Saturday, July 23, 2011

An Land for African Americans in Ghana

In 2005 a prominent Akan King in the modern Republic of Ghana set aside about 30,000 acres of prime land for the descendents of the victims in the Trans Atlantic slave trade.Located on the Volta Lake this is really something special for a people long suffering from centuries of humiliation and racism.The township of Ye Fa Ogyamu is where a village was located then abandoned.The first time it was emotional not practical with no real logistical and livable plan.African Americans long want to return to Africa but before that meant returning to pre modern ways of life.Now as Africa becomes more modern and developed the appeal to a broader segment of African diasporans is happening,the result is an exciting time to be Black and from America.All over Africa the demand for African American professionals is growing.My friend John Cashin built a monorail in Ogun State Nigeria.He lives in Abuja Nigeria with no plans to return to the USA unless it is business.The new mini state of Ye Fa Oyamu will give African Americans a base to develop an infrastructure.Modern farming and agriculture,Industrial and business parks,Energy renewable and conventional,also school,a modern medical system,technical institutes along with scientific research centers and much much more.The culture that will be produced out of this area will be the model for Black people back in the USA to follow.Also we will create our own media center with our own satellite transmission.Imagine our own highway and rail stations?In this town only the best and brightest will come to build and create a new reality on sacred ground.A land that is the symbol of our unity on holy African soil.

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