Monday, January 14, 2008

White's using rock and hip hop to send racist messages.

A few years ago heavy metal strong man Phil Anselmo of the metal band Pantera got up on stage at a concert to make an indictment of todays White youth.Phil went on about how he has the balls to say what most Whites feel about White kids following rappers and acting Black.Now I know many of you are going to ask why does this matter?Well first We Blacks and Latinos are a minority group in this country.We don't control the wealth or the power structure.Whites are part of that power structure so the government does not want White kids listening to socially relevant hip hop.I mean remember Ice T 'cop killer',NWA 'F@#$ tha police'?Or Ice Cube's 'Amerikkka's most wanted'.Unlike the east coast early hip hop the west coast was marketed directly to suburban middle America. Kid Rock came along stealing a culture to promote his Whiteness as he calls it whatever that means.The hip hop community embraced him,but hidden in his lyrics is White racist lingo and bravado.I remember the Championship basketball game three years ago in Detroit he sat in the arena with a shirt that said 'White Boy'.I said to myself,doesn't Kid Rock big up Detroit and claim to be from the streets and at one time had a flat top?Wasn't it hip hop and Black Detroit that made him rich?'Why the racial antagonism?This is done to pull the White kids away from any Black rappers to give them White alternatives.The bigger question for the straight out of the trailer cowboy,why are Whites allowed to be racist even when doing Black music and we Blacks have gotten rid of all race conscious
out of our music?Why do country music stars sing about the love of their culture and rail against their enemies but the only time Blacks can hate it is with another Black?Where is the Black mans hip hop like back in the day?Who speaks for us?Why do I only see sellouts, cowards,self hating sambos in the culture could it be that our music has lost its soul?
Above are three videos two by Pantera one by Kid Rock.On on of the Pantera videos he talks about White pride,the other he fights with a Black security guard.On the Kid rock song 'Amen' a subtle jab at Black people.Kid Rock cleverly uses the race card by saying he is persecuted for being White.This will sell him more records in redneckville.

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