Monday, January 21, 2008

Some Dinosaurs never become extinct.Old Men=Old Ideas

Old men=old ideas,that is what I was always taught.Now the only job in the world where it seems like you can screw up all you want,make problems and blame others for them and you are set for life.If I wasn't so sincere,good natured and unmoved by fame prestige and money I could have had a lucrative career as a community spokes mouth.But I patiently waited for these dinosaurs to become extinct but look they are still here!2008 40 years after the murder of Dr.Martin Luther King Jr these negroes have made a fortune pimping civil rights and exploiting America's never ending racial situation.We are no closer to ending White domination over us than we were during slavery.Look White supremecy needs the cooperation of both leaders on two continents.Lets start with Ghana's current president,John A.Kufour recently he broke the final back of E.C.O.W.A.S which many had hoped would be the economic arm of the African Union by betraying smaller economies in the region in a recent trade deal with the European Union.To this man the idea of African solidarity are just slogans when some gullible Black Americans are in town,and you want to win points in the US State department.When are the Partrice Lumumba's,Kwame Nkumrah's going to return?When are we going to realize that we are one with Africa and our futures are tied together?Am I the only one to realize that the young in America and Africa have been communicating over the last 20 years and we want solidarity.Trade,travel,education,culture,business the way every other culture does is what we should want.Why do our so-called leaders keep insisting that they are our leaders if they are not talking about building a civilization?We might as well listen to the white man for all they are worth.As Marcus Garvey said'I know no border or boundary where the Negro is concerned.'He said that 80 years ago and his vision is no more being heard than it it was when he first said it.We have Jesse Jackson still married to political party and Al Sharpton going down the same road.Andrew Jackson making statements about Obama along with Bob Johnson this is insane who appointed these dinosaurs life time overseers?Why do they get to make decisions that affect millions without opposition.Such was President Museveni of Uganda who recently hosted some summit for former commonwealth colonies of Britain.He spend hundreds of millions of dollars on opulence and pleasure.Not just a fraction of that money could have build a thousand new schools,hospitals,dug wells ect.I remember watching Animal Planet and seeing girls having to go the river to bath and risk being eaten by crocodiles.But this guy is friends of Harry Belafonte,who's recent attack on America has the White man looking at the entire community with Al queda like suspicion.He didn't even ask the community for permission to speak on it's behalf!I forgot he is a Black leader he doesn't have to.Why respect the Black community?No one else does why should these leaders do it.My favorite dinosaur is Minister Farrakhan,now I was a follower of his when I was an organizer for the Million Man March,but the let down following the march is all his fault.But he still has a job!I guess you really dont have actually produce any results just part your hair right and look good in a suit and tie.My biggest problem with him is his love for Arabs some of the most racist people on Earth towards African people.He used a sacred venue like a national Black unity meeting to speak on behalf of the Iranian government'right to get nuclear weapons!The man is insane and so is the rest of the crazy so called leader if they think they are going to stop the real leadership in Africa and America from rising.

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