selling products to golfers would not locate in areas of town based on cheap rent..
bluesky69 says to (23:55:51):
hi kala
Kalagenesis says (23:56:12):
BryanSmith0 says to (23:56:46):
Slim...I don't need an economics lesson from someone with a screen name based on a cheap snack food
BryanSmith0 says to (23:58:00):
But to give you credit...the store in question is the one I go to, due to really cheap liquor.
SlimJim says to (23:58:23):
Bryan.. youre last post made no sense from an argumentative point of view and based on pure emotion
SlimJim says to (23:58:25):
SlimJim says to (23:58:31):
i would not sell slimjims in an islamic neighborhood based on cheaper rent.. get it?
DesertRose says to (23:58:34):
lol on the snack food
DesertRose says to (23:58:44):
sorry that was funny(lol)
SlimJim says to (23:59:07):
if it made any sense, it might have been funny
BryanSmith0 says to (23:59:40):
Ok....I don't need an economics lesson from YOU......slim......
SlimJim says to (23:59:50):
i think u do..
BryanSmith0 says to (00:00:23):
oh really......
SlimJim says to (00:00:25):
you say cheap rent drives the location of a store.. then why are there any stores in wealty areas?
SlimJim says to (00:00:54):
why dont u see rich people driving all the way to the hood to purchase things?
SlimJim says to (00:01:10):
i mean, thats where the stores should be? right?
BryanSmith0 says to (00:01:57):
I think you just made the argument for the caller that started this conversation......the state is placing the stores in "target" areas.....keeping the poor, down
SlimJim says to (00:02:15):
further, like most "blame other" mentality.. you attempted to implicate the liquor stores are in the black nieghborhoods by design..
SlimJim says to (00:02:30):
haha.. see hat i mean.
SlimJim says to (00:03:16):
it could be that the liquor store owners are going where the demand is, seeking zoning aproval, and getting it via lack of community resistance
pumpkin13 says to (00:03:35):
Hello Rose!
SlimJim says to (00:03:46):
its market economics.. not a conspiracy
BryanSmith0 says to (00:03:59):
In NC the store has very little autonomy....in SC...they are private business.....
DesertRose says to (00:04:46):
Pumpkin!! Hello
BryanSmith0 says to (00:04:51):
In SC...the store carries booze that sells best....In NC they target certain areas and THEN sell based on demand
SlimJim says to (00:05:36):
near Charlotte?
BryanSmith0 says to (00:05:44):
SlimJim says to (00:05:50):
SlimJim says to (00:09:20):
banks were forced to give loans to people who would traditionaly qualify for such massive loans, and assured by FANNIE and FREDDIE that they were covered.. then everyone was suprised when there was defaults..
SlimJim says to (00:09:41):
but people love to claim "predator" everywhere
pumpkin13 says to (00:10:40):
Have a good night folks.
DesertRose says to (00:10:45):
Kalagenesis says (00:10:45):
SlimJim says to (00:10:53):
the traditional laoning rules that were matured of 100 years were totally thown out the window.. i see no suprise at all
SlimJim says to (00:12:48):
of course the banks bundled and dumped the loans.. they knew the risk attached to them.. they were flimzy securities at best
SlimJim says to (00:15:13):
banks sell loans everyday.. but rarely sell off those loans of sound pay off terms and propper qualification terms
BryanSmith0 says to (00:15:44):
The banks knew they could either dump, or the gov. would pick up the mess. So the loan initiators got paid, the transfer agents got paid, insurance agents got bailed out....and everyone else got screwed
BryanSmith0 says to (00:16:16):
including you slim.....
BryanSmith0 says to (00:16:23):
if you pay taxes
SlimJim says to (00:17:25):
if the people ASKING for the loans would have held up their end of their contract, or waited till were in a better position to buy, no one would have gotten screwed.. inclucing me
BryanSmith0 says to (00:18:58):
The loan agencies were hunting ppl for these loans....I had a friend who got an ARM....I told her...don't do it, but she did anyway...and it turned out badly....but they found her
Antoinette from De says to (00:19:53):
who is the caller
SlimJim says to (00:19:54):
you can dare to want a house.. but you should first dare to be in a postiion to buy one, dare to establish a history of financial responsability (credit), and dare to buy withing your price range.. not whatever you can get.. sure
BryanSmith0 says to (00:19:55):
But she probably should not have attempted to buy a house anyway
BryanSmith0 says to (00:21:11):
She wasn't as "savy" as some in the subject of economics....so no....she should not have bought at that time....maybe in a few years...but not then
SlimJim says to (00:21:11):
Bryan.. i had a guy "hunt" me down 8 years a ago to sell me an ARM.. i said... are you crazy? why would i do that?? pay more when the rates go up?
SlimJim says to (00:21:46):
taking out a huge loan should be a serious thing...If you dont know what you are getting into, dont do it yet
BryanSmith0 says to (00:22:00):
Well I tried to warn her....but the "deal" this guy offered on her dream.....was more than my input
SlimJim says to (00:22:45):
i know people who spent more time on facbook than researching mortgage loan procedures, yet but a huge house and is upside down... that tells me something about them
BryanSmith0 says to (00:24:16):
most underwater mortgages are ppl who were "buying" the line that the economy can't TANK....and many were "investments"....some investments don't pay out
SlimJim says to (00:25:12):
thats the risk
SlimJim says to (00:25:25):
dont risk money you cannot afford to lose..
BryanSmith0 says to (00:25:47):
that is true on the poker table or the stock market
SlimJim says to (00:26:01):
its true in all aspects of life
UniteDaHouses says to (00:26:59):
MLKing negro Jr. and his dream turned a nightmare
Kalagenesis says (00:27:18):
SlimJim says to (00:28:06):
United.. that was the speech he was going to give the next month.. the "i have a nightmare" speech
UniteDaHouses says to (00:28:36):
@slim are you serious
SlimJim says to (00:28:43):
of course not...
UniteDaHouses says to (00:29:41):
You have to understand the american white man was never serious about affirmative action, intergration, or diversity in the firt place
Kalagenesis says (00:29:53):
I know it is a joke
UniteDaHouses says to (00:32:47):
Its like a abusive relationship every time you get ready to break-up or seperate they telll you a lie to passify you to buy back into the same ole bull*** or really a worser condition
BryanSmith0 says to (00:33:04):
You guys must not live in the south....they all but ask the "illegal" questions. It may not be written down...but it is talked about OPENLY....on questions regarding race, sex, etc....
SlimJim says to (00:33:42):
it is true that more and more today people are using their kids as reasons they are either late, or have leave.. i had a guy tell me he had to leave early to get his son to tee-ball practice..
Antoinette from De says to (00:33:46):
Delaware is a southern state Bryan
SlimJim says to (00:33:57):
i said "practice???".... bye
SlimJim says to (00:34:32):
and i hope he makes it to the pros
BryanSmith0 says to (00:34:43):
Sorry....Antoinette.....I don't wish that on anybody
UniteDaHouses says to (00:35:03):
i use to have tee ball practice
Antoinette from De says to (00:35:30):
no probblem Bryan
BryanSmith0 says to (00:36:33):
<<Antoinette from De says to (00:36:50):
hello blue, I hope I did not miss you before
SlimJim says to (00:37:19):
who has more oil reserves? russia or the united states??? anyone?
UniteDaHouses says to (00:37:59):
the public is not really aware of the information
UniteDaHouses says to (00:38:14):
you really dont know if governments are ever telling the truth
SlimJim says to (00:38:28):
but its easy to tell when they are lying
BryanSmith0 says to (00:38:54):
America is becoming a developing country. A canadian corporation just bought an American born/bred company, and another canadian company just opend a plant to take advantage of our cheap labor....Am I the only one having
BryanSmith0 says to (00:39:02):
a problem with this????
SlimJim says to (00:39:24):
BryanSmith0 says to (00:41:36):
Israel commits more war crimes than just about any other "terrorist" nation
UniteDaHouses says to (00:42:07):
US wasnt meant to have a long reign like other previous nations, how long was US on top compared to pevious nations and empires in history?
UniteDaHouses says to (00:42:58):
BryanSmith0 says to (00:43:23):
It ain't gonna see 20 at the rate we are going
BryanSmith0 says to (00:44:02):
But I would kick the first number to 1900
UniteDaHouses says to (00:44:46):
youre saying US was a world power starting when?
BryanSmith0 says to (00:44:48):
England and France knew they could win WWI when we kicked in....in 1916
SlimJim says to (00:44:50):
i thnk it was around 1950 something
SlimJim says to (00:45:15):
Great Britain would have lost that war
BryanSmith0 says to (00:45:32):
Germany refered to us as the sleeping giant before '41
SlimJim says to (00:45:39):
oh.. thought u meant WW2
SlimJim says to (00:46:10):
that was Japan who refered to us as that.. hirohito i think
BryanSmith0 says to (00:46:27):
yeah...that may be right
SlimJim says to (00:46:40):
just after pearl harboe
SlimJim says to (00:46:46):
SlimJim says to (00:47:15):
we were not even in when he said that..
BryanSmith0 says to (00:47:35):
no that is what his concern was
SlimJim says to (00:47:41):
and we were about 16th in the world in terms of military strength at the time
UniteDaHouses says to (00:47:53):
Well you have MLKing negro jr. and the negro death movement
UniteDaHouses says to (00:48:11):
to blame for this horrible state of mind
BryanSmith0 says to (00:48:38):
But our manufacturing stength was such that the military was almost seen as second.....NOT true today
BryanSmith0 says to (00:49:06):
We don't build anything today
SlimJim says to (00:49:16):
UNITED..i think the "great society" liberal had more to do with it.. i mean, if you wanted to destory the black community, you could not have devised a better plan
SlimJim says to (00:50:11):
created a life of dependency on what the government can do for the individual
UniteDaHouses says to (00:50:17):
what do you mean great society liberal?
SlimJim says to (00:50:46):
i mean exactly what i said..
SlimJim says to (00:51:36):
its just my opinion.. i could be wrong
UniteDaHouses says to (00:51:59):
I understand 2/3rds of what your saying, i just dont understand the first sentence that all]
SlimJim says to (00:52:25):
"great society"?
UniteDaHouses says to (00:52:32):
SlimJim says to (00:53:13):
SlimJim says to (00:53:59):
was a nice idea run amock
SlimJim says to (00:55:01):
I agree warlord.. too much on the government dole.. including israel and other countries..
SlimJim says to (00:55:37):
and notice.. i never said "black".. i mean anyone who is cronically on the dole
SlimJim says to (00:56:19):
it promotes a life of stagnation, low motivation and low self esteem
SlimJim says to (00:57:03):
hand up is OK.. hand out is no good for anyone
UniteDaHouses says to (00:58:29):
But what the "great Society" was something made up by Lyndon Johnson. MLKing negro Jr. was one of us speaking directly to his people.
SlimJim says to (00:58:54):
BryanSmith0 says to (00:59:13):
MLK talked to everybody
SlimJim says to (00:59:20):
and i think MLK was speaking to all
UniteDaHouses says to (00:59:38):
Mlking negro jr should of realized the "side effects" of that "medicine"
Antoinette from De says to (00:59:43):
my cousin walked in johnson's cabinet n housing
SlimJim says to (01:00:09):
i always disliked that term "my people", "his people", "your people" etc
American Cit says to (01:00:33):
SlimJim says to (01:00:40):
Johnson was a crazy man
UniteDaHouses says to (01:00:43):
Well if he was talking to everbody then he shouldnt of included the american black man and women in that movement. We have a divine problem
SlimJim says to (01:00:57):
Antionette.. did you hear his private tapes???
UniteDaHouses says to (01:01:45):
It is nothing wrong with my people, ou define people by land,language, and culture, We share the same nation with the american white man and women but the same history
Antoinette from De says to (01:01:54):
no I did not, still trying to get some of my cousin's records from congress
UniteDaHouses says to (01:01:58):
but not
Antoinette from De says to (01:03:05):
no sound, is show over
SlimJim says to (01:03:06):
Antoinette.. check his tapes out.. the man was a ragaholic and every other word was a cuss word.. and the "N" word flew abundantly
SlimJim says to (01:03:53):
and he was very vendictave and hateful.. not a pleasant representative of the people
Antoinette from De says to (01:04:10):
never heard them, but the type of woman that my cousin was I am sure that he watched his mouth around her from what i understand she was a nononsense woman and did not deal wit
Antoinette from De says to (01:04:17):
foolish from anyone
SlimJim says to (01:04:49):
SlimJim says to (01:05:04):
just goole them or youtube
Antoinette from De says to (01:05:06):
is show over
SlimJim says to (01:05:08):
Antoinette from De says to (01:05:21):
goodnight everyone have a good one
Antoinette from De says to (01:05:30):
great show Kala as alwa ys
Antoinette from De says to (01:05:42):
always learn something when I come
Kalagenesis says (01:05:44):
thank you

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