Thursday, January 5, 2012

African land grab

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Kalagenesis says (23:54:33):
Kalagenesis says (23:54:51):
Kalagenesis says (23:55:12):
Land grabbing where is our share?
Kalagenesis says (23:56:57):
Why are African elite selling Africa out?
Kalagenesis says (00:00:31):
Peace Imhotep
ImhotepVII says to (00:00:57):
ImhotepVII says to (00:01:44):
Where are those images from?
Kalagenesis says (00:02:31):
the beach is from Liberia the city is Abuja the burning is a recent riot in Monrovia
ImhotepVII says to (00:03:22):
Ok. I had ot shout out to my Nigerian people to find out what what really going on over there with Christians being killed.
Kalagenesis says (00:04:17):
Yes this division is getting us no where
ImhotepVII says to (00:07:35):
This is true.
ImhotepVII says to (00:08:26):
DNA doesn't lie. We are African
ImhotepVII says to (00:09:10):
Yes, it's disturbing.
ImhotepVII says to (00:09:32):
Maybe it's fear
NailsIbird says to (00:11:43):
sup kala
ImhotepVII says to (00:11:47):
Hey Nailsbird
NailsIbird says to (00:12:06):
Whats good 7
NailsIbird says to (00:12:10):
Nothing much
ImhotepVII says to (00:12:19):
NailsIbird says to (00:12:38):
Tell em about our argument with those Liberian with Americos
NailsIbird says to (00:12:45):
We aren't trying to cause division
NailsIbird says to (00:13:04):
But we WILL claim our right to our place on the CONTINENT
NailsIbird says to (00:13:34):
No continental African will stop us from bring ourselves and our culture to the continent
NailsIbird says to (00:14:40):
we have to TA KE it
NailsIbird says to (00:15:00):
NO one is going to give it to us
NailsIbird says to (00:16:03):
WE made it cool
ImhotepVII says to (00:16:38):
ImhotepVII says to (00:16:56):
Poverty=Black in the Eurocentric mind
NailsIbird says to (00:17:47):
Need to replace my battery. Be back in a min.
uBpJessie says to (00:18:21):
NailsIbird says to (00:22:38):
Alright I'm back
NailsIbird says to (00:24:22):
African AMericans standing up for Nigeria during the clinton administration
NailsIbird says to (00:24:24):
ImhotepVII says to (00:24:25):
Hey Jessie
ImhotepVII says to (00:24:52):
"Bring it on" ~George Bush 2003
NailsIbird says to (00:26:08):
We've given our left arms for and in the name of AFrica
NailsIbird says to (00:26:18):
All we want is some land for our own nation
NailsIbird says to (00:26:29):
so we can make a difference
NailsIbird says to (00:26:42):
in a way those on the continent haven't been able
NailsIbird says to (00:26:44):
ImhotepVII says to (00:27:42):
I'm concerned about the kind of America our children will grow up in. Will they grow up in a pre-1960's style place where Jim Crow came hard and hit them?
ImhotepVII says to (00:28:03):
IN Africa, at least we wouldn't be hated for our skin
ImhotepVII says to (00:28:20):
It would be cultural issues if anything
NailsIbird says to (00:28:29):
yeah it would be a tribal issue
NailsIbird says to (00:28:37):
like the Jews in the Middle east
NailsIbird says to (00:28:52):
Jews and Arab are VERY closely related genetically.
ImhotepVII says to (00:29:01):
yes, this is true
ImhotepVII says to (00:29:07):
NailsIbird says to (00:29:12):
They're both semites but they're still at each others throats
NailsIbird says to (00:30:18):
They are insecure of the fact that we might become the FACE of the continent and blacks as a whole
NailsIbird says to (00:30:38):
We will be the posterchildren of AFrican as African Americans
ImhotepVII says to (00:30:41):
Peace Blaclbones
ImhotepVII says to (00:30:49):
blackbones says to (00:30:52):
peace imhotep long time
ImhotepVII says to (00:31:07):
blackbones says to (00:31:17):
cain needta quit
NailsIbird says to (00:32:05):
The bail the banks out of TRILLIONS of dollars of debt
NailsIbird says to (00:32:18):
because of their own poor practices
NailsIbird says to (00:32:33):
We're going to have to LAND
blackbones says to (00:33:00):
shoot we can get that
blackbones says to (00:33:11):
all this thing about is a change in power
blackbones says to (00:33:20):
free energy
blackbones says to (00:33:24):
ImhotepVII says to (00:33:28):
blackbones says to (00:33:35):
those companies aint even dealing with the major corps
ImhotepVII says to (00:33:35):
Tesla is a hero of mine
blackbones says to (00:33:42):
only the small mom n pops
blackbones says to (00:33:53):
keep it in mind imhotp
blackbones says to (00:33:57):
blackbones says to (00:34:04):
the ole robber barons on their way out
blackbones says to (00:34:15):
they had most of their money in oil
ImhotepVII says to (00:35:30):
Yes, and thye will put thier fingers in the alternative energy business as well
ImhotepVII says to (00:35:41):
They will not let go of that power that easily
blackbones says to (00:35:51):
it will be harder for them imhotep
ScaVen says to (00:35:52):
did tesla create the Haarp technology?
ImhotepVII says to (00:35:55):
blackbones says to (00:35:59):
if they pay me or you whats gone happen
blackbones says to (00:36:01):
blackbones says to (00:36:17):
i think they used part of it sca
blackbones says to (00:36:24):
but tesla stuff was safer
ImhotepVII says to (00:36:29):
@ScaVen It may have been influenced by his inventions
ImhotepVII says to (00:37:51):
Sports? Blah...
blackbones says to (00:38:18):
good point host
ImhotepVII says to (00:41:05):
Yawn...that's what I think about people who care more about ball games than truth
NailsIbird says to (00:41:39):
We're talking about whether or not the black woman is god or not
ImhotepVII says to (00:42:29):
Wher does that stuff even come from? THe Black woman is to be cherised, but she is not deity.
NailsIbird says to (00:43:11):
SHe is a human just like me and you
ImhotepVII says to (00:43:19):
NailsIbird says to (00:43:23):
As long as she give respect she will get it
NailsIbird says to (00:43:30):
That goes for ANYBODY
ImhotepVII says to (00:43:38):
Yes he did! @Kala
ImhotepVII says to (00:43:51):
NailsIbird says to (00:44:58):
Latinos have a WHOLE country to reinforce them
NailsIbird says to (00:45:07):
*WHOLE countries
NailsIbird says to (00:45:18):
We African AMericans don't
ImhotepVII says to (00:45:23):
Kala, we belived the hype of the eugenics program known as Planned Parenthood
ImhotepVII says to (00:45:35):
THAT is why our numbers are low
NailsIbird says to (00:45:45):
Everybody can duck and leave this country once it goes to hell
NailsIbird says to (00:45:52):
ImhotepVII says to (00:45:56):
Right again@nailsbird
NailsIbird says to (00:46:19):
yeah it's AFrican Americans fault that African is in the state it's in
ImhotepVII says to (00:46:35):
NailsIbird says to (00:46:37):
I'm tried of trying to reason with these continental AFricans to be honest
NailsIbird says to (00:47:29):
I'm ready to go over there on some guerilla type. And TAKE our piece of land that we're entitled to. Just like the Jews in the Middle East
NailsIbird says to (00:48:01):
The Jews got to the point to were they were done trying to reason and talk it out with the arabs
ImhotepVII says to (00:48:07):
I don't think that would work.
ImhotepVII says to (00:48:45):
The tribes would unite and come out against us enmasse.
blackbones says to (00:48:46):
africa got a ton of land for us
NailsIbird says to (00:48:49):
It worked with the Jews and they were dealing with much more heavily armed and vicious arabs militias
blackbones says to (00:48:53):
all we gotta do is get there
NailsIbird says to (00:49:05):
We need not underestimate ourselves
NailsIbird says to (00:49:35):
Those AFrican tribes are much more tribalised than the arabs in the middle east who are much more united
NailsIbird says to (00:49:52):
They would be easy to knock off opposition on the continent
ImhotepVII says to (00:50:06):
Also, there is the China factor
ImhotepVII says to (00:50:18):
especially in Ghana and Nigeria
NailsIbird says to (00:50:29):
And on top of that the Jews were in a worse off posistion when they landed in the Middle East than African AMericans are now.
NailsIbird says to (00:50:36):
They were just coming of the continent
NailsIbird says to (00:51:16):
I'm ready to ally with the Chinese if it means they willing to reconise our right to a soverign nation on the continent
ImhotepVII says to (00:51:37):
That's just it, we don't know thier intentions
ImhotepVII says to (00:51:51):
They think centuries ahead.
blackbones says to (00:51:52):
man screw the chinese
blackbones says to (00:51:54):
blackbones says to (00:51:58):
less u wanna be slave
NailsIbird says to (00:51:59):
We can potentially benefit off each other on a strictly business level
blackbones says to (00:52:03):
where the black chinese at?
blackbones says to (00:52:11):
where the black japanse at?
blackbones says to (00:52:20):
probably in dayum slave camps
blackbones says to (00:52:28):
making cheap goods for walmart
ImhotepVII says to (00:52:39):
they may "ally" for now, but in 200-300 years, they may turn
blackbones says to (00:53:00):
where were the chinese when our azzes were slaves
NailsIbird says to (00:53:03):
They will want a group come in and have someone to subdue the continental african
NailsIbird says to (00:53:19):
The chinese are a long term thinking people
NailsIbird says to (00:53:29):
they aren't trying to start a war on the continent
blackbones says to (00:53:31):
the chinese stealing fish from africnas
ImhotepVII says to (00:53:37):
@blackbones thye were very isolationist and xenophobic
NailsIbird says to (00:53:37):
They are trying to make a buck
blackbones says to (00:53:43):

what make u think they aint gone enslave u?
blackbones says to (00:53:56):
that report about african pirates
NailsIbird says to (00:54:06):
They are only able to extort the continent african nations that ALLOW them too
blackbones says to (00:54:07):
were the chinese going in african waters
blackbones says to (00:54:14):
so the africans took their boats
NailsIbird says to (00:54:19):
We wont allow them to do that
blackbones says to (00:54:22):
they werent pirates
NailsIbird says to (00:54:43):
They are more concerned with making a buck than actually colonizing africa
blackbones says to (00:54:43):
go fuk wit the chinese see what happens
blackbones says to (00:54:45):
blackbones says to (00:55:01):
and chinese are the most brutal with their communism
ImhotepVII says to (00:55:07):
NailsIbird says to (00:55:28):
They will only exploit those nations that allow them too. Those with a crippled international foreign policy
NailsIbird says to (00:55:36):
We won't have that
ImhotepVII says to (00:55:45):
I feel you@Nails
blackbones says to (00:55:48):
we cant kick azz here
blackbones says to (00:55:51):
blackbones says to (00:56:00):
this should be a piece of cake
blackbones says to (00:56:13):
make a business buy from each other and u got it
ImhotepVII says to (00:56:16):
but one thing still bothers me. If China decided to tak over, there id NO WAY we could stop them
NailsIbird says to (00:56:21):
I'm willing to ally with anybody that will recongnise our right to a indepent AFrican American nation on the continent
NailsIbird says to (00:56:34):
If it's the Russians than so be it
ImhotepVII says to (00:56:39):
ImhotepVII says to (00:56:43):
blackbones says to (00:56:45):
where the black russians
blackbones says to (00:56:50):
man you aint thinking
NailsIbird says to (00:56:52):
Didn't Patrice Lummuba ally with the Russians
blackbones says to (00:56:52):
blackbones says to (00:57:07):
patrice failed
blackbones says to (00:57:10):
garvey failed
blackbones says to (00:57:13):
malcolmm failed
blackbones says to (00:57:16):
king failed
NailsIbird says to (00:57:17):
when he was fighting against belgums
NailsIbird says to (00:57:32):
He failed because his OWN people betraded him
NailsIbird says to (00:57:42):
Not the Russians
blackbones says to (00:57:56):
my own peiople betrayed me right here in america
NailsIbird says to (00:57:57):
The russian only want to make sure they got what they wanted out of the deal
blackbones says to (00:58:03):
ne gros dont buy black
blackbones says to (00:58:12):
ne gros dont keep the money in their community
blackbones says to (00:58:25):
ne gros wont start their own businesses
blackbones says to (00:58:36):
thats failure
NailsIbird says to (00:58:44):
Houston is were I'm from
JoeGoode says to (00:59:32):
People stood in line for the iphone - what's the difference?
NailsIbird says to (00:59:33):
ALl i know is nobody is going stop me from establishing a African AMerican nation on the continent. Whether they be non-black or black
ImhotepVII says to (00:59:35):
ScaVen says to (00:59:56):
more than just houston
NailsIbird says to (01:00:03):
no non-black person SHOT anybody over an Ipad
JoeGoode says to (01:00:34):
There have been people shot and stabbed over an iphone.
NailsIbird says to (01:00:39):
It's a front
NailsIbird says to (01:01:08):
They have no REAL place to invest money in, so they flex it by buying stupid flashy sh*t
NailsIbird says to (01:01:27):
If we had a nation they would have a greater purpose for our money
NailsIbird says to (01:01:51):
Just like the Jews who send millions of dollars a year to Israel
ScaVen says to (01:01:57):
true indeed.
ScaVen says to (01:02:13):
:D @ kala-nize
NailsIbird says to (01:02:59):
Where's our flag to sybollise our pride
blackbones says to (01:03:14):
we got a nation right here
NailsIbird says to (01:03:17):
blackbones says to (01:04:04):
the bible?
NailsIbird says to (01:04:04):
Saying that we have a nation here automatically eliminates you to be taken seriously in this sort of discussion
blackbones says to (01:04:23):
like what u saying thought out
ScaVen says to (01:04:26):
lol. very true Nails
blackbones says to (01:04:26):
blackbones says to (01:04:32):
im saying stop being lazy
blackbones says to (01:04:47):
if u get on the continent u gone haveta do the same shyt u aint doing here
blackbones says to (01:04:56):
even worst
NailsIbird says to (01:05:13):
Yeah stop being lazy and living off the will of the white america and go build your own
NailsIbird says to (01:05:32):
Take control of our own destinies
blackbones says to (01:05:39):
thats right
NailsIbird says to (01:06:26):
As long as we are here without our own EXCLUSIVE nation, we'll always be living off the will of somebody else
NailsIbird says to (01:07:08):
And we'll be susceptible to being exploited by the dominate group
NailsIbird says to (01:07:12):
like ONW
NailsIbird says to (01:07:13):
blackbones says to (01:07:17):
naw nails
blackbones says to (01:07:21):
we make everything here
blackbones says to (01:07:30):
at the least the rudiments
blackbones says to (01:07:43):
we just gotta keep it to ourselves
NailsIbird says to (01:07:49):
everything =/= the entertainment industry
blackbones says to (01:07:51):
and let them go back to the caves
blackbones says to (01:08:01):
music too
NailsIbird says to (01:08:14):
We don't every own the right to our own music
blackbones says to (01:08:19):
probably like 70 percent of the worlds musics
NailsIbird says to (01:08:30):
all distrubution is controled by white corporations
NailsIbird says to (01:08:44):
The american dollar is about to go to hell
blackbones says to (01:08:52):
we not under gun to sign with them
NailsIbird says to (01:09:01):
China is about to dump 2/3s of the debt onto America
NailsIbird says to (01:09:12):
causing this currency to puldge
blackbones says to (01:09:15):
naw i think they cashing in
blackbones says to (01:09:23):
harlem look like china to me now
NailsIbird says to (01:09:41):
NO they are not
NailsIbird says to (01:09:45):
NailsIbird says to (01:10:02):
This country is about to turn into a 3rd world hell hole
NailsIbird says to (01:10:32):
You can best believe BLACKS are going to be hit the hardest by the economic down turn
NailsIbird says to (01:10:44):
Because 1. THis is not our country
NailsIbird says to (01:10:58):
2. We don't have our own nation to reinforce ourselves
blackbones says to (01:11:06):
NailsIbird says to (01:11:13):
Like every other minority group
blackbones says to (01:11:47):
if u cant do that here u cant do it anywhere
ImhotepVII says to (01:12:03):
Oh yes, i saw that
NailsIbird says to (01:12:34):
Says who? Btw That give the Chinese the right to this nations resources and property
blackbones says to (01:12:38):
basically they broke america imhotep
blackbones says to (01:12:41):
ImhotepVII says to (01:12:54):
blackbones says to (01:12:54):
arabs chinese indians moving in on their property
NailsIbird says to (01:12:55):
There is no such thing as PRIVATE property in this country
NailsIbird says to (01:13:15):
THey are taking the resources back to THEIR OWN NATION
blackbones says to (01:13:19):
we are the baddest merchants in the history of the world man
blackbones says to (01:13:26):
we just gotta do it
NailsIbird says to (01:13:30):
We can't do that because we don't have our own nation
blackbones says to (01:13:49):
we do everything nails
blackbones says to (01:13:55):
i dont think u understand
blackbones says to (01:14:07):
you wouldnt be on a computer if it werent for black inventors
blackbones says to (01:14:16):
there wouldnt be nukes without black inventors
ImhotepVII says to (01:14:20):
blackbones says to (01:14:20):
you wouldnt have lights
blackbones says to (01:14:24):
you wouldnt have a cell
JoeGoode says to (01:14:25):
We are not a permanent underclass. We are a past and present underclass. The future is yet to be determined
blackbones says to (01:14:34):
you wouldnt have automatic transimission or stop lights
NailsIbird says to (01:14:43):
Haven't you heard that the chinese are scouting for metals like steel and iron to take back to their nation and sell back to the US and use most of it to stock pile their OWN military
blackbones says to (01:14:57):
everything is done in the present joe
NailsIbird says to (01:15:21):
We should be using OUR own resources and inventions to enhance our OWN nation
NailsIbird says to (01:15:27):
not white americas
blackbones says to (01:15:33):
exactly nails
NailsIbird says to (01:15:39):
No other ethic group does that
blackbones says to (01:15:44):
theres still black inventors out here
blackbones says to (01:15:53):
well whites steal them
blackbones says to (01:15:59):
but they cant steal what they aint got
blackbones says to (01:16:19):
we just gotta stop believing in their bs
NailsIbird says to (01:16:34):
I know that. But their inventions are being used to benefit primarily others but their own, by default because this nations is majority non-black
blackbones says to (01:16:36):
trying to get trademarks and all that crap
NailsIbird says to (01:17:04):
If we had our own nation it could be used for US and we could SELL the right to it to others to make our OWN money
blackbones says to (01:17:04):
america is black
blackbones says to (01:17:16):
get some police stats
NailsIbird says to (01:17:34):
%12.6 = Black
NailsIbird says to (01:17:36):
blackbones says to (01:17:41):
we out number every other group
NailsIbird says to (01:17:46):
You get them and show me
blackbones says to (01:17:51):
you using their figures
NailsIbird says to (01:17:51):
Don't just sit here and tell me
Kalagenesis says (01:17:51):
Hispanics =15%
blackbones says to (01:17:55):
get the police stats
NailsIbird says to (01:18:01):
Ok so show me the proof
blackbones says to (01:18:10):
no im gone let u do it
NailsIbird says to (01:18:18):
YOu get them since you know where they are
blackbones says to (01:18:24):
get someone that work at the police department to pull them
NailsIbird says to (01:18:30):
Answer: They don't exist
blackbones says to (01:18:33):
im telling u
blackbones says to (01:18:43):
well if you believe your white daddy thats on you
blackbones says to (01:18:52):
and thats the main reason why niccas cant do shyt
blackbones says to (01:18:54):
blackbones says to (01:19:00):
always depending on their white daddy
blackbones says to (01:19:18):
you aint serious
NailsIbird says to (01:19:34):
IF would believe you if you could show me. But I'm not going to believe some imagenary figure from some guy over the internet
NailsIbird says to (01:19:58):
That would be like me telling you I'm a time travler and you should believe me because I'm black
NailsIbird says to (01:20:24):
otherwise you're buying into white propoganda
NailsIbird says to (01:20:27):
NailsIbird says to (01:20:35):
Post a link not a lie
NailsIbird says to (01:20:45):
Facts or it doesn't exist
ImhotepVII says to (01:22:44):
$20k? WOW!
ImhotepVII says to (01:23:18):
ImhotepVII says to (01:23:45):
ImhotepVII says to (01:23:59):
The French Riveera
ImhotepVII says to Kalagenesis (private) (01:24:16):
The French Rivera
blackbones says to (01:24:54):
thats what im talkin bout
blackbones says to (01:24:58):
blackbones says to (01:25:06):
diamonds r 4ever
ImhotepVII says to (01:25:27):
Anyplace where i can see the stars clearly I wold love
blackbones says to (01:25:44):
arizona good
Black African Warlord X says to (01:25:58):
blackbones says to (01:26:08):
the darkest sky i ever seen was colorado
ScaVen says to (01:26:11):
peace African Warlord
blackbones says to (01:26:17):
peace black african
Black African Warlord X says to (01:26:17):
peace !!!!!!!!!!!!!
NailsIbird says to (01:26:42):
It's thinking like this that lead to the native Liberians to calling the Americo exploiters. They just didn't understand wealth building like they did
Black African Warlord X says to (01:28:11):
lol..........they are insane
DesertRose says to (01:28:17):
8-| KALA!!!!!!!!!!
Kalagenesis says (01:28:24):
hello Dessert
DesertRose says to (01:28:29):
LOlL warlord that was so funny
Black African Warlord X says to (01:28:32):
rose again !
DesertRose says to (01:28:41):
about time you came back.. its sooo boring on here
DesertRose says to (01:28:48):
ImhotepVII says to (01:29:01):
DesertRose! (F)
ImhotepVII says to (01:29:07):
DesertRose says to (01:29:07):
ImhotepVII says to (01:29:12):
That family is back!
ImhotepVII says to (01:29:18):
Black African Warlord X says to (01:29:20):
imhotep !!!! wow
DesertRose says to (01:29:21):
**group hug****
ImhotepVII says to (01:29:31):
Yes indeed @Desert
Black African Warlord X says to (01:29:49):
we're going to light things up this year
DesertRose says to (01:30:01):
lol Warlord you allows get them going
DesertRose says to (01:30:04):
too funny
Black African Warlord X says to (01:30:10):
full force nuclear attack on ignorance
Black African Warlord X says to (01:31:27):
lol @ thomas
NailsIbird says to (01:31:30):
Well kill crakkkers all day
blackbones says to (01:31:34):
lololol host
NailsIbird says to (01:31:34):
blackbones says to (01:31:37):
so true
NailsIbird says to (01:31:51):
Kill kill kill. Yell yell yell
NailsIbird says to (01:32:00):
No economics mentioned at all
uBpJessie says to (01:32:19):
ScaVen says to (01:32:23):
whats the bros name from wall street?
DesertRose says to (01:32:32):
ScaVen says to (01:32:32):
or the name of his radio show
blackbones says to (01:33:04):
what year guest?
DesertRose says to (01:34:05):
DesertRose says to (01:34:11):
Black African Warlord X says to (01:34:12):
damn, i don't know what
ScaVen says to (01:34:26):
desertrose (F)
NailsIbird says to (01:34:32):
"My chakras aren't aliened today". I can't do business
NailsIbird says to (01:34:40):
I do business
DesertRose says to (01:34:45):

NailsIbird says to (01:34:56):
You might have to go play golf with them to build a raport though lol
NailsIbird says to (01:35:01):
Play the part brother
blackbones says to (01:35:52):
shoot we know how to read
Kalagenesis says (01:35:49):
Black African Warlord X says to (01:36:01):
blackbones says to (01:36:08):
but i know the problem
Kalagenesis says (01:36:06):
blackbones says to (01:36:33):
when u try to get blackfolk together they aint hearing it
blackbones says to (01:36:38):
indeed host
DesertRose says to (01:40:33):
oh nice.. your been writing?
DesertRose says to (01:40:41):
blackbones says to (01:40:42):
but with the net we can create our own media
NailsIbird says to (01:40:50):
When don't have your own nation
NailsIbird says to (01:40:55):
You don't have those things
NailsIbird says to (01:41:14):
The ones in this country belong to the white controlled governement
blackbones says to (01:41:26):
excuses nails
NailsIbird says to (01:41:39):
blackbones says to (01:41:43):
blackbones says to (01:41:48):
you aint tried shyt
blackbones says to (01:41:54):
how do u know what the boundaries are
blackbones says to (01:42:03):
if there even is any
DesertRose says to (01:42:05):
paved the way
NailsIbird says to (01:42:27):
Where are we going to get military weaponery in this nation without having them confiscated
NailsIbird says to (01:42:34):
because of the gun laws in this country
blackbones says to (01:42:45):
military weaponry for what
NailsIbird says to (01:43:02):
Any large militia set up by blacks will be branded terrorist and taken down
NailsIbird says to (01:43:09):
That's what Kala was talking about
NailsIbird says to (01:43:20):
Military weaponry
NailsIbird says to (01:43:31):
See you weren't even listening
blackbones says to (01:43:46):
two different levels
NailsIbird says to (01:43:54):
you were just sceaming out "excuses" without even know what I was talking about
blackbones says to (01:43:57):
im listening to business
blackbones says to (01:44:43):
you said the country was controlled by white govtment and all that
blackbones says to (01:44:47):
i disagree
NailsIbird says to (01:44:53):
Listen to what's being said before commenting next time
NailsIbird says to (01:45:01):
especially to me
blackbones says to (01:45:03):
im not with the slave talk
blackbones says to (01:45:07):
how u cant do shyt
NailsIbird says to (01:45:14):
because I don't like talking in circles with people
blackbones says to (01:45:17):
when u aint got no solid experiences to back it up
blackbones says to (01:45:28):
that means you already defeated before u start
NailsIbird says to (01:45:59):
You're an anoymous guy over the internet talking to a screen name
NailsIbird says to (01:46:13):
YOu aren't in any posistion to be making personal assestions about me
SlimJim says to (01:46:20):
<<<< pissed at warlord! :D
blackbones says to (01:46:28):
peace slim
NailsIbird says to (01:46:28):
I'm speaking of the fact
ggt183 says to (01:46:33):
Hi Kala and all(})
blackbones says to (01:46:39):
facts that your white daddy gave ya
Kalagenesis says (01:46:37):
blackbones says to (01:46:41):
peace ggt
NailsIbird says to (01:46:44):
I'm not trying to get into anyones personal life
blackbones says to (01:46:47):
how a nicca cant do shyt
blackbones says to (01:46:49):
Black African Warlord X says to (01:46:52):
blackbones says to (01:47:00):
i call it the wizard of oz scenario
NailsIbird says to (01:47:06):
That's better than pulling imaginary stats out of your rectum
blackbones says to (01:47:18):
might as well call it the grand wizard of oz scenario tonight
blackbones says to (01:47:21):
Black African Warlord X says to (01:47:35):
why slim
blackbones says to (01:49:31):
nails it dont matter
NailsIbird says to (01:49:38):
The Americos were some of the most foward thinking people in the world
blackbones says to (01:49:39):
any solution
blackbones says to (01:49:51):
any thing that got to do with success
blackbones says to (01:49:55):
you got a problem with it
blackbones says to (01:50:06):
and im gone guess when someone else does it
blackbones says to (01:50:13):
the next excuse is they are a
blackbones says to (01:50:15):
blackbones says to (01:50:34):
thats the slave mind
NailsIbird says to (01:50:36):
There you go talking about "NAILS" a screenname over the net
NailsIbird says to (01:50:45):
instead of sticking to the issue and facts at hand
NailsIbird says to (01:51:08):
I've never even called anyone a sellout here
blackbones says to (01:51:09):
then u want to talk like u ready for africa
blackbones says to (01:51:12):
NailsIbird says to (01:51:20):
I haven't even said the word sellout untill now
blackbones says to (01:51:25):
i couldnt imagine you walking miles hualing water
blackbones says to (01:51:32):
cutting down 10 ft grass
blackbones says to (01:51:44):
you will be right back here in the states in no time
NailsIbird says to (01:52:00):
SlimJim says to (01:52:12):
damn blackbones.. lay it out!
NailsIbird says to (01:52:20):
You are just spewing meaningless ad homienms attacks
blackbones says to (01:52:26):
its real slim
blackbones says to (01:52:33):
i know folks who went to africa
NailsIbird says to (01:52:39):
That are based on nothing but your own insecurities
NailsIbird says to (01:52:54):
Stick to the issue at hand and fact or don't address me
NailsIbird says to (01:54:02):
If you want to personally attack me. Then set it up the next time you're in Houston Texas and we can get as personal as you want face to face
DesertRose says to (01:54:07):
hey GGT
blackbones says to (01:54:17):
obama gone tear their azzes up
blackbones says to (01:54:19):
NailsIbird says to (01:54:32):
until then cease with the bs ad homs
blackbones says to (01:54:55):
sad part is its usually the republican presidents that usually make the change for us
NailsIbird says to (01:58:19):
Exactly kala LAND!
blackbones says to (01:59:18):
didnt reginald lewis come out the projects?
NailsIbird says to (02:00:54):
White females are the biggest benefactor to welfare

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