Friday, January 6, 2012

freaky fridays

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Kalagenesis says (00:02:02):
Welcome to Freaky Fridays in Kala Land
ImhotepVII says to (00:03:02):
Peace Kala. Hopefully my connection will stay up tonight.
Kalagenesis says (00:03:12):
Peace brother Imhotep
Kalagenesis says (00:03:30):
IT is going to be an explosive topic
ImhotepVII says to (00:04:46):
Yes it is. I may chme in if that's ok
Kalagenesis says (00:05:02):
Yes feel free
Kalagenesis says (00:05:40):
Remember to get an account guest to reply
ImhotepVII says to (00:09:35):
ImhotepVII says to (00:13:29):
ImhotepVII says to (00:17:40):
Was that in reaction to Clinton's liberal policies?
ImhotepVII says to (00:18:05):
Not necessarily a fault of Pres. Clinton?
AmericanCitizen says to (00:20:40):
ImhotepVII says to (00:22:00):
Hello AC
Lady Faatimah says to (00:22:14):
Lady Faatimah says to (00:23:40):
Kalagenesis thanks for having me (L)
TheCarlton says to (00:24:06):
How the heck is homosexuality against african culture or against masculinity?
Lady Faatimah says to (00:24:09):
(}) ImhotepVII, guest and TheCarlton (F)
TheCarlton says to (00:25:12):
The fact that countries like Uganda and other countries have such horrendous violations of basic human rights is a sad one.
Lady Faatimah says to (00:25:31):
Well if you've ever lived in Africa or visited Africa for a period of time you would see how homosexuality is against African culture @ TheCarlton
ImhotepVII says to (00:25:57):
Hello Lady Faatimah
TheCarlton says to (00:26:15):
So...they should be killed?
Lady Faatimah says to (00:26:25):
So does America it has the highest incarceration rate than any other nation. That's inhumane
TheCarlton says to (00:26:34):
Yeah, I know, lady.
Lady Faatimah says to (00:26:40):
No @ TheCarlton
ImhotepVII says to (00:26:40):
@Lady Faatima You are quite correct
TheCarlton says to (00:26:48):
That's what Uganda does.
TheCarlton says to (00:26:53):
Is that acceptable?
Lady Faatimah says to (00:26:53):
they should not be killed its not the law in America
TheCarlton says to (00:27:05):
No, and they should have equal rights.
Lady Faatimah says to (00:27:20):
However, we should respect other people's cultural norms if we practice what WE preach
TheCarlton says to (00:27:28):
TheCarlton says to (00:27:30):
TheCarlton says to (00:27:51):
It's not a gay agenda.
TheCarlton says to (00:27:54):
It's anequality agenda.
Lady Faatimah says to (00:27:59):
yes equal rights in America but America should not dictate other people's culture or norms especially African people.
TheCarlton says to (00:28:02):
It's a "don't kill people because they're gay" agenda.
TheCarlton says to (00:28:36):
So, they SHOULD have equal rights in America, lady? I think they should, do you?
Lady Faatimah says to (00:28:46):
TheCarlton says to (00:29:04):
So the states is giving money, right?
AmericanCitizen says to (00:29:04):
welcome back kalagenesis
TheCarlton says to (00:29:12):
Why should they nto be allowed to dictate the terms?
TheCarlton says to (00:29:33):
Or should they give millions to Uganda and let them use it to kill gay people?
Lady Faatimah says to (00:29:40):
dictate terms here or in Africa? ({)
TheCarlton says to (00:29:45):
In africa,
TheCarlton says to (00:29:49):
if they're giving them money.
Lady Faatimah says to (00:30:30):
No you have to let people figure out there own laws especially African people because of colonization and enslavement of a Nation of people.
TheCarlton says to (00:30:34):
Imagine this scenario, you're a tyrant dictator. I go "I'll give you $10 billion over the next decade...IF you stop harassing gay people"
TheCarlton says to (00:30:40):
Would that be wrong?
Lady Faatimah says to (00:30:42):
Tell them Kalagenesis you will be on my show!!!
ImhotepVII says to (00:30:51):
If money is used to override a traditonal culture, Africa should refuse the money.
TheCarlton says to (00:31:04):
You want to harass gay people? Go ahead. Don't expect anything from my wallet.
TheCarlton says to (00:31:13):
Exactly ImhotepVII.
ggt183 says to (00:31:23):
Whats Up Kala!!
Lady Faatimah says to (00:31:27):
yes, @ thecarlton you're trying to pay people to change their minds using money
Lady Faatimah says to (00:31:29):
Lady Faatimah says to (00:31:33):
TheCarlton says to (00:31:43):
Yes, you're trying to get them to do THE RIGHT THING, Lady.
ImhotepVII says to (00:31:53):
Sorry, but ancient Greece promoted homosexuality. It helped destroy thier culture
TheCarlton says to (00:31:57):
How so?
TheCarlton says to (00:32:04):
Why did it destroy their culture?
ImhotepVII says to (00:32:05):
Moral decay.
TheCarlton says to (00:32:14):
Homosexuality was A HUGE PART of grecoroman culture.
TheCarlton says to (00:32:21):
Ever read a history text? Probably not, it's ok.
ImhotepVII says to (00:32:23):
that was only part, not the whole reason
Lady Faatimah says to (00:32:27):
TheCarloton if we are to respect people then the people like homosexual should respect other peoples belief, it goes both ways.
TheCarlton says to (00:32:38):
TheCarlton says to (00:32:41):
That's ridiculous.
ImhotepVII says to (00:32:45):
@The Carlton. Um, you don't know me...
TheCarlton says to (00:32:49):
If I say, the earth is flat, should you respect that?
Lady Faatimah says to (00:33:05):
no you should investigate carefully
TheCarlton says to (00:33:07):
ImhotepVII says to (00:33:09):
you have now idea of what I know
ImhotepVII says to (00:33:13):
TheCarlton says to (00:33:19):
TheCarlton says to (00:33:23):
you mean "know"
ImhotepVII says to (00:33:37):
Read the sentence again
TheCarlton says to (00:33:37):
Or did you miss the grammar books too?
TheCarlton says to (00:33:44):
TheCarlton says to (00:33:52):
I don't care imhotep.
TheCarlton says to (00:34:02):
I'm talking to lady, aight?
ImhotepVII says to (00:34:02):
Nice, you don't do typos? Wow, you are supreme!
TheCarlton says to (00:34:20):
Thank you.
ImhotepVII says to (00:34:43):
Lady Faatimah says to (00:34:55):
@TheCarlton African people are going through an awakening and our culture was already establish way before 400 years ago. (F)
TheCarlton says to (00:35:25):
Not as supreme as Museveni.
Lady Faatimah says to (00:35:38):
is that to me?
TheCarlton says to (00:35:42):
ImhotepVII says to (00:35:52):
So Carlton, why do you care so much about why African culture rejects homosexuality/ What is it to you?
ImhotepVII says to (00:36:08):
Are you African?
ImhotepVII says to (00:36:27):
Do you live on the Continent?
TheCarlton says to (00:36:37):
Lady Faatimah says to (00:36:46):
To all in the chat...Black women should be particular concerned are numbers on marriage are too low.
TheCarlton says to (00:36:47):
I don't care if their culture rejects it.
TheCarlton says to (00:36:55):
I care if they violate human rights and people.
AmericanCitizen says to (00:37:23):
obama's father practiced polygamy in africa.
Lady Faatimah says to (00:37:24):
America violates human rights, stop playing or being hypocritical
TheCarlton says to (00:37:44):
NOTE: I do not oppose bigamy, polygamy, or prostitution. I think those are 100% valid ways of life.
ImhotepVII says to (00:37:50):
Ok, so would you have an issue if pedophilia became a culturral norm@Carlton?
Lady Faatimah says to (00:37:51):
African culture okays polygamy not homosexuality
TheCarlton says to (00:37:57):
I'm not comparing to american, lady.
ImhotepVII says to (00:37:58):
TheCarlton says to (00:38:10):
Cultural norms don't matter.
Lady Faatimah says to (00:38:11):
Kalagenesis don't apologize :|
TheCarlton says to (00:38:16):
What matters is not violating people's rights.
ImhotepVII says to (00:38:21):
Yes they do.
TheCarlton says to (00:38:27):
Pedophiles, in molesting children, violate rights.
TheCarlton says to (00:38:29):
That's wrong.
ImhotepVII says to (00:38:36):
according to whom?
AmericanCitizen says to (00:38:38):
if u have enough money to support two families, a man should be allowed to have two wives
Lady Faatimah says to (00:38:48):
when america stops violating our human rights then we can talk :|
AmericanCitizen says to (00:38:57):
polygamy would cut down on adultery
TheCarlton says to (00:39:02):
According to me, my point is that we had ought to avoid violating people's rights and hurting people.
Lady Faatimah says to (00:39:06):
not true @ AmericanCitizen
TheCarlton says to (00:39:08):
What is your point Lady? I'm not american.
Lady Faatimah says to (00:39:10):
TheCarlton says to (00:39:31):
That's incredibly ignorant to shrug off a debate just because another country is doing something bad too.
Lady Faatimah says to (00:39:50):
I am and unless America stops there hypocritical ways we have no room to talk about other countries.
TheCarlton says to (00:39:59):
Imagine someone going, "What's wrong with me killing this guy? Haven't you heard of Hitler?"
TheCarlton says to (00:40:09):
TheCarlton says to (00:40:32):
Of course it is hypocrisy.
TheCarlton says to (00:40:38):
But that isn't going to change.
TheCarlton says to (00:40:47):
At LEAST they can make other people not engage in bad actions.
AmericanCitizen says to (00:40:54):
santorum is a strict catholic from western pa.--he is naturally racist
ImhotepVII says to (00:41:16):
@Carlton We are not talking about killing people, we are talking about Western culture imposing a phenomenon that is destructive on another culture
pumpkin13 says to (00:41:22):
Hmmm AC, his wife had an abortion so he cannot be that Catholic.
Lady Faatimah says to (00:41:34):
If Africans believe in the Laws of the Torah and the punishment is death who are we to talk, America has the death penalty and they have put innocent people to death. :S
ImhotepVII says to (00:41:42):
AmericanCitizen says to (00:41:54):
he is an italian catholic ---the staunchest catholic
Lady Faatimah says to (00:41:55):
pumpkin13 says to (00:42:04):
So he says AC.
ImhotepVII says to (00:42:08):
Troy Davis
pumpkin13 says to (00:42:10):
Doesn't mean it is true.
Lady Faatimah says to (00:42:20):
yes and the list goes on and on...
pumpkin13 says to (00:42:25):
hi tao.
ImhotepVII says to (00:42:32):
wait, he left.
Lady Faatimah says to (00:42:50):
I know a good run is better than a bad stand
ImhotepVII says to (00:42:54):
No wonder I feel lighter
Lady Faatimah says to (00:42:54):
Lady Faatimah says to (00:43:08):
pumpkin13 says to (00:43:31):
Happy weekend folks. :)
Vorpalbite says to (00:43:38):
Hello Ugly
ImhotepVII says to (00:43:42):
I don't hate homosexual PEOPLE, but I utterly reject the practice.
Vorpalbite says to (00:43:48):
Miss you on those early sunday morning shows
ImhotepVII says to (00:43:56):
You too Pumpkin
Lady Faatimah says to (00:44:39):
Lady Faatimah says to (00:44:48):
I don't remember
taokiller says to (00:44:55):
Michigan has become a dictatorship
pumpkin13 says to (00:45:07):
Why do you say that tao?
Lady Faatimah says to (00:45:14):
The police in Michigan are sooooooooo wrong
taokiller says to (00:45:52):
it has the state can do a way with any local government now
pumpkin13 says to (00:46:08):
That was passed?
Lady Faatimah says to (00:46:16):
Kalagenesis teach!!!
taokiller says to (00:46:21):
they are doing it now Pumpkin
taokiller says to (00:46:25):
its shocking
pumpkin13 says to (00:46:41):
ok, but it has not been voted on yet...correct?
taokiller says to (00:47:03):
never before in American history had there been a take over of local government like Michigan is doing
Lady Faatimah says to (00:47:04):
Shop with Lady Faatimah :)
Vorpalbite says to (00:47:11):
Its not just the black community under attack - EVERY community is under attack
Lady Faatimah says to (00:47:31):
true @ vorpalbite
taokiller says to (00:47:57):
The City of Detroit has the right to fight back with violence over the states take over
Lady Faatimah says to (00:48:08):
However, our state right now in this country is terrible...27 mil living below the poverty line.
pumpkin13 says to (00:48:56):
What state are you from Lady?
taokiller says to (00:49:36):
thats a swamp rat kala
ImhotepVII says to (00:49:51):
@Kala Remeber the Super rats of the earl 80's in Chicago?
ImhotepVII says to (00:49:58):
Lady Faatimah says to (00:50:02):
pumpkin13 says to (00:50:11):
I would think the people of Detroit would not stand for it, nor the people or northern/rural Michigan.
Vorpalbite says to (00:50:16):
On the farm, we give children a .22 to hunt the rats
taokiller says to (00:50:25):
they would put giant swap rats on the news in New Orleans from time to time
Lady Faatimah says to (00:51:03):
Originally Columbus Ohio but I live in Virginia now 20 minutes from DC
Lady Faatimah says to (00:52:20):
why pumpkin13 you coming to the Nation's capital.
Lady Faatimah says to (00:52:23):
Lady Faatimah says to (00:55:56):
Some are hoochies
Lady Faatimah says to (00:56:10):
Kalagenesis says (00:59:12):
Vorpalbite says to (00:59:30):
Lady Faatimah says to (01:00:20):
Ridiculous build us women a DAMN NATION!!!
Lady Faatimah says to (01:00:57):
Shariah Law get out of here :S:@
Lady Faatimah says to (01:01:22):
Lady Faatimah says to (01:02:02):
It's been almost 400 years what's wrong with his math???
ImhotepVII says to (01:02:41):
Sharia Law will NEVER happen here.
Lady Faatimah says to (01:02:56):
that's right @ Imhotep
Vorpalbite says to (01:03:24):
Africa needs a lot of help to become civilized - In all parts of Africa, they still practice cannabelism
Lady Faatimah says to (01:03:59):
African men would rather have more than one wife than sleep with men and African women would hapily be wife number 5 than sleep with another women.
Lady Faatimah says to (01:04:23):
Vorpalbite where in Africa are they cannabel's?? ({)
Vorpalbite says to (01:05:00):
After a battle - the warriors eat the KINDEY of their fallen enemies - to absorb their power
ImhotepVII says to (01:05:02):
No one will step to me and tell me how my wife should be. Her character which is determined by our spiritual principals guides how she carries herself
NailsIbird says to (01:05:24):
The down low thing is a GROSSLY over exageratted myth
NailsIbird says to (01:05:56):
It has been debunked by the CDC that most black women don't contract aids from bi-sexual black men
Lady Faatimah says to (01:06:01):
NailsIbird says to (01:06:32):
One LEARNS to be gay
Vorpalbite says to (01:06:41):
every where in africa - from top to bottom
ImhotepVII says to (01:06:51):
ImhotepVII says to (01:06:57):
It's an act of WILL
NailsIbird says to (01:06:57):
The only way homosexuals can reproduce is through indoctrination
ImhotepVII says to (01:07:03):
NailsIbird says to (01:07:22):
The are demanding the right to have access to our children through daycares and the school system
ImhotepVII says to (01:07:29):
Hey Antoinette (F)
Lady Faatimah says to (01:07:30):
you're lying I've lived in two West African countries and traveled too. You're lying :|
Vorpalbite says to (01:07:46):
Lady Faatimah says to (01:08:10):
Tell your momma to look in the mirror you lying white boy!!
*** (01:08:19):Vorpalbite is muted by Admin for breaking rules!
NailsIbird says to (01:08:27):
Psychologist says pedophilia is sexual orientation similar to homosexuality
ImhotepVII says to (01:08:41):
I can believe it
Antoinette from De says to (01:08:53):
hello Kala, AC, Germaine, guests, Imhotep, Lady, Nails, pumpkin, Scaven, Jim, Tao and Vor
Lady Faatimah says to (01:08:55):
ImhotepVII says to (01:09:21):
there are groups who are trying to make pedophilia acceptable
Lady Faatimah says to (01:09:22):
(}) Antoinette (F)
NailsIbird says to (01:09:25):
Pedophila is the next movement that will demand it's right to be recognized as exceptable
NailsIbird says to (01:09:36):
Then incest
ImhotepVII says to (01:09:41):
using the SAME arguments as homosexuals
ggt183 says to (01:09:48):
Gay peopel have the same rights as everybody else..
ImhotepVII says to (01:09:51):
ImhotepVII says to (01:10:04):
I'm the typo king tonight!
ggt183 says to (01:10:06):
Lady Faatimah says to (01:10:08):
no yet ggt183, they're working on it
ImhotepVII says to (01:10:17):
I am literate, really I am. LOL
ggt183 says to (01:10:27):
what rights dont they have?
Lady Faatimah says to (01:10:31):
Lady Faatimah says to (01:10:58):
they can not get married in ALL 50 states
ImhotepVII says to (01:11:06):
Thank God
Lady Faatimah says to (01:11:17):
they don't have equal rights when it comes to insurance policy.
Lady Faatimah says to (01:11:30):
adoption and the list goes on @ ggt183
NailsIbird says to (01:11:38):
Obama's 'Safe Schools' Czar Admits He Poorly Handled Underage Sex Case
ImhotepVII says to (01:11:50):
Oh no. let's not start blaming Christians. That's played out and tired.
NailsIbird says to (01:11:52):
I'm telling you pedos are coming out next
Lady Faatimah says to (01:11:58):
right @ Imhotep
pumpkin13 says to (01:12:21):
Hello Germaine.
ggt183 says to (01:12:34):
adoption?...why would you do that to a child
pumpkin13 says to (01:12:36):
Antoinette! Do you still think I am stupid?
ggt183 says to (01:12:39):
hi pumpkin
ImhotepVII says to (01:12:51):
Yes Kala, tht is correct!
ImhotepVII says to (01:12:56):
Antoinette from De says to (01:13:08):
pumpkin when did I call you stupid
NailsIbird says to (01:13:27):
It started with interracialism(which isn't so bad in comparison), then homosexual, pedophila will be next, then incest. I'm ready to high tale it out of this country.
pumpkin13 says to (01:13:33):
Last night on ggt's show.
Lady Faatimah says to (01:13:34):
@ ggt183 I wouldn't I'm just giving examples of the rights they don't have.
pumpkin13 says to (01:13:50):
You said I was being stupid.
Antoinette from De says to (01:14:13):
was I talking to you or bob/melinda
ImhotepVII says to (01:14:16):
Look, racism as we know it did NOT exist before the 16th century
pumpkin13 says to (01:14:29):
I thought you were talking to me. LOL
pumpkin13 says to (01:14:42):
Maybe you were talking to Melinda or Bob?
ggt183 says to (01:14:48):
civil unions I can deal with...but thats where i draw the line.
Lady Faatimah says to (01:14:55):
(L)(L)(L)(L) marriage
NailsIbird says to (01:15:01):
So we find that homosexuality is linked to pedophila, yet these corrupt goverment officials feel it nessesary to allow gays to adopt children of the SAME SEX!
ImhotepVII says to (01:15:11):
Before then, intermixing was more of a cultural/politcal issue. It had NOTHING to do with color.
ggt183 says to (01:15:32):
homosexuals should not be able to adopt children
NailsIbird says to (01:15:33):
SO what we have here is homosexual rights being put before the safety of the children
Lady Faatimah says to (01:15:35):
sad huh NailsIbird
SlimJim says to (01:15:56):
agree ggt... a child grows best under mother and father
NailsIbird says to (01:15:58):
ImhotepVII says to (01:16:02):
Sadly, yes @nailsbird
Lady Faatimah says to (01:16:03):
ggt183 says to (01:16:13):
its the natural way
ImhotepVII says to (01:16:13):
ImhotepVII says to (01:16:22):
It's the logical way
Lady Faatimah says to (01:16:25):
polygamy is not worse than gay marriage Kala
ImhotepVII says to (01:16:32):
and the morally correct way
Lady Faatimah says to (01:16:51):
NailsIbird says to (01:17:05):
Interracialism and polygamy are pretty much on the same level of serverity in my eyes
NailsIbird says to (01:17:10):
they're not that bad
NailsIbird says to (01:17:16):
but they don't help us either
ImhotepVII says to (01:17:22):
The Gay lobby has cash. They influence poitics.
NailsIbird says to (01:17:38):
Homosexualism and Incest are on the next level up
ggt183 says to (01:17:45):
I agree with Kala...hes 100% right
SlimJim says to (01:17:46):
whats odd is that even homosexuals know that it is in the child's best interest to have both a mother and father.. intact.. but they promote gay adoption out of pure selfishness
NailsIbird says to (01:17:54):
Both unexceptable in my eyes
Lady Faatimah says to (01:18:04): Homosexuals can't go because we're trying to build a nation not stagnate a Nation.
ggt183 says to (01:18:07):
watch it sound like a conservative:D
ImhotepVII says to (01:18:18):
@nailsbird Here's the issue. There aren't separate races. Biologically speaking, there is only one race on he planet, but multiple ethnicities.
Kalagenesis says (01:18:16):
SlimJim says to (01:18:37):
kala, at times speaks like a conservative, but never sounds like one :D
Lady Faatimah says to (01:18:42):
beautifully said Imhotep
NailsIbird says to (01:19:02):
@7 I know race is a man made concept. I'm just going by the current defintion that has been put in plce
ImhotepVII says to (01:19:16):
the idea of "race" didn't come until the early 19th century under Hegelian and Kantian philosopny
NailsIbird says to (01:19:18):
For the sake of theconvo
ImhotepVII says to (01:19:21):
NailsIbird says to (01:19:30):
I know
ImhotepVII says to (01:19:31):
oh I see
ggt183 says to (01:20:00):
just poking fun at ya bro:D
Lady Faatimah says to (01:20:04):
Kalagenesis will be on my show 1/9 7pm est.
NailsIbird says to (01:20:14):
I don't mind mixing too much. I'm more concerned with CULTURAL genocide
ggt183 says to (01:20:17):
post your link
SlimJim says to (01:20:38):
during the national championship game?
Lady Faatimah says to (01:20:41):
Lady Faatimah "The Corner Truth"
ImhotepVII says to (01:20:50):
Metal is a subculture.
NailsIbird says to (01:21:08):
Skinny jeans are a sub________
ImhotepVII says to (01:21:09):
I should know.... <:o)
ggt183 says to (01:21:15):
cool..i followed your show:)
Lady Faatimah says to (01:21:18):
:'( that's right
NailsIbird says to (01:21:59):
I just hope our AA nation state doesn't turn into a homosexual cesspool like Israel
Lady Faatimah says to (01:21:59):
ok @ ggt183
SlimJim says to (01:22:15):
quick poll..... LSU or Alabama?
ImhotepVII says to (01:22:15):
It's about te money@Kala
ggt183 says to (01:22:25):
Lady Faatimah says to (01:22:26):
NailsIbird says to (01:22:29):
They basically just put their state up for sacrifice to the gays
Lady Faatimah says to (01:22:30):
SlimJim says to (01:22:47):
ggt.. what? good 4 u Lady F
Pianki says to (01:22:51):
@Kala. Peace
NailsIbird says to (01:22:54):
I RESPECT israel's right to exist
Lady Faatimah says to (01:22:56):
Pianki (F)
NailsIbird says to (01:23:04):
But that's just yucks
ImhotepVII says to (01:23:05):
Same here@nailsbird
SlimJim says to (01:23:07):
sup Pianki!?
Pianki says to (01:23:07):

ImhotepVII says to (01:23:13):
Yo Pianki
Lady Faatimah says to (01:23:16):
ggt183 says to (01:23:17): wont even be close
Pianki says to (01:23:27):
@Slim and Faatimah.
taokiller says to (01:23:28):
Kala you have to chose either to protect your own rights under the constitution or to give up your right in order to stop gay marriage.
SlimJim says to (01:23:30):
stop it GGT! :D
ggt183 says to (01:23:36):
Pianki says to (01:23:51):
Been rough out here
ImhotepVII says to (01:24:23):
Give me 5min Kala.
Lady Faatimah says to (01:24:26):
Question: does the gay community needs us heterosexual couples to keep this gay thing going???
ImhotepVII says to (01:24:42):
Nah, you ok kala. LOL
ggt183 says to (01:24:43):
taokiller says to (01:24:54):
lol GGT
NailsIbird says to (01:25:57):
Homosexualism spreads disease and goes against the progress of a group of people by hindering it's growth
taokiller says to (01:26:03):
Kala does not see the trap he is in on this issure
taokiller says to (01:26:33):
Pianki says to (01:26:35):
I agree with that. Need to be a separate license indicating you married a female(s) or same sex.
NailsIbird says to (01:27:00):
We'll have GAY polygamist here in america soon
NailsIbird says to (01:27:07):
ggt183 says to (01:27:23):
i've had 2 or 3 girlfriends at a time..but when you get married..your wife owns you...why would any man want more than 1 wife...sounds like torture to me
taokiller says to (01:27:49):
why can't anybody see this ga y marrige thing is nothing but and assult on the constitution
SlimJim says to (01:28:10):
go on tao...
taokiller says to (01:29:05):
its trap to make us choose between protecting our own rights or giving up our rights to discriminate against others
NailsIbird says to (01:29:08):
Truthfully a man would have to be quite naive or a masochist to want to get married under this corrupt anti-male marriage & court system
NailsIbird says to (01:29:27):
especially a black man
ggt183 says to (01:29:33):
NailsIbird says to (01:29:44):
It's designed to f**k you over
pumpkin13 says to (01:29:50):
How would gay marriage be an assult on the Constitution?
pumpkin13 says to (01:30:08):
I did not know marriage was in the Contitution?
taokiller says to (01:30:50):
because Pumkin we would have to pass laws the openly discriminate against gays
SlimJim says to (01:31:10):
taokiller says to (01:31:24):
once that is done then they can pass more laws againt people
Antoinette from De says to (01:31:47):
gay history month, when did that happen
taokiller says to (01:31:51):
our constitution is made to regulate our government not us
SlimJim says to (01:32:14):
tao.. we dont alow adults to maryy juvenilles.. is that discrimation?
ggt183 says to (01:32:38):
hmmm..good question
NailsIbird says to (01:32:38):
California schools must teach GAY HISTORY now.
NailsIbird says to (01:32:40):
taokiller says to (01:32:56):
Juvenilles do not get full rights untill they reach the age of 18 read the constitution
pumpkin13 says to (01:33:01):
I do not care if schools say that someone in history was gay.
Kalagenesis says (01:33:03):
In California\
NailsIbird says to (01:33:16):
Lady Faatimah says to (01:33:17):
Oh hell no! I see the article
SlimJim says to (01:33:25):
the bil of rights apply to all citizens
NailsIbird says to (01:33:28):
like I said homosexual is akin to pedophila
Antoinette from De says to (01:33:33):
ty nails, that is terrible
SlimJim says to (01:33:35):
i have read the constitution
Lady Faatimah says to (01:33:37):
I will homeschool my son as soon as the dialogue hits Virginia
taokiller says to (01:33:42):
a child does not have the right to bare arms
NailsIbird says to (01:33:52):
why do you think they keep trying to get to the babies
pumpkin13 says to (01:33:53):
They do in New York.
ggt183 says to (01:33:58):
They can mention pumpkin...but i dont want homosexuality taught in schools as if its "normal"
pumpkin13 says to (01:34:03):
YOu can get a hungting permit when you are 12.
taokiller says to (01:34:19):
full rights as a citzen is granted at age 18, read the constitution
SlimJim says to (01:34:21):
under the cosntitution, youth do have the right to bear arms
pumpkin13 says to (01:34:22):
What is normal to you may not be normal to some one else.
SlimJim says to (01:34:54):
i had a gun at age 10.. was that unconstitutiona? illegal?
pumpkin13 says to (01:34:58):
They are not going to be teaching the act of sex. SIne I do not want the act of sex, between anyone, taught in school.
Lady Faatimah says to (01:35:02):
State Sen. Mark Leno, D-San Francisco, introduced the measure requiring public schools to teach the historical contributions of gay Americans. It was approved by the Assembly 49-25 on a party line vote July 5, and was signed into law nine days later.
NailsIbird says to (01:35:10):
I'm a victim of anger disorder. If you look at me wrong I will PUNCH YOU IN THE MOUTH
taokiller says to (01:35:14):
man the constitution is the hardest thing to get people to read
NailsIbird says to (01:35:18):
I need government assistance
SlimJim says to (01:35:28):
tao.. i had a gun at age 10.. as did many in america..
ggt183 says to (01:35:35):
homosexuality should be rejected by society
SlimJim says to (01:35:41):
are u saying that was against the constitution?
ImhotepVII says to (01:35:58):
pumpkin13 says to (01:36:02):
I do not care if the school says that being gay is when two people, same gender, have a relationship. I also do not care if a school mentions that a person in history is gay. Not at the grade school level but I do not care if the students are older.
taokiller says to (01:36:05):
Jim but your parents are in charge of you as minor
SlimJim says to (01:36:16):
that is not the point
SlimJim says to (01:36:23):
was it constututional?
Antoinette from De says to (01:36:34):
Lady, is it truly necessary to know their sexual preference toknow what they did in history
NailsIbird says to (01:36:48):
Gay history: Have sex with other men, get aids, DIE!
NailsIbird says to (01:36:51):
The end
Lady Faatimah says to (01:36:58):
No :|
Antoinette from De says to (01:37:00):
agree nail
taokiller says to (01:37:08):
well then jim, think what you want. give up your constitutional rights and save marriage
pumpkin13 says to (01:37:12):
Antoinette, history books will tell the name of the wife or husband and how many, what is wrong with saying someone is gay?
pumpkin13 says to (01:37:49):
Not everyone who is gay has AIDS and some people who are not gay have AIDS.
SlimJim says to (01:37:50):
tao.. i'm just saying its a states issue..
NailsIbird says to (01:38:05):
I guartnee you they're going to falsely represent MANY notable blacks as Gay in those class room
SlimJim says to (01:38:06):
not a constitutional fed issue
Lady Faatimah says to (01:38:06):
Nothing is wrong with saying someone is gay because they are. What's wrong is that everyone is expected to agree with the lifestyle.
taokiller says to (01:38:19):
and in most states jim you have a bill of rights
Antoinette from De says to (01:38:27):
I just do not thing it is necessary
SlimJim says to (01:38:31):
they do.. and many differ
Antoinette from De says to (01:38:36):
SlimJim says to (01:38:57):
charlie manson would be dead... if charged in texas
pumpkin13 says to (01:38:58):
I do not agree with the lifestyle since I feel it is against nature but if someone wants to be gay then that is their right. I will not treat them bad because of it.
taokiller says to (01:39:14):
I for one do not think it worth the fight, let them get married i like having rights
pumpkin13 says to (01:39:18):
Nobody has ever told me that I have to agree with the gay lifestyle.
ggt183 says to (01:39:25):
well if everybody was gay..atleast we wouldnt have to worry about homosexuality is unnatural and cant produce children
Lady Faatimah says to (01:39:26):
I agree @ pumpkin
NailsIbird says to (01:39:39):
I have a right to not except it. But I understand my rights end where others begin
pumpkin13 says to (01:39:46):
You have a point Germaine.
Lady Faatimah says to (01:39:47):
true @ ggt183
NailsIbird says to (01:40:00):
BUt I have to right to voice my opinion on anything I want
Lady Faatimah says to (01:40:18):
phobic is to be afraid...I know you're not afraid of anything Kala
NailsIbird says to (01:40:23):
I don't want to be told I'm a homophobe for speaking out against the sexual deviance
pumpkin13 says to (01:40:23):
Yes you do Nails.
Kalagenesis says (01:40:31):
SlimJim says to (01:41:07):
the only thing homosexuality produces is fancy cocktails (no pun) and hair-stylist
ggt183 says to (01:41:28):
Lady Faatimah says to (01:41:35):
pumpkin13 says to (01:41:44):
LOL, the "yes you do nails" was in reference to having the right to have your own opinion and not that you are a homophobe.
ggt183 says to (01:41:59):
did everybody see the pictures kala has up tonight:D
NailsIbird says to (01:42:04):
If AAs or AFricans don't want to except homos in their societies then that's THEIR prerogative. Isn't shouldn't be forced on us
ggt183 says to (01:42:09):
<<pumpkin13 says to (01:42:11):
I am ignoring them Germain.
NailsIbird says to (01:42:13):
Ok 13
Lady Faatimah says to (01:42:13):
yes they look horrible
Kalagenesis says (01:42:38):
NailsIbird says to (01:42:57):
^^^Exactly what I'm talkning about
NailsIbird says to (01:43:26):
No you shouldn't percecute anybody who hasn't comitted a crime against humanity
Lady Faatimah says to (01:43:37):
There is African resentment at what some see as Western imposition of norms, and some will put the Obama administration's new policy in that context -as the International Criminal Court has been because the cases before it all involve African figures.
Lady Faatimah says to (01:44:06):
ggt183 says to (01:44:27):
Obama has no interest in the black community..hes worse than Bush in that regard
pumpkin13 says to (01:44:31):
I do not think the USA should tell any other country how it has to live but with that said, I do not think the USA should be sending all this aid all over the world.
NailsIbird says to (01:44:48):
Plus their arrises a problem when someone can FALSELY ACCUSE someone of being gay and have them persecuted just because you don't like them is unexceptable
Lady Faatimah says to (01:44:56):
true about Obama
SlimJim says to (01:45:22):
"There is African resentment at what some see as Western imposition of norms, and some will put the Obama administration's new policy in that context"
NailsIbird says to (01:45:40):
It's like women who fasely accuse men of rape in the US and have them locked up and reputaions shot
NailsIbird says to (01:45:45):
especially black men
SlimJim says to (01:45:52):
right Lady F?
NailsIbird says to (01:46:31):
all it does it put people on some schizophrenic witch hunt
SlimJim says to (01:47:06):
as Jimmy Carter also proclaimed himself devine..
Lady Faatimah says to (01:47:20):
what happened?? I can't hear Kala
pumpkin13 says to (01:47:23):
ggt183 says to (01:47:33):
open your default player
Kalagenesis says (01:47:33):
press refresh
Pianki says to (01:47:36):
Godd Dammm who is that in your pictures Kala. Scared me.
Lady Faatimah says to (01:47:51):
Kalagenesis says (01:47:55):
can everyone hear
ggt183 says to (01:48:01):
NailsIbird says to (01:48:13):
Yeah I refreshed the page
ggt183 says to (01:48:15):
i can
NailsIbird says to (01:48:19):
You did go out for a min there
Lady Faatimah says to (01:48:30):
pumpkin13 says to (01:48:31):
Good show Kala....have a happy Saturday folks.
ggt183 says to (01:48:42):
GN Pumpkin
Kalagenesis says (01:48:45):
thank you
Antoinette from De says to (01:48:53):
gn pumpkin
Pianki says to (01:49:01):
Yes, I refresh and that person with a mustache wearing a bra pops up. Scared me.
ggt183 says to (01:49:10):
Kalagenesis says (01:49:18):
Kalagenesis says (01:49:23):
SlimJim says to (01:50:16):
what?? kala? the saying goes, "if a tree falls in the forest and NO ONE is around to hear it, did it MAKE A SOUND?" cuz sound is defined as reception of vibration
Lady Faatimah says to (01:50:34):
ImhotepVII good to dialogue with you!
ggt183 says to (01:50:47):
Slim..acting like he smart...smh :D
NailsIbird says to (01:50:50):
kala have you ever heard of Japan's herbivore men?
NailsIbird says to (01:51:05):
It's a new phenomion among the males in Japan
SlimJim says to (01:51:14):
ggt not smart.. i'm as stupid man still learning
SlimJim says to (01:51:18):
NailsIbird says to (01:51:23):
Japan's 'herbivore men' -- less interested in sex, money
Lady Faatimah says to (01:51:24):
what is it? Nail
NailsIbird says to (01:51:30):
NailsIbird says to (01:51:57):
It's a response to the growing feminist culture in Japan
Lady Faatimah says to (01:52:30):
ok got it
ggt183 says to (01:52:36):
Slim...North Carolina is ranked 39th in education...i know i'm smart :D
Lady Faatimah says to (01:52:36):
SlimJim says to (01:52:40):
ggt. i dont wanna be smart.. not much to learn after that.. as campared with those who consider them selves smart and have it all figured out..
ImhotepVII says to (01:53:02):
@Nailsbird. Do you like Japanese CosPlay? The Manga fashion culture?
SlimJim says to (01:53:35):
damn ggt.. i tink we are still ranked 49th in education.... our motto is "thank god for missisippi"
Lady Faatimah says to (01:53:44):
polygamy is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG
ggt183 says to (01:53:46):
Lady Faatimah says to (01:54:02):
One is better for you if you but knew
Antoinette from De says to (01:54:06):
I agree Lady
ImhotepVII says to (01:54:10):
NailsIbird says to (01:54:10):
I'm not into the manga fashion in Japan. But I do watch some anime
Kalagenesis says (01:54:10):
I agree
NailsIbird says to (01:54:15):
Lady Faatimah says to (01:54:44):
shut up @ caller
Lady Faatimah says to (01:54:50):
Lady Faatimah says to (01:54:54):
Pianki says to (01:54:59):
Nothing wrong with pologamy.
NailsIbird says to (01:55:11):
"Unlike earlier generations of Japanese men, they prefer not to make the first move, they like to split the bill, and they're not particularly motivated by sex."
NailsIbird says to (01:55:13):
NailsIbird says to (01:55:20):
I can feel that to some degree
SlimJim says to (01:55:26):
is it me. or are japanese women getting hotter?
Lady Faatimah says to (01:55:32):
it is when the man is broke and he is going around looking for virgins. @ Pianki
NailsIbird says to (01:55:45):
LOL @ splitting the bill
ggt183 says to (01:55:56):
thats because the man is made to produce as many offspring in his lifetime as possible
Pianki says to (01:56:11):
@Lady. Thats not pologamy. Thats acting a fool.
Lady Faatimah says to (01:56:31):
and leave an inheritance of zero!
Antoinette from De says to (01:56:38):
expensive cost Germaine
NailsIbird says to (01:56:54):
All the earliest dawn of civilzation men didn't have a concept of paternity
Lady Faatimah says to (01:57:03):
ok Pianki I saw the positive of polygamy when I lived in Senegal
NailsIbird says to (01:57:13):
Men don't have a natural concept of paternity of fatherhood
Antoinette from De says to (01:57:23):
I can't tolerate either
ggt183 says to (01:57:23):
NailsIbird says to (01:57:29):
like women do with their maternity and motherhood
Pianki says to (01:57:34):
@Lady. Are you willing to birth children?
ggt183 says to (01:57:49):
we are mammals
Antoinette from De says to (01:57:50):
I have 3
Lady Faatimah says to (01:57:54):
not true my husband understands the importance of fatherhood and being a good husband.
ggt183 says to (01:58:05):
but civilized
SlimJim says to (01:58:06):
pianki.. stop hitting on the women here! :D
ImhotepVII says to (01:58:12):
Lady Faatimah says to (01:58:13):
I am a mother so the answer is...yes
NailsIbird says to (01:58:14):
Primial men just went through certain female clans sleeping with multiple women not even knowing what a father is
Pianki says to (01:58:20):
@Antoinette. Great for you.
Lady Faatimah says to (01:58:22):
yes, yes
NailsIbird says to (01:58:36):
@Lady that's because modern day humans are TAUGHT about what fatherhood is
Antoinette from De says to (01:58:38):
ty and grandmother of 2
NailsIbird says to (01:58:43):
We are civilzed now
ggt183 says to (01:59:28):
men can make babies way into theit late 70's
Pianki says to (01:59:29):
@Lady. I mean more at this point in your life. Pologmy don't work in the US correctly. It cost too dam much to live.
SlimJim says to (01:59:45):
if unemployment gets to <7% and gas is <4$.. obama gets a second term
NailsIbird says to (01:59:55):
But if a man grew up without ever being taught what a "father" is. He would just follow his natural instinct and spread seed unknowingly contributing half of his dna to create the child
Pianki says to (01:59:56):
Don't have thge will Kala.
ImhotepVII says to (02:00:09):
ggt183 says to (02:00:12):
Great Show was fun
Pianki says to (02:00:13):
@Slim. Gas here was $2.94gal last week.
Lady Faatimah says to (02:00:20):
true @ Pianki but one wife is good and marrying women that are divorced or widowed is the way to go with polygamy.
SlimJim says to (02:00:26):
wait till next week pianki
SlimJim says to (02:00:35):
and summer
ImhotepVII says to (02:00:37):
Call in to continue to listen
Lady Faatimah says to (02:00:39):
Pianki says to (02:00:42):
@Lady. Thats right.
Kalagenesis says (02:00:44):
Thank you
Lady Faatimah says to (02:01:08):
goodnight, what an excellent show! (})
NailsIbird says to (02:01:08):
Only seahorse & some bird spieces of male have a natural concept of paternity/fatherhood
NailsIbird says to (02:01:15):
as far as I know
Pianki says to (02:01:25):
Kala good to hear you again.
Antoinette from De says to (02:01:29):
gn e1, hv good one
ImhotepVII says to (02:01:37):
You too sister

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