Thursday, May 19, 2011

Amilkar Cathargo Speaks on Skypeassholes

One of the Voice of the Kala Nation's best listeners Amilkar Cathargo a brother who always speaks his mind is fed up.This brother keeps me on my toes.We need more brothers out here who are real men.Real men see the world differently than sissy dudes.Real men wonder what it like to have wealth,power,freedom,and sanctity.The things that bring peace to every man on Earth.A real man knows when he is being conned and more and more brothers are on to the Oprah's and Tyler Perry's also the deviants in the entertainment industry.We want more Aliko Dangotes,Patrice Motesepes.We are wondering why the ghetto is reserved for us?We dont want it any more!!!They can have it back.The following is from the recent radio show:
P.S.:...You're right!!!....We're sick and tired of hearing about the white man!!!...Lemme say it again too:..."Nobody cares about the white man anymore!"...The Chinese don't care!...The Indians don't care!...And Black men like you and me definitely don't care!...We're sick and tired of the drive-by attacks on Black manhood by a bunch of paranoid white pussies with low self-esteem who have perpetuate a lot of propaganda about "true" Black manhood. The days of "coonin'", "buck-dancin'" and "boom-sha-ka-lakin'" are over! Be a real up and respect Black men for what we've done for this country that white people never gave us credit for!!!...

5/19/2011 1:39 PM

About the 05/17/2011:...Skype AssWipes and his yuck-mouthed, toothless fuck buddy need to shut the hell up if they've never heard or listened to Common's songs. All Common needed was to be a "Black man" to be invited to the White House. Bet you ten-to-one that Skype AssWipes never heard of rap music or hip-hop...until they came on BTR!!!...(lol!) These These inbred, albinized bastards need to get a life. White men are hopeless, closet homos and victims of their own arrogance. They are never going to fit in with the rest of the world. We're sick and tired of racist white people who think they know every fucking thing in the world. Ten, twenty years from now, they will still be in the hills and mountains of West Virginia, chewing tobacco, eating possum and vittles and having sex with their grandmas and sisters, if they're not fucking each other. The system of racism blinds them to the reality that we have to deal with as Black people. And, no, Kala, you don't need to seek the approval of others to speak your mind, which is exactly what we need: somebody who finally tells the truth. Quit wasting air-time with these losers...

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