Sunday, July 24, 2011

Apathy of the Damned

*** (23:09:53):Welcome to the Kalagenesis Chat Room.
AmericanCitizen says to (23:10:47):
Kalagenesis says (23:11:29):
Peace Doc
Dr Solo says to (23:11:32):
Peace Kala
Kalagenesis says (23:11:54):
Welcome to the Voice of the Kala Nation Sunday Night Sermon
Dr Solo says to (23:12:07):
i heard the archive show jolli gettin married ???
Dr Solo says to (23:12:18):
Kalagenesis says (23:12:22):
Kalagenesis says (23:12:39):
Rob and Jollie made love today!lol
Dr Solo says to (23:12:48):
Dr Solo says to (23:13:52):
Kala you have chat room problems ??? it took me forever to get in chat room
Kalagenesis says (23:15:46):
Dr Solo says to (23:16:57):
wow ...she naked, i heard of her
Dr Solo says to (23:19:17):
I have the alex haley book, Kala did you like haley's book ???
Dr Solo says to (23:19:41):
on Malcolm X
uBpJessie says to (23:25:05):
pumpkin13 says to (23:28:44):
uBpJessie says to (23:35:04):
shark is delicious
devastating4u says to (23:36:36):
yes, there seems to be some issues with Blog Talk chat servers
Dr Solo says to (23:52:29):
Kala, did't Bush raise debt ceiling 7 times ???
uBpJessie says to (23:52:54):
it was raised 7 times?
uBpJessie says to (23:53:00):
in a year?
uBpJessie says to (23:53:05):
uBpJessie says to (23:53:37):
so this economy has been screwed since the '50s
devastating4u says to (23:54:54):
a lil longer than that, but yes, it is IMPOSSIBLE to pay any amt of money to settle debt
devastating4u says to (23:56:01):
based on fractional reserve banking
SlimJim says to (23:58:31):
walter e williams warned 20 years agon that the debt limit should be capped at 20% of GDP.. we are now at 100%
SlimJim says to (00:00:05):
choosing to not live in a high crime area is ducking and hiding?
SlimJim says to (00:01:06):
thats your answer? Bush? to answer, Bush spent too much, but Obama is the fasting spending one ever
SlimJim says to (00:01:57):
and it is hot now cuz we have shot up $4 trillion in 2 years.. and now at 100% GDP
SlimJim says to (00:02:00):
Dr Solo says to (00:02:00):
Whats the difference on how fast they spent it @slimjim
SlimJim says to (00:02:18):
rate is important
SlimJim says to (00:02:29):
those are local services
SlimJim says to (00:02:38):
Kala.. u dont know anyhting
SlimJim says to (00:03:12):
in my area. black areas are the highest crime.. please argue with me
devastating4u says to (00:04:00):
govt. agencies have a track record of inciting racial conflicts to impose domestic policies
SlimJim says to (00:04:22):
i go by facts..
SlimJim says to (00:04:55):
talk about apathy?
Dr Solo says to (00:04:56):
what facts @ slimjim
SlimJim says to (00:05:07):
crime statistics
Dr Solo says to (00:06:49):
@slimjim ..what have you seen with your own eyes ???
SlimJim says to (00:07:03):
SlimJim says to (00:08:13):
i saw much vehicle drive away with me not in it.. learned not to leave keys in the car in certain neigborhood gas stations
Dr Solo says to (00:08:17):
yeah right
Dr Solo says to (00:08:37):
thats everywhere @slimjim
SlimJim says to (00:08:47):
not everywhere
SlimJim says to (00:08:52):
just keep ignoring
Dr Solo says to (00:08:57):
thats common sence
SlimJim says to (00:09:44):
there are certain places i cannot walk down a street.. for more places than u cant
devastating4u says to (00:09:47):
White people between the ages of 18 and 25 use marijuana at a higher rate than their black peers, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Read more:
Dr Solo says to (00:10:12):
thats like that guy who held that little girl hostage and raped here in his backyard@slimjim
SlimJim says to (00:10:18):
i'm talking about serious crimes.. not wees
SlimJim says to (00:10:20):
devastating4u says to (00:10:59):
A report released last week found that police in California's biggest cities arrest blacks for possession at four, five and even 13 times the rate of whites.
devastating4u says to (00:11:06):
that's my point
devastating4u says to (00:11:20):
more blacks get arrested for bullshyt crimes
SlimJim says to (00:11:31):
maybe they commit crimes 4, 5, even 13 times the rate
devastating4u says to (00:11:38):
u said maybe
devastating4u says to (00:11:46):
im talking statistics
Dr Solo says to (00:11:47):
slimjim poor girl raped her and got her pregnant...@slimjim was that girl name dugard
devastating4u says to (00:11:54):
is this a guessing game now ?
SlimJim says to (00:12:05):
no, being sacastic
SlimJim says to (00:12:16):
another way of looking at the same stat u posted
SlimJim says to (00:12:30):
its called rhetorical thinking
Dr Solo says to (00:12:53):
SlimJim says to (00:13:03):
could it be that is the problem as well?
Dr Solo says to (00:13:11):
its called foolishness @slimjim
SlimJim says to (00:13:20):
as in... "hhmmmm"
devastating4u says to (00:13:27):
as stated earlier, various govt. agencies have incited intentional racial conflicts to impose domestic policies
devastating4u says to (00:13:37):
is wut has happened
devastating4u says to (00:13:43):
and is still going on now
SlimJim says to (00:14:04):
well thank god you have found, yet another, excuse
Dr Solo says to (00:14:37):
@slimjim...what the guy named that raped that little girl in the backyard and held her hostage ???
SlimJim says to (00:14:45):
i know the reasons for all this.. its pareting, or lack thereof
SlimJim says to (00:14:47):
not race
SlimJim says to (00:15:15):
too many kids and not enough fathers
Dr Solo says to (00:16:42):
@ slimjim jaycee dugard is her name ...people are sick
devastating4u says to (00:16:53):
China is investing BIG Money in AFRICA
SlimJim says to (00:17:41):
solo.. i have no idea what ur talking about, but single events are not the way to attack a problem run amok
*** (00:18:20):BobUSMC is muted by Admin for breaking rules!
Dr Solo says to (00:18:51):
@ slimjim its national news , she wasnt the only one to have that done to her sick
Dr Solo says to (00:19:14):
jaycee dugard it slimjim
devastating4u says to (00:19:24):
FEAR would be one cause of this apathy
SlimJim says to (00:19:45):
why am i sick? i deal with larger patterns that cause drains on society.. not stuff like casey anthony and such
Dr Solo says to (00:19:59):
hey gomer bob ...hello gomer bob !!!(})
SlimJim says to (00:20:00):
i dont deal with single events
SlimJim says to (00:20:13):
patterns are more indicative
SlimJim says to (00:20:37):
but, i'll check it out
Dr Solo says to (00:20:48):
well thats it its a pattern of serial killers and sic minds @slimjim
MizzzSylvia says to (00:21:13):
Hey bob , jeez bob muted already ?? heheheh that didnt take long. Speech for me not for the bwahahahah
SlimJim says to (00:21:23):
maybe, but serial killers are not high on my list of major concerns in america
Dr Solo says to (00:21:52):
but everyone focus on blacks and you got your cousins runnin around
SlimJim says to (00:22:02):
Dr Solo says to (00:22:04):
Dr Solo says to (00:22:08):
SlimJim says to (00:22:13):
what does that mean?
Dr Solo says to (00:22:39):
those serial killers are your cousins
SlimJim says to (00:22:47):
WHEELOCK says to (00:23:00):
Slim, you do focus on single events...sad part about it you agree with distortions of facts and history
SlimJim says to (00:23:10):
does that make you feel better.. ok
WHEELOCK says to (00:23:35):
1 more bottle of Rum and I'll feel just fine
Dr Solo says to (00:23:37):
gomer bob is so dumb he tried to leave the chat room and still blocked
SlimJim says to (00:23:54):
i wil say this, yes, it is true that looking at serial killers that most of them are white.. yes
Dr Solo says to (00:23:59):
slimjim your sic i say sic
SlimJim says to (00:24:38):
i guess to be a serial killer you have to be smart enough to not get caught several times.. (oh oh)
SlimJim says to (00:24:41):
Dr Solo says to (00:24:53):
most slimjim....95% are white
SlimJim says to (00:25:02):
there ya go
Dr Solo says to (00:25:14):
Dr Solo says to (00:25:21):
its in your nature
SlimJim says to (00:25:27):
not mine
Dr Solo says to (00:25:29):
cant help it
SlimJim says to (00:25:34):
Dr Solo says to (00:25:42):
natural killers
SlimJim says to (00:26:14):
ok.. hows it look in certain african coutries? or s chicago?
WHEELOCK says to (00:26:20):
No Dr. Solo...murderers, thieves, destoryers, taught kilers
SlimJim says to (00:26:31):
just as soon kill ya for $5
Dr Solo says to (00:26:39):
like your cousin jeffery dahmer ,john wayne gacy ..etc
WHEELOCK says to (00:26:50):
Slim, again yu are distorting facts
Dr Solo says to (00:26:50):
SlimJim says to (00:27:10):
or wayne willams
WHEELOCK says to (00:27:32):
wayne williams vs. how many white SlimJim
Dr Solo says to (00:27:34):
i said 95% white @slimjim
SlimJim says to (00:27:57):
true, wheel, those are facts are not in dispure
SlimJim says to (00:28:15):
i never said, or ever will say, the other
WHEELOCK says to (00:29:00):
There is a serial killer in Los Angeles today...very little media coverage on this issue
SlimJim says to (00:29:05):
we had a black serial killer running around here a few years back.. they were stopping every white man in a truck..
devastating4u says to (00:29:27):
WHEELOCK says to (00:29:30):
Slim more distortions
SlimJim says to (00:29:39):
you think i'm lying?
WHEELOCK says to (00:29:43):
SlimJim says to (00:29:49):
want proof?
SlimJim says to (00:29:57):
lets make a bet first
WHEELOCK says to (00:30:14):
Dr Solo says to (00:30:15):
hey @slimjim like the lady who blamed a black guy carjacked her and took her kids ...and she killed them ,
SlimJim says to (00:30:22):
Dr Solo says to (00:30:53):
your cousins are liars and killers ...sic people
WHEELOCK says to (00:31:07):
Dr. Solo its in his DNA
SlimJim says to (00:31:09):
Dr Solo says to (00:31:26):
even killed the poor indianas , they thought they had white friends
SlimJim says to (00:31:39):
found out the killer was Solo's cousin
SlimJim says to (00:31:43):
devastating4u says to (00:31:46):
a TRU-TV link ??
SlimJim says to (00:31:53):
want more?
devastating4u says to (00:31:59):
Dr Solo says to (00:32:17):
son of sam is slimjim first cousin
SlimJim says to (00:32:17):
Dr Solo says to (00:32:47):
your right @wheelock its the dna
SlimJim says to (00:33:05):
look, i think everyone in here can agree that serial killers are the most despicable people on the planet. right?
devastating4u says to (00:33:18):
Dr Solo says to (00:33:21):
SlimJim says to (00:33:23):
and should only be compared to and related to pure evil
Dr Solo says to (00:33:53):
tamron hall is fine !!!!!!!!!!!!!
devastating4u says to (00:33:57):
that just represents a small number compared to the ones who commit much larger devastating crimes
SlimJim says to (00:34:12):
so, by deduction, i can only conclude that you all think white people are pure evil..
WHEELOCK says to (00:34:21):
I'm going to Stalk Tamron Hall
Dr Solo says to (00:34:29):
SlimJim says to (00:34:31):
and i am the most evil among them.. right solo?
Dr Solo says to (00:34:34):
devastating4u says to (00:34:43):
im not going that far to say , ALL white ppl
SlimJim says to (00:34:51):
Dr Solo says to (00:35:18):
@wheelock wasnt tamron hall in chicago for awile ???
devastating4u says to (00:35:49):
American Dream ??
Dr Solo says to (00:35:52):
WHEELOCK says to (00:35:56):
Yes, and I would do my best to come to the studio or get into events so I can squeeze her butt
Dr Solo says to (00:36:30):
hey @whee i like robin robinson is she still on fox32
devastating4u says to (00:36:32):
somebody else in here in "Cook County" ??
WHEELOCK says to (00:36:52):
Yes, her 2 Dr. solo
WHEELOCK says to (00:37:14):
I'm in Dupage County
devastating4u says to (00:37:25):
Dr Solo says to (00:37:36):
i was born in chicago cook county
devastating4u says to (00:37:48):
Melrose Prk
Dr Solo says to (00:37:53):
Dr Solo says to (00:37:57):
WHEELOCK says to (00:37:57):
WHEELOCK says to (00:38:22):
Melrose has great oregano sellers
devastating4u says to (00:38:32):
Dr Solo says to (00:38:41):
@whee my dad moved to gary ,indiana to work at the steel mill when i was a kid
WHEELOCK says to (00:38:44):
WHEELOCK says to (00:39:03):
Dude, Gary ain't no joke...
Dr Solo says to (00:39:07):
hey @wheelock ...leons ribs still open
WHEELOCK says to (00:39:32):
HELL YEA,WENT TO THE ONE ON 83rd last week
Dr Solo says to (00:39:59):
i use to go to the one by the regal theater
devastating4u says to (00:40:09):
79th / Stoney
Dr Solo says to (00:40:12):
is the regal still open ??
Dr Solo says to (00:40:27):
yeah stoney island
Dr Solo says to (00:40:43):
is funtown stillopen??
WHEELOCK says to (00:40:47):
Not sure about the Regal it changes owners every month
Dr Solo says to (00:40:54):
WHEELOCK says to (00:40:57):
Dr Solo says to (00:41:01):
WHEELOCK says to (00:41:03):
devastating4u says to (00:41:12):
ya, been awhile since i've seen a crowd at the Regal
Dr Solo says to (00:41:17):
im in indianapols now
WHEELOCK says to (00:41:30):
devastating4u says to (00:41:30):
nah, funtown long gone
devastating4u says to (00:41:42):
kiddieland, gone as well
Dr Solo says to (00:41:43):
about 10 years gary was horrible
WHEELOCK says to (00:41:58):
Funtown for the kids and you 95th and stony island avenue
Dr Solo says to (00:42:03):
what about old chicago>> lol
devastating4u says to (00:42:19):
ya, well the KKK is planted heavy in Indy
Dr Solo says to (00:42:36):
yes it is @devastating
WHEELOCK says to (00:43:00):
Indiana has KKK hq's
Dr Solo says to (00:43:29):
yeah they say that the kkk is gone ,but thats a lie
WHEELOCK says to (00:43:56):
Dr.Solo a big lie...KKK is corportate now
Dr Solo says to (00:44:00):
marion county jail is like mcdonalds
Dr Solo says to (00:44:18):
i billlion served
Dr Solo says to (00:44:40):
right @whee
WHEELOCK says to (00:45:23):
Dr.Solo almost every black person knows or is related to someone in Marion
Dr Solo says to (00:45:47):
WHEELOCK says to (00:45:56):
In the past 10 years 3 of my cousins call Marion home
Dr Solo says to (00:46:04):
devastating4u says to (00:46:21):
Black Wall Street was doing fine in Tusla, OK in the early 1920's
WHEELOCK says to (00:47:18):
I saw a stat that most blacks were doing better financially vs. today's population of blacks
Dr Solo says to (00:47:35):
@whee indiana is very slow paced , the chitown folks that live here is makin good money
Dr Solo says to (00:48:12):
and the housing market is great in indiana
WHEELOCK says to (00:48:27):
Intergration was a method of regaining control and bringing Africans in America to a new form of slavery
devastating4u says to (00:48:37):
Walt Disney was an F.B.I. informant btwn 1944-1966
uBpJessie says to (00:48:49):
i hate disney
Dr Solo says to (00:49:16):
lee harvey oswald was cia/fbi informant
uBpJessie says to (00:49:27):
that channel makes me ill
Dr Solo says to (00:49:40):
WHEELOCK says to (00:49:47):
Not sure but Oswald...I think he got caught up and was unaware
WHEELOCK says to (00:50:06):
Oswald was a scapegoat
Dr Solo says to (00:50:37):
i just heard a show yesterday on blogtalk @wheelock was oswald girlfriend who said it
devastating4u says to (00:50:42):
the company that designs the Disney them park rides is also a military defense contractor
WHEELOCK says to (00:51:23):
devastating the earliest video games were once defense programs
Dr Solo says to (00:51:33):
French Toast says to (00:52:06):
Not Ping Pong wheelock
WHEELOCK says to (00:52:13):
Your cellphone was a military invention...
Dr Solo says to (00:52:22):
@wheelock, slimjim left he pissed
devastating4u says to (00:52:31):
Oswald's roommate was involved in a CIA operation to kill Castro with biochemical weapons
WHEELOCK says to (00:52:33):
I saw that Dr. Solo
Dr Solo says to (00:52:57):
WHEELOCK says to (00:53:18):
Yes, deva...I saw that as well
devastating4u says to (00:53:27):
Mary Schermer
WHEELOCK says to (00:53:37):
but no one can find any records or a photo of him today
devastating4u says to (00:53:44):
ya, Wheel knows wut im talkin about
Dr Solo says to (00:54:14):
thats interesting
WHEELOCK says to (00:55:11):
deva, Oswald roommate was named Raul?
devastating4u says to (00:55:30):
in fact that tested the biological weapon on a hispanic prisoner in Louisiana,
devastating4u says to (00:55:37):
worked like a charm
Dr Solo says to (00:56:23):
sir han sir han who shot kennedy is a scetchy person also
WHEELOCK says to (00:56:35):
deva, they have just perfected thier craft today ie; Crakk in da hood
Dr Solo says to (00:57:23):
yep crack in the hood and heroin
WHEELOCK says to (00:57:54):
My sister is on better bolt down your shiit when she comes around
devastating4u says to (00:58:08):
Mary Sherman
Dr Solo says to (00:58:15):
wow . man hate to hear that@whee
WHEELOCK says to (00:58:41):
I called her a crackhead she corrected me "I do heroine"...I said wtf is the difference
Dr Solo says to (00:59:27):
i seen a lot of good people ruin there lives with them drugs...
Dr Solo says to (01:00:21):
@wheelock .i remember flucky stokes
devastating4u says to (01:00:21):
Bush Sr. funneled cocaine in America thru the Panama Canal, via his oil company ( ZAPATA)
Dr Solo says to (01:00:50):
great show kala
WHEELOCK says to (01:00:58):
GrandDaddy Bush sold illegal liquor also
Dr Solo says to (01:01:18):
peace wheelock and devastating
WHEELOCK says to (01:01:23):
uBpJessie says to (01:01:32):
devastating4u says to (01:02:33):
Hoover directed the flow of cocaine specifically in black urban areas
French Toast says to (01:02:53):
Dr. Solo who was Fluck Stokes again?
devastating4u says to (01:03:39):
is this the final show for tonite
French Toast says to (01:03:45):
Time for bed
French Toast says to (01:04:05):
Some of us have to get up

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