Monday, January 28, 2008

The elephant meets a dragon.The emerging south to south trade alliance. What an exciting time it should be in the African world,the world is knocking at Africa's door and begging to come in.Remember Noah in the Bible?When he built his arc people laughed at him but god said build it because he was going to destroy this earth and everything in it.When the rains and floods came god said spare no one so people were drowning pleading to be let in the arc.They missed their opportunity.A smart people don't miss out on an opportunity they jump on it.This is what the Chinese are doing in Africa.China has invested some 60 billion dollars on the continent recently.This is going to building roads,buildings,power grids,dams,mines factories,and industries.China will get gold,oil,uranium,copper in Zambia,and other countries.Africans will get revenue,infastructure,wealth and freedom from western domination.The amount invested will increase because a recent poll shows the Chinese did their homework 20 years ago.They invited African students to China to study what they got in return is more African youth have a favorable view of the dragon nation.This inspite the fact that colonialist in Portugal are scared and are trying to instigate racial tensions between Chinese mine workers and Blacks in Angola.Stories about Chinese using racial slurs and blacks also.The Johannesburg stock exchange in growing one of the fastest in the world.It look as though all of the mechanisms for development are there but will selfishness and wickedness,cause African leaders to line their own pockets instead of building Africa to the size and might of the rest of the world?We in America have to be involved this is to important to guess wrong.

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