Monday, April 14, 2008

Katrina an act of God?Million Man March a failure?Huh?

In the past few months I have referred to Dr Rev Manning as a coon,fool,buffoon,clown uncle tom,race traitor ect.I think those depictions of the Rev were accurate,but incomplete.I was basing my views on the attacks on Barack Obama which I thought were disrespectful coming from a man of God.He said Obama is a whoremonger and his mother is trash lusting after an African in heat.This to me puts this man on dangerous ground.Someone who I could never trust because he is rooted in hatred,jealousy and bitterness.Obama is a good man who would make a fine president.This does not mean we don't listen to other Black leaders,it is just we feel proud of Obama and love his wife.They symbolize what many want our community to be.So for Manning not to consider that(which I think he secretly does)is crazy and a sin.It seems to me that Manning is a egomaniac who loves you tube and the sudden fame it has brought him.Now the whole world can hear him spew his rhetoric and venom.
A couple of videos on this post are highly controversial.The bottom video talks about how God was behind Hurricane Katrina as a warning to Black America.You know I was not there but I often wondered why couldn't our people down there organize and pull themselves our of the situation.He is right had we did our part then FEMA or Bush could have assisted.This showed the world that the Black man in America is completely helpless.Grown men trampling women and children,is it no wonder women don't respect men in our community?Men rapping young girls in the dome.I did not know all of this.He definitely he some interesting perspectives.

The top video he takes a shot at Minister Louis Farrakhan and the Million man march.As a march organizer back in the day,I feel betrayed that this great movement came to nothing.Not one bank,trade agreement,land concession.In fact the gangster image is now ten times worst than before the march.Manning is so right on this point many people have been saying this,but no one wants to say it.It is time to hold these false leaders accountable for their failures.Manning to me is still a coon and and idiot,but lets not throw the baby away with the bathwater.

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