Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Open Rant

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Kalagenesis says (22:57:37):
Welcome to the Wednesday Night Open Rant
Dr Solo says to (22:59:16):
Dr Solo says to (22:59:27):
East Coast says to (22:59:35):
East Coast says to (22:59:46):
Kalagenesis says (22:59:54):
Peace Doc
East Coast says to (22:59:57):
How have u been doing Solo
Kalagenesis says (23:00:02):
Peace East Coast
East Coast says to (23:00:55):
Like that gt183 show Kala
East Coast says to (23:01:09):
Kalagenesis says (23:01:16):
Yea they are trying
East Coast says to (23:01:35):
I guess they are trying to replace BC what happened to your friend
Kalagenesis says (23:02:12):
I wish I knew lol
DesertRose says to (23:02:37):
(F) Kala!!!
DesertRose says to (23:02:41):
East Coast says to (23:02:44):
DesertRose says to (23:02:57):
I will be listening for awhile.. need to rest a minute
DesertRose says to (23:03:11):
(((((((Dr Solo))))))
East Coast says to (23:03:25):
They have a panel forum format
Dr Solo says to (23:03:27):
HEY DROSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kalagenesis says (23:04:05):
Peace Rose
DesertRose says to (23:04:17):
Kalagenesis says (23:04:40):
Can you handle the truth?
Kalagenesis says (23:04:57):
Welcome to the Voice of the Kala Nation show
Kalagenesis says (23:05:08):
Open Rant say whatever
Kalagenesis says (23:05:49):
Thanks for joining us tonight
Bostonant says to (23:14:35):
Great point!
Bostonant says to (23:16:35):
Two adults are leagal to to do what they want. Then we die
Bostonant says to (23:18:55):
Bostonant says to (23:19:45):
The bible?
Bostonant says to (23:20:39):
One way of thinking about god
Bostonant says to (23:21:53):
God must love gays, god keeps creating them!
Bostonant says to (23:22:43):
Killing anyone is wrong
Bostonant says to (23:23:23):
Finland says to (23:24:28):
How Kala how can it be treated?
Finland says to (23:24:47):
Mentally imalanced? how Kala o great one how?
BryanSmith0 says to (23:24:48):
Could it be they are born that way??
Finland says to (23:25:02):
Bryan thats the only lical answer on can come to
Finland says to (23:25:07):
they are born that way
Finland says to (23:25:16):
the same way a midget is born a midget
Finland says to (23:25:31):
logical sorry about the typo
Finland says to (23:26:09):
OK Kala then that answers your question they were born that way
BryanSmith0 says to (23:26:16):
why would anyone chose to go through the abuse, discrimination, and general ridicule fro society
Finland says to (23:26:17):
Why do people deny that fact?
Finland says to (23:26:40):
Where is your proof Kala? where you gay at one point?
Finland says to (23:27:10):
Where is your proof a homosexual can change sexual orientation? Kala where you gat at one point? and if so how did you change
Finland says to (23:27:39):
No your point is moronic
Finland says to (23:29:00):
Well this societ molds us that HETEROSEXUAL IS NORAL and HOMOSEXUALITY IS WRONG thats why they do it KAla
Finland says to (23:29:03):
Finland says to (23:29:26):
eastiality is normal to the INDIVIDUAL
Finland says to (23:29:30):
Finland says to (23:29:47):
Who says so Kala?
BryanSmith0 says to (23:29:57): digging yourself into the same hole that "social conservative" republicans have lived in for 50 years
Finland says to (23:30:01):
Who defines normal behavior and adnormal behavior?
Finland says to (23:30:18):
Bryan obviously he is not bright
BryanSmith0 says to (23:31:00):
Oh no finland....he is....but on this question....needs some "education"
Finland says to (23:31:12):
I agree you shouldn't compare homosexuality to the black agenda
Finland says to (23:31:41):
But you can't sit here and say it's a mental defect with NOOOOOOO evidence to back up your claim
Finland says to (23:32:53):
This is why I would not wanna debate him, he cut the caller right off
Finland says to (23:33:03):
allow the man to finish his statements
Bostonant says to (23:34:41):
Gays are people children
Bostonant says to (23:35:12):
Dogs and other animals? Thats sick
BryanSmith0 says to (23:35:58): you believe that a black person has the right to marry a white person???
Bostonant says to (23:36:11):
Two adults are free to to do the do
Bostonant says to (23:36:47):
they pay their taxes
BryanSmith0 says to (23:36:53):
but it is a choice.....
Bostonant says to (23:37:54):
It's not for everybody? That's America
BryanSmith0 says to (23:39:31):
the GLBT ppl aren't asking for "special" rights....they just want the same rights given to other "civil unions".....after all....marriage is a church thing....the gov. only cares about the marriage contract
Bostonant says to (23:42:09):
Your genitals don't define your sexuality! Your body is free
BryanSmith0 says to (23:43:18):
speaking from a libertarian point of view....there would be nothing "official" with the word marriage in it.....every union is a civil contract.....make it that way for EVERYBODY
Bostonant says to (23:43:47):
Crime is crime arrest folks for commiting crime
Bostonant says to (23:44:44):
Two guys kissing in the crime?
BryanSmith0 says to (23:44:49):
If gays weren't in Uganda.....who are the ones at threat of being executed???
Bostonant says to (23:46:30):
BryanSmith0 says to (23:48:29):
the reason for the AIDS problem in Africa is NOT due to same of the "victims" are women......and where do the guys get it???
BryanSmith0 says to (23:49:33):
Who is the caller....he is making a lotta sense...
Bostonant says to (23:50:07):
Bostonant says to (23:51:17):
Religion is the only way of thought on earth?
Bostonant says to (23:51:54):
Created by some old whie man?
Bostonant says to (23:52:02):
Bostonant says to (23:52:54):
I worships my life and treat others the way i want to be treated?
BryanSmith0 says to (23:54:27):
every little girl "dreams" of her Princess wedding......THAT is why it is in the closing scenes of movies
Finland says to (23:55:09):
Why does it matter?
Finland says to (23:55:26):
marriage is marriage happiness is happiness
BryanSmith0 says to (23:55:44):
My grandmother was married at 14
BryanSmith0 says to (23:56:06):
it wasn't unusual in 1915
BryanSmith0 says to (23:57:27):
If poligomy is part of your religious should be allowed
uBpJessie says to (23:58:10):
BryanSmith0 says to (23:58:16):
If it is done for fraudulant purposes, then it is ...well.... a crime
Bostonant says to (23:58:24):
White gays have power? They have the numbers?
Bostonant says to (23:59:41):
They want to get married? they will get married
Finland says to (00:00:21):
Kala what about polyandry?
Kalagenesis says (00:00:28):
uBpJessie says to (00:00:41):
I love how some homosexuals call heterosexual ppl "breeders"
BryanSmith0 says to (00:00:52):
if a woman goes into a household....where there are 3 women already there....."married" is just a word.....they would still be "doing what they do"
Finland says to (00:01:13):
Tyler Perry and Oprah has employeed more blacks than both of you on that phone
Bostonant says to (00:01:35):
I wouldn't want my daughter to fall in love with a closet case?
Bostonant says to (00:01:51):
Be yourself be you
Kalagenesis says (00:03:04):
Aliko Dangote hired more Blacks than Oprah And Perry combined
uBpJessie says to (00:03:38):
it is touchy to talk about feminine hipocracy
uBpJessie says to (00:03:54):
it is a senitive subject
uBpJessie says to (00:04:48):
yet they flaut their "strong independance" when it suits them
uBpJessie says to (00:05:23):
no strength for critisism
uBpJessie says to (00:07:48):
beastiality kala?
Bostonant says to (00:09:20):
Straight people born these gay babies?
uBpJessie says to (00:09:45):
Kala would you be willing to work with another African nationalist, even if they were transgeander?
mansamusa says to Kalagenesis (private) (00:09:43):
Peace Kala,I'm waiting on 422
Kalagenesis says to mansamusa (private) (00:09:51):
Kalagenesis says (00:10:02):
BryanSmith0 says to (00:10:28):
there is a term....almost exclusive to describe black gay men....."on the down low".....the black culture does not accept them as who they they hide it.....
uBpJessie says to (00:10:42):
yeah bryan
uBpJessie says to (00:10:53):
white ppl can be bisexual
uBpJessie says to (00:11:08):
black men have to be down low
BryanSmith0 says to (00:11:10):
In some cases this has led to the explosion of AIDS in the black community...
BryanSmith0 says to (00:16:24):
Gay men don't recruit......they aren't looking for "new members".....they only want the same rights as everybody else
Finland says to (00:17:44):
Kala your speaking from a place of profound ignorance
BryanSmith0 says to (00:19:13):
gays are sociopaths???
Bostonant says to (00:19:41):
Straight men recruit young girls for porn
Bostonant says to (00:20:48):
They stay on their side, you stay on yours?
Bostonant says to (00:21:26):
Who care what adults do in their bedrooms?
Bostonant says to (00:21:37):
I don't?
BryanSmith0 says to (00:22:09):
About 50% of ALL women have a "lesbian" type experience......less than 25% of men have ANY same sex "encounter"
Bostonant says to (00:25:58):
Good program My brain is working and learning.
BryanSmith0 says to (00:26:39):
There is a gay couple who has been together for over 15 years (longer than most marriages) who were worried about moving to my town....BECAUSE they were a couple
BryanSmith0 says to (00:30:46):
OMG....please don't tell me Kala is quoting Karl Rove(lol)(lol)
AmericanCitizen says to (00:30:55):
BryanSmith0 says to (00:32:31):
Rove is the biggest enemy that the black and general Liberal side of the ledger has.....
AmericanCitizen says to (00:33:28):
karl rove is a political svengali---nothing more --he uses divergent groups to get his candidate elected
BryanSmith0 says to (00:34:09):
now Obama is a center/right prez......the whole spectrum has shifted to the right.....WE gotta change this
AmericanCitizen says to (00:34:48):
obama really moved to the center when he approved that raid on osama
AmericanCitizen says to (00:35:59):
they dont like homosexuals in some of the caribbean islands as well i hear like jamaica
BryanSmith0 says to (00:38:25):
A white a$$hole church in the US......supported and prompted the Uganda law......that is the way it is....sorry but I have to disagree Kala
Benyamin Solomon says to (00:39:59):
Obama hates America.
*** (00:40:35):Benyamin Solomon is muted by Admin for breaking rules!
BryanSmith0 says to (00:40:39):
F#ck you Solomon....Nobody cares what you have to say
Kalagenesis says (00:42:14):
*** (00:42:30):Benyamin Solomon has been unmuted by Admin.
Benyamin Solomon says to (00:42:49):
Bryan, you got the IQ belos that of spit. No one cares what you say
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Benyamin Solomon says to (00:44:33):
You prominent critics of mine can't sotp thinking of me cause of your intense hatred. Do you people have any life? Belos means below. Sorry for typo.
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BryanSmith0 says to (00:44:38):
at least i can spell below(lol)
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Benyamin Solomon says to (00:46:33):
sotp means stop. Sorry for typo. Spelling is all you know how to do, Bryan.
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BryanSmith0 says to (00:47:06):
(lol) Dam solomon bouncing 8-)
AmericanCitizen says to (00:48:09):
somebody will be biting his butt in the joint:|
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Benyamin Solomon says to (00:48:34):
I'm leaving this cesspool. Buy.
BryanSmith0 says to (00:49:08):
don't go away mad solomon......just go away(lol)
BryanSmith0 says to (00:51:04):
<<Kalagenesis says (00:51:24):
BryanSmith0 says to (00:55:41):
At least in charlotte....part of the problem is the ENTIRE socio/economic issue.....about 3 of every 5 African American males in Charlotte are in jail, awaiting trial, or is on probation or parole.....the deck is stacked
AmericanCitizen says to (00:56:35):
dont be unequally yoked with your woman---KJV
AmericanCitizen says to (01:00:56):
Dr Solo says to (01:00:56):

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