Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wednesday Night Open Rant.War on Ignorance

*** (23:56:56):Welcome to the Kalagenesis Chat Room.
Kalagenesis says (23:57:48):
Racist attack on Winne Mandela by South African racist Reindeer
Kalagenesis says (23:57:53):!/rendiergouws/posts/155389821177181
Kalagenesis says (00:03:18):
Welcome to the Open Rant
DesertRose says to (00:05:19):
DesertRose says to (00:05:27):
NuffLuv says to (00:09:41):
Peace kala
Mr Holipsism says to (00:11:20):
NuffLuv says to (00:12:04):
Mr Holipsism says to (00:12:11):
Peace Nuffluv
Mr Holipsism says to (00:12:21):
Peace DesertRose
Mr Holipsism says to (00:12:24):
Peace Kala
DesertRose says to (00:12:26):
Mr Holipsism says to (00:12:37):
and peace to all the "guests" LOL
DesertRose says to (00:12:41):
DesertRose says to (00:12:53):
Mr Holipsism says to (00:16:37):
What does a Black Conservative conserve?
DesertRose says to (00:16:52):
hi Green
Greenbeasley says to (00:16:55):
green is up in this camp tonight
Mr Holipsism says to (00:17:02):
He has no power so he can only be conserving the same system that is oppressing him.
Greenbeasley says to (00:17:08):
lets show green some love
DesertRose says to (00:17:11):
were you able to make your baby?
DesertRose says to (00:17:15):
Mr Holipsism says to (00:17:47):
Peace Green
DesertRose says to (00:18:08):
usually the way you look is the first impression
DesertRose says to (00:18:14):
until they get to know you
Mr Holipsism says to (00:18:50):
If I see a book and it has food on the cover, 9 x out of 10 it is a cookbook
DesertRose says to (00:19:04):
DesertRose says to (00:19:10):
hey Wheel
Wheelock says to (00:19:18):
Greetins Everyone
Mr Holipsism says to (00:19:21):
Wheelock says to (00:19:32):
Mr. Holipsism
Wheelock says to (00:19:36):
Mr Holipsism says to (00:19:40):
DesertRose says to (00:19:41):
Wheelock says to (00:19:56):
Rose Benyamin doese like you very much
DesertRose says to (00:20:00):
Mr Holipsism
DesertRose says to (00:20:21):
do you think he has a crush? maybe thats why he is stalking me?
DesertRose says to (00:20:31):
yea Kala too
Mr Holipsism says to (00:20:34):
Is Black Conservative and Kevin D Hill the same person?
DesertRose says to (00:21:12):
he is talking about us every single day.. like a stalker
DesertRose says to (00:21:26):
all i did was tell him to repent
DesertRose says to (00:21:29):
Wheelock says to (00:21:36):
Benyamin kicks me from his chat room everytime...
Mr Holipsism says to (00:22:05):
so-called White supremacists have a crush on Black Nationalists. Its the same dynamic as when a men is attracted to a woman who pays them ZERO attention.
DesertRose says to (00:22:18):
i tried to hold back wheel cause i think he is a little slow
DesertRose says to (00:22:30):
but if he dont stop it i will rip him apart
DesertRose says to (00:22:34):
Wheelock says to (00:22:34):
Rose Beny is funny
Wheelock says to (00:23:02):
When Beny kicked me from his chat room you'd think he won the lottery
Mr Holipsism says to (00:23:16):
Black Nationalists NEVER go to their sites. I think we hurt their widdle feewings
DesertRose says to (00:23:24):
exactly your appearance
DesertRose says to (00:23:31):
is the first to be judged
Mr Holipsism says to (00:25:04):
If I can't be Afrikan and be accepted then the entire concept of racial harmony is boo-sit on its face. I refuse to tone down my Afrikan to make other people feel comfortable with the watered down version of myself.
Wheelock says to (00:25:50):
Look at the Photo of the "Black Conservative" :
DesertRose says to (00:26:02):
DesertRose says to (00:26:08):
where has he been
Wheelock says to (00:26:15):
He is around
DesertRose says to (00:26:22):
he was my BTR husband for 24 hours
DesertRose says to (00:26:28):
then he dumped me for a hoe
DesertRose says to (00:26:32):
Wheelock says to (00:26:37):
Cyber divorce is terrible
DesertRose says to (00:26:41):
DesertRose says to (00:26:50):
it was so funny
Mr Holipsism says to (00:28:24):
I take on Black conservatives in squads of three. One is unfair
DesertRose says to (00:28:32):
he is ok when he doesnt have those hateful callers
Wheelock says to (00:31:35):
I voted for Barack coz I have a crush on Michelle
mansamusa says to (00:49:46):
mansamusa says to (00:50:53):
these people have wet dreams about black people at night
Dashon says to (00:51:01):
One love fam!!!!
Wheelock says to (00:51:09):
Ask that SkypeAsshole what did Whitey do the Indians?
Wheelock says to (00:51:31):
These ppl over look facts
Wheelock says to (00:51:50):
Black Talk Radio says to (00:51:57):
Sup Wheel
Dashon says to (00:54:02):
they still do!
Wheelock says to (00:54:05):
BTR look at the photo of Black Conservative:
Black Talk Radio says to (00:54:57):
Where, I do not see it
Wheelock says to (00:55:21):
scroll down
Black Talk Radio says to (00:55:24):
lol, I see it now
Black Talk Radio says to (00:55:37):
Sup Kala and rest of the fam
Wheelock says to (00:56:12):
Hi, Tracy, Perry
TalknChitwTraCGmore says to (00:56:22):
TalknChitwTraCGmore says to (00:57:53):
Dashon says to (00:57:54):
TalknChitwTraCGmore says to (00:58:06):
Wheelock says to (00:58:40):
No Prob Tracy
Wheelock says to (01:00:33):
Kala are you using profanity?
Wheelock says to (01:01:38):
I cuss alot...Its called speaking french
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:03:36):
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:04:41):
f these predomenantly white male government homos
DesertRose says to (01:04:50):
ok came back.. had to throw down on Ben a little bit
DesertRose says to (01:04:58):
DesertRose says to (01:05:28):
CFGA says to (01:05:29):
KALA you couldn't win that war
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:05:29):
im or your side then
Wheelock says to (01:05:31):
DesertRose says to (01:05:31):
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:05:35):
and im kinda white
CFGA says to (01:05:38):
it would be a slaughter
DesertRose says to (01:05:40):
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:05:41):
but im on your side
Wheelock says to (01:06:03):
I don't think so CFGA
CFGA says to (01:06:12):
I wouldn't be so cocky
CFGA says to (01:06:24):
you would get whiped out
CFGA says to (01:06:41):
you wouldn't have a chance
Wheelock says to (01:06:42):
CFGA, what side do u think the Mexicans would be on?
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:06:44):
True that!!
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:06:51):
White boy dressed up like a figure
CFGA says to (01:06:56):
whio controls the military
mary mary says to (01:06:59):
Hey Lee - did you give Kala some Prozac. I thought that he was going to have a heart attack
CFGA says to (01:07:05):
who controls the Gov
Wheelock says to (01:07:14):
CFGA, you piss off alot of ppl across the planet
CFGA says to (01:07:21):
No i didn't say that
Wheelock says to (01:07:21):
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:07:22):
this is a million year spiritual war
CFGA says to (01:07:25):
how many?
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:07:27):
against ignorance
CFGA says to (01:07:32):
you want the war
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:07:35):
this aint race man
CFGA says to (01:07:38):
you want the war
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:07:41):
dont get caught up in there game
mansamusa says to (01:07:42):
we're the only race that has whipped you continously
CFGA says to (01:07:45):
you called for it
CFGA says to (01:07:54):
That was stupid
CFGA says to (01:08:08):
those Black men wouldn't side wioth you
Wheelock says to (01:08:12):
CFGA, don't forget the NATIVE AMERICANS!
CFGA says to (01:08:14):
they arwe brain washed
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:08:19):
this is there game that they want you to get caught up in
mary mary says to (01:08:25):
I have many white friends and we get along just fine.
CFGA says to (01:08:32):
You want a war
CFGA says to (01:08:38):
you said we were at war
CFGA says to (01:08:41):
i disagree
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:08:42):
you fools keep jivin an suckin your teeth you ignorant fools
CFGA says to (01:08:52):
i don't care if blacks hold office
Wheelock says to (01:08:53):
CFGA says to (01:08:58):
i have voted for blacks
CFGA says to (01:09:07):
CFGA says to (01:09:17):
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:09:19):
yeah hes the same with the owners that own him
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:09:20):
CFGA says to (01:09:23):
CFGA says to (01:09:27):
CFGA says to (01:09:31):
Wheelock says to (01:09:32):
CFGA, U voted for boot lickers
*** (01:09:34):CFGA is muted by Admin for breaking rules!
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:09:45):
why dont you call in CFGA
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:09:56):
If you wanna be a lil bich
Eli TChalla says to (01:10:32):
African Social Entreprenuers for the Diaspora!/home.php?sk=group_164581753564475&ap=1
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:10:33):
OBAMA sold out the blacks
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:11:26):
this aint about race bro we ahead of that man
Wheelock says to (01:11:29):
Still selling out blacks...
*** (01:11:29):CFGA has been unmuted by Admin.
CFGA says to (01:11:38):
CFGA says to (01:11:47):
CFGA says to (01:11:51):
CFGA says to (01:11:52):
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:11:54):
why dont you talk like a civilzed person
*** (01:11:53):CFGA is muted by Admin for breaking rules!
Eli TChalla says to (01:11:57):
African Social Entreprenuers for the
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:12:14):
dont play there game man...
Wheelock says to (01:13:38):
Eli TChalla says to (01:13:45):
Yemi Aganga
African Social Entreprenuers for the Diaspora!/home.php?sk=group_
Wheelock says to (01:13:47):
Wheelock says to (01:13:52):
Eli TChalla says to (01:14:04):
Time to do business and GTFOH
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:14:25):
why would he just say that though
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:14:31):
a white man like you
Wheelock says to (01:14:40):
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:14:55):
this guy is just playing into that old game
Wheelock says to (01:15:15):
What do u mean We ?
Wheelock says to (01:15:47):
Ask the Naive Americans who is an American
Wheelock says to (01:15:56):
DesertRose says to (01:16:08):
Yea! can we have our land back now({)
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:16:09):
this host is f in idiot
DesertRose says to (01:16:16):
(lol) teasing
Wheelock says to (01:16:21):
Tell 'em Rose!
DesertRose says to (01:16:31):
have you ever seen that sticker Wheel?
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:16:36):
dont matter about his race hes a raving sucka
DesertRose says to (01:16:39):
on the Rez cars
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:16:43):
just like any other moron
Wheelock says to (01:16:51):
Not yet Rose
Wheelock says to (01:17:45):
Wow, the caller has forgotten US history
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:18:25):
Not really hes just guilty of being white
DesertRose says to (01:18:29):
where did Lee go
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:18:30):
Wheelock says to (01:18:33):
Now I agree with the caller...
DesertRose says to (01:18:41):
i keep getting discontected
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:18:47):
yeah man obama is an uncle tom
Wheelock says to (01:19:05):
Blk politicans aren't dealing with the problems...they are in it for the $$$
DesertRose says to (01:19:26):
i think thats what he is trying to do
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:19:58):
America has an ignorance problem
Wheelock says to (01:20:03):
Kala, mute him so he can go get to his Jack Daniels
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:20:08):
i see ignorace in all races
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:20:13):
all creeds all colors
DesertRose says to (01:21:25):
i hope it doesnt
DesertRose says to (01:21:30):
Wheelock says to (01:22:06):
Kala, there was a Lynching in Sep 2010
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:23:21):
damn that sounds like me
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:23:33):
being denied jobs
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:25:15):
keyboard warriors
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:28:24):
black people should go back to africa
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:28:31):
white people should go back to europe
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:28:44):
and the native americans should say
Wheelock says to (01:28:56):
Eat...along with the Jews
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:29:04):
Wheelock says to (01:29:19):
Helen Thomas said it and got fired
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:29:25):
yeah i was jk but its funny
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:29:44):
well yeah the zionist thugs should die 1000 deaths
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:30:27):
wait what?
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:30:52):
the goldman sachs derivitaves market is being blammed on blacks?
DetroitShabzz says to (01:31:24):
what about shalom weiss
AtheistRadio says to (01:32:00):
crime in modern America started with illegal alcohol during prohibition
DetroitShabzz says to (01:32:34):
people got to realize how wicked these so-called jews are and the kaballah teaching
AtheistRadio says to (01:32:36):
white mafias made fortunes and took over cities like New York
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:33:04):
oh yeah the zionist kabala
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:33:16):
jesuits and zionsts
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:33:27):
homosexual agenda
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:33:40):
masonic bull***
DetroitShabzz says to (01:34:10):
the holocaust was fake and the numbers were greatly exagerated
DetroitShabzz says to (01:34:19):
Wheelock says to (01:35:53):
To be an American means you support mass murder...Just ask the Indians
DetroitShabzz says to (01:36:31):
supportin corporate explotation
AtheistRadio says to (01:36:43):
before WWII white russian people married into jewish families and used them to work into political power, then exterminated the dark-skinned Jews, and pretended to be victims to steal Israel
Dashon says to (01:36:49):
bio warfare!
Wheelock says to (01:37:21):
Not just blankets with smallpox...There were whole villages killed
AtheistRadio says to (01:37:25):
they kept control of all the nations they invaded, declared an end to the fake war, and started moving their agents into the governments
southern region nbpp says to (01:37:49):
support homosexuality, whites adopting black babies,only in america
AtheistRadio says to (01:37:55):
our own president was poisoned and replaced. the media made very little mention of the incident
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:38:14):
who was that
AtheistRadio says to (01:39:12):
almost 25,000 nazi zionist murderers were given new identities and put into government jobs from Germany after WWII. they are the people who set up racial aparteid in America
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:40:13):
what about the nazi scientists who were brought to America to conduct further studies
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:40:19):
project paperclip
DetroitShabzz says to (01:40:35):
so-called jews comtrol all mas medis
DetroitShabzz says to (01:40:56):
mass media
AtheistRadio says to (01:41:10):
they sheltered the light-skinned Jews and moved them to Israel after the fake war was declared over, to use them as a front for their eugenics operation against the Dark-skinned people they are now exterminating there
AtheistRadio says to (01:42:00):
they took over the Catholic Church, the current pope was a member of Hitlers Youth Group
DetroitShabzz says to (01:42:01):
that is why the moral fabric has been destroyed and it is so much sexual perversion in the media
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:42:37):
MTV really stands for Masonic Televison
Wheelock says to (01:44:08):
AtheistRadio says to (01:44:27):
it is on record that Nazis sheltered Jewish children in safe houses. there are photos of the children and they were white. those were the people they took to Israel to set up their fake colony, controlled by Nazis who want to invade the entire area
DesertRose says to (01:44:30):
that was a good rant.. i can hear your frustration
AtheistRadio says to (01:44:31):
and kill all blacks
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:44:56):
yep nazis suck
DesertRose says to (01:44:58):
i think first step is to shut off the Tvs
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:45:02):
and we are the nazis
DesertRose says to (01:45:06):
focus on family.. start businesses
DesertRose says to (01:45:08):
Kalagenesis says (01:45:19):
AtheistRadio says to (01:45:40):
their border has been expanding since they invaded the area. they want to get into Egypt and Iran to begin their genocide and create white Jewish slave colonies
AtheistRadio says to (01:46:20):
but the Jewish thing will just be a front. they will really be controlled by Nazi racist murderers
Black Talk Radio says to (01:46:36):
It really do not care what some white ppl say about Black poeple, what concerns me is what some Black ppl say about Black people
Wheelock says to (01:46:37):
Exactly, Like Kevin Jackson @ Kala
mansamusa says to (01:47:26):
why adopt kids in the ghetto? because you cant pull the wool over their eyes.They want the fresh meat
DetroitShabzz says to (01:47:43):

Benedict XVI succeeded John Paul II as pope and leader of the Catholic Church on 19 April 2005. Born Joseph Ratzinger, the future pope was raised in Bavaria and entered seminary in 1939. His studies were interrupted in 1943 by forced service in Adolf Hit
DetroitShabzz says to (01:48:04):
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:48:13):
Prescott Bush was a fervent nazi funder
DetroitShabzz says to (01:48:20):
notice they say forced
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:48:25):
Georgeys grandfather
DetroitShabzz says to (01:48:25):
AtheistRadio says to (01:48:56):
US soldiers are "forced" to participate in the current genocide against dark people
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:49:17):
IBM made the machine that mesures humans on how much they work
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:49:27):
for the nazis
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:50:10):
alright im not black so peace to you brothas much love
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:50:55):
i hope we can get over this stain on our conciousness and fight ignorance side by side
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:51:30):
one day its going to happen
Black Talk Radio says to (01:51:43):
all that racists? lol.. so you can be a little
DetroitShabzz says to (01:51:51):
we can fight together bu we have to seperate after the business is done
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:53:30):
i already know this system is sick and evil
DetroitShabzz says to (01:54:07):
the slave is goin to have to seperate from the slave master
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:54:23):
and they have been carrying out genocide on other creeds
DetroitShabzz says to (01:54:31):
land is the base of all independence
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:54:33):
Black Talk Radio says to (01:54:48):
so who is the slave and who is the master
Black Talk Radio says to (01:54:52):
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:54:59):
we are all the slave
Black Talk Radio says to (01:55:15):
I am not a damn slave
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:55:22):
i am the master of my own reality
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:55:27):
oh yeah?
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:55:32):
are you sitting in a box?
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:55:40):
then you a ***ing slave like i am stfu
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:55:50):
we are in servitute
Black Talk Radio says to (01:56:09):
yeah, how can on one hand ter of your reality and then call yourself a slave?
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:56:30):
because im staring reality in the face
Black Talk Radio says to (01:56:43):
I serve no one except those I choose to serve
Black Talk Radio says to (01:56:57):
Not talking to you Kala, talking to this perosn in the chat
DetroitShabzz says to (01:57:09):
land is the base of all independence we might not b in a physical yoke of bondage but u r a 21st century slave
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:57:17):
we have been domesticated in our little corners are sub divisions
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:57:28):
thats exactly what im sayin
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:57:43):
he said exactly what i am
DetroitShabzz says to (01:57:57):
pakistan seperated from india
DetroitShabzz says to (01:58:14):
cabina seperated from angola
DetroitShabzz says to (01:58:39):
taiwan want to seperate from china
DetroitShabzz says to (01:58:57):
the kurds r seperate from iraqs
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:59:01):
you can focus on what is really going on and yes the prodominently white male egoist fuking asshole ***face reptile is in power right now
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:59:09):
i know
AtheistRadio says to (01:59:21):
they take control of land by infesting local city councils with KKK members. then they put variances on black peoples property and steal it away for pennies on the dollar
Black Talk Radio says to (01:59:28):
I am not a slave, you can use all the lanquage you want, I am not a slave
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:59:41):
neither am i
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (01:59:52):
only cause i know too much
Black Talk Radio says to (02:00:07):
I believe in speaking words of power over my life
Black Talk Radio says to (02:00:18):
I am the master of my world
AtheistRadio says to (02:00:22):
then they say shame on you inferior peasant for trying to own property. you should know better than that boy. bow to your southern inbred KKK master
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (02:00:28):
you can slave my body as much as you want i will always have my mind
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (02:01:08):
my body is 1% of me my mind is the rest
Black Talk Radio says to (02:01:53):
the only real slaves in this country are the ones on them prison plantations, those are slaves
Aqra says to (02:02:10):
That was deep @Kala, thank you. Goodnight All.
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (02:02:12):
this is a plantation
Black Talk Radio says to (02:02:17):
legal slavery backed up by the Constitution
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (02:02:30):
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (02:02:43):
as long as we pay taxes
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (02:03:10):
this is a plantation tho any they are herding the sheep
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (02:03:32):
shaving the wool of off them when they need it then send em to the slaughter
EatinUpYaSpaceships says to (02:03:47):
DetroitShabzz says to (02:06:03):
if white america is not facing the total situation we are facing?

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