Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Apathy of the Damned!Slow response to the Kemetic Pipeline underscores bigger problem

I have often said as the saying goes you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink it.It is often asked why are African Americans the only group that cannot take advantage of the opportunities clearly in front of them.Well I have found that much of the so called activist are not interested in solving problems but to profit from them.I mean Andrew Young,Rev Jesse Jackson, and others benefited from taking pictures with Dr King and used this for economic and political benefit over the years.I mean Jesse is worth 60 million dollars and his son who does not have any political skill is a Congressman.Too many people are still hurting from slavery and an abusive relationship with White America.It is clear that the many enslavement,discriminations,killings,rapes,lynchings,and terrorist acts committed against the Black community has not been resolved.Instead from a position of a beggar and weakness our cowardly leaders begged White people for mercy,and sympathy.We chose the coward role of dependency and subordination instead of nationhood and liberty.The cowards even pretend to be militants and militant beggars opting for a cup and spoon as tools instead of the plow and shovel.The broken spirit produces sick people who cannot free themselves and make every excuse why they will choose to be at the bottom of another races society instead of the top of their own.

The Pan African Kemetic Pipeline
The Kemetic Pipeline is a Pan African trading platform designed to link the African diaspora with African homeland.A revolutionary idea that our ancestors are looking down smiling about.What they wanted all along.But many are not taking advantage of this new platform.Instead we are still talking about jobs and what the US Government should be doing for Black folks.This backward thinking by self serving charlatans shows why our community is sick and broken.Those of us who see opportunity and take it and those who think their job is to wait on handouts from the man.Proof of which was a few months ago the city of Atlanta held an event saying it was going to give out 75 apps for public housing and a stampede and riot occurred.The images of able bodied Blacks destitute like that fed every racist notion that Blacks are lazy and dependent.It is time for the people to wake up and take their destiny into their own hands.

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