Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Hate that Hate Produced.Rev Jeremiah Wright

In the 1960's there was a small but noticeable revolution that came to much of the Black urban culture.This revolution was noticeable everywhere even in Black pop culture.Africa was not a place of shame but a place of racial pride and strength.Marcus Garvey an other leaders started this with the African redemption movement in the 20's.Through the decades the one organization that stood out after the demise of The Universal Negro Improvement Association was the Nation Of Islam.Marcus Garvey founder of the U.N.I.A. was the victim of underhanded,traitorous mis leaders of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.They feared Garvey because he wanted an independent homeland in Africa for the millions of Africans in America.This went against the very notion Whites and many Black leaders had that no matter how much Blacks suffer in America they will always love White people and America.This is the mistake Whites are making in criticizing Rev Wright without understanding what is it that brings some Black people to hate America.Make no mistake this hatred is real,and at times all Black people even the most loyal patriotic African American have it sometimes.I remember feeling this when I was moved to a predominately White school when we moved out of the inner city.This was the mid 70's and I don't have to tell you my experiences as a little boy.INNOCENCE ROBBED BY A RACIST COUNTRY.And it dawned on me as I got older,we are not entitled to innocence like Whites are.That is their birth right.Can you imagine what Rev Wright sees on a daily basis in the impoverished South side of Chicago?Can one only imagine that maybe a religion that speaks to that particular situation is what works?
In 1933 The Nation of Islam was formed.Unlike Father Divine,Moorish science temple,Daddy Grace,The NOI was something could not be dismissed or laughed at, like the latter.The former grew and attracted a following that included famous Black entertainers,business people,sports figures,and charismatic leaders,the most famous was Min Malcolm X of the Harlem Temple.The organization built schools, hospitals and businesses across the US.All the while most whites chose to ignore, but watch these separatist movements.So dismissing them as pariahs among Black people.And believing that Martin Luther King and intergration is what Black America strives for.This does not even acknowledge the fact that Sunday morning is the most segregated time in America.In sports, entertainment,school,even relationships,racial barriers are coming down but Sunday morning we tend to listen to people who can articulate our pain.Only a few White preachers have been able to gain a large Black following.Most White southern Baptist,Methodist,Presbyterians ect have ties to the far right even the KKK.This is ignored by people who want to talk about the Hate of Jeremiah Wright and the Trinity Church of God.
I don't agree with everything the Reverend have to say,but that is what works in that part of the country,and Whites should not judge because until you know what it is like to be a minority in America,and to be hated by a country that your ancestors help build.America produced Jeremiah Wright.Any hatred towards America is what was brought by years of racism in this land.There were always Black power cults and in America and most African American Churches have African culture rooted in it.Question Is America God?,because it seems that being a man of God it is not unusual for a Preacher to challenge the State, that is what Jesus did right?Who else but a minister will say God damn Amerikkka!!This is what real men of God will do if they believe the powers on Earth are wrong.This has always been in our community,the anger toward the people who allow drugs,guns,aids unemployment to be the staple in Black America this is what men like Rev Wright are there for.

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