Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ask kala

*** (23:02:41):Welcome to the Kalagenesis Chat Room.
Kalagenesis says (23:02:49):
Peace Imhotep
iamafanofpeace says to (23:04:09):
ImhotepVII says to (23:04:35):
Peace iamafanofpeace
ImhotepVII says to (23:04:45):
Hey SlimJim
Kalagenesis says (23:04:47):
Peace thanks for joining us
iamafanofpeace says to (23:04:50):
im an activist also
Kalagenesis says (23:04:56):
ImhotepVII says to (23:05:11):
Yes! Ismael Lo!
Kalagenesis says (23:05:20):
Tonight Ask Kala!
Kalagenesis says (23:05:31):
Your chance to go one on one
iamafanofpeace says to (23:05:39):
do you ever see chemtrails?
Kalagenesis says (23:05:46):
iamafanofpeace says to (23:06:10):
airplane exhausts
Kalagenesis says (23:06:16):
iamafanofpeace says to (23:06:17):
Kalagenesis says (23:06:21):
SlimJim says to (23:06:31):
kala, i feel for ya brotha, u cant stand the people you live with and the people u want to be with cant stand u! it must be hard...
Kalagenesis says (23:06:51):
Shut up
iamafanofpeace says to (23:06:54):
is this about africa--or america
iamafanofpeace says to (23:07:07):
be nice slim
Kalagenesis says (23:07:15):
African Nationalism real African Nationalism
iamafanofpeace says to (23:07:22):
SlimJim says to (23:07:30):
i thought i was being empathetic..
iamafanofpeace says to (23:07:37):
iamafanofpeace says to (23:07:50):
i want world peace
SlimJim says to (23:07:54):
and sincere
iamafanofpeace says to (23:07:58):
i live in florida
ImhotepVII says to (23:08:08):
@kala It's reported that high flying jets are spraying chemicals high in the atmosphere. Perhaps a barium derivative. That is what iamafanofpeace is referring to
iamafanofpeace says to (23:08:22):
SlimJim says to (23:08:26):
everyone wants world peace... except for those who dont
iamafanofpeace says to (23:08:36):
iamafanofpeace says to (23:09:12):
floride is in my drinking water
SlimJim says to (23:09:24):
dont drink it
SlimJim says to (23:09:27):
iamafanofpeace says to (23:09:37):
i need water
iamafanofpeace says to (23:09:44):
its a conspiricy
SlimJim says to (23:09:45):
but u dont need to die
iamafanofpeace says to (23:10:00):
i drink cheap beer
iamafanofpeace says to (23:10:16):
better for you
SlimJim says to (23:10:22):
if u live in florida, i can turn you on to a company that will dig u a well
iamafanofpeace says to (23:10:31):
im all for africa
SlimJim says to (23:10:47):
what part of florida?
SlimJim says to (23:10:50):
iamafanofpeace says to (23:10:51):
they have a great continent
iamafanofpeace says to (23:10:59):
full of resources
iamafanofpeace says to (23:11:10):
SlimJim says to (23:11:22):
gainsvill? dig a well
SlimJim says to (23:11:29):
get your own water
iamafanofpeace says to (23:11:35):
i am head of florida 9/11 truthers
iamafanofpeace says to (23:11:57):
google--bob tuskin
SlimJim says to (23:12:07):
oh lord!!! haha
iamafanofpeace says to (23:12:12):
iamafanofpeace says to (23:12:19):
building 9
SlimJim says to (23:12:24):
SlimJim says to (23:12:25):
iamafanofpeace says to (23:12:28):
did you see the vidio?
SlimJim says to (23:12:33):
dont need to
iamafanofpeace says to (23:12:53):
15th admendment?
SlimJim says to (23:13:30):
i can only deal with 7 conspiracies at a time
iamafanofpeace says to (23:13:51):
i believe in them all
iamafanofpeace says to (23:14:00):
SlimJim says to (23:14:01):
fluoride is not one of them.. btw
iamafanofpeace says to (23:14:05):
iamafanofpeace says to (23:14:19):
yesw it is
SlimJim says to (23:14:25):
nothing wrong with freemasons
SlimJim says to (23:14:30):
let them be
iamafanofpeace says to (23:14:31):
precott bush
iamafanofpeace says to (23:14:41):
bohemeum grove
iamafanofpeace says to (23:14:47):
SlimJim says to (23:14:51):
i know about all that.. so
SlimJim says to (23:15:00):
deal with ur own life
iamafanofpeace says to (23:15:06):
so you are a truther?
SlimJim says to (23:15:21):
i do not categorize myself
iamafanofpeace says to (23:15:21):
my life is terrible
iamafanofpeace says to (23:15:26):
im bi polar
iamafanofpeace says to (23:15:52):
still live with my mother
SlimJim says to (23:15:59):
what about the bi-polar bears? aint that a shame?
iamafanofpeace says to (23:16:01):
and her 4th husband
iamafanofpeace says to (23:16:11):
but i got the garage
ImhotepVII says to Kalagenesis (private) (23:16:47):
I was thinking the same thing
SlimJim says to (23:20:01):
its easy to blame successful people and make then feel guilty, even though so many of them worked all their lives to get where they are
ImhotepVII says to (23:20:08):
Because we believe that we follow a higher moral authority
SlimJim says to (23:20:30):
but i'm gonna be cool tonight...
SlimJim says to (23:22:38):
i say fine, then.. compramise.. when you find people who inherited thier wealth, tax them, hell, even take all their money if you want, but dont lump in the hard working achievers with them
SlimJim says to (23:25:33):
in america, we stress to our childrem the value of education, hard work, determination and sacrifice as something virtuous, then, in later years as they become successful, we proclaim them as evil
SlimJim says to (23:25:41):
WTF is that?
ImhotepVII says to (23:27:19):
Slim, why don't you call in and talk about it?
ImhotepVII says to (23:27:46):
Couldn't hurt :)
QueenMadamDianneFriday says to (23:30:35):
Sorry for being late family
ImhotepVII says to (23:31:01):
"What's the matter boss, WE's sick?"~ Malcom X
ImhotepVII says to (23:31:14):
Peace Queen
SlimJim says to (23:34:27):
god bless rich people
QueenMadamDianneFriday says to (23:35:37):
Did you see this 18-year-old Kymberly Wimberly did everything right. She challenged herself with honors and Advanced Placement courses, leading the pack as the highest achieving student in this year’s graduating class at McGehee High School.
QueenMadamDianneFriday says to (23:36:12):
But when her principal agreed with other school staff that Kymberly’s status as valedictorian would cause a “big mess,” he demanded that a White student with a lower GPA be appointed co-valedictorian.1
ImhotepVII says to (23:36:41):
Yes, I heard about that Queen
SlimJim says to (23:37:04):
no have not.. why the big mess?
QueenMadamDianneFriday says to (23:37:05):
An Arkansas school district just sent a disturbing message to Black students everywhere.
SlimJim says to (23:37:22):
its based on pint sytsem.. why the mess
SlimJim says to (23:37:38):
SlimJim says to (23:38:21):
ive seen co valedictorians, but only cuz there was a tie.. not color.. thats phucked up either way
ImhotepVII says to (23:38:59):
Because people still have issues with people of color surpassing thier White counterparts.@Slim Jim
SlimJim says to (23:39:24):
if the white student had a lower GPA, then no way there should have been a "tie"
ImhotepVII says to (23:39:29):
Peace AfricaUnite
ImhotepVII says to (23:39:42):
AfricaUnite2020 says to (23:40:07):
Peace know Kala... I wish our people connect with Ghana instead of Liberia....Ghana is more stable and is a defacto two party system
SlimJim says to (23:40:09):
people are so messed up with this color thing.. both sides all over
ImhotepVII says to (23:40:13):
But, the "good ol' boy " network is still in full effect in this area
SlimJim says to (23:41:01):
what i dont understand is how any student, white or black, could accept such an honor knowing they did not earn it as another did
SlimJim says to (23:41:06):
AfricaUnite2020 says to (23:41:46):
they're the only country that begs the U.S to station the AFICOM there
ImhotepVII says to (23:43:06):
@Africa Ghana seems to be the logical choice. the "Right To Return" policy is in place, so it only makes sense to go there
SlimJim says to (23:44:42):
oh btw.. i'm a good 'ol boy from the south, it aint all "plantation owners" down here
ImhotepVII says to (23:44:59):
I know@Slim
AfricaUnite2020 says to (23:45:08):
Ghanian are more educated and quite people
ImhotepVII says to (23:45:11):
Never thought you were :)
SlimJim says to (23:45:26):
ImhotepVII says to (23:46:03):
Take that back, when I first met you I had my doubts, but gettingto know you has erased all of that :)
QueenMadamDianneFriday says to (23:46:33):
Don't forget Hilton Head Island
QueenMadamDianneFriday says to (23:47:15):
ImhotepVII says to (23:58:53):
Jesse Jackson DOES NOT represent me in the least
ImhotepVII says to (23:59:26):
I do not respect him
ImhotepVII says to (23:59:36):
as a leader
ImhotepVII says to (00:07:35):
Yes!!!! @Kala
HUEY B says to (00:12:01):
Kalagenesis says (00:12:04):
HUEY B says to (00:12:11):
ImhotepVII says to (00:14:30):
Peace Huey
ImhotepVII says to (00:15:19):
Hey DesertRose (F)
ImhotepVII says to (00:15:58):
Still love the "Doctor Who" theme @Kala
DesertRose says to (00:17:49):
(F) Imhotep!
ImhotepVII says to (00:18:13):
Kala, you got kicked out
DesertRose says to (00:18:15):
ImhotepVII says to (00:18:31):
Did BTR just flip out?
QueenMadamDianneFriday says to (00:18:37):
sure did, Kala
AfricaUnite2020 says to (00:18:41):
yes kala your not in the air....
ImhotepVII says to (00:19:01):
The crusty techno music started to play
AfricaUnite2020 says to (00:19:03):
Kalagenesis says (00:19:05):
can anyone hear me?
AfricaUnite2020 says to (00:19:11):
ImhotepVII says to (00:19:12):
QueenMadamDianneFriday says to (00:19:13):
DesertRose says to (00:19:13):
HUEY B says to (00:19:14):
HUEY B says to (00:19:22):
AfricaUnite2020 says to (00:19:24):
DesertRose says to (00:19:29):
QueenMadamDianneFriday says to (00:19:30):
let me refresh
ImhotepVII says to (00:20:09):
Got you
QueenMadamDianneFriday says to (00:20:55):
I hear ya
QueenMadamDianneFriday says to (00:23:33):
Has anyone hear MalcomX when he went b4 UN on behalf of our human rights? If not, you should!
QueenMadamDianneFriday says to (00:23:42):
AfricaUnite2020 says to (00:25:02):
your fight Kala...individualism is the biggest enemy of our people
AfricaUnite2020 says to (00:25:11):
TalknChitwTraCGmore says to (00:29:18):
lol according the Manning, Clinton saved the hood!
AfricaUnite2020 says to (00:32:52):
Kala Obama went to Congressional Black Causus meeting seeking support but came disapointed and told jeremiah wright that some female Congresswomen conditioned
AfricaUnite2020 says to (00:33:16):
their support on him coming to theor hotel rooms...this is sick
AfricaUnite2020 says to (00:33:24):
mansamusa says to (00:35:03):
diddy made $40 of each 'vot or die' t-shirt
TalknChitwTraCGmore says to (00:36:31):
uncle Kala
taokiller says to (00:37:15):
pick up 716
TalknChitwTraCGmore says to (00:37:17):
JoeGoode says to (00:38:20):
AfricaUnite - where do you get your information?
mansamusa says to (00:38:34):
mansamusa says to (00:38:43):
me too!!!!!!!
JoeGoode says to (00:38:52):
Hip Hop is just advertisement and marketing for the prison industry.
TalknChitwTraCGmore says to (00:39:17):
true Joe
TalknChitwTraCGmore says to (00:39:32):
prison and homosexuality
TalknChitwTraCGmore says to (00:39:41):
gayster rap
TalknChitwTraCGmore says to (00:39:52):
Supreme calls it
QueenMadamDianneFriday says to (00:40:00):
Question? How many of you would help a black farmer whose about to lose his property and all you would have to do is move on the property and help in the planting and harvesting the crops?
JoeGoode says to (00:40:49):
Not me. I am not a farmer.
QueenMadamDianneFriday says to (00:41:06):
u can learn
JoeGoode says to (00:41:14):
Would the farmer move to Brooklyn and help me start my business?
QueenMadamDianneFriday says to (00:41:43):
his business is in place; is yours
JoeGoode says to (00:41:51):
QueenMadamDianneFriday says to (00:42:23):
ok, what do you need help
ImhotepVII says to (00:42:26):
Peace all. Gravity is overcoming my eyelids
JoeGoode says to (00:43:04):
Queen your question is silly. You expect people to upend their life and their family to help a stranger. You are not realistic.
QueenMadamDianneFriday says to (00:43:58):
This suggestion is for the unemployed
QueenMadamDianneFriday says to (00:44:21):
not you JoeGoode
JoeGoode says to (00:45:41):
Then be clear. The Black Farmer needs to determine if there is a future in farming.
QueenMadamDianneFriday says to (00:46:16):
everyone eat, JoeGoode
Kalagenesis says (00:46:27):
Farming in Africa there is a future
JoeGoode says to (00:47:13):
Can farming support his/her family or is the farmer being selfish about his decision to be a farmer and not thinking of the future of his family
QueenMadamDianneFriday says to (00:48:03):
JoeGoode, you would be surprised of the therapy farming can do for body, soul, and health
JoeGoode says to (00:48:22):
Therapy doesn't pay bills.
TalknChitwTraCGmore says to (00:48:29):
They act like po white trash
QueenMadamDianneFriday says to (00:49:17):
Do you remember the time when you were in science class in grammer school and planted a seed and watched it grow
TalknChitwTraCGmore says to (00:49:28):
when we stop acting like dumb ass white folks instead of the smart ones we'll be a better people
TalknChitwTraCGmore says to (00:50:19):
we mimic the hell outta po ignant ass white people
JoeGoode says to (00:50:50):
I remember that. It was nice, but a lot of things were nice back then.
TalknChitwTraCGmore says to (00:50:51):
Hooping and hollering and acting wild. that's who they act. HELL!
QueenMadamDianneFriday says to (00:50:57):
JoeGoode, at least u would have all natural produce not altered
TalknChitwTraCGmore says to (00:51:12):
damn wild ass heathen hillbillies!
JoeGoode says to (00:51:53):
I am all for healthy eating, but BF's need a way to survive economically.
TalknChitwTraCGmore says to (00:52:12):
Detriot was raggedy.
TalknChitwTraCGmore says to (00:52:22):
and junky. that's the goal
TalknChitwTraCGmore says to (00:52:34):
mansamusa says to (00:52:48):
we need black patrols(ex. black panthers) or we're gonna live in the gaza strip instead of a neigbourhood
QueenMadamDianneFriday says to (00:52:49):
Ok JoeGoode, heed my words
TalknChitwTraCGmore says to (00:53:08):
they create ill ish when they want something. and we fall for it
taokiller says to (00:53:49):
why is it in the hood when a black woman gets angry somebody has to die
JoeGoode says to (00:53:51):
Will do Queen and you heed mines (lol)
TalknChitwTraCGmore says to (00:54:20):
cause thats how the hood operates and always have
TalknChitwTraCGmore says to (00:54:36):
even when whites lived and dominated the HOOD
TalknChitwTraCGmore says to (00:54:38):
TalknChitwTraCGmore says to (00:54:51):
Kamakazi G says to (00:55:05): smh
mansamusa says to (00:55:26):
yep @ kama
TalknChitwTraCGmore says to (00:55:40):
cause they's retarded!
Kamakazi G says to (00:55:47):
coonery buffonery at its finest
TalknChitwTraCGmore says to (00:56:25):
only a person who is cognitively/intellectual deficent would do such a thing
QueenMadamDianneFriday says to (00:56:25):
how many hiphoppers are arrested and how many times?
TalknChitwTraCGmore says to (00:57:26):
we love being the WHITE MAN'S BITCH!
TalknChitwTraCGmore says to (00:57:32):
TalknChitwTraCGmore says to (00:57:38):
damn shame!
QueenMadamDianneFriday says to (00:57:46):
@Kala & Caller Amen!
Kamakazi G says to (00:57:55):
uBpJessie says to (00:58:58):
taokiller says to (00:59:35):
i love the consittution
TalknChitwTraCGmore says to (01:00:42):
hell yeah
pumpkin13 says to (01:00:50):
Have a good night folks.
TalknChitwTraCGmore says to (01:01:01):
the word GHETTO comes from the Polish
mansamusa says to (01:01:04):
gays universally have more rights than black people !
TalknChitwTraCGmore says to (01:01:31):
meaning if they called it a slum back then, how inna hell could we have made it any worse
TalknChitwTraCGmore says to (01:01:34):
QueenMadamDianneFriday says to (01:01:40):
Great show, Kala!
TalknChitwTraCGmore says to (01:01:47):
lol sounds about right mansamusa
Kalagenesis says (01:01:53):
Thank yoou
TalknChitwTraCGmore says to (01:02:01):
yeah great show Kala
TalknChitwTraCGmore says to (01:02:08):
I didnt call in in time
Kalagenesis says (01:02:05):
thank you
TalknChitwTraCGmore says to (01:02:21):
Peace and Blessings
QueenMadamDianneFriday says to (01:02:42):
Nite all!

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