Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Will South Africa intervene in Zimbabwe?

With the election going to what many expected,the question has to asked will Zimbabwe's powerful neighbor intervene to stop bloodshed in that country.Many expect South Africa under Mbeiki to step in and save the day.Do the White thing.Now South Africa in spite of all her development and infastructure is really very weak and it would be foolish for her to invade the small country.Those Zimbos as they are called are battle hardened and South Africa is skweemish about hanging cold blooded murderers.This sort of thinking is why the country is in peril.A shame an industrialized country could be a Pan African work shop for the world.Now the only reason Mugabe is being demonized by the Western media is because of his confiscation of the White owned farms a few years ago.Now if he was to reverse this, then the West would champion him as a great African leader.It seems the only thing the international media cares about is those farms.Lets see something,there really were no White farmers only White business people who inherited stolen land and used cheap Black labor.The Whites sip champaign and eat fine foods.They live as lords in a Black mans land.This had nothing to do with Mugabe.He was forced to take the land or face a revolution in his country.In other words the Whites had to go.Now to all of these gullible people in the west,I ask.Do you really think the Opposition party is going to let the Whites return like before?If you think so please email me, I have a deed to the Brooklyn Bridge I want to sell you.

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