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Enter the Black Matrix.

In America we have a problem that is rooted in a culture of White supremecy.It effect every aspect of humanity in America.Above is the posterboy for the Matrix of deception the very wrong Jesse Lee Peterson.He is so brainwashed with hate for his own kind that he is convinced that only his own people are racist.Go home tonight look at you kids,mother,father,grandmother,sister brother.Do they look like evil racist to you?Well according to thee matrix they are.This is the whole fake, phony notion about Black people being racist.This is done to keep White people in power.Blacks are not in control so we are allowed to vent not be evil though.But we even have people coming into hip hop telling us we cant talk about being Black and proud anymore because it might make the White man uncomfortable .The following is a story about the old system now the new system. "This is a story that occurred near Petersburg Virginia in 1736 upon a financially struggling plantation. There had been several years since this plantation had a successful crop season that turned a profit. This also resulted in the master often having to sell several slaves each year just before Christmas in order to get by. Also during these winter months, due to this despairing circumstance, the slaves were also given very little to eat. During good days, the slaves would eat twice and during the bad days only once and those good days were far and few between. The master said that this rationing was necessary because of the plantations low crop .
However, the master secretly hid extra food for himself and family within an old abandoned barn house that was made off limits to the field slave. The off limits rules were strictly enforced. Therefore, any slave found near the barn, other than those house slaved sent by their master to recover food, would immediately receive 25 lashes across his or her back. Moreover, to further ensure that the field slaves stayed away from the barn, the master, instructed the house slaves to spread rumors among the field slaves that the barn was in fact haunted.
For years, the master’s scheme worked perfect and as a result he and his family always had more then enough for themselves during the winter while the field slave often loss an average of twenty pounds during the winter seasons. However, this was about to change for upon this plantation, there lived a very exceptional and inquisitive little eight-year-old African American male slave. For the purpose of this story we shall called him the boy of insight .
For what made this little boy unique was that, although born during the age of slavery unlike the other slaves on the plantation that had succumb to the mental degradations of their masters that implied Black inferiority and white superiority , This child was bravely insightful and inquisitive even contrary of the orders and wishes of his masters. His intelligence and intuitiveness would often get him into trouble with the master. He even secretly learned to read at the age of seven, a fact that his mother, herself only nineteen, adamantly discouraged and made the boy promise not to divulge to any one else —not even other slaves for she feared gravely that if word of the child’s ability to read got back to the master's house then her only son would be severely punished and then sold because it was illegal for slaves to learn to read and write. One morning, this inquisitive boy awoke with the desire to find out what was truly hidden in his master’s old barn. Therefore, he quickly got dressed and sneaked out to the barn under the darkness of the early morning. As he got closer approached the barn, his heart begun to race with fear as he remembered all of those stories of the barn being haunted and of those 25 lashes that he would certainly receive if he were caught. Nevertheless, the boy continued onward until he reached the barn’s door. There was an old rusted lock upon the door, so the boy picked up the biggest rock that his little arms could lift and began hitting it against the lock until it broke and fell to the ground. The boy then slowly opened the large squeaky door and was immediately shocked for what he had found. He found that the barn was filled with many hidden jars and cans fill with food. The boy became elated and very excited by his finding. He was anxious to reveal his findings to the other slaves, so he rang the old triangular bell awakening the other slaves.
The other slaves hearing the ringing bell quickly got dressed and rushed out to find out what was going on? Upon reaching the site of the ringing bell, the slaves were surprised to find that it was not their master ringing the bell, but instead that it was the little boy of insight who had rung the bell awakening them so early. One of the slaves, a large man said boy,”what's going on and why did you awaken us so early?” The boy responded that he had found lots of food hidden in the barn. The large man responded to the boy saying “you know that master told us all never to come near this barn, so what's wrong with you, boy? "Sounds like you don't what to live to get old; because you won’t get much older not listening to the master.” The crowd, although many were themselves starving, began to also express their displeasure with the boy's defiance of the master's instructions. "Yeah, yeah," they yelled, “that boy's going to get us all in trouble with the master.” The entire crowd began to yell saying that master is going to be angry, and as their anger escalated, they demanded that the child be punished immediately. They echoed that the boy should be punished for he had disobeyed their master in the first place and that was what had to happen. The child's mother picked him up and ran through the woods. The angry slaves pursued her. The mother continued to run as fast as she possibly could until she slipped and fell with her son into the cold neighboring creek where they both drowned. Most of the slaves, after witnessing the tragedy, responded with the sentiments of good riddance for the boy had been a thorn in the master's side ever since he was born. Now, they said “let's try to fix that old lock and place it back on to the barn door.” The slaves repaired the damaged locked and put it back on the door of the barn as if it had not been disturbed, and they resumed their typical slave chores feeling no remorse for the now deceased mother and child. The slaves in this story were more concerned with offending their master than they where about the death of the young mother and her child.
How is it possible that these slaves could express more concern for their master then one of the very own fellow slaves, especially that of a young mother and her child? This type of devotion to their masters was not at all uncommon behavior of the African slaves in America. Moreover, when an African slave was planning an escape or a revolt, often another slave would forewarn the master. During the Civil War, many African slaves attempted to defend their master’s home and family against the approaching Union soldiers. There is evidence that some Africans fought on the side of the South. Why and how absurd to imagine such behavior and loyalty to their masters at the expense of their own self preservation.
The slaves found it difficult to accept the boys disclosure because they have been condition through years of mental manipulation to revere their master even at the expense of their own survival .
Very much like that of the earlier stated story of where in which the slaves preferred it easier to see their fellow slaves die than to accept the boys revelation that their master had lied them, today many Blacks have perceived my submissions of information exposing today's modern [the Black Matrix] method of white racism as being a form of reverse racism against whites . To recognize the significant of the given information entitled "the Black Matrix" Black people must over come the psychologically ingrained white is right perception and negatively held perceptions of our selves and open your hearts and minds to see the truth. For I'm merely offering of the truth for those who will listen for it; and the truth is that we, African Americans,[as with also Africans the world over] can no longer survive as a race hanging on to lies. A reality of truth must prevail if we are to be a part of the future.

Today we African Americans are faced with many despairing statistics far worst than any generation before now. These negative statistic creates a distracting paradigm of where in which we, as a people, are not able to move forward because we're always reacting to negative statistic about ourselves that we in fact can neither confirm nor refute. It is a scenario not unlike that of a dog unsuccessfully chasing his own tail. This is a deliberate design and there is neither a struggle, nor fight more pressing for we African Americans than this one, where we are being systematically economically exploited, suppressed, confused , turned and against each other [divided] as a matter of meeting the U.S. Government's secret unrelenting commitment of maintaining its white dominance and control.

For almost half a century now-- because the blatant methods of racism used and condoned in the past are no longer morally and socially acceptable -- the United States government reincarnated its methods of ensuring that White dominance and control is maintained by having secretly implemented its largest ever COINTELPRO-- Counterintelligence Program -- covert operation against its entire Black population through a campaign of massive psychological warfare that uses mis-education, false statistics, and negative propaganda spread by media reports. By doing so, they acquired a far more insidious and covert method of maintaining White dominance that exists behind a clever shroud of secrecy and deceit — for it is in this way that the evils of racism thrive best -- when its victims do not recognize the evil. Unlike the brutal system of racism used in the past that caused African Americans to rally together and unify themselves against, this modern system of racism is not easily comprehended by Blacks. It is a method so opaque that many of its Black victims remain largely unaware of it themselves. And while most African Americans may instinctively feel that something is wrong, they cannot, however, express their suspicions and conceptualize them sufficiently so that they and others can comprehend and act to defend themselves against it. It is, in fact, so sophisticated that even very bright African American individuals have little, if any, hope of extricating themselves from its brutal effects. In fact, most Blacks cannot believe that they are being attacked or subdued because it wears the appearance [if any] of being totally self-inflicted by African Americans themselves. Most African Americans have never heard of this method of asserting White racism, therefore many will find it too shocking and stunning to contemplate—nevertheless, it is directly intertwined with the many problems adversely affecting Black America today. Moreover, this modern method is the most prevalent and lethal system of racism now assaulting African Americans.
This modern method covertly uses false propaganda media reports that equates a psychological warfare that deliberately conspires to severely reduce African America’s upward mobility by corrupting them of unity, reason, and common sense, deliberately soliciting the disparity that has now become modern Black America. Here is a simplified analogy of how this is being done to America ’s Black population. Let us say, for example, that a group of people was aboard their own massive ship and that their ship was being shadowed by another neighboring ship, a neighboring ship that was constantly broadcasting derogatory messages to the first group that their ship was lesser, smaller, not seaworthy or perhaps slowly sinking or that their crew was incompetent or was planning a mutiny. With time, the group receiving the negative messages, being unable to refute or to confirm these derogatory messages and deficiencies will grow weary and paranoid of the negative messages and will eventually comes to accept these negative assessments of themselves. The perception created by the taunting now unconsciously influences how the taunted group perceives themselves, subsequently causing them to become distrustful of themselves, doubting themselves, hating themselves and, eventually, fighting among themselves. The taunted group may even become so besieged by deep feelings of inadequacy that they may even jump into the sea and attempt to swim towards the taunting ship now believing it to be superior to their own ship even if their own ship was in fact better. This concept of warfare uses psychology as the decisive factor in the outcome. The basis of the concept is that the human being's most critical aspect is the mind. This science of psychology works by affecting the unconscious mind through deception. Its weapon is the message that it carries and the way this message affects the recipients in terms of their behavior.
Within a real world setting, this is implemented against African Americans through U.S. governmental agencies that leak false derogatory press releases, documentaries, and media information concerning its Black population that are designed to perpetuate and frame the myth of Whites’ racial, moral, and ethical superiority over its Black population. Its collaborators in the news media, which either knowingly or unknowingly carry the false information or create their own false information through news releases in magazine articles, radio, and television, work to demoralize, discourage, berate, subjugate, and or dismantle the Black population. It insinuates that America would be a better society as a whole if African Americans were gone, thus psychologically changing the root problem of racism in America to be due to Black’s behavior rather than White’s proclivity for racism.
This perversion of reality, shifting the blame, and role reversal of the problem of racism to be the fault of African Americans, is perpetuated unrelentingly everywhere through press releases, pamphlets, radio, newspaper, and magazine articles and television. The weapon is not the way it is sent, but the messages that it carries and how the messages affect the recipient and influence society. This campaign engenders a shift of victimization that fosters distorted perceptions and increasingly prejudiced and acrimonious beliefs about its African American population that creates a consensual environment that facilitates the easier exploitation and suppression of Black America. [For when contempt of Blacks appears to be justifiable, it is the fiercest and most effective type of racism because its witnesses, bystanders, and jurors will sit by idly allowing African Americans to be brutally mistreated under the belief that it is justified.]

This premise that the U.S. Government has reincarnated its methods of suppressing its Black population by the usage of psychological warfare is not at all ridiculous. For since the beginning of recorded history, ruling governmental bodies of nearly every nation have involved themselves in implementing methods to maintain and defend their positions of established power against its minority group. The American Government is in no way an exception to this rule. For it has implemented methods designed to ensure that White dominance is maintained since the time Black people first arrived in America as slaves. During slavery, Blacks were not allowed to be educated, speak among themselves in their native language, or to congregate in large groups [except during their religious services which their master often over saw]. Even after the abolishment of slavery, methods were again implemented to ensure that White dominance was maintained in the form of Jim Crow inequalities that included many unethical methods that denied Blacks the right to vote and that fostered and sanctioned thousands of brutal lynchings of African Americans. Since the methods of the past are no longer morally acceptable, it became necessary for America ’s White governmental elites secretly to create and apply a system more subtle, sophisticated, and socially acceptable in its application and appearance for ensuring that White dominance is maintained.
Although this may sound a bit like bad science fiction, Psychological Warfare is a real and well-proven technology that exceeds the territorial limits of conventional warfare to penetrate the proposed target. This type of psychological warfare has been used by the military since World War II. The British Special Operation Executives (SOE) was pioneering this form of propaganda during the Second World War. The British Government, between1930-1940, conducted psychological warfare against Germany, by putting together a massive department staffed by many former journalists that conducted secret journalism and planted favorable stories in the world's press. Generally using friendly newspapers editors, but also using bribery to get pro-allied stories in print, British pilots also dropped propaganda leaflets and spread rumors concerning Germany 's relations with France and other aspects of the war. The unrelenting daily assault on the Black psyche corrupts African Americans’ sense of reason and unity and produce a consensual nation environment of where in which African American are economically exploited and suppressed thus creating the culture of failure and disparity that now afflicts modern Black America. In fact this modern massive system of covert White racism is so subtle, pervasive, organized, complete, and proficient that it may be the single most aggravating factor behind the persistent national disparities and culture of failure now afflicting Black America —and yet most African Americans are totally unaware of its existence.
The many problems now facing Black America will not be corrected by implementing outdated strategies of foot marches, speeches, the commemoration of fallen Black martyrs, nor from the preaching of scriptures from any of our religious texts—Christian or Muslim— but instead by exposing and developing counter strategies against this fiercest and most lethal system of institutionalized racism now facing Black America.

[ Because this article exposes the hidden, conspiratorial, and profound dimensions of racism that secretly exist at governmental levels in the United States , these are very dangerous waters that the author is attempting to navigate. For if this important information were to become commonly well known among African Americans, the U.S. Government would most certainly dispute it and initiate a national campaign of spin control and coverage through the national media and the Internet with experts lined up to dismiss its premises as a means for protecting its national interest. ]


THE BLACK MATRIX: The Modern Mental and Social Suppression of African American Under National Interest © 2006 by Franklin G. Jones

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