Friday, January 27, 2012

Association of African Americans for Liberia Mission statement

We the descendents of Africans torn from our native land who have become citizens of the United States of America express our desire to reconnect with the continent of our forefathers.This mission and desire is noble and just.Most of us through the years have suffered brutality,humiliation,degradation,exploitation and marginalization in the United States of America.In spite of all of this we have risen above these circumstances and succeeded in this country,a society that still devalues our African humanity.The Trans Atlantic slave trade created inherent prejudices and racism that makes brotherhood and peace and reconciliation between the races impossible.It is this fundamental prejudice that causes self hate,hatred,suspicion,racism,mediocrity,apathy in America.This is the reason many African Americans decided to return to Africa in the past.It is the reason many decided to go the Paris France in the early twentieth century.Racism is a cancer and a blight to humanity.It is also the reason 80% of African Americans are interested now in Africa.In Africa we see hope.Not what it presently is but what it can become.A place to redeem our manhood and womanhood.When Africa stands up we are up,when Africa is down we are down.We are reminded everyday of the inferiority of African people to govern ourselves without the presence of White.It is viewed as perilous at best.It is this self doubt that has the most educated Black people to be under achievers.African Americans need to show the world and themselves what they are capable of.That was the reason for the founding of Liberia and Liberia's creed.This is also the reason for the Association of African Americans for Liberia.
To build bridges between the African American community and the great nation of Liberia.A relationship that is nearly 200 years old.Many see Liberia as proof of the inferiority and incompetence of Black people.That the oldest Black republic is the poorest.We have a duty to finish what we started.It does not matter if President Barack Obama is the most qualified man to hold office,his race causes people to second guess his decisions.We will break this cycle.
We the Association of African Americans for Liberia believe in the purpose and founding of Liberia.The "land of the free""the promised land"We want to build relations with a whole new generation of Liberians,this time we are more African centered.Our desire is to have a special place in Africa much the way the Jewish community has a relationship with Israel.The historic and emotional connection is clear.We want to connect our institutions on both sides of the Atlantic to help Liberia and the African American community grow and develop.We want to support Liberia in America and we want Liberia to be our voice in Africa.Liberia is a challenge and we are up to the challenge.Liberia presents us with the opportunity to put what we believe to the test.The Bible teaches us that faith without works is dead.Liberia will give millions of African Americans "Nia"or a purpose.No more excuse to be wayward and idle.Liberia will give many opportunity in trade,business,education,culture,tourism,friendship,connections to Africa ect.We will work on bringing African American institutions,businesses,colleges ect to Liberia and American businesses to Liberia on a basis of mutual respect.Our interest in Liberia takes priority over any other country.We are not a racist organization and will work with any person or institution.We denounce bigotry and embrace all humanity.Anyone who respects Liberia and our relationship with Liberia is welcomed in this organization.This mission will be the final stage in healing the wounds of the most terrible event in human history the Trans Atlantic slave trade.
Dwayne K Makala
Association of African Americans for Liberia

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