Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Lynching of President Barack Obama

*** (22:56:53):Welcome to the Kalagenesis Chat Room.
Dr Solo says to (22:59:51):
Kalagenesis says (22:59:50):
Welcome to the Sunday Night Sermon in Kala Land
Kalagenesis says (22:59:53):
peace Doc\
Dr Solo says to (23:00:16):
Kalagenesis says (23:01:19):
Dr Solo says to (23:03:31):
ImhotepVII says to (23:05:09):
Peace everyone
Kalagenesis says (23:05:13):
peace Imhoptep
Ernest Moore says to (23:05:36):
Are you talking now?
Atlas Flopped says to (23:05:42):
A good day indeed, Bin Laden is dead
ImhotepVII says to (23:05:46):
we live in interesting historical times are we not?
uBpJessie says to (23:08:19):
ImhotepVII says to (23:09:22):
Hey uBpJessie
HUEY FREEMAN says to (23:09:58):
peace chatroom
ggt183 says to (23:10:01):
ImhotepVII says to (23:10:03):
HUEY FREEMAN says to (23:10:12):
Dr Solo says to (23:10:44):
ggt183 says to (23:11:54):
Dr Solo....Benyamin called me a sell out
ImhotepVII says to (23:15:47):
ImhotepVII says to (23:15:56):
cry babies
DesertRose says to (23:15:57):
(F) Kala!!
DesertRose says to (23:16:14):
Hi Imhotep! .. Dr Solo!!
DesertRose says to (23:16:19):
ImhotepVII says to (23:16:26):
Hey DesertRose(F)
DesertRose says to (23:16:32):
ggt183 says to (23:16:32):
bluesky69 says to (23:17:47):
hello eveeyone
bluesky69 says to (23:18:05):
bluesky69 says to (23:18:31):
BIN LADEN IS DEAD!!!!!! WHOO HOO!!!!!!! :)
bluesky69 says to (23:19:57):
hi solo(L):-* hi ggt(L):-* hi rose(L):-*
ggt183 says to (23:20:17):
bluesky69 says to (23:20:25):
hi ubp(L):-*
ggt183 says to (23:20:38):
where is benyamin
bluesky69 says to (23:20:39):
hi bb(L):-*
ggt183 says to (23:20:41):
bluesky69 says to (23:20:49):
what's wrong ggt
ggt183 says to (23:21:09):
Benyamin is hiding:S
bluesky69 says to (23:21:20):
bluesky69 says to (23:21:33):
is he on
bluesky69 says to (23:21:44):
i thought he had a show on at 11
Beachbum55 says to (23:22:03):
Hi Blue. bens show suddenly disappeared at 11pm
bluesky69 says to (23:22:37):
he problley to celebrate the death of bin laden
bluesky69 says to (23:22:41):
Beachbum55 says to (23:22:49):
bluesky69 says to (23:23:25):
Dr Solo says to (23:25:32):
ggt183 says to (23:26:04):
Benyamin Solomon is a racist moron
Dr Solo says to (23:26:49):
Beachbum55 says to (23:28:21):
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Dr Solo says to (23:28:54):
*** (23:30:08):Beachbum55 has been unmuted by Admin.
Dr Solo says to (23:30:39):
SlimJim says to (23:31:39):
dang solo.. i thought i held that title.. i'm hurt:D
syntaur says to (23:31:39):
It is better to die on your feet... then to live on your knees..... Er sorry too Klingon
knowledgestar says to (23:31:52):
ggt183 says to (23:31:56):
I dont hate jews..i just hate Ben
syntaur says to (23:33:07):
I think that is what they are going to do to Bin Laden when they get his body to NYC
Dr Solo says to (23:33:48):
SlimJim says to (23:33:52):
bet there are 72 virgins tonight running from the new arrival...
knowledgestar says to (23:33:54):
A pic-nic
Beachbum55 says to (23:33:55):
his body will be dumped at sea so he cannot be a mytar.
Beachbum55 says to (23:34:14):
sorry if I mis-spelled it.
SlimJim says to (23:34:16):
in know solo.. was just joking.. i'm in a great mood tonight
Dr Solo says to (23:34:18):
Rakly says to (23:34:24):
a lot of intercourse is happening tonight
Dr Solo says to (23:35:01):
syntaur says to (23:35:08):
I wonder what brought about the Jim Crow laws of the 1920s...
SlimJim says to (23:35:12):
syntaur says to (23:35:35):
I mean at the same time... women were getting the vote
SlimJim says to (23:35:55):
the fact Bin Laden was found and shot in a mansion wont sit well with the maryr-makers.. they wont find that honorable
Rakly says to (23:36:21):
and no one cares
Antoinette from De says to (23:36:29):
Hello Kala, Africa, BB55, Rose, Dr. Solo, Ernest, Huey, knowledge, Rakly Jim, syntaur and ubp
SlimJim says to (23:36:38):
Kala.. the fact u think i would be laughing at lynching says more about u than me..
knowledgestar says to (23:36:43):
Rakly says to (23:36:44):
Hi antoinette
Antoinette from De says to (23:36:53):
hello how are you
Beachbum55 says to (23:36:54):
hi antoinette
syntaur says to (23:37:00):
yeah but the Klu Klux Klan was parading in Washington DC in 1921
Dr Solo says to (23:37:04):
Antoinette from De says to (23:37:06):
Hello Kala how are you
Antoinette from De says to (23:37:14):
how are you bb55 and Sr. Solo
Rakly says to (23:37:16):
in 1921
Antoinette from De says to (23:37:24):
I hope that everyone is well
Beachbum55 says to (23:37:30):
syntaur says to (23:37:35):
a giant step backwards
Antoinette from De says to (23:37:56):
glad to hear that bb
Beachbum55 says to (23:38:09):
if I was any better, I couldn't stand it..
syntaur says to (23:38:21):
ok... thanks
SlimJim says to (23:38:27):
far more "white" people felt the duty to right the wrongs, and even died for it. but Kala would rather make the few into the whole.. hmmm whats that called?
Antoinette from De says to (23:38:35):
well let it stand as if bb so that you can stand it
Rakly says to (23:38:36):
the night riders?? (i'm just baffled since that is iconic in a game called Left 4 Dead 2)
Beachbum55 says to (23:38:59):
Jim Crow? southern democrats. a fact.
*** (23:39:08):Beachbum55 is muted by Admin for breaking rules!
syntaur says to (23:39:09):
I am white... but Irish
Dr Solo says to (23:39:28):
Ernest Moore says to (23:39:48):
Obama was put in office by the Racist Right!
SlimJim says to (23:39:51):
Kala you are out of line tonight saying every white man is a KKK.. you're true colors are coming thru
SlimJim says to (23:40:00):
who hear believes what he is saying?
knowledgestar says to (23:40:07):
*** (23:40:08):Beachbum55 has been unmuted by Admin.
syntaur says to (23:40:14):
the roles were reverse till recently... Lincoln was a Republican
Ernest Moore says to (23:40:42):
Obama has turned his back on Black Americans & he is a traitor to this country!
syntaur says to (23:41:01):
Rakly says to (23:41:36):
Ernest, cmon, Obama is just not delivering on his promisses
knowledgestar says to (23:41:36):
syntaur says to (23:41:39):
I am so glad that Obama is President right now
Antoinette from De says to (23:41:40):
back what have I missed
SlimJim says to (23:41:41):
gotta give obama credit for this one.. he did give the order to take Osama out.. this is a great day
Ernest Moore says to (23:41:50):
Obama is a chicken pecken Uncle Tom!!
syntaur says to (23:42:00):
*** (23:42:22):Ernest Moore is muted by Admin for breaking rules!
Antoinette from De says to (23:42:26):
tht is not a cause for people to be celebrating a murder at least tht is how I see it
syntaur says to (23:42:47):
a murderer
syntaur says to (23:43:00):
a murder of a murderer
syntaur says to (23:43:09):
SlimJim says to (23:43:10):
Ernest and syntaur, give Obama a break today.. he took care of business.
syntaur says to (23:43:40):
Hey SlimJim... I like Obama
syntaur says to (23:44:01):
SlimJim says to (23:44:07):
yet u call him uncle tom and murderer?
*** (23:44:08):Ernest Moore has been unmuted by Admin.
Beachbum55 says to (23:44:09):
I agree slim, the last person I want to be critical of is the President. He did what he had to do.
syntaur says to (23:44:19):
snuffed Osama
Ernest Moore says to (23:44:21):
All of the elections in this country are controlled by the Bush Family Regim!
Dr Solo says to (23:44:37):
syntaur says to (23:44:43):
Hit Osama
Ernest Moore says to (23:44:55):
I am a Black American not an African American like you!
SlimJim says to (23:45:03):
yes beach.. there is soooo much i disagree with Obama on.. but tonight he gets a break for taking that sorry SOB off the planet
uBpJessie says to (23:45:11):
okay so osama is died, can we bring our troops home?
syntaur says to (23:45:16):
I think Obama was just reelected tonight
Beachbum55 says to (23:45:16):
yes he does.
syntaur says to (23:46:03):
I think the Republicans should just turn off their lights
Dr Solo says to (23:46:06):
Dr Solo says to (23:46:29):
Rakly says to (23:46:31):
obama is white
Ernest Moore says to (23:46:38):
All Black Americans are unique because they are mixed with White. Our founding fathers made sure of that! They mixed with the slaves!
SlimJim says to (23:46:41):
syntaur// not so fast.. the country was elated when Saddam was taken out, but in the end, the economy will be the metric in 2012
syntaur says to (23:46:55):
wait... Obama is black... I thought he was our President
DesertRose says to (23:47:12):
its in he food!
DesertRose says to (23:47:17):
DesertRose says to (23:47:23):
Ernest Moore says to (23:47:33):
Obama is Black on the outside but a White Devil on the inside!
*** (23:47:35):Ernest Moore is muted by Admin for breaking rules!
Antoinette from De says to (23:47:44):
Ernest pls tell me w hy that make black americans unique, when I describe myself I do not consider my self unique because of what races are mixed in me
syntaur says to (23:47:45):
SlimJim says to (23:47:45):
Obama is Halfrican American :D
Rakly says to (23:47:49):
I'm not hatin, i just find it utter rediculas that white mom + black father somehow = black kid
Antoinette from De says to (23:47:52):
Hello Rose, how are you
DesertRose says to (23:48:05):
I am good
Antoinette from De says to (23:48:21):
that is great to hear Rose
syntaur says to (23:48:39):
No matter what the color of your skin... WE ARE ALL AMERICANS
SlimJim says to (23:49:04):
agree with that syntaur
*** (23:49:08):Ernest Moore has been unmuted by Admin.
Ernest Moore says to (23:49:15):
what are the rules?
Rakly says to (23:49:18):
sure, i want to know about this stuff
syntaur says to (23:49:53):
Rakly says to (23:50:07):
that's maybe why i don't understand, i'm not american
syntaur says to (23:50:13):
SlimJim says to (23:50:27):
yep.. that sucka is dead!
knowledgestar says to (23:50:29):
its also called dominant genes
syntaur says to (23:50:43):
Ernest Moore says to (23:50:55):
You need to take lessons from me son! Have you studied Population Genetics? How much education have you had?
SlimJim says to (23:51:02):
and i'm glad he wasnt caught alive.. no need for that sharade
syntaur says to (23:51:32):
though throwing aviation fuel on him would have been fun.... sorry
Rakly says to (23:51:40):
ok, if he identigies himself that way, i can't argue with that
Ernest Moore says to (23:51:45):
Check out my website
Beachbum55 says to (23:52:10):
syntaur I would think of all nights people that have differences of politics would come together as Americans with the " " American in front of their race. Obama deserves credit for whatever his role was.
SlimJim says to (23:52:11):
Obama moved to s. chicago cuz that was his best and quickest track to move up the political ladder
Beachbum55 says to (23:52:25):
Ernest Moore says to (23:52:39):
Obama is allowing Hispanics to commit genocide of Black Americans in Los Angeles, CA!
Rakly says to (23:53:04):
Ernest, how is he allowing that, he has no saying in that
syntaur says to (23:53:18):
Grace Jones is... well frightening IMO
SlimJim says to (23:53:21):
ernest.. talk to the mayor and chief of police in LA about that one
knowledgestar says to (23:53:23):
everybody done took that payoff now
knowledgestar says to (23:53:44):
they scared theyll loose their money
DesertRose says to (23:54:34):
what Ernest?
syntaur says to (23:54:36):
I heard Mr. T has faced a lot of racism... but I pity the fools
*** (23:54:38):Ernest Moore is muted by Admin for breaking rules!
DesertRose says to (23:54:56):
SlimJim says to (23:54:59):
lol syntaur
Rakly says to (23:55:29):
maybe he is superman Kala :) :D
knowledgestar says to (23:55:35):
did regan stop crack?
DesertRose says to (23:55:36):
DesertRose says to (23:55:39):
syntaur says to (23:55:49):
*** (23:56:08):Ernest Moore has been unmuted by Admin.
Rakly says to (23:56:43):
GAY black consercatives
Rakly says to (23:56:49):
knowledgestar says to (23:56:57):
this is the internet not english class lol
Rakly says to (23:57:13):
good, i'm too drunk to spell correct
knowledgestar says to (23:57:29):
not u
SlimJim says to (23:57:32):
Kala.. i know you are always miserable and pissed off about everything.. but why not show a little happines over Bin Laden taken to justice??
Ernest Moore says to (23:57:32):
Obama is nothing but a trained Monkey that is on a short leash by the Buch Family Regim!! Who is pulling your leash?
knowledgestar says to (23:57:33):
syntaur says to (23:57:35):
ragan was the girl in The Exorist I think
syntaur says to (23:58:20):
where is
Ernest Moore says to (23:58:34):
Obama killed Osama? That is just Facist Propagand to fool stupid Negroes!
syntaur says to (23:58:39):
Rakly says to (23:58:53):
you hate the internetz? You're not a wizard?
Beachbum55 says to (00:00:24):
slim, surely you know the answer to that..
SlimJim says to (00:00:46):
yes i do beach.. just wanted to hear it:D
pumpkin13 says to (00:01:28):
Rakly says to (00:01:29):
That's the problem with socialists, they care about the lives of the enemies
Pres Nose Candy says to (00:01:35):
Who is the caller?
DesertRose says to (00:01:39):
hi pumpkin!
pumpkin13 says to (00:01:47):
SlimJim says to (00:01:47):
right raldy..
Pres Nose Candy says to (00:02:32):
Who is the Caller?
syntaur says to (00:03:01):
plus what he is doing in the Sudan
Ernest Moore says to (00:03:13):
you are acting like an ignorant Negro Kalagenesis
DesertRose says to (00:04:01):
where is Warlord
Rakly says to (00:04:33):
he's also not the president of the world
Beachbum55 says to (00:04:49):
slim, turn on the live news and take a good look at the large crowd with American Flags. U will notice something missing very quickly. Stands out like a hoopty with spinner wheels on a deserted street.
SlimJim says to (00:05:16):
Warlord will be late..he was mixed up in the Bin Laden raid.. dont know what side he was in
SlimJim says to (00:05:21):
Antoinette from De says to (00:05:23):
I see it BB, I think it is terrible
DesertRose says to (00:05:31):
Rakly says to (00:05:37):
oh crap i'm gonna get muted
Antoinette from De says to (00:05:40):
I'm surprise they are not shooting off fireworkkds
DesertRose says to (00:05:42):
Dr Solo says to (00:05:44):
SlimJim says to (00:05:47):
ok beach.. what channe?
DesertRose says to (00:06:04):
your crackling
DesertRose says to (00:06:31):
he is the host
DesertRose says to (00:06:35):
SlimJim says to (00:07:43):
beach.. i think i noticed it. so far i havent seen any.. check 3 channels
Beachbum55 says to (00:07:45):
msnbc in a city that is 95% black. in front of white house.
Rakly says to (00:08:12):
not only his birth cert, just all the BS
Dr Solo says to (00:08:54):
Beachbum55 says to (00:10:17):
I understand antoinette and texted friends with same feeling but I do understand peoples feelings that lost loved ones feeling glad a Hitler is dead. The Bible is full of killings in the name of God.
Rakly says to (00:10:36):
Obama's BC has been confirmed in 2008 when all this bull started. Only now, Obama HIMSELF officialy said, this is my bc
Antoinette from De says to (00:11:03):
that is true, I think it is in bad taste for people to act this way
BryanSmith0 says to (00:11:20):
I've followed every presidential election since '72....WTF is up with the big debate on O's birth certificate....McCain was born in Panama....Where was the DEBATE about him????
Rakly says to (00:11:40):
Bryan, racism
Dr Solo says to (00:11:54):
Rakly says to (00:12:08):
Ernest, i wouldn't call Fox manestream media
SlimJim says to (00:12:17):
bryan.. McCain's eligibility was drug in front of the senate in a resolution to determine if he could be president
24DRED says to (00:12:18):
Antoinette from De says to (00:12:33):
the world still proves that Dr. Solo and the lawas
Antoinette from De says to (00:13:09):
it is so many things that shows that there is still racism here, even with the people that now claim reverse racism it is terrible
MsCarmenMaggette says to (00:13:20):
Rakly says to (00:13:21):
How can you prove some one DIDN'T sayy anything
MsCarmenMaggette says to (00:13:26):
He said it here Kala
BryanSmith0 says to (00:13:26):
Kala...this D!@k head is either re-transmitting or recording you........cut his a$$ OFF
Antoinette from De says to (00:13:53):
bb is a very sweet person
Dr Solo says to (00:14:15):
Antoinette from De says to (00:14:34):
oh well I did not see that
Antoinette from De says to (00:14:44):
sorry to hear that
bluesky69 says to (00:14:54):
hi antoinette(L):-*
Antoinette from De says to (00:15:07):
hello blue, how are you
bluesky69 says to (00:15:07):
hi bryan(L):-*
Pres Nose Candy says to (00:15:08):
Obama's birth Cert. is only important to Bigots and Dumbazzes
MsCarmenMaggette says to (00:15:22):
Well I'm no bigot
bluesky69 says to (00:15:24):
im am great now that bin laden is dead
Rakly says to (00:15:29):
the BC is iportant cuz in order to be a president of the USE, you have to be a born citisen.The TRUE question is, why is Obama the only president being harrased about it like this?
bluesky69 says to (00:15:30):
and u
BryanSmith0 says to (00:15:33):
hey blue:-*
Dr Solo says to (00:15:36):
DesertRose says to (00:15:41):
Pres Nose Candy says to (00:15:48):
Is Obama's Birth Cert. important to you Carmen
MsCarmenMaggette says to (00:15:54):
Bin Laden was BEEN dead
MsCarmenMaggette says to (00:16:03):
Pres yes it is
BryanSmith0 says to (00:16:06):
oopss.........:-*:-*:-* rose
Pres Nose Candy says to (00:16:19):
Bin Laden has been dead for years
DesertRose says to (00:16:19):
:'( thats ok i understand
DesertRose says to (00:16:34):
:| good thing I am not sensitive
Rakly says to (00:16:41):
I SWEAR GUYS, And i hope people will join me, every republican pres is going to get harrased for his/her bc, school credentials and what not
BryanSmith0 says to (00:16:41):
Pres Nose Candy says to (00:16:42):
Then Carmen you are a Bigot or a Dumbazz pick 1
bluesky69 says to (00:16:43):
(lol) rose
MsCarmenMaggette says to (00:16:58):
I think I'm smart
24DRED says to (00:17:13):
MsCarmenMaggette says to (00:17:20):
1st amendent gives those ppl the right to question his place of birth
DesertRose says to (00:17:24):
Pres Nose Candy says to (00:17:28):
You can't be smart if Obama's birth Cert. is important AFTER the fact
BryanSmith0 says to (00:17:34):
Rakly says to (00:18:04):
Questioning something doesn't mean he's wrong
Pres Nose Candy says to (00:18:07):
Carmen Please you are a bigot or a dumbazz
MsCarmenMaggette says to (00:18:35):
Exacly Rakly
MsCarmenMaggette says to (00:18:45):
so obviuously Pres is not to smart
Rakly says to (00:18:49):
the 1st amendement right allows me to question your female
MsCarmenMaggette says to (00:19:01):
stupid people are whats making america destitude
Pres Nose Candy says to (00:19:30):
Questioning a black mans papers is code for he isn't white
MsCarmenMaggette says to (00:19:33):
The economy, and a combination of dumbass people are whats destroying america
BryanSmith0 says to (00:19:44):
who is the d!@k head that is the caller ?????
MsCarmenMaggette says to (00:19:58):
Pres interpret it anyway you want but those people are excersing their rights
MsCarmenMaggette says to (00:20:14):
and it's refreshin that ppl excersie their right
Rakly says to (00:20:16):
Bryan, he's Ernest, but I like lively debates
BryanSmith0 says to (00:20:38):
Pres Nose Candy says to (00:20:39):
Whats destroying America is Allowing Rich Corp. get away with not paying their fair share. Why aren't you people
Pres Nose Candy says to (00:21:08):
Attacking Exxon Mobil for making $11 billion and not paying taxes
Pres Nose Candy says to (00:21:31):
and BoA not paying taxes and getting Refunds
Pres Nose Candy says to (00:21:59):
Defense Contractors not paying their fair share
Pres Nose Candy says to (00:22:18):
Each one of Americas wars shouldn't have been fought
BryanSmith0 says to (00:22:26): gonna build a fence? they have a fence on part of the border....two teenage girls scaled it in less than 20 seconds.....look it up on you tube
The Esoteric Analyst says to (00:22:54):
Even teh civil war @ pres nose
The Esoteric Analyst says to (00:22:59):
Rakly says to (00:23:03):
Ernest, YOU are being fashist, do you even know what socialism et al means??
Rakly says to (00:23:43):
Pres Nose Candy says to (00:23:49):
The People the allow Bernie Maddoff to rob america should go to jail. Wall street should go to jail
Pres Nose Candy says to (00:24:02):
Stop attacking poor people
BryanSmith0 says to (00:24:20):
there are undocumented workers doing the jobs that employers CAN'T GET anyone else to do
DesertRose says to (00:24:20):
and if he researched it.. the gov pays for them here to do fields
DesertRose says to (00:24:34):
they move with the crops
Pres Nose Candy says to (00:24:52):
The Mexicans contribute to the economy. I dont' understand why they should be deported.
DesertRose says to (00:25:08):
well newsflash.. Southern of portion and always be mexico.. the people arent going anywhere.. they are taking it back
Rakly says to (00:25:11):
how do we go back to the 60-70s?
Rakly says to (00:25:16):
he has a time machine
DesertRose says to (00:25:17):
:@ now i made myself mad
Pres Nose Candy says to (00:25:19):
If you enforce immigration Laws then NO White person would be in America
DesertRose says to (00:25:20):
i need a nap
DesertRose says to (00:25:25):
BryanSmith0 says to (00:25:41):
Our country hasn't got a pot to piss in.....where do we get the money to enforce these "wonderful" immigration laws
DesertRose says to (00:26:25):
Pres Nose Candy says to (00:26:27):
This Caller is misinformed
BryanSmith0 says to (00:26:28):
Ernest thinks he's a DR.(lol)
jeff chan says to (00:26:37):
shi brother..!
Pres Nose Candy says to (00:27:24):
There are lots of people from Europe in America Illegally but no one is pointing out that small fact
24DRED says to (00:27:26):
Pres Nose Candy says to (00:27:56):
The whole immigration thing is a Blitz screen
BryanSmith0 says to (00:28:05):
Pres that is an argument I have had everytime somebody talkes about the "illegals"
Pres Nose Candy says to (00:28:56):
They no one wants to talk about big corps are backing Americas Ignorance and bigotry
BryanSmith0 says to (00:29:08):
I don't have a "green card"....hell I could be from Germany or England.......immigration law is TARGETED toward Hispanics
DesertRose says to (00:29:08):
in one way you here politicians complain about the border.. but they let people thru.. then you find out the gov pays them to stay and work
DesertRose says to (00:29:13):
the whole thing sounds fishy
24DRED says to (00:29:18):
Pres Nose Candy says to (00:30:36):
Gas prices went up under G. Bush and it wasn't attacked. For what it worth Eric Holder is trying to investigate. Bush did nothing
Ernest Moore says to (00:31:00):
Obama is not doing anything for Blacks in CA but everything for Hickspanicks!
Pres Nose Candy says to (00:31:17):
These people are stupid. Don't they know that if gas prices are high it takes $$$ away from buying other US goods!
Pres Nose Candy says to (00:31:31):
What idiots
BryanSmith0 says to (00:31:40):
Oil companies own the D's and the R's.....Jones had some good ideas....but they were too good and too doable
Rakly says to (00:31:44):
24DRED, That's what racist ppl did to black ppl. Not all of them are like this. This hurts every one, latino, black, white....
DesertRose says to (00:31:45):
Pres Nose Candy says to (00:32:27):
The politicans made it legal to steal from poor people
jeff chan says to (00:33:15):
buying..? with what....
Pres Nose Candy says to (00:34:15):
And for those who steall queation Obamas birth Cert. has never been involved in the process. You can't have access to sensitive Information without a background check, which
Rakly says to (00:34:43):
I truely believe if african-americans would be able to spend some time in (western)-europe, the'd see not all white people are like that.
Pres Nose Candy says to (00:34:48):
include interviews for Clearance. You Birthers are idiots and bigots
BryanSmith0 says to (00:35:26):
Oh God....I hope a "birther" gets the R nominnation in '12
BryanSmith0 says to (00:35:45):
Pres Nose Candy says to (00:36:07):
Like Bill Mahr said last week. Repubicans are Racist
Pres Nose Candy says to (00:36:47):
Did you get all of that MsCaramen or should I include more
BryanSmith0 says to (00:37:07):
Not all.....just most.....maybe 80%.....the rest are just brain dead
Pres Nose Candy says to (00:38:19):
The Tea Party Movement is a sham funded by Rich corp ie; KOCH brothers who also support racist organizations
Pres Nose Candy says to (00:39:01):
I've here and almost vomitted reading this crap
Antoinette from De says to (00:39:36):
BryanSmith0 says to (00:40:14):
Oh yeah.....I actually went to a "tea Party" once....once.....there was some a$$hole in the back wearing a confederate uniform.........the only party represented was R's......grass roots....NO...astroturf
Rakly says to (00:40:52):
i'd apply the same attack tactics
24DRED says to (00:41:17):
Pres Nose Candy says to (00:41:36):
Thank you Bryan. I went to 1 also and so Nice expensive buses bring these morons to the rallys...How can this be a grassroots movement
Rakly says to (00:41:39):
yesterday i got kicked from a room for saying, "I never seen Bush's bc"
Pres Nose Candy says to (00:41:49):
so many
24DRED says to (00:42:44):
Pres Nose Candy says to (00:43:07):
MsCarman your profile has "repoman" what are you a tranny?
Pres Nose Candy says to (00:43:52):
Did anyone question G. Bush about Harken Industries
Rakly says to (00:44:07):
i sure didn't
jeff chan says to (00:44:58): spook me... lol
Pres Nose Candy says to (00:45:05):
If you reseach Harken Industries you'll see that Bush should be in Jail for that.
Rakly says to (00:45:35):
Bush Jr should be in jail for many things, illegal wars....
pumpkin13 says to (00:47:09):
Why do you care about Bush? He hasn't been President for a couplr of years now. It seems like some of you are missing him since you speak of him so often.
Pres Nose Candy says to (00:47:36):
*** Chaney wrote the energy bill and who was in the room CEO's, CFO''s, and no one from outside the energy group
pumpkin13 says to (00:48:01):
You need to get over Bush, he is no longer President. Move on folks, it will not harm you to live in the present day.
Rakly says to (00:48:21):
it's all about trying to make a point. Obama gets harrased over trivial things while Bush gets praised over crimes
pumpkin13 says to (00:48:42):
Get over Bush Rakly, move on.
BryanSmith0 says to (00:48:55):
Quadaffi is a boil on the planets A$$....BUT....targeting a nations leader is against international law....and that is what we and our allies are doing
Pres Nose Candy says to (00:48:56):
Obama is president and you should move on
pumpkin13 says to (00:48:57):
It is a new day and a different President.
Gixxer says to (00:48:58):
Rakly says to (00:49:23):
i can't wait to move on, next republican pres, i'm so gonna try and stir things up, Demand his bc...
*** (00:49:28):Gixxer is muted by Admin for breaking rules!
pumpkin13 says to (00:49:37):
You cannot change what Bush did or did not do, worry about the present day and the future.
Pres Nose Candy says to (00:50:19):
Yes, Obama was borin in Hawaii why question his School records then PUMPKINHEAD
Dr Solo says to (00:50:30):
pumpkin13 says to (00:50:53):
PUMPKINHEAD, you should not speak when you have the name, PRES NOSE CANDY.
*** (00:51:08):Gixxer has been unmuted by Admin.
pumpkin13 says to (00:51:32):
C'mon, stop living in the past, there are plenty of present day problems to bitch about.
Pres Nose Candy says to (00:51:38):
This is my name Pumpkin head. is that your best come back
Dr Solo says to (00:51:48):
Dr Solo says to (00:52:10):
pumpkin your not our boss
pumpkin13 says to (00:52:13):
Sure is Pres Nose Candy, what are you going to do abou it. LOL
Pres Nose Candy says to (00:52:24):
Gas prices are too damn high pumpkin head. what is your solution
Dr Solo says to (00:52:39):
if you dont like what we speak leave
pumpkin13 says to (00:52:41):
Your right Dr. Solo, I am not your boss. I never said I was either.
Dr Solo says to (00:52:46):
BryanSmith0 says to (00:52:51):
Pumpkin...go carve yourself a face and sit on somebody's porch....where you belong......just dont put in too many sound like you are from WV
Pres Nose Candy says to (00:52:59):
Drilling for oil in the Gulf or in Alaska won't benefit America
pumpkin13 says to (00:53:15):
WV, never been there......have you Bryan?
BryanSmith0 says to (00:53:29):
Gixxer says to (00:53:31):
BryanSmith0 says to (00:53:40):
but I know a few....and you it
pumpkin13 says to (00:53:47):
You must be from WV Bryan since you know all about what people look like who are there.
Dr Solo says to (00:53:53):
ok gixxer thanks for that
Pres Nose Candy says to (00:54:10):
No Bryan, pumpkin head let go for a drive I'll get the car to 100 and you rub your face on the concrete
Dr Solo says to (00:54:28):
pumpkin13 says to (00:54:33):
That was mature Pres Nose Candy, kinda explains why you are living in the past.
Pres Nose Candy says to (00:55:00):
Pumpkinhead your come backs are getting weaker
BryanSmith0 says to (00:55:13):
that would be one way of carving a face(lol)(H) The SC WAY
pumpkin13 says to (00:55:15):
I am ok with that Pres Nose Candy.
Dr Solo says to (00:55:18):
Bush screwed us and pumpkin want to let him off the hook
Pres Nose Candy says to (00:55:33):
pumpkin13 says to (00:55:57):
Dr. Solo, what he did is done and over, how do you think you can change something that all ready happened?
Pres Nose Candy says to (00:56:11):
pumpkin head you are boring. stop while you are in this race
Dr Solo says to (00:56:23):
where still have two wars @pumpkin
pumpkin13 says to (00:56:24):
I am not in a race.
Dr Solo says to (00:56:39):
pumpkin13 says to (00:56:42):
Does that upset you Dr. Solo?
Dr Solo says to (00:56:57):
yeah bush sent them
Pres Nose Candy says to (00:57:05):
Then jump out the window pumpkinhead
jeff chan says to (00:57:29):
to the O team..
Rakly says to (00:57:38):
I was in a conservative show earlier this evening, And they spent a full hour on how childish it was of obama to make jokes at the expense of Trump while Trump is in the audience unable to defendd hiself. Meanwhile I'm thinking to myself, what about all
jeff chan says to (00:57:40):
lol kala
BryanSmith0 says to (00:57:40):
Most ppl don't know this....but Bush can still be impeached.......for the two wars and 4 Trillion they will end up costing us
pumpkin13 says to (00:57:46):
Yes he did, but if that upsets you Dr. Solo then speak out about the wars and what you feel can be done to change it for today and tomorrow. Bitching about the past will not change anything in regards to the two wars.
Rakly says to (00:57:48):
the slander on obama while he's not there?
Pres Nose Candy says to (00:58:18):
Bush has done harm to this country let will have lating affects @ PumpkinHead
Dr Solo says to (00:58:28):
I want Bush on war crimes @pumpkin
pumpkin13 says to (00:58:40):
Get over it Pres Nose Candy, living in the past will not get you anywhere.
BryanSmith0 says to (00:58:49):
I like to see the guilty brought to justice.....even if it has been 2,4,or 10 years
pumpkin13 says to (00:59:05):
Never going to happen Bryan.
Pres Nose Candy says to (00:59:17):
Ok Pumpkin head you get the last work.
pumpkin13 says to (00:59:38):
People of power are not tried for crimes.
Pres Nose Candy says to (00:59:49):
Wait, we can't get anywhere coz you deny facts Pumpkinhead
pumpkin13 says to (00:59:56):
It is not right but it is the way of our world.
BryanSmith0 says to (01:00:00):
in part because of ppl like you defending/apologizing/or making it "history".....
DesertRose says to (01:00:12):
Dr Solo says to (01:00:14):
is that what bernie madoff said @pumpkin
pumpkin13 says to (01:00:34):
It is history Bryan, I am not defending or apologizing for the past.
BryanSmith0 says to (01:00:55):
Bull ***
Pres Nose Candy says to (01:01:04):
Yea, DR. Solo tell me how Bernie got away with his crimes without The Feds knowing about it
pumpkin13 says to (01:01:20):
Have a good night folks......and try to live in todays world instead of yesterdays.

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