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Pan African institute

*** (22:56:36):Welcome to the Kalagenesis Chat Room.
ggt183 says to (22:59:07):
First One Here..haha....whats up Kala
Kalagenesis says (23:00:32):
Hey bro
Kalagenesis says (23:03:12):
Tonight is the Sunday Night Sermon with Rev Kala
East Coast says to (23:04:33):
Morning Kala
Kalagenesis says (23:04:47):
East Coast says to (23:04:53):
Hello ggt
ggt183 says to (23:05:05):
East Coast (})
French Toast says to (23:06:31):
Good evening Mr. K
Kalagenesis says (23:06:50):
French Toast says to (23:07:04):
No doubt tonite
French Toast says to (23:08:02):
Did you buy some fireworks for the kids K?
ImhotepVII says to (23:10:33):
Peace Kala
ImhotepVII says to (23:11:05):
Peace room
French Toast says to (23:12:08):
Hello Ihotep
French Toast says to (23:12:34):
WVa what
French Toast says to (23:12:47):
Hello Frank
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:12:47):
yo kala brother--its the 4th---ur holiday
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:13:03):
echo echo
ImhotepVII says to (23:13:12):
Hello French Toast
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:13:13):
echo echo
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:13:20):
open mics
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:13:39):
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:13:42):
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:13:45):
French Toast says to (23:13:46):
Frank your a cracker well I'm not mad at you.
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:13:58):
thank u
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:14:09):
i am a mighty whitey
ImhotepVII says to (23:14:17):
French Toast says to (23:14:37):
I hope you are a red neck sir.
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:14:56):
yes i am--thank u
AFRIKANER1488 says to (23:15:05):
French Toast says to (23:15:17):
Good a least you are probally honest.
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:15:30):
im very hinest
French Toast says to (23:15:38):
I hate fake ass white folks.
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:15:38):
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:15:49):
i was a boy scout
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:16:03):
im real
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:16:12):
live up a hollar
French Toast says to (23:16:16):
Good Frank
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:16:31):
got a pickup truck
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:16:43):
and have a shotgun
French Toast says to (23:16:56):
Me also 2500
French Toast says to (23:17:25):
I love guns
ImhotepVII says to (23:17:26):
The idea of America is just doesn't live up to its ideal. Also, it was founded on bloodshed
AFRIKANER1488 says to Kalagenesis (private) (23:17:34):
ggt183 says to (23:17:40):
@AFRIKANER...can you give us an example?
Del773 says to (23:18:22):
What does the Kalagenesis think about Africans deliberately pouring gasoline on other Africans and throwing a match on them?
BTC News Show says to (23:18:27):
Good evening sirs.
French Toast says to (23:18:30):
I used to live in Colorado but live now in D.C. So I have to keep my weapons on the down low.
ImhotepVII says to (23:18:52):
Good evening@BTC
ggt183 says to (23:19:04):
BTC News Show says to (23:19:39):
Thanks (})
ImhotepVII says to (23:19:53):
Preach Kala
AFRIKANER1488 says to (23:19:55):
ggt183 says to (23:20:22):
please explain how @AFRIKANER
French Toast says to (23:20:25):
Hey Afrikaner I used to liste to Radio RSA
French Toast says to (23:20:36):
AFRIKANER1488 says to (23:20:48):
BTC News Show says to (23:20:49):
I was wondering if anyone has any views on the lady from Guinea who has now been found to be faking the rape with the ex IMF Chief?
ImhotepVII says to (23:21:03):
@Afrikaner Pan Africanism does not have violence as its core ideology, neonazism does
French Toast says to (23:21:05):
No a ham operator
AFRIKANER1488 says to (23:22:17):
AFRIKANER1488 says to (23:23:20):
French Toast says to (23:24:12):
1488 is alright with me he is a ham operator
BTC News Show says to (23:24:22):
Why are so many Africans lying about cases of abuse so they can get asylum to come to the USA if the USA is, as portrayed here, is still so bad a nation for...
BTC News Show says to (23:24:28):
opportunities to blacks?
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:24:46):
why that maid lie up there in nyc against that french guy kala
BTC News Show says to (23:24:56):
Is it a case of them not having enough knowledge of the limited opportunities here?
BTC News Show says to (23:25:14):
She lied about her abuse to get asylum in the USA
BTC News Show says to (23:25:19):
and promptly got very rich here.
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:25:30):
all racism now vcomes from non whites
BTC News Show says to (23:25:49):
So she did well, but bit off more than she could chew, or suck, as the case maybe.
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:25:58):
she was a hooker
French Toast says to (23:25:58):
Hey Frank have you seen the "Wrong Turn" ?
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:26:11):
workin the rich white guys
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:26:20):
French Toast says to (23:26:33):
Good movie right
BTC News Show says to (23:26:34):
That's right...
ImhotepVII says to (23:26:35):
@Afrikaner Need you? I what sense?
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:26:38):
for c notes
ImhotepVII says to (23:26:42):
BTC News Show says to (23:26:48):
She made over $100,000 in BJ's.
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:27:09):
and had been a hooker in congo--yuk
BTC News Show says to (23:27:11):
There is quite a demand for African Immigrant services of that sort, so it seems.
BTC News Show says to (23:27:20):
But why would she come here if America is so bad?
BTC News Show says to (23:27:34):
Why would she lie about her asylum reasons?
*** (23:27:44):BTC News Show is muted by Admin for breaking rules!
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:27:48):
whites accept bu kala
French Toast says to (23:27:54):
To get into America BTC
*** (23:27:56):frankfromwestvirginia is muted by Admin for breaking rules!
*** (23:29:07):BTC News Show has been unmuted by Admin.
*** (23:29:07):frankfromwestvirginia has been unmuted by Admin.
BTC News Show says to (23:29:23):
I am going to call you Kala, sir.
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:29:28):
you are a legend brother kala
French Toast says to (23:29:31):
Kala runs a tight ship folks
BTC News Show says to (23:29:37):
To interview you on your views, if you please.
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:29:41):
fair and unbalanced
ImhotepVII says to (23:29:47):
Blackplanet I left a LOOOOONG time ago
ImhotepVII says to (23:30:08):
@French Toast. That's why I like it here.
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:30:23):
walter williams had a good column today
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:30:35):
he is black
BTC News Show says to (23:30:36):
I am in the host cue
French Toast says to (23:30:40):
I would let yall fools say what ever on my show.
BTC News Show says to (23:30:40):
Mr. Kala.
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:30:48):
your the black media kala
French Toast says to (23:31:16):
Makes for a better show over all.
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:31:27):
kala is short on the live callers
CFGA says to (23:31:40):
Kala is the media if ya want mis information
CFGA says to (23:31:44):
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:32:10):
kala is the next glenn beck
French Toast says to (23:32:12):
Man it is 12:31 how many people are really listening.
ImhotepVII says to (23:32:12):
BWHAAHA, I actually like Dr.Watkins@Kala lol
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:32:26):
18 people
Del773 says to (23:32:30):
caucasians been attempting to rebound from their early mistake of invading Africa in the late 19th century lol... If you watch the travel channel, usually there's a show that aiwhere two white men travel to different islands unannounced to befriend tribes.
French Toast says to (23:32:41):
I mean on the phone
ImhotepVII says to (23:32:48):
Glad I'm off tomorrow. I'd be passed out now and miss the show
French Toast says to (23:32:57):
I'm a radio addict
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:33:19):
kala doesnt like confrotation
ImhotepVII says to (23:33:24):
Without enough sleep, I'm pretty much a carrot the next day. :)
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:34:01):
kala answer some ring rings
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:34:07):
the fone?
ImhotepVII says to (23:34:10):
Fireworks rocked, especially when you had smoke bombs and a slingshot...
Del773 says to (23:34:26):
ImhotepVII says to (23:34:56):
Had bottlerocket wars
ImhotepVII says to (23:35:14):
Wow, didn't know that Kala. I'm sorry to hear that bruh...
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:35:18):
answer the phone brother kala
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:36:58):
america must unite
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:37:46):
elect a republican
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:37:53):
ImhotepVII says to (23:38:15):
YES!!!! People don't get that!
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:38:26):
answer the calls
BTC News Show says to (23:38:36):
I am in host cue.
BTC News Show says to (23:38:41):
Mr. Kala.
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:38:46):
get the show going
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:38:53):
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:39:03):
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:39:26):
kala u need an advisery
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:39:40):
answer the call brother
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:40:49):
motown is black controlled
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:41:03):
so is gary indiana
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:42:32):
answer the call
Del773 says to (23:42:54):
Y'all Hebrews be good
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:43:05):
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:43:17):
our hebrew brothern
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:43:56):
ImhotepVII says to (23:44:22):
plutoprobe says to (23:46:32):
Whatever you do, don;tmention Green Twilight!
southern region nbpp says to (23:48:06):
peace kala
southern region nbpp says to (23:48:48):
peace all
ImhotepVII says to (23:49:21):
Peace NBPP
Kalagenesis says (23:49:55):
BTC News Show says to (23:52:22):
Green Twilight.
BTC News Show says to (23:52:27):
I will ask him if he is aware of it.
BTC News Show says to (23:52:56):
And what he thinks it will do against Pan-Africanism.
Benyamin Solomon says to (23:53:45):
Political Islam, which Kala supports, victimizes black Africans.
ImhotepVII says to (23:55:01):
@BTC What is Green Twilight?
Benyamin Solomon says to (23:55:25):
Not the ohh, the girls asked to be raped cause of how they dress crap.
Benyamin Solomon says to (23:55:41):
These rapists, who make that type of arguement, make me sick and insult the intelligence of all men.
Benyamin Solomon says to (23:56:28):
Kala, when will you support the human rights of white Africans?
Benyamin Solomon says to (23:57:01):
If Israel was half as bad as Arabs as many black Africans are to white Africans, Israel would never hear the end of it.
BTC News Show says to (23:57:15):
Hold on Imhotep
ImhotepVII says to (23:57:19):
@Ben Do you think it was wrong for the Dutch to colonize S. Africa and reduce the population to serfdom?
BTC News Show says to (23:57:20):
Nice Egyptian name btw.
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:57:25):
this dude is correct
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:57:29):
ImhotepVII says to (23:57:34):
@BTC Thanks.
BTC News Show says to (23:58:04):
Green twilight, we'll get to it in a moment. Hopefully.
Benyamin Solomon says to (23:58:15):
Imhotep, does two wrongs make a right? So because of that, all white Africans are bad and deserve to be brutalized?
Benyamin Solomon says to (23:58:33):
Yes, some white Africans are racists. But so are some black Africans. It's a two way story.
Benyamin Solomon says to (23:59:28):
Compared to the atrocities done by Islam [namely political Islam], what white racists did is peanuts.
ImhotepVII says to (23:59:47):
@Ben I'm not sayin they should be brutalized, so two wrongs don't make a right.
Benyamin Solomon says to (23:59:54):
See. Kala thinks America is a white racist country.
Benyamin Solomon says to (00:00:09):
Imhotep, then why bring that up in response ot my claim? What's your point?
ImhotepVII says to (00:00:09):
@ben The American system is based on racism
Benyamin Solomon says to (00:00:29):
No it isn't. There are racists in America. But that doesn't make the American system racist.
Benyamin Solomon says to (00:00:39):
Islamic nations are based on racism.
Benyamin Solomon says to (00:00:54):
America is worng when it appeases political Islam.
Benyamin Solomon says to (00:00:57):
How about that?
ImhotepVII says to (00:01:00):
Have you read the Declaration of Independence @Ben
ImhotepVII says to (00:01:47):
When it says "All men are created equal", that did NOT include Native Americans or Blacks
ImhotepVII says to (00:01:59):
We were not considered human
ImhotepVII says to (00:02:18):
That is a FACT
BryanSmith0 says to (00:03:13):
Oh cool...Ben Ya-Min is in the room
BryanSmith0 says to (00:03:55):
At least I'm not afraid of admitting my age(lol)
ImhotepVII says to (00:04:17):
Sorry, I was jumping around a bit@Ben. The point I was trying to make is that even though I dod not believe in "karama", when you do evil, it has a consequence
ImhotepVII says to (00:05:07):
Kalagenesis says (00:05:10):
Welcome to the Voice of the Kala Nation
ggt183 says to (00:05:53):
Benyamin are you still in LA ?
BryanSmith0 says to (00:05:57):
No problem...I make allowances for the impaired
ggt183 says to (00:06:15):
having fun ?
BTC News Show says to (00:07:41):
BryanSmith0 says to (00:08:06):
There ya go bennie boy....What else could I expect from you
BTC News Show says to (00:08:19):
Please feel free to join us for HiDef Skype conversation 24/7 - go to and click on top right corner.
BTC News Show says to (00:08:22):
Thanks Kala.
BTC News Show says to (00:08:25):
And good night.
ImhotepVII says to (00:08:52):
@Ben Study the concept of "systemic racism", "and Cultural Diffusionism". Then analyze the American social and politica systems. You will come back with a much clearer perspective on what we are talking about
ImhotepVII says to (00:09:33):
Sorry "European cultrual diffusionism"
BryanSmith0 says to (00:09:43):
How exactly does occupation of a country rank with "defence"?....Live and let live....
BryanSmith0 says to (00:10:14):
Oh wait....they don't!t how could I have forgotten(lol)
JoeGoode says to (00:10:16):
If you are waiting for a consensus, you will be waiting FOREVER
JoeGoode says to (00:11:08):
I will never have a consensus with Herman Cain
JoeGoode says to (00:11:50):
Or Clarence Thomas
BryanSmith0 says to (00:12:27):
What are you gonna do when Egypt pushes a more open border...or when America's influence in the Mid east is so damaged it doesn't help israel to be an ally....who you gonna turn to....turkey???
JoeGoode says to (00:12:32):
or Armstrong Williams
JoeGoode says to (00:13:23):
Kala you are wasting your breath. MLK didn't have a consensus. There were many people against him including Thurgood Marshall
BryanSmith0 says to (00:15:00): America is too soft on "islamo facists" politicians and many democrats have thier lips superglued to the azzhole of israel.....You ppl would have died along time ago without "our" support
BryanSmith0 says to (00:17:02):
israel ain't sh!t....It is the guilt of WWII....our biggest military base in the area is Bahrain....and frankly....we are wrong there too
BryanSmith0 says to (00:18:01):
Cool....maybe israel can get back on their OWN feet and stop sucking billions of American aid
BryanSmith0 says to (00:19:29):
BullSh!t....israel is a bad JOKE.....a Religion is not the basis for building a country
BryanSmith0 says to (00:20:19):
I don't like matter what "religious" tenant they believe
pumpkin13 says to (00:20:50):
I'm with you on that Bryan.
BryanSmith0 says to (00:21:20):
But...they have the right to exist if that is what their people elect....I don't think it is my place to tell them they are wrong
pumpkin13 says to (00:21:37):
I'm with you again Bryan.
BryanSmith0 says to (00:23:23):
Will the Gaza flotilla be attacted when it tries to take humanitarian aid to them? Like last October?
pumpkin13 says to (00:25:30):
YOu are really a sick person Ben, I wish and hope you get help.
BryanSmith0 says to (00:26:11):
Dam both of Ben Ya-Min's listeners think you are a bank robber from the old wild west(lol)
pumpkin13 says to (00:26:40):
Ben, I have a very strong effet on go crazy/insane in regards to me. YOu need to try to control yourself and also get help.
pumpkin13 says to (00:26:51):
LOL Bryan.
pumpkin13 says to (00:27:18):
Ben is going on ignore.
BryanSmith0 says to (00:27:48):
I want to buy a Yugo....anybody know where I can get one cheap(lol)
JoeGoode says to (00:27:59):
How did this chat get taken over with a conversation about Israel? Focus people - Kala is talking about Pan-Africanism
BryanSmith0 says to (00:32:44):
question for Kala....have you read the Federalist and Anti-Federalist Papers? Just about everybody has an idea about what our founders said in the Constitution...but...few have ever read these two volumes.....
BryanSmith0 says to (00:33:35):
if the "room" hasn't read them....take a time out on the fourth and do it....It lets you know where thier heads were at
BryanSmith0 says to (00:34:31):
One of the best poems ever written....America never was america to me
pumpkin13 says to (00:36:26):
Kala, he is likely doing a show about me, he even has a picture of me on his you have a picture on his show? LOL
BryanSmith0 says to (00:40:02):
Ben Ya-Min will post a pic of himself...when he is old enough to grow a beard(lol)
JoeGoode says to (00:53:02):
Africa Town was a good idea, but Mr. Anderson used the wrong strategy to implement it.
ImhotepVII says to (00:53:42):
The EE Movement has been demonized.
ImhotepVII says to (00:54:00):
ImhotepVII says to (00:55:03):
Very true @Kala
Kalagenesis says (00:55:09):
Kalagenesis says (00:58:32):
Kalagenesis says (01:00:27):
Thank you for joining
pumpkin13 says to (01:01:07):
Have a good 4th folks.

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