Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Hotep Shuffle.Cooning under guise of militancy

The Hotep Shuffle refers to the ongoing disfunctional community of Black people in America.We are a people who have no real culture because in order to have a culture you have to be free.Our culture is based on being dominated by White people and hating ourselves.In the process of not knowing ourselves Gurus and other charlatans come in and fill the void.The problem is they almost always are self serving and plain wrong even the intentions are good.We have to put the era of ignorance behind us and embrace the future where we can build a new future for ourselves here in America,Africa and around the world.


Unknown said...

This is sooooo true!! Reminds me of Buggin' Out on Do The Right Thing! Lol!

Kala Nation said...

Buggin out yea!That is funny lol