Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Nas takes a shot at Neo-Minstrel Rappers

Well it seems the message is finally getting home to all the rappers who went to sleep in the nineties.We are seeing the best of times and the worst of times.We see the Black community confronting sacred cows,that held us back the way Marcus Garvey did back in the day.They told him he was before his time, and why rock the boat?The presidential candidacy of Barack Obama has caused a social and political revolution among the African American population,along with it a growing number of hip hop artist are now aware that being negative,ignorant is tantamount to being a coon or slave.The presence of a super qualified Black man is just what Black youth need as a role model.But instead some out of fear of the White man tried to sabotage his chances of the presidency.We saw Bob Johnson of BET cooning.Why does he suddenly call himself Bob when most Black men are called Robert?There was 50 cent shuffling then retracting,Andrew Young,and of course the coon of the century Rev Manning.
Nas has been under fire from many in the blogging community,and it is this heat that has delayed his new album release.The album entitled"Nigger"caused his label Island/Def Jam to consider dropping him from the label.But in the wake of his anti minstrel stand I think we should take a look at what he is trying to say.I think if he is trying to distance himself from the cooning and degradation then fine but if it seems he is just trying to con us and sell out, then his career will be over.Nas also did a bold thing this week by endorsing Senator Barack Obama for president

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