Wednesday, January 9, 2008

From African Queen to Porn Queen.Have most Black women sold their souls and the community out?

I know this is going to bring controversy,but I think since we are facing such dire conditions in the Black male/female relationship that we need to discuss these issues.Above are videos by a brother named MMMayor of the group Church for men only,and the website was the first to attack the myth of the strong Black woman.In these video series he exposes Rapper Queen Latifah who used to have to love and respect of the Black male across the country.Now she dyes her hair blond in an attempt to look White.A clear sign of self hate and loathing.It is one thing to self hate,but when you are in the public eye and little children look up to you then I and many others who actually care about our people will expose you.For the past 40 years since the murder of Dr Martin Luther King jr more Black women have been educated and went into the corporate world.In the sixties it was about a common struggle with our community.But many Black women like Angela Davis bought the communist/feminist line about male oppression.For Black girls the chance to sit next to Blond women who they've worshiped since they've gotten their first doll was a chance many could not resist.Am I making some of you uncomfortable?Good the truth always do.So to is the myth about the strong Black woman.This myth is designed to humiliate Black men and boys.Black men are still running most of the successful Black households,not women.It is Black men who are building businesses at the highest rate among any other group in America.Most African American organizations,churches,charities,businesses are run by Black men.This is in spite of opposition from a racist White America.Black females are helped by the government.After 1968 White feminist convinced the proleteriate Black women that being'independent' was the key and the result is every thug mama's boys,gangsta rapper you see.Get rid of strong men and the young bucks will rule.Now a solution to all of this is to mentor young men in your community.Lets fight these entertainers who are encouraging the thug criminal life just to peddle a few clown records.

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