Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sacred Cows.pt 2 Robert Johnson,Black America's new Baron

Do we have a right to criticize members of of community who are role models and super successful?This question has been asked by every generation of African Americans since the first freed slaves started organizing and fighting for our freedom.Our culture is unique to the African world because we lost most of our African culture,were forced to take European names and we were mixed with the blood of our slave masters.At times we choose leaders based on who looked the most White.Or in order to lead you had to look light skinned straight hair,look at any of the early Black leaders almost all had looked White.This was self hate and self doubt.This is why most of these so called civil rights leaders think they can sell us on a White savior(Clinton)because we doubt our own kind.This does not mean Barack Obama is the answer,but before you can get answers you have to ask the right questions.
As I have said in the Kalagenesis'Sacred Cows'are those beliefs in which a group of people hold sacred even to their own demise.The second biggest sacred cow we as African American's have is when someone makes a lot of money or has a Phd or any education they are always correct.This is rooted in an enslaved people.Again if I am making you uneasy to bad the truth will set us free.Being stifled in America from reaching our absolute full potential most of us will never realize our dreams.Many of us will be successful, but the White man has already decided that their already enough rich Black folks, so anymore will pose a threat to their dominance.Admittedly Robert Johnson founder of BET,(Black Entertainment Television)said he knows there wont be anymore Blacks in his position any time soon.He knows White American thinks he and Oprah are enough.Get that some other race is deciding who shall blow up in Black America!Now Johnson to his credit is the first Black owner of a big time sports team the Charlette Bobcats he said he bought it for 300 million with no affirmative Action handout.He created BET when an early client wanted to buy a cable channel for the elderly so he decided to create one for the Black community.He said from the start he was about money,money and more money.He is a businessman before anything BET had to be profitable.Many of his critics wanted BET to be more cultural,educational,political,but BET format stuck to videos supplied by artist for free.BET was the first African American company to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange.Five years ago he sold BET for 3 Billion dollars making him the first Black billionaire.BET now reaches over 65 million homes in America.His company RLJ companies in partnership with the Carllyse group(the utility in the Afganistan war) formed a capital equity company to purchase 100 hotels.He wants to use pension funds of African Americans in civil services across the country and by forming new Black business groups under him.He is poised to be a baron of Black America making other Blacks rich in the process.And he still has not forgotten his roots.With all this do we still have the right to voice our disagreement with his actions?Or are we bound by the second most dangerous 'sacred cow'?

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