Monday, April 14, 2008

Dragon meets Elephant.Chinese firm partners with Nigeria to build an African kingdoms and Empires theme park in Abuja.

Chinese Firm Partners with Nigeria for African Kingdoms and Empires Theme Park Project

Washington, DC ( - Tourism development in Africa is getting another boost with the construction of a multi-million dollar African history theme park in Abuja, Nigeria.

Hytechnology Inc of China-owners and operators of the Fantawild resorts in China and Nigeria's Heritage City Parks Limited recently signed an agreement towards the development of the first phase of Heritage City-the African Kingdoms and Empires Theme Park Resort in Abuja-capital city of Nigeria.

Officials of Heritage City and Hytechnology Inc signed the deal in January 2008 that could transform the 17,000 acre site for Heritage City on the outskirts of Abuja into Africa's newest and hottest tourist destination with themed attractions, hotels, residences, sports and conferencing facilities

The main attraction is the African Heritage Park which will showcase the ancient Kingdoms and Empires of Africa and the Kings and Queens that ruled them.

Heritage City is a private initiative of Nigerian-based Heritage City Parks Limited with the Nigerian Federal Government providing site infrastructure and a consortium of Nigerian banks providing counterpart funding with China's Hytechnology Inc.

Already the development of site infrastructure is in progress and the first phase of the project will be ready in 2010.

Heritage City received much of its initial planning, coordination and support from U.S. based companies such as Leisure and Recreation Concepts, Inc based in Dallas, Texas and Washington, DC based consulting groups- U.S Africa Technology Council, Inc and New Earth Urban Systems, Inc.

The Project Coordinator, Mr. Ekwo Omakwu said that Nigeria's current macro-economic stability and recent reforms in the banking sector has increased investor confidence in the economic prospects of projects such as Heritage City.

That is also all the more reason why Shanda Washington of the U.S. Africa Technology Council is encouraging investors in the United States to engage Africa and tap into opportunities in the tourism sector which is currently experiencing rapid growth. According to her, "the Chinese have seen it and they are quick at seizing the opportunities presented by Heritage City. We in America can, and we should. A new Africa is emerging. The time to get involved is now."

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