Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Revolutionary meeting.Rapper 50 cent meets Black South African Billionaire Patrice Motsepe

Well it seems 50 cent has been reading the writing on the wall.Could he be going from gangster to revolutionary?Hustler to businessmen?Outside hip hop 50 cent is probably the most powerful Black man in the world.But in spite of that fact his continuing of the whole thug gangster culture he is a part of will be his demise.If he can see the bigger picture he can go down as a great man.Africa and the world can be his escape.Africa offers endless possibility for young people here and on the continent.The continent needs 50 cent.Young people want to build the continent.To do so they need confidence and support.50 gave just that.People in Africa see one of there own.They are proud it does not matter what he sings.Only in America will his talent be wasted on thug rap and the insanity with it.He has his eye on South Africa's booming economy.Thisis something all the so called nationalist failed to do.Marcus Garvey's dream is finally being realized.African Americans joining the Africans on the continent to build for all.-Kalagensis

Billionaire Patrice Motsepe is using star power in his quest to get South Africa's young people involved in mining. He and U.S. rap star 50 Cent are set to join forces in a major deal to benefit the Country's youth. Although no details have been released yet, it has been established that they are in talks to launch a project that will encourage young South Africans to develop an interest in mining.

Steve Mashalane, Chief Executive of ARM Platinum, said prior to his arrival for two concerts in South Africa this week, the U.S. rapper had indicated that he wanted to meet Motsepe and that he had hoped to get an opportunity to visit mining communities.

50 Cent-Real name Curtis Jackson- told Business Times that he has had his eye on Motsepe since spotting him on the cover of Forbes Magazine a few months ago.

Motsepe took time out this week to attend the popular rapper's concert at the Dome, north of Johannesburg where they chatted in a private suite before the performance. On Friday, the mining magnate took 50 Cent to several mines Mpumalanga, where they chatted with the Chiefs of various villages who hold an interest in some of the Company's aspirations. And in a first for 50 Cent, the two also went down the mine at Two Rivers Platinum in Mpumalanga- an experience the artist thought was "hot."

Then, late on Friday they travelled together in Motsepe's private jet to Cape Town, where the artist was scheduled to perform the second half of the South African tour.

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