Thursday, January 26, 2012

African American Fraternity opens charter chapter in Liberia

One of the oldest African American college fraternities recently attended the inauguration of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of the Republic of Liberia.Liberia a small country on the southern bend of the North Atlantic Ocean in West Africa was founded by freed Africans from the United States.The country once a settlement funded by charity and the American Colonization Society became a nation on July 26,1847.The country had many challenges from the beginning,which is the root of Liberia's problems to this day.The settlers from America were educated and wanted a modern nation.Many of the indigenous inhabitants were 700 years behind in cultural development.The Prodestant Reformation,The Magna Carta,The Renaissance,The Age of Reason,The age of mercantilism,The Industrial Revolution all put Europe in control of the world.Africa was destroyed and degraded though its forced participation in the slave trade.Whether it was the Arabs or Europeans both carried millions to a life of humiliation and death.In the West some objected to the whole slave trade but did not want to assimilate Blacks into their society.The solution was to create safe havens for former slaves on the continent of Africa.First African American Quaker Paul Cuffe created a settlement called Freetown which became a British protectorate in West Africa.The success of this gave the idea for Liberia.20,000 African Americans joined thousands of other recaptured slaves at high sea in Liberia.The interest in Liberia's welfare continued till 1980 when a coup that toppled the settlers took over the country.Now many African Americans are rebuilding those ties with Liberia.Billionaire businessman Robert L Johnson built a luxury resort on the beach in Liberia,and called for the Black community to support Liberia the same way Jews Support Israel.Many African Americans are now looking beyond the borders of America for opportunity.The number of successful expats in South Africa,Ghana,Nigeria making major moves is striking.What is not happening yet is a full commitment to economic and social development across the Atlantic.That is where Alpa Delta Alpha comes in.Last year their annual convention was in Capetown South Africa where they opened a chapter.This year it was Monrovia, Liberia announcing a charter chapter there after a 35 year absence.Education exchange and bonds will give the next generation of Liberians and African Americans mutual benefit.The President of Liberia welcomed them back to Liberia and the organization plans chapters in Ghana and Nigeria next.Pan Africanism is finally the main force in Black America.

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