Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mississippi Burning 2011

Mississippi was a place described by many people during the 1950's as outside of America.When one went there the feeling was you were in a different country altogether.It seems not much has changed.In many ways racist and the White power structure still exist.Although Blacks made some improvements and have legal so called rights,how free can you be at the bottom of a White culture?This is what I never could understand.Why do some Black people love this country so much?A country that does everything it can to exemplify Whiteness and degrade Blackness.The extreme example of this is in the contemporary American South.It is clearly a White thing.The terrible history of slavery,Jim Crow,lynchings are glorified or excused.The Black people accept a life of misery,nepotism,mediocrity,serfdom and third class citizenry.Again what do Black people in the South have to be joyous about?Is it the long discredited idea of going up to yonder?Pie in the sky?Life in the hereafter?Ive heard this to many times at funerals where people are nothing but walking dead.While having Blond hair in the South according to David Duke is their most precious possession even more than money.Right it is a White world and getting Whiter.
Racism in South poses challenge for Black Conservatives
People often ask why the Kalagenesis criticizes Black so called Conservatives and accuse them of being political prostitutes.Well when someone like Jesse Lee Peterson a prominent coonservative says he thanks the White man for slavery.If the White man according to Peterson had not brought us here we would still be in Africa starving.This is why Whites feel they can treat Black people any way they want.They feel they still own Black people and they have no place to go.And how far will Whites go to preserve their perceived power?Well there has been at least 40 African American suspicious deaths in Mississippi jails alone in the last 20 years.Almost all were Black men who were dating White women.Now although I dont promote mixed marriage I do not feel I have the right to impose racial discrimination on anyone.That is a far cry from the recent poll taken in Mississippi where it was found that a majority of White Republicans want interracial marriage banned forever.Think about this BANNED!Not opposed to or prefer not to but banned.This means some think they have the power of God and will the GOP give them that power by pandering to them next year?I think they will.I hope I wrong but Im a man who is homeland bound and they can keep their racist state!

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