Sunday, January 29, 2012

The enemy within.Lukewarm

*** (23:59:35):Welcome to the Kalagenesis Chat Room.
NailsIbird says to (00:01:43):
Sheesh, good to be around some sensible discussion.
uBpJessie says to (00:02:06):
yay you have a chatroom tonight
AmericanCitizen says to (00:02:24):
Kalagenesis says (00:02:23):
Welcome to the show
Kalagenesis says (00:02:30):
NailsIbird says to (00:02:36):
Yeah yesterday I could access the chat room.
Kalagenesis says (00:02:43):
I was pissed Friday
NailsIbird says to (00:02:46):
I thought it was my laptop
Tribal Warlord X says to (00:02:47):
be careful kala
Kalagenesis says (00:02:53):
I am on point tonight
Tribal Warlord X says to (00:02:59):
they think they got me good
Kalagenesis says (00:03:14):
This is War
Tribal Warlord X says to (00:03:19):
great. i may call in if some tea partier calls in
*** (00:03:27):OBAMA USAMA is muted by Admin for breaking rules!
NailsIbird says to (00:03:35):
If they're going to make you pay for this stuff, they should atleast make sure it's functioning properly
NailsIbird says to (00:03:49):
damn, you shut him up with the quickness lol
Tribal Warlord X says to (00:03:54):
or some misguided " king " or " god "
Tribal Warlord X says to (00:04:17):
Rose ! Again, where have you been hiding ?
DesertRose says to (00:04:22):
Tribal Warlord X says to (00:04:44):
AC ! Yes, our honeymoon was on fire, wasn't it
DesertRose says to (00:04:46):
school...lots of homework
DesertRose says to (00:04:56):
gettin teaching cred.
Tribal Warlord X says to (00:05:08):
oh yeah, how are things coming along
Tribal Warlord X says to (00:05:18):
nice !
DesertRose says to (00:05:38):
its good.. hard to do at my age.. compared to the younger students
Tribal Warlord X says to (00:05:39):
Yes Kala. This is War
Tribal Warlord X says to (00:06:00): have life experience, and they don't
DesertRose says to (00:06:05):
DesertRose says to (00:06:24):
DesertRose says to (00:06:31):
Tribal Warlord X says to (00:06:40):
BA in the house !
BlackAchievement USA says to (00:07:17):
peace to the chat room
GGT183 says to (00:07:27):
Antoinette from De says to (00:07:39):
hello Kala. BA, rose, durrell, Germaine, Jock, Nails, usama, Warlord and u8p
NailsIbird says to (00:07:46):
That's properly molester priest ben-GAY
DesertRose says to (00:07:53):
Antoinette!! GT!!
NailsIbird says to (00:07:55):
NailsIbird says to (00:08:11):
AmericanCitizen says to (00:08:24):
the real community organizers live in the neighborhood everyday
AmericanCitizen says to (00:09:04):
the lukewarm people are the people who talk and represent no action.
*** (00:09:16):OBAMA USAMA has been unmuted by Admin.
Tribal Warlord X says to (00:10:16):
EC !
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:10:20):
im free!
uBpJessie says to (00:10:28):
Tribal Warlord X says to (00:10:40):
AmericanCitizen says to (00:10:48):
Alex Jones is a lukewarm person --constant conspiracy theories but no plan of action to fight the man.
Tribal Warlord X says to (00:10:53):
uBpJessie says to (00:10:57):
how it going warlord?
AmericanCitizen says to (00:11:01):
he is a white guy
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:11:05):
There is no way to fight the man
Tribal Warlord X says to (00:11:05):
Pianki says to (00:11:23):
Peace @Kala
BlackAchievement USA says to (00:11:37):
man, it's good to see the old crowd here tonight
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:11:37):
you cant fight the man and no matter what plan someone has, to get millions to jump on board will never happen
AmericanCitizen says to (00:11:42):
what is up with perry steele pianki?
Pianki says to (00:12:02):
@AC. Don't know
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:12:07):
Everything that alex jones has prodicted for years has come to light, just being honest
uBpJessie says to (00:12:14):
warlord did you know about the process of turning plastic back into gas?
AmericanCitizen says to (00:12:35):
he kicked me out of his show for cursing and sarge continually curses on his show@pianki
Tribal Warlord X says to (00:12:46):
2 billion dollars of contract money dedicated to iraqi affairs are missing
AmericanCitizen says to (00:13:08):
and sarge yells and raises his voice too
GGT183 says to (00:13:25):
Pianki says to (00:13:26):
@AC. You been kicked off shows before like I have too.
BlackAchievement USA says to (00:13:49):
damn everybody is here tonight
BlackAchievement USA says to (00:13:51):
i may call
Pianki says to (00:13:55):
@AC. I heard sarge on a show and he was whispering.
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:13:59):
Answers don't mean anything, action fixes things, but a politican can not fix america
BlackAchievement USA says to (00:14:02):
maybe pundit will show up tonight
AmericanCitizen says to (00:14:11):
sarge cursed the same young boy who called his show the last time who tried to argue with me@pianki
AmericanCitizen says to (00:14:23):
check the archive
Tribal Warlord X says to (00:15:00):
the next republican debate is going to be sponsored by Barnum and Bailey. and newty will spend too much time undoing his having played the race card in SC
Tribal Warlord X says to (00:15:11):
that's why he really won
Jock n Box says to (00:15:19):
Pianki says to (00:15:29):
A lady came out to an organization and explained Obama care. It appears to be a good program. It has a coupl;e of issues but overall it is decent.
NailsIbird says to (00:15:53):
Everybody wants to be a social-celebrity
Sarge60 says to (00:16:34):
Admittedly I do cussoutknucleheads who engage in flat out dishonesty o rpersonal invective I dont suffer such fools gladly
AmericanCitizen says to (00:16:40):
envy and jealousy are signs of insecurity in a grown adult
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:17:32):
Anything with the name OBAMA on it is not good
Tribal Warlord X says to (00:18:07):
if someone is jealous of you, it means you are doing something right, assuming your motives and means are progressing
Sarge60 says to (00:18:26):
I have LONG ago eschewed jealously and envy Which is why I despise covetous class warfare liberals so much
aabbcc says to (00:18:27):
i saw that movie Red Tails today
Pianki says to (00:18:33):
The way that health plan was explained and how it will be paid was pretty good.
Eagle021 says to (00:18:54):
If we are to go forward, we must go back and rediscover those precious values - that all reality hinges on moral foundations and that all reality has spiritual control.
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Tribal Warlord X says to (00:19:00):
class warfare is being waged by who Sarge ?
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:19:02):
racism will never go away, its a part of life
uBpJessie says to (00:19:16):
where would the money come from pianki?
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:19:18):
not like one day we gonna be able to say, oh racism is gone
Sarge60 says to (00:19:34):
Just about every mainstream liberal the Dems and OWS
Tribal Warlord X says to (00:19:46):
Tribal Warlord X says to (00:20:14):
totally lost in slogan land...just like Bob-fake-marine
Flyover Territory says to (00:20:27):
there ya go... Warlord went straight for the duck, dodge & downplay
Pianki says to (00:20:28):
They are planning to tax pharmaceuticals and medical equipment manufacturers along with some others.
Jock n Box says to (00:20:34):
let it all burn
Eagle021 says to (00:20:43):
t may be true that the law cannot make a man love me, but it can keep him from lynching me, and I think that's pretty important.
Martin Luther King, Jr.
uBpJessie says to (00:21:21):
Taxing them would be enough?
Pianki says to (00:21:57):
People can opp out due to religion.
Eagle021 says to (00:22:01):
Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal.
Martin Luther King, Jr.
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:22:25):
This is a white country
Flyover Territory says to (00:22:43):
gotta bail
J Dub says to (00:22:46):
Thats why it sucks
Flyover Territory says to (00:22:48):
and remember, folks...
Pianki says to (00:22:54):
Hitler had some good ideas.
J Dub says to (00:22:59):
corny and white
Flyover Territory says to (00:22:59):
'Still Flyin' Over the Heartland' -- @ 11:30PM Central TONIGHT -
Flyover Territory says to (00:23:04):
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:23:04):
Obama which is run by the Bush family is doing exactly what hitler did, but no one cares until it happens
blackbones says to (00:23:20):
J Dub says to (00:23:32):
its a pink reddish ***ry
blackbones says to (00:23:35):
man this whole country like hitler zombies
Eagle021 says to (00:23:40):
Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.
Martin Luther King, Jr.
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:23:41):
Bush Senior put obama in office to be a cool hitler
Pianki says to (00:23:42):
blackbones in da house.
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:23:48):
blackbones says to (00:23:50):
greetings pianki
Sarge60 says to (00:23:52):
Warlord X has naught but Allinskyite attacks. He couldnt win a debate against a knowledgble opponent to save his life
blackbones says to (00:24:02):
peace room
GGT183 says to (00:24:16):
Sarge60 says to (00:24:16):
He dontknow sh or it!!!
uBpJessie says to (00:24:21):
J Dub says to (00:24:24):
blackbones says to (00:24:26):
peace ggt
Tribal Warlord X says to (00:24:27):
why haven't i lost a debate yet ( 3 years on BTR ) ?
blackbones says to (00:24:29):
peace ubp
AmericanCitizen says to (00:24:30):
u are very knowledgable sarge--u are the smartest cop i have ever heard@sarge
AmericanCitizen says to (00:24:34):
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:24:46):
If people new the truth about the Confederate flag, they would not have a problem with it
Tribal Warlord X says to (00:24:51):
Right Kala
blackbones says to (00:24:52):
blackbones says to (00:24:59):
sarge is an excellent debater
Tribal Warlord X says to (00:25:13):
slow people think sarge is smart
uBpJessie says to (00:25:15):
sarge just yells alot
J Dub says to (00:25:15):
Tribal Warlord X says to (00:25:24):
he's just loud and abrasive
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:25:27):
i agree Tribal lol
blackbones says to (00:25:29):
not slow at all tribal
uBpJessie says to (00:25:29):
he can debate very well
Tribal Warlord X says to (00:25:30):
and talks over people
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:25:42):
what exactly is proof host?
uBpJessie says to (00:25:49):
but raises his blood pressure to do it
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:25:52):
Where does proof have to come from for it to be real proof?
Sarge60 says to (00:25:54):
Its easy to PROCLAIM yourself the victor. I just tell every one to listen to the matter in question and decide for themselves
J Dub says to (00:25:55):
white people are no one to be equal to
Eagle021 says to (00:25:58):
yea!its those indians they are the real they were here first..The gall
blackbones says to (00:25:59):
he makes his points tribal
Jock n Box says to (00:26:12):
fix the model t vs get a new car
Tribal Warlord X says to (00:26:32):
Right Kala
Sarge60 says to (00:26:38):
But I would have you notice how warlord X. proclaims himself the victor
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:26:44):
Can anyone tell me where can a person find real proof?
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:26:52):
Alex Jones is not proof to people
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:26:57):
Websites are not proof to people
J Dub says to (00:27:06):
alex jones is another pink fat wind bag
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:27:06):
Is the only proof in america CNN and FOX?
blackbones says to (00:27:20):
you dont understand the game obama
blackbones says to (00:27:23):
AmericanCitizen says to (00:27:25):
sarge knows legal procedure better than some lawyers i know---i dont think u have to be slow to think that sarge is smart
Tribal Warlord X says to (00:27:28):
well, when someone outsmarts me in a debate, i'll readily admit it.. it just hasn't happened yet
blackbones says to (00:27:45):
you support your argument with what people know as fact
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:27:47):
Humans only believe in who they have been trained to believe, thats 1. News channels that are allowed by the courts to lie to the public
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:27:53):
2. Government officals
blackbones says to (00:28:00):
everything is always debatble
blackbones says to (00:28:01):
Tribal Warlord X says to (00:28:03):
i have a retort for that, but i may save it if i debate sargee tonight
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:28:05):
or 3, Doctors which lie for profit and drug sales
Pianki says to (00:28:16):
They made "luke warm decisions" in order not to get killed.
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:28:28):
All i can say, is everything alex jones has predicted came to the light
Kalagenesis says (00:28:31):
Tribal Warlord X says to (00:28:34):
but Kala generally beats him up without my getting a swing at
Eagle021 says to (00:28:41):
sarge u up? fot the debate with TWX
blackbones says to (00:29:06):
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:29:12):
he said for years arsenic was in the chicken, then the fda finally admitted it, so millions of humans eat cancer chicken
J Dub says to (00:29:17):
Obamas to busy helping gay folks & other abominations
Tribal Warlord X says to (00:29:58):
well. this isn't my show, but i've called into sarge's mediums plenty of times
Tribal Warlord X says to (00:30:18):
america will never be it
J Dub says to (00:30:28):
amrikka is a heap of dog feces from its inception
Tribal Warlord X says to (00:30:32):
it never was
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:30:34):
I'm Hot
Antoinette from De says to (00:30:42):
Hello Robb
Sarge60 says to (00:30:44):
American citizen thanks for your intellectually honest advocacy for my positions. We don't always agree but I find you to be an honest interlocutor in debate
Tribal Warlord X says to (00:30:49):
Rob !
Jock n Box says to (00:30:57):
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:31:09):
Sarge who will be the next president?
AmericanCitizen says to (00:31:11):
okay thanks sarge
blackbones says to (00:31:21):
lolol obama
AmericanCitizen says to (00:31:22):
i try
Eagle021 says to (00:31:25):
Jeb bush
blackbones says to (00:31:33):
theres no candidate to run against obama
Jock n Box says to (00:31:43):
Pianki says to (00:31:46):
Zimbabwe's Bio-Fuel Production have reached number 5 in the world and climbing. It supplies 50%+ of fuel for the country
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:31:49):
Come on sarge who will be the next president?
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:31:53):
spit it out!
Tribal Warlord X says to (00:32:04):
i hate most writers. most get where they get because of family ties
Tribal Warlord X says to (00:32:20):
just like the cable news folks
Jock n Box says to (00:32:31):
obama will win reps destroy themselevs
Eagle021 says to (00:32:38):
There will not be another election maybe...thugs in the house
Sarge60 says to (00:32:40):
It definitely won't be Obama unless he suspends the elections he will go down to defeat in a landslide
blackbones says to (00:32:41):
i think because people believe them tribal
Tribal Warlord X says to (00:32:44):
they don't know how to debate, answer questions, or interview people
Tribal Warlord X says to (00:33:03):
lol @ Rob
Pianki says to (00:33:11):
Obama want be on Georgia ballots.
Sarge60 says to (00:33:13):
As to who it will be, I'm afraid it may be Romney
blackbones says to (00:33:27):
ecco says to (00:33:29):
don't write it displays the enemy :D
J Dub says to (00:33:30):
romneys corny ass wont win
J Dub says to (00:33:42):
fat newt nope
blackbones says to (00:33:43):
whats romneys stance on energy?
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:33:51):
Sarge lets make a bet
Eagle021 says to (00:33:57):
"I like being called your Excellency" ~the behemoth of DC
blackbones says to (00:34:04):
after last week i get the feeling reps represent the old robber barons
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:34:10):
My bet is if obama wins, you will be removed from BTR forever!
Tribal Warlord X says to (00:34:14):
they're using unemployment to make black people leave detroit. just my conspiracy theory. then, something big will probably happen there
Antoinette from De says to (00:34:19):
that will be the worst istake Romney who baptizes dead people
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:34:23):
If not, i will give you a $1,000 walmart gift card. Deal?
blackbones says to (00:34:27):
lol obama
Sarge60 says to (00:34:47):
Romney is far too comfortable with the global warming hoax for me. He can be easily seduced by this green energy jive
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:34:47):
It is 1000% for sure obama will be the next president
Eagle021 says to (00:34:54):
LOL tribal warlord
Jock n Box says to (00:34:59):
romney wants to make a crunchier cheetoe
GGT183 says to (00:35:08):
Sarge, so is Newt
blackbones says to (00:35:10):
robber barons are gone sarge
blackbones says to (00:35:12):
blackbones says to (00:35:17):
oil is old news
ecco says to (00:35:21):
Romney takes dead people votes jus like O :D
Tribal Warlord X says to (00:35:38):
obama has this thing wrapped up. may as well debate about what he will do during his second term
Sarge60 says to (00:35:42):
You're right about newt GGT
J Dub says to (00:35:44):
romny is the classic phony fake ass white boy
blackbones says to (00:35:56):
reps were known for that in nyc
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:35:58):
I don't believe presidents are elected, im way to smart for that to believe that a multi billion dollar donation business is going to allow the public that they run over daily to vote
blackbones says to (00:35:58):
Eagle021 says to (00:36:09):
tribal they make black people run to the destruction not away...remember katrina
Sarge60 says to (00:36:10):
I don't care that Romney is white, I care that he is phony
blackbones says to (00:36:14):
fill out your absentee ballot cause u now live in brooklyn
Sarge60 says to (00:36:15):
I don't trust him
blackbones says to (00:36:16):
Tribal Warlord X says to (00:36:20):
no revolution is static. unchanging. unscientific
J Dub says to (00:36:25):
Hes a flatbutt wealthy trick
GGT183 says to (00:36:33):
but hes better than Obama
blackbones says to (00:36:37):
energy will create jobs
Tribal Warlord X says to (00:36:46):
why do you tea party people hate science, by the way. i can teach you if you'd like
blackbones says to (00:36:48):
and get rid of the robber barons at the same time
J Dub says to (00:36:50):
obama sucks donkey d*&^ in hell
Sarge60 says to (00:37:10):
Warlord X. are you going to regale us with the first law of thermodynamics and abortion again?
J Dub says to (00:37:12):
fruad ass romny
Eagle021 says to (00:37:15):
false pardime the whole thing is a sham
blackbones says to (00:37:16):
i will tell you something i dont believe obama
Tribal Warlord X says to (00:37:24):
i can sarge
J Dub says to (00:37:33):
obama is a jew sock monkey puppet
Sarge60 says to (00:37:35):
I still can't wrap my tiny brain around that bit of scientific theory
blackbones says to (00:37:47):
i dont believe a group of barefoot folks with muskets defeated the british
ecco says to (00:37:51):
Romney can't hep it ...but his eyes are like monkeys close and blinking (H)
blackbones says to (00:37:51):
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:38:02):
sorry host i froze up
Eagle021 says to (00:38:06):
We are the resistance to the new World order! the blacks should Join...not masters chains
BlackAchievement USA says to (00:38:09):
kala, give the first caller a gift tonight
J Dub says to (00:38:14):
Mormon nuff said
Jock n Box says to (00:38:48):
i wonder who the supries candidate will be
Pianki says to (00:38:54):
@BA. Warn your love ones.
Tribal Warlord X says to (00:38:55):
yes. obama is only shelter that will temporarily keep the tea partiers back. but these people will destroy this country when they eventually get some power
J Dub says to (00:38:58):
Newt joins a church that rapes lil boys romny s church preaches back inferiority they dont stand chance
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:39:06):
Sarge your not luke warm for sure with your loud mouth ass !
blackbones says to (00:39:16):
romney has that ole ronnie regan outta touch look
blackbones says to (00:39:23):
just an observation
Tribal Warlord X says to (00:39:26):
lol @ Rob
blackbones says to (00:39:28):
Pianki says to (00:39:57):
Sarge was born before the advent of the Bull Horn
BlackAchievement USA says to (00:40:04):
pianki, that's got to be photo shoped
BlackAchievement USA says to (00:40:09):
blackbones says to (00:40:11):
i cant wait to see newt cry again j dub that was classic
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:40:12):
So let me ask you all a serious question
blackbones says to (00:40:18):
Pianki says to (00:40:21):
@BA. Watch the video
J Dub says to (00:40:26):
Sarge i haave never seen a big mouth negroe on the wrong side of the game lol
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:40:45):
did usama bin ladens body ever wash up on land after being dumped in the sea less than 24 hours after being killed?
blackbones says to (00:41:03):
lolol obama
Eagle021 says to (00:41:05):
All white rednecks are now armed....10,800,000 guns sold in Americia
blackbones says to (00:41:15):
osama is chilln with george bush
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:41:29):
You got that right black bones, just look at my username
blackbones says to (00:41:31):
wag the dog
J Dub says to (00:41:34):
whites will win a race war but ill take plenty with me!
Pianki says to (00:41:37):
I don't blame Americans for acquiring guns
Chef Robb says to (00:41:37):
Greetins everyone accept to the bigots like; Sarge, American Citizen, their cousins
blackbones says to (00:41:39):
blackbones says to (00:41:53):
peace chef
BlackAchievement USA says to (00:41:58):
too gross pianki
blackbones says to (00:41:59):
lol @ their cousins
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:41:59):
you hit that on the plastic surgery nose blackbones
Chef Robb says to (00:42:01):
BB peace
J Dub says to (00:42:02):
guns are for pussies whom have a lot to fear
BlackAchievement USA says to (00:42:09):
i will take your word
Pianki says to (00:42:13):
@BA. yea that video was real
blackbones says to (00:42:14):
BlackAchievement USA says to (00:42:20):
wash your clothes
Tribal Warlord X says to (00:42:29):
in some ways, we're worse. Hurricane Katrina proved that
Pianki says to (00:42:31):
blackbones says to (00:42:37):
im still trying to figure what a guns going to do against space age weapons?
Jock n Box says to (00:42:40):
good now there dumb ass s will shoot themseles
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:42:56):
Its amazing to me, how a story can just disappear and the american people just accept anything. What happen to bin ladens body? Did the sharks get it?
Sarge60 says to (00:42:58):
The Continental Army that defeated the British Army at the battle of Yorktown and Cowpens was not a barefoot rabble
Eagle021 says to (00:42:59):
The time to prepare has passed.
J Dub says to (00:43:03):
you cant shot if your ears are bleeding from sound weapons
blackbones says to (00:43:04):
it cant defeat a laser
blackbones says to (00:43:21):
it cant defeat flicking that microwave switch
Eagle021 says to (00:43:34):
yes we can
Tribal Warlord X says to (00:43:37):
what they're not telling you is that they caught Iman al-Zwahiri
Chef Robb says to (00:43:40):
Look at Sarge still with his head up his massah's butt
Sarge60 says to (00:43:47):
It was well trained in traditional European battle drill by Baron von Steuben at Valley Forge who was the first American drill instructor
J Dub says to (00:44:04):
they have a sound gun that will make you poop your pants that will take the revolution right out of ya!
uBpJessie says to (00:44:19):
the brown note?
blackbones says to (00:44:24):
sarge they aint defeat no british navy
blackbones says to (00:44:28):
Eagle021 says to (00:44:29):
tell them to bring it
J Dub says to (00:44:32):
the bubble gut gun
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:44:38):
Obama is not black
Pianki says to (00:44:47):
Black soldiers got beat up at the Battle of the Crater and the 54th Mass took a beating too.
uBpJessie says to (00:44:48):
yeah the brown note
blackbones says to (00:44:51):
lol indeed j dub
rwj Benyamin Solomon says to (00:44:55):
Ha ha Warlord X. BTR cut down your slanderous show on me.
ecco says to (00:45:01):
what da fk is he takin bout :D
Tribal Warlord X says to (00:45:03):
they'll use legal immigration to cut us down
Sarge60 says to (00:45:06):
Chief I'm about to sell your momma on youand she gon beat yo ass for using bad language
Eagle021 says to (00:45:09):
J dub you are a mason boot liker
Pianki says to (00:45:28):
Long live Palestine ...
J Dub says to (00:45:28):
It's true the police are going military on that ass all you ruby ridge flat butts will get it first
Eagle021 says to (00:45:45):
ooh sorry licker*
Chef Robb says to (00:45:54):
No Beny, Stop asking Warlord X for Dates...
Tribal Warlord X says to (00:46:00):
but they have nothing to say about you. but that's their right. i'd use my mind rather than power, that's all.
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:46:01):
The police and military have turned on the american people,
J Dub says to (00:46:15):
Eagle you are a pinkish white nut sack
Pianki says to (00:46:25):
@BA. How is it that jewish newpaper editor that floated a hit on Obama is not behind bars?
Sarge60 says to (00:46:29):
John Paul Jones didn't do too bad with the Bon Homme
blackbones says to (00:46:36):
i think people have forgotten who we are
blackbones says to (00:46:54):
america was about making money
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:46:55):
People think the state will over power the federal level, will never happen if the federal level is corrupt
blackbones says to (00:47:02):
today most look for handouts
Antoinette from De says to (00:47:05):
he should be chargedwith treason
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:47:05):
obama will never be behind bars, get over it
blackbones says to (00:47:12):
and to dayum lazy to start their own business
blackbones says to (00:47:26):
so if the people want handouts and theres no handout to give
Sarge60 says to (00:47:29):
Obama has just stipulated legally in a Georgia court that he is not a natural born citizen
blackbones says to (00:47:36):
then eventually they get angry and want to fight
Sarge60 says to (00:47:41):
That he has 27 different social security numbers
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:47:48):
of course he not natural born
blackbones says to (00:47:48):
so no ones turning on us except us
Sarge60 says to (00:47:53):
That he presented a forged birth certificate to the American people
blackbones says to (00:47:56):
for forgetting what we were
ecco says to (00:47:56):
America is no more thanks to da freeloading cocksuckers and foreigners
Tribal Warlord X says to (00:48:07):
there's medication for you sarge
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:48:23):
if people want to fall for that story they can, but truth is obama is the son of the king and queen of thailand, who has great ties to george bush senior
Sarge60 says to (00:48:23):
That the Democratic Party engaged in a conspiracy to nominate him despite the fact that they knew he wasn't a natural born citizen
uBpJessie says to (00:48:28):
sarge state your sources, if your are making these dubious claims
J Dub says to (00:48:30):
who are the free loading cocksucker?
Jock n Box says to (00:48:34):
there is no fix
Chef Robb says to (00:48:37):
Sarge is a transvestite BLACK PANTHER !
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:48:39):
anyone can see that is obama parents, and the prince of thailand looks just like obama
Pianki says to (00:48:56):
@Sarge. When I was critizing Obama 3 years ago blacks got angry at me. Kicked me oput of the chat rooms.
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:49:01):
LOL Chef
Eagle021 says to (00:49:09):
Sarge60 says to (00:49:13):
That the 14th amendment definition of citizen did not supplant the meaning of natural born citizen in article 2 of the Constitution
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:49:32):
google prince of thailand, and look at the prince face and ears, that's obama's brother for sure
ecco says to (00:49:33):
Sarge60 says to (00:49:47):
Evidence was also introduced in the court that Obama appeared to have been residing in both Hawaii and Indonesia at the same time
ecco says to (00:49:49):
Sarge is right on
J Dub says to (00:49:51):
F(*& amerikka im willing to die to see a few pink beast get thiers
Eagle021 says to (00:49:58):
strarving the people in food deserts
Sarge60 says to (00:50:09):
All this evidence was uncontradicted by the defense because they didn't show up after they were subpoenaed
Sarge60 says to (00:50:35):
This amounts to a legal stipulation that the charges are true
Tribal Warlord X says to (00:50:38):
in the most literal sense, sc racists wont even hire people to work in burger king. imagine that ! burger kings where no black people are working
ecco says to (00:50:45):
da 14th is more about confining us as a national siubject like the other black slaves
J Dub says to (00:50:50):
Whites are acared becuase they know if a nigers in charge its over
Sarge60 says to (00:50:51):
Obama and his attorney said they were "suspending participation in the process"
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:51:01):
Sarge yes, that's what im telling you
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:51:05):
he was in indonesia
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:51:10):
dude is from thailand
Sarge60 says to (00:51:14):
In other words FU office of state administrative hearings court, you have no jurisdiction over King Obama
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:51:32):
his parents are the richest people in the world, and that's why he was put in office by them.
Sarge60 says to (00:51:33):
So he will lose and his name will not be on the Georgia ballot as candidate in the Democratic primary according to Georgia election law
ecco says to (00:51:49):
i don't know any scared whites
Eagle021 says to (00:51:58):
"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of
civilization, it expects what never was and never will be. . .
The People cannot be safe without information. When the press
is free, and every man is able to read, all is safe."
-- Thomas Je
Pianki says to (00:52:01):
When is Georgias primary.
J Dub says to (00:52:04):
I dont know any blacks on welfare
blackbones says to (00:52:11):
Tribal Warlord X says to (00:52:37):
hidden behind the black middle class are the auction blocks
ecco says to (00:52:44):
da whites have all da guns :D
J Dub says to (00:52:47):
Ok brainwashed negroes
Jock n Box says to (00:52:48):
ask to be paid in yen
blackbones says to (00:52:56):
if whites scared they will really be scared if they put romney or newt in there
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:53:10):
No host thats the story they gave you
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:53:16):
you don't kow what your talking about
blackbones says to (00:53:22):
i mean shoot look at what bush did
J Dub says to (00:53:31):
You need the guns becuase your pussy
Sarge60 says to (00:53:35):
For the first time we now have a duly adjudicated case that will rule on the merits of Obama's constitutional eligibility to be president
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:53:46):
obama's mother and father are the queen and king of thailand, she has his exact smile and mouth, and the king has his forehead, and ears,
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:53:52):
the host just follows whatever his tv says
J Dub says to (00:54:10):
whites would not need guns if they were rightous
ecco says to (00:54:26):
J dub fk u :D
J Dub says to (00:54:27):
You need a gun to keep what ya stole nutsack
Eagle021 says to (00:54:28):
"The cardinal rule of a closing or closed society is that your
alignment with the regime offers no protection; in a true
police state no one is safe."
-- Naomi Wolf
J Dub says to (00:54:43):
*** u back neanderthal
ecco says to (00:55:04):
(Tp) ffeding
ecco says to (00:55:18):

J dub to my snake
Eagle021 says to (00:55:19):
beter to have a gun and not need it ,that to need a gun and not have it...
J Dub says to (00:55:23):
butter soft white boy
Sarge60 says to Kalagenesis (private) (00:55:26):
I just called in on Skype
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:55:48):
And I hate to say it, but it's true and has been proven, Barack Obama is Usama Bin Laden!!!
J Dub says to (00:56:16):
yeah i know keep higing behind your guns they will be pryed from your cold dead hands & used on your children
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:56:21):
exact same dental, exact same ears, exact same nose, and obama has marks all over his head from plastic surgery
Tribal Warlord X says to (00:56:40):
what most don't realize is that pan africanists have explored every avenue of thought. that's why we win debates so easily
Eagle021 says to (00:56:56):
A gun is a tool ,like you are
Sarge60 says to (00:57:00):
Maybe you ought to provide your evidence of that fact Obama Usama
ecco says to (00:57:18):
J dub is another dip*** who just happened to be here by accident :D
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:57:19):
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:57:25):
what is evidence sarge?
Jock n Box says to (00:57:27):
iy all ends with a mexizan chinees american takeover
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:57:34):
with you, everything that you dont know or believe is a conspiracy
J Dub says to (00:57:50):
Hey i have guns s well but i have a nice knuckle game that has never failed me when it comes to knocking out ice apes
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:57:53):
your trained by gov to say everything is a conspiracy because it doesnt come from gov,
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:58:04):
just do your research and you will see
Tribal Warlord X says to (00:58:04):
Ben !
Chef Robb says to (00:58:06):
uBpJessie says to (00:58:06):
lol cut off
Eagle021 says to (00:58:13):
Chef Robb says to (00:58:16):
BEN is funny
NailsIbird says to (00:58:28):
molester jew priest ben-GAY
Sarge60 says to (00:58:32):
Actually I don't know who the hell he is I have seen no reliable corroborale evidence to who Obama actually is
Chef Robb says to (00:58:35):
Ben always sounds like he is Crying
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:58:54):
Barack obama was put in office to bring down america
Tribal Warlord X says to (00:58:57):
he's a racist. he would have gotten around to talking about mud huts, etc
uBpJessie says to (00:58:58):
lol yeah robb always
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:59:20):
he is the son of the queen and king of thailand, this is why you are finding ties between obama and indonesia
OBAMA USAMA says to (00:59:31):
where the hell u think indonesia is right outside of thailand
Eagle021 says to (00:59:36):
"It is only those who have neither fired a shot nor heard the
shrieks and groans of the wounded who cry aloud for
blood...War is hell."
-– General William Tecumseh Sherman
Sarge60 says to (00:59:37):
Obama is counting on political pressure to get him out of his natural born citizen troubles that is why he or his lawyer did not appear in court
OBAMA USAMA says to (01:00:05):
this is real, and this is true. The bush family runs drug businesses with thailand in the opium section and have for decades.
Tribal Warlord X says to (01:00:19):
yes. brother k-clown thought that it was something to meet some african guy who employs 300 people
Chef Robb says to (01:00:22):
Sarge nothing is going to happen...GIVE IT UP !
OBAMA USAMA says to (01:00:28):
bush family was worth 300 billion in the 80's
J Dub says to (01:00:29):
oh no
ecco says to (01:00:33):
go Sarge
J Dub says to (01:00:40):
dumb ass sarge
Chef Robb says to (01:00:56):
Bro K aka Bro Klucker
J Dub says to (01:01:07):
sarge why are you down with pink mofos
Tribal Warlord X says to (01:01:10):
see ? and you guys worship this guy ? he's so brilliant ?
OBAMA USAMA says to (01:01:18):
Sarge i will take your money
Chef Robb says to (01:01:23):
I'll take Sarge's $$$
Jock n Box says to (01:01:27):
true obama will win
OBAMA USAMA says to (01:01:35):
obama will be put in office again, not reelected
Tribal Warlord X says to (01:01:36):
ohhhhhhhh, he's a great debator
ecco says to (01:01:58):
Sarge is the most intellectual procrastinator on BTr
Eagle021 says to (01:02:04):
"Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it."
-- George Santayana
GGT183 says to (01:02:04):
li'm a conservative..but i'm not as confident as sarge..that Obama wont be re-elected
Tribal Warlord X says to (01:02:05):
as i said before, if you're SLOW, you'll think Sarge is a genious
Tribal Warlord X says to (01:02:20):
yes, we'll get our public option
uBpJessie says to (01:02:35):
maybe warlord
Tribal Warlord X says to (01:02:43):
yep, maybe.
uBpJessie says to (01:02:48):
don't hold your breath
Sarge60 says to (01:02:57):
Link tothe Georgia Hearing Info
ecco says to (01:03:03):
Obama will be elected if the twenty staes put him on da ballot :D
GGT183 says to (01:03:34):
Chef Robb says to (01:03:46):
Sarge60 says to (01:03:53):
Don't you mean the 60s states that Obama thinks comprise the union?
OBAMA USAMA says to (01:04:21):
the problem with this country, is that americans are more concered about being a great debater and drawing attention to there weak minds, instead of taking action to make change
uBpJessie says to (01:04:24):
i thought was 57?
ecco says to (01:04:39):
hey, da 57 states went up :D
OBAMA USAMA says to (01:04:46):
Popularity is all america is about
Eagle021 says to (01:04:50):
"So long as the people do not care to exercise their freedom,
those who wish to tyrannize will do so; for tyrants are active
and ardent, and will devote themselves in the name of any
number of gods, religious and otherwise, to put shackles upon
Eagle021 says to (01:04:53):
sleeping men."
-- Voltaire, 1764
uBpJessie says to (01:04:54):
GGT183 says to (01:05:09):
he said he had already visited 3 when he said that
GGT183 says to (01:05:18):
so 60 is accurate
Sarge60 says to (01:05:32):
Chef Robb people like you were telling me that nothing concerning Obama's eligibility would ever get into any court. You were WRONG!!! :D
J Dub says to (01:06:17):
Amerikkk is done
Chef Robb says to (01:06:20):
Sarge60 says to (01:06:27):
Obama said that he had been to 57 states on the mainland with one more to go. If you add Alaska and Hawaii that makes 60 states
uBpJessie says to (01:06:29):
sarge how did all of this illegitamacy get pass the courts in the first place?
OBAMA USAMA says to (01:06:37):
ecco says to (01:06:43):
O is too busy playing b ball and playing golf to be pres....let's move on (H)
GGT183 says to (01:06:51):
right@ sarge..i had my numbers backwards
Chef Robb says to (01:06:54):
Good question Jessie !!!
uBpJessie says to (01:07:01):
and why did it take them this long to catch it?
OBAMA USAMA says to (01:07:01):
You think a black man, thats president is gonna show up to court? Get real
Sarge60 says to (01:07:02):
It was due to a mixture of cowardice, political correctness, and Republican desire to run in an eligible candidate like John McCain themselves
Eagle021 says to (01:07:03):
Apathy is a big problem,but nobody
OBAMA USAMA says to (01:07:27):
obama was probably smoking a phat 1 during that court date at the white house
J Dub says to (01:07:35):
the eagle is a cowardly bird you know that right?
Sarge60 says to (01:07:37):
People will trying to get cases against Obama into court the moment he was nominated. Every court turned them down on procedural grounds not on the merits
Chef Robb says to (01:07:39):
Sarge is your skin bleaching cream working ?
Sarge60 says to (01:07:49):
the first big suit was by Phil Berg a Democrat
OBAMA USAMA says to (01:08:07):
Sarge60 says to (01:08:08):
He instituted his lawsuit in 2008
OBAMA USAMA says to (01:08:09):
OBAMA USAMA says to (01:08:19):
stop being used and abused by media
J Dub says to (01:08:24):
Blacks need to be racist it will be the best thing hat ever happened to them
ecco says to (01:08:40):
J dub is a pushy piece of *** that none listens to :D
J Dub says to (01:08:46):
Your mother
Chef Robb says to (01:08:52):
J Dub has talent
GGT183 says to (01:08:53):
Eagle021 says to (01:09:01):
J Dub try not to dazzal with your brains,your heart is black
J Dub says to (01:09:08):
J dub is telln u the truth
uBpJessie says to (01:09:11):
thE best insult
J Dub says to (01:09:22):
I have no heart ice monkey
Eagle021 says to (01:09:33):
we can tell
J Dub says to (01:09:47):
piss off then pig flesh
Eagle021 says to (01:10:00):
from crack addiction my guess
BlackAchievement USA says to (01:10:07):
that's foreman v. ali, not fraizer
J Dub says to (01:10:16):
from busting devils in the throat
BlackAchievement USA says to (01:10:16):
in zaire
J Dub says to (01:10:42):
*** you Mr.bathtub meth
OBAMA USAMA says to (01:10:44):
man papa johns veggie pizza is good
Eagle021 says to (01:10:45):
yes hell will be full of your type
Chef Robb says to (01:10:45):
Why do these idiots always think Every black person is on Crack ...
J Dub says to (01:10:57):
hell is for whites
Eagle021 says to (01:11:03):
ecco says to (01:11:05):
BS chatters no substance (H)
OBAMA USAMA says to (01:11:07):
because every black person is on crack! I know, im black and im on crack!!!
BlackAchievement USA says to (01:11:14):
that was zginew bresinski, not jessie helms who sent the memo in the the Carter White House
J Dub says to (01:11:19):
trailer park overlord
Eagle021 says to (01:11:39):
Death does not care what color you are, not how much bling
ecco says to (01:11:39):
J Dub says to (01:11:44):
eveybody is a *** to a niger
Sarge60 says to (01:12:09):
I will come to the realization that some folks here don't really want to exchangeand contrast ideas. They just want to act out their neurotic psychopathy and anger
J Dub says to (01:12:26):
I want all whites dead or dieng
Sarge60 says to (01:12:31):
A psychiatrist couche is actually better for that purpose
Eagle021 says to (01:12:33):
let them vent
Eagle021 says to (01:13:12):
Demons all around you draging you down..sad
Sarge60 says to (01:13:15):
But if it makes you feel better and Kala allows it, just continue to do your thing 8-|
J Dub says to (01:13:28):
demons are red & have flat asses just like u
Sarge60 says to (01:13:37):
But you ain't fooling me
Eagle021 says to (01:14:17):
Forever is along time to think about your pain and the pain of others J Dub
Squidward Tenticles says to (01:15:24):
Squidward Tenticles says to (01:15:46):
Want some krabby patties? Can you take Spongebob and Patrick away from me? They're really annoying.
Eagle021 says to (01:15:56):
"Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are
the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty."
-- Thomas Jefferson
AmericanCitizen says to (01:17:17):
where is pundit these days?
Eagle021 says to (01:17:47):
"You only have the freedoms you are willing to fight and die for."
-- Thomas Jefferson
Sarge60 says to (01:17:59):
Revolutions usually rely upon the mass of the people being discontented enough to cooperate with the revolutionaries, even if the masses are misled
Sarge60 says to (01:18:14):
Such conditions do not exist in the United States at present
Sarge60 says to (01:18:26):
Despite the lies of leftists and Marxists
Eagle021 says to (01:19:27):
We can start by having a Jubalee and print our own money..ooh and open the pat office file for the people
NailsIbird says to (01:19:35):
Yeah, Tell them about the discussing liberian threads
NailsIbird says to (01:19:49):
None of them ever call in
Eagle021 says to (01:22:15):
We are the leaderLess resistance..on all fronts army of one or many against the new world order slavery.
Eagle021 says to (01:23:00):
more rally less drama
NailsIbird says to (01:23:43):
mental masterbator
blackbones says to (01:25:48):
how do you help people that really dont want anything better?
Eagle021 says to (01:25:55):
If you and your families are not ready for what is about to break out..The hourses are riding.
Sarge60 says to (01:25:56):
I think this is the best country in the history of mankind not perfect just the best
Eagle021 says to (01:26:26):
Amosah African Paradigm says to (01:26:27):
whats up family
blackbones says to (01:26:45):
what about egypt sarge
blackbones says to (01:26:51):
greetings amosah
Amosah African Paradigm says to (01:27:09):
greetings brother
blackbones says to (01:27:15):
i want to know how do you help people that really dont want to be helped
Kalagenesis says (01:27:20):
Hello Amosah
Amosah African Paradigm says to (01:27:22):
true ish
Amosah African Paradigm says to (01:27:29):
whats up Kala brother
Amosah African Paradigm says to (01:27:47):
hey sarge this is not the best country
uBpJessie says to (01:27:50):
i don't you think you can bones
blackbones says to (01:28:06):
i think you're right ubp
Amosah African Paradigm says to (01:28:07):
but there are many aspects of it that if not for the foundation would have ranked it amongst the best
Eagle021 says to (01:28:15):
you should relearn to hunt
VOLKSTAAT says to (01:28:28):
goier more mense...
blackbones says to (01:28:32):
i dont thik people want help or anything better than what big brother gives them
Sarge60 says to (01:28:45):
The only thing that the Egyptian Empire beats the United States inis longevity
Sarge60 says to (01:28:59):
That also includes just about every country in Europe to
Amosah African Paradigm says to (01:29:01):
exactly blackbones
blackbones says to (01:29:19):
its like most people are asleep
Amosah African Paradigm says to (01:29:22):
thats why the only way u can change stuff is do like Amos said and be the primary rewarders and punishers
blackbones says to (01:29:24):
scary to me
Eagle021 says to (01:29:29):
Why do thy call it a food chain
Amosah African Paradigm says to (01:29:35):
we cant be lecturing people
Amosah African Paradigm says to (01:29:42):
life is essentially about eating
VOLKSTAAT says to (01:29:44):
multiracialism and multiculturalism is a sickness
blackbones says to (01:29:52):
it makes me look at what the major corps and govtments are doing and think they do it because they have no choice
GGT183 says to (01:30:05):
Louis Farrakhan is a gifted bad there is no substance behind his rhetoric
blackbones says to (01:30:18):
indeed amosah
Amosah African Paradigm says to (01:30:19):
@ggt thats true
BlackAchievement USA says to (01:30:38):
farrakhan drives a rolls
Amosah African Paradigm says to (01:30:41):
our leaders from the past years had a way of sing preaching lol
VOLKSTAAT says to (01:30:48):
do you know that most black people in south africa hate black americans?
Eagle021 says to (01:30:56):
Lucifer worshiping punkinheads want to kill every body....Black white brown, yellow
Kalagenesis says (01:30:59):
Sure they do
VOLKSTAAT says to (01:31:07):
They dont want you in their country
Amosah African Paradigm says to (01:31:09):
volkstaat hows that ture
NailsIbird says to (01:31:10):
BUt they hate you white afrikanner ever more
Amosah African Paradigm says to (01:31:14):
thats not true
NailsIbird says to (01:31:21):
that's why they're kicking you off your farms
NailsIbird says to (01:31:22):
not us
NailsIbird says to (01:31:23):
blackbones says to (01:31:42):
i cant even blame preachers
NailsIbird says to (01:31:45):
YOu guys are having to relocate to georgia
Amosah African Paradigm says to (01:31:46):
brothers we really messed up
blackbones says to (01:31:49):
the people are not asleep
blackbones says to (01:31:51):
their dead
blackbones says to (01:31:56):
Amosah African Paradigm says to (01:32:08):
just the language that we use is dangerous
VOLKSTAAT says to (01:32:17):
you only know liberal propaganda. the first natives of south africa were the bushmen than came the afrikaners, than the bantus.
Amosah African Paradigm says to (01:32:31):
everything we do is essentially being apologists for whites
blackbones says to (01:32:51):
whites care little of what we do
Amosah African Paradigm says to (01:33:57):
alot of brothers just dont think of their own nation
VOLKSTAAT says to Kalagenesis (private) (01:33:56):
the black africans hate black americans so much they dont want you in their country
Amosah African Paradigm says to (01:34:07):
imagine if every brother was told we can create our own ***
Eagle021 says to (01:34:07):
no where to run, nowhere to hide from the face of God.Even if they go deep into the underworld, my hand will take them up from there; if they go up to heaven, I will get them down:
Amosah African Paradigm says to (01:34:14):
if thy acutally understood that
Amosah African Paradigm says to (01:34:31):
then we could really get some ish done
Amosah African Paradigm says to (01:34:39):
but it takes a small segment
VOLKSTAAT says to (01:34:56):
VOLKSTAAT says to (01:35:09):
see how they dont like black americans.
Eagle021 says to (01:35:19):
The devil is a harsh task master..but Love is stronger
blackbones says to (01:35:44):
amosh im almost convinced that everyone is asleep
blackbones says to (01:35:46):
VOLKSTAAT says to (01:35:56):
blackbones says to (01:36:00):
i dont care if its black white asian irish whatever
Chef Robb says to Kalagenesis (private) (01:36:20):
Kala if you are serious you will Kick out "VOLKSTAAT"
blackbones says to (01:36:25):
so how do you accomplish anything when the people are asleep?
blackbones says to (01:36:34):
other than manipulating them?
Amosah African Paradigm says to (01:36:43):
people are not asleep really man
Kalagenesis says to VOLKSTAAT (private) (01:36:43):
Amosah African Paradigm says to (01:36:53):
how educated can everyone be
Amosah African Paradigm says to (01:37:00):
everyone is a follower to an extent
blackbones says to (01:37:13):
if they need a leader their asleep
Amosah African Paradigm says to (01:37:16):
we have knowledge but we are still following a system
Amosah African Paradigm says to (01:37:22):
so just create a paradigm
Kalagenesis says (01:37:21):
Im not a follower
Amosah African Paradigm says to (01:37:34):
and have it be conducive to the people
blackbones says to (01:37:49):
thats manipulation
blackbones says to (01:37:57):
your're right though
Amosah African Paradigm says to (01:38:00):
no its not manipulation
Eagle021 says to (01:38:04):
The people watching working for the Govt even as a should Join us..when the doors on the underground bunkers close,we will be here for you and those you love.
Amosah African Paradigm says to (01:38:16):
remember everyone is conditioned in a culture
blackbones says to (01:38:27):
Amosah African Paradigm says to (01:38:29):
what i mean is, a physical and cultural reality for afrikan people
Amosah African Paradigm says to (01:38:49):
right now black people have a white culture
Kalagenesis says (01:39:27):
Not all of us
blackbones says to (01:39:44):
yes but we are the ones not sleeping kala
blackbones says to (01:39:53):
the others just dont get it
Amosah African Paradigm says to (01:40:05):
i feel like im in a detoxing stage
Amosah African Paradigm says to (01:40:19):
i just found out what culture means
blackbones says to (01:40:31):
Eagle021 says to (01:40:41):
they are going to sell you a plan just like that,the price will be your soul..Money has been the ruin of many and has mislead the minds of Kings,,
blackbones says to (01:40:53):
you can create your own amosah borrowing from the ones that are successful
Amosah African Paradigm says to (01:41:06):
Amosah African Paradigm says to (01:41:17):
blackbones says to (01:41:21):
i hate to have to think like this at this tage lolol
blackbones says to (01:41:27):
Eagle021 says to (01:41:39):
blackbones says to (01:42:08):
here i go thinking just put a plan together tell folks and bam they will come along because it benefits them in the long run.
Eagle021 says to (01:42:18):
They will throw their gold and silver to the bats and moles..
blackbones says to (01:42:32):
never thought i would have to get into the psychology of their mindsets
blackbones says to (01:42:42):
lol eagle
Amosah African Paradigm says to (01:42:44):
kala are u going to africa to build an african america?
Kalagenesis says (01:42:58):
call in and ask
Eagle021 says to (01:43:30):
Money is a ficton no cheveron in Heaven..LOL
blackbones says to (01:44:06):
if i have to deal with the psychology american culture etc then what makes me different from the big major corps?
Amosah African Paradigm says to (01:44:07):
Eagle021 says to (01:44:55):
You are a child of God,yes? some are the retiles are not..
Amosah African Paradigm says to (01:45:01):
# again
blackbones says to (01:45:45):
it should be at the top of the page amosah
GGT183 says to (01:46:01):
(347) 326-9463
blackbones says to (01:46:04):
you mean reptiles @ eagle?
Eagle021 says to (01:46:58):
The devil has done the same thing to all people of earth,stop with the ,they abused us more trip
Eagle021 says to (01:47:12):
yes Black bone
blackbones says to (01:47:49):
i will give you my spin on it all eagle
blackbones says to (01:48:09):
first off we choose our surragates before we get here
Eagle021 says to (01:48:11):
blackbones says to (01:48:23):
so race doesnt even matter
blackbones says to (01:48:37):
the black body is a more advanced ancient surrogate though
blackbones says to (01:48:44):
thats if its activated
blackbones says to (01:48:52):
as far as beings
blackbones says to (01:49:03):
theres beings here from all over the universe
blackbones says to (01:49:22):
including some 1st time incarnates from the animal kingdoms
blackbones says to (01:49:39):
most of the beings here are lower vibrartional
Eagle021 says to (01:49:50):
yep yet never out of the reach of God
blackbones says to (01:49:56):
and more lower vibrational beings are being dumped on earth
blackbones says to (01:50:30):
well god is within us but we have to activate that force until then we fall under god / higher abilities
Eagle021 says to (01:50:36):
The higher vibration being Love? Yes
blackbones says to (01:50:51):
blackbones says to (01:51:02):
not everything down here has that ability
blackbones says to (01:52:02):
in fact its similiar to the matrix movie in some cases
Eagle021 says to (01:52:05):
They are just hurt being rejected from the Holy of Holy's.
blackbones says to (01:52:31):
you have some beings here whos sole purpose is derail us from reaching god
blackbones says to (01:52:41):
i agree
blackbones says to (01:52:50):
i think that they know who and what they are
Eagle021 says to (01:53:37):
yes out of pain and rage,not being able to return to heaven and into the Love of God.
blackbones says to (01:54:28):
wow thats a different way of saying it but i understand exactly what you mean.
MsXtotheM says to (01:56:08):
Eagle021 says to (01:57:42):
so they kill steal and destroy in mockery ,Yet God will bring Justice. also want to have you live in a box and kill you and your spirit.
MsXtotheM says to (01:58:03):
Eagle021 says to (01:58:12):
poison your food
GGT183 says to (01:58:27):
Great Show Kala!!
Eagle021 says to (01:58:35):
Program your mind with TV and sports
Kalagenesis says (01:58:39):
thank you
NailsIbird says to (01:58:46):
Where's that video
NailsIbird says to (01:58:47):
Eagle021 says to (01:59:12):
spray the skys over people of all color
Eagle021 says to (01:59:35):
start WW3
Eagle021 says to (01:59:57):
Masons and lucifer worshipers
Eagle021 says to (02:00:11):
MsXtotheM says to (02:00:49):
uBpJessie says to (02:02:41):
am I in?
Chef Robb says to (02:04:08):
My line Kala
Chef Robb says to (02:06:42):
Chef Robb says to (02:07:08):
Amosah African Paradigm says to (02:07:12):
shows closed?
uBpJessie says to (02:07:32):
yeah it is in OT
Amosah African Paradigm says to (02:07:48):
Yea Robb I dont think Kalar understood what I meant but what he was saying is right as well
Chef Robb says to (02:08:10):
NO KALA the brotha was talking about a Mindset...
uBpJessie says to (02:08:34):
kala open the lines
Chef Robb says to (02:08:43):
open my line Kala
Amosah African Paradigm says to (02:09:09):
is there a way to get back on to hear
uBpJessie says to (02:09:24):
the show is in OT all the lines should be open
Chef Robb says to (02:09:26):
Did you hang up Amosah
Amosah African Paradigm says to (02:09:33):
yea i did
uBpJessie says to (02:09:40):
soory then no
Amosah African Paradigm says to (02:09:42):
my mistake lol
uBpJessie says to (02:09:58):
yeah when call in just stay on the line
Amosah African Paradigm says to (02:10:03):
no i dont
Amosah African Paradigm says to (02:10:07):
i could get it though

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