Friday, January 28, 2011

Freaky Friday in Kala Land.Tea Baggers bashing 101

*** (09:55:28):Welcome to the Kalagenesis Chat Room.
Kalagenesis says (09:59:49):
Lil Wayne hates dark skinned people!lol WTF?
Kalagenesis says (10:00:48):
Welcome to Freaky Fridays in Kala Land
Kalagenesis says (10:00:59):
Beating Tea Baggers down
Kalagenesis says (10:01:12):
Lets get ready to rumble
Kalagenesis says (10:01:37):
Michelle Bachman LOL!!!!!!!!!
Kalagenesis says (10:02:05):
Welcome guest
Kalagenesis says (10:02:46):
Ben Solomine LOL
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:02:51):
I shall call in.
ImhotepVII says to (10:03:27):
Hotep Kala
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:03:32):
The Conservative big boys [namely me, Black Conservative and others] will take you losers down. We shall crash your shows. Let this be published on your blog.
Kalagenesis says (10:03:40):
Tonight Bashing Tea Baggers 101
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:03:56):
I know what I say gets published on Kalaidiot's "blog".
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:04:04):
The readers of his blog shall see this.
Kalagenesis says (10:04:09):
Peopl laugh at you Ben
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:04:12):
or read this to be more accurate.
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:04:31):
Only the stupid idiots and spiritual Amalekites with no lives laugh at me KalaAmalekite.
Kalagenesis says (10:04:38):
All your misspelled words and all
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:05:02):
The Black Conservative, me and others will take you losers down.
Kalagenesis says (10:05:15):
ImhotepVII says to (10:05:36):
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:05:47):
Yes I mispell accidently sometimes. But your whole view of the world is twisted. Let the readers of your pathetic dinky blog read this.
Kalagenesis says (10:05:56):
You are a moron
Kalagenesis says (10:06:01):
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:06:19):
"You are a moron" ohh. Is that all oyu have idiot? Get a new line KalaAmalekite.
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:06:36):
I shall call in. I'm glad what I'm saying gets published.
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:07:28):
Oo the song is right about Planned Parenthood.
Kalagenesis says (10:07:31):
Diamond dealers guess who they were Ben?
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:07:53):
Don't start with the anti-Semitic propaganda.
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:07:58):
I shall call in a minute.
Vince in the Bay says to (10:08:12):
hey kala
Vince in the Bay says to (10:08:18):
you still playing with kids?
Kalagenesis says (10:08:18):
hey Vince
Kalagenesis says (10:08:28):
Yes he is so fun
Vince in the Bay says to (10:08:38):
i admit
Kalagenesis says (10:08:40):
Im on a playground
Vince in the Bay says to (10:08:45):
he is pretty fun
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:08:54):
I called in.
Kalagenesis says (10:08:56):
He has no idea how he sounds
Vince in the Bay says to (10:09:14):
it's kinda sad
Vince in the Bay says to (10:09:16):
i feel guilty
Vince in the Bay says to (10:09:24):
but then i hear some hate
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:09:28):
You liberal idiots make me famous on blog talk radio Kalafool. Thanks for that.
Vince in the Bay says to (10:09:31):
and i don't feel so guilty
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:10:14):
What hate? I say the truth no matter how much stomachs it rolls. The truth is harsh.
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:10:20):
KalaAmalekite is the freak.
Vince in the Bay says to (10:10:41):
whatever ben
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:10:44):
God bless ggt183.
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:11:10):
GGt183, thanks for coming. I need someone sensible like you when I'm in a cesspool with idiots.
ggt183 says to (10:11:11):
same to you Benyamin
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:11:30):
Those dang teabaggers are under kala's bed to get him(lol)
Bostonant says to (10:11:37):
Hello! Good to be here!
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:11:46):
That's what Kala sounds like cause he's soo stupid.
Vince in the Bay says to (10:11:46):
hey bostonant
Bostonant says to (10:12:05):
Hello Vince!
TonyInOhio says to (10:12:14):
i tried to listen to your show ben, couldnt get the chat room open, so i left...but i tried to give ya a fair shake
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:12:14):
It's all about the spending and Government bureaucracy.
Bostonant says to (10:12:36):
Funny program last night! Vince
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:12:37):
Thanks Tony. You can listen from the archive. You can listen to my future shows.
TonyInOhio says to (10:13:20):
ya I'll check out thew archive...i may not agree, but i like to have an open mind about it and give it a try at least b4 I damn your statements in debate :)
TonyInOhio says to (10:13:41):
hi vince btw
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:13:43):
Kalaidiot supports his precious black leftist Obama. If Obama is a black Conservative, KalaAmalekite would say that he's an uncle Tom, Coon or any other name KalaAmalekite comes up with.
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:13:57):
Tony, thanks for giving my show a try.
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:14:18):
I don't like any Arab dictator.
TonyInOhio says to (10:14:24):
i try to be fair..even if no one elects me referee :)
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:15:17):
We Conservatives will crash you losers.
Vince in the Bay says to (10:15:32):
hey tony!
TonyInOhio says to (10:15:40):
I like Kala Ben, he's honest...a lot more than you get from most
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:15:46):
Your stupid listeners say that KalaAmalekite.
Vince in the Bay says to (10:15:59):
Ben is a hopeless case Tony
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:16:02):
I don't take medications.
Vince in the Bay says to (10:16:05):
it doesn't matter
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:16:11):
Vince, the traitor.
TonyInOhio says to (10:16:13):
right or wrong, thats a matter of debate
Vince in the Bay says to (10:16:16):
TonyInOhio says to (10:16:23):
lol vince
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:16:55):
I'm anti-Fascist.
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:17:23):
The stupid listeners are the ones who say that KalaAmalekite should not have me because I'm so "stupid".
TonyInOhio says to (10:17:27):
I think you are all a lil nuts, I'm pretty if I only associated with libertarians I'd be lonely...and celibate...LOL
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:17:59):
I can take a civil debate. But not when liberal losers and spiritual Amalekites just attack me wiht no basis.
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:18:09):
with. Sorry for the typo.
TonyInOhio says to (10:18:20):
some of the best women I've "known" have been liberal and neoconservative
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:18:45):
Of course the losers will write that to Kalaidiot since Kalaidiot's show is an intellectual jungle.
TonyInOhio says to (10:18:52):
mad props to the Catholic girls when i was in high school, yay yaaaay
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:18:58):
Pretty much no Zionist is racist.
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:19:14):
What about the Arab and Muslim world, where Islam dominates every aspect of life?
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:19:21):
Read the Torah, Kala.
TonyInOhio says to (10:19:42):
Ben, i think it can be doesn't have to be though...but surely finding the state infallable by some religious decreee is not real good
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:19:53):
Eretz Yisrael is God's special place. Not just pre-1967 Israel. No terrorist Palestinian state in Eretz Yisrael.
ggt183 says to (10:20:02):
America must stand with Israel!!
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:20:05):
It's Islamic extremists, who want the holy war, KalaAmalekite.
TonyInOhio says to (10:20:09):
exhibit one above
Bostonant says to (10:20:52):
Whites in america vote against there own self intrest! Over and Over! I feel it's fear of the black?
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:20:57):
Perry Steele stated that my existence makes abortion a viable option. It's a two way street KalaAmalekite.
TonyInOhio says to (10:21:21):
no state is infallable by religion, or you aren't being super conservative, as conservatism is a general distaste for government
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:21:30):
Some skyscrapers does not make up for the terrorism.
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:21:33):
Dubai is not secular.
TonyInOhio says to (10:22:05):
I'm glad people vote against their own self interests, myself, not because it promotes racism or institutional inequity, but because majority rules is tyranny of the majority
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:22:23):
i don't want to exterminate Iran.
ggt183 says to (10:22:31):
I do
TonyInOhio says to (10:22:35):
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:22:37):
I support the pro-democracy forces that want to free their country.
TonyInOhio says to (10:22:46):
ggt said "*** it"..""I do"
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:23:04):
I support exterminating the Iranian regime.
ggt183 says to (10:23:17):
I'm not hiding
ggt183 says to (10:23:45):
I said it...I meant it
Vince in the Bay says to (10:23:48):
Ben you need to simma down now
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:23:50):
Most Iranians hate their regime.
Vince in the Bay says to (10:23:55):
TonyInOhio says to (10:23:58):
i support not hancuffing Israel from handling it's own self defense, and if Iran is a threat, it will be taken czre Israel has 100s of nukes, Iran so far has none
Vince in the Bay says to (10:24:02):
Vince in the Bay says to (10:24:04):
ggt183 says to (10:24:06):
Exterminate Islam!!!!
TonyInOhio says to (10:24:20):
ya thats not crazy is it?
TonyInOhio says to (10:24:23):
ggt183 says to (10:24:29):
TonyInOhio says to (10:24:33):
exterminate an idea, like a religion
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:24:37):
I have no sympathy for Islam. Reform Islam.
TonyInOhio says to (10:24:40):
both impossible, and tyrannical
ggt183 says to (10:24:48):
just kidding guys:D
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:24:53):
What about the Hamas charter, which wants to exterminate Jews?
Vince in the Bay says to (10:24:53):
how bout we cut off Egypt and Israel from the 10 billion plus the USA sends them yearly
ggt183 says to (10:25:02):
i'm actually a moderate:D
Vince in the Bay says to (10:25:05):
lets see Israel survive on their own
TonyInOhio says to (10:25:05):
im glad u said jus kiddin
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:25:12):
ggt183 was kidding kalaamalekite.
Vince in the Bay says to (10:25:14):
lets see Egypt survive on it's own
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:25:52):
The sensible right-wing to KalaAmalekite is the sellout Conservative movement.
Vince in the Bay says to (10:26:01):
we fund both the totalitarian regeme in Egypt and the "democracy" in Israel
TonyInOhio says to (10:26:09):
i think israel can...they have 100s of nukes...its their neighbors who may not survive...
ggt183 says to (10:26:31):
Obama should stand with Mubarak and crush the uprising...the muslim brotherhood must not be allowed to fill the power vaccum
Vince in the Bay says to (10:26:38):
it's not in israel's intrest to nuke any neighbors
TonyInOhio says to (10:26:41):
"when goods do not cross borders, armies will"---Frederic Bastiat...and you know they dont trade freely over there
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:26:47):
I love America and Israel.
TonyInOhio says to (10:26:55):
it will be without our aid
Vince in the Bay says to (10:26:57):
China and Russia are major players there
TonyInOhio says to (10:26:58):
we prop both sides
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:27:02):
It's about America and Israel and their security and interests.
Vince in the Bay says to (10:27:02):
TonyInOhio says to (10:27:05):
they will starve w/o us
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:27:09):
I'm not part of any diamond industry.
Vince in the Bay says to (10:27:12):
lets withdraw funding from both
TonyInOhio says to (10:27:28):
i agree
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:27:34):
Stop with the anti-Semiti stereotypes.
TonyInOhio says to (10:27:44):
we actually pay more to arabs than israelis anyway
TonyInOhio says to (10:28:03):
if ur pro-israel, you should support ending all subsidies, if ur not, you should
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:28:17):
I'm not an Orthodox Jew. I'm more on the naitonalist end than on the religious end, though I do strongly believe in God.
TonyInOhio says to (10:28:29):
u and that nationalism
Bostonant says to (10:28:34):
America has some funky karma coming it's way! What's in the dark is coming out in the light!
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:28:41):
There is no Greenline in the Torah.(H)
TonyInOhio says to (10:28:43):
thats one word u and the people u agree with use, that i dont like
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:28:51):
There is no 1967 borders in the Torah(H)
TonyInOhio says to (10:28:53):
u disagree with *
ggt183 says to (10:29:04):
I fear Muslim expansionism!!!! I think it must be crushed or atleast contain it
TonyInOhio says to (10:29:09):
the toraah isnt gonna have authority to us tho ben
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:29:40):
If you oppose iSlamo-Fascism, KAlaAmalekite will take ou out of context and say that you favor extemrinating this or that.
TonyInOhio says to (10:30:30):
the borders you want, do they include expanding further?
TonyInOhio says to (10:30:40):
or is the manifest destiny over now?
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:30:54):
ou means you. Sorry for the typo.
ggt183 says to (10:31:10):
talking to me tony?
TonyInOhio says to (10:31:18):
ggt, how do u contain ideas?
TonyInOhio says to (10:31:30):
now i am ..but no, i was refering to solomon in the 1st one
ggt183 says to (10:31:43):
TonyInOhio says to (10:31:47):
its ok
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:31:51):
I hope Black Conservative comes back.
TonyInOhio says to (10:32:12): u want to expand israel further? or is the manifest destiny over?
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:32:19):
BC sometimes doesn't call in to his shows. He shall return.
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:32:30):
Then why didn't you debate BC KalaAmalekite?
Del773 says to (10:32:37):
What happen to BC?
TonyInOhio says to (10:32:38):
and ggt, how can we contain muslim expansionism, as it is an idea ?
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:32:48):
BC shall return. Sometimes he doesn't do his shows. Sometimes Ranger 75 took over.
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:32:59):
The ALFO show.
Bostonant says to (10:33:02):
We aint got no need for frosting without the cake!
ggt183 says to (10:33:07):
Bc will be back lol....Kalagenesis is the one who should be worried...
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:33:23):
Wahhh! I play the gunship sound. Stop whining KalaAmalekite.
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:33:28):
I don't blow anything up.
TonyInOhio says to (10:33:42):
i guess i will not be
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:33:51):
No no no. Perry Steele wanted me aborted.
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:34:21):
Perry Steele called for having me aborted before I mde that comment of him going to Iran.
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:34:35):
Only the idiots agree with that.
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:34:49):
I support the pro-democracy movement in iran.
ggt183 says to (10:34:56):
Israel should not negotiate.A peaceful Palestine is a pipe dream
TonyInOhio says to (10:34:58):
i think we all do
TonyInOhio says to (10:35:18):
not negotiate, well that means kill them all, right?
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:35:23):
I don't want to extemrinate PErry Steele. That IRan ocmment came in response ot his aboriton comment, which is no better and which came first.
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:35:36):
ocmment means comment.
TonyInOhio says to (10:35:37):
i mean shouldnt you always negotiate?
ggt183 says to (10:35:55):
Tony do you not agree,that the land belongs to Israel?
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:35:56):
Can i respond?
Bostonant says to (10:36:01):
African Made!
TonyInOhio says to (10:36:17):
didnt we negotiate with the english and get a peace treaty , even b4 Jackson won at New Orleans, in the War of 1812...I'd say they were less trustworthy
TonyInOhio says to (10:36:28):
the current land does...but not further expansion
TonyInOhio says to (10:36:37):
thats all based on religion
ggt183 says to (10:36:38):
I agree
TonyInOhio says to (10:36:46):
Kalagenesis says (10:36:44):
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:37:05):
Bostonant says to (10:37:13):
Richcanon says to (10:37:13):
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:37:16):
Thomas the parrot.
TonyInOhio says to (10:37:31):
Kala's a-feminate voice is
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:37:57):
I'm nowhere close to 60. I'm a young dude, KalaAmalekite.
ggt183 says to (10:38:04):
however if Israel is attacked by its neighbors then it should do what it needs to do to defend its people
TonyInOhio says to (10:38:20):
i agree, but within reason
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:38:23):
The 35 year old creeps in their mom's basements come after me like there's no tommorrow.
ggt183 says to (10:38:40):
TonyInOhio says to (10:38:52):
they do not have to proportionate, but when the enemy lacks ability to fight, it should end
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:39:05):
There are grievence mongers in different communities. The same grievence mongers in the Asian community came after Miley Cyrus.
ggt183 says to (10:39:06):
I agree
TonyInOhio says to (10:39:25):
and most of the time, its tanks vs rocks...only a few of those morons have Stalin era missle
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:39:25):
America is America. Not white America. Not black America. America.
ImhotepVII says to (10:39:54):
Not so Benyamin.
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:39:55):
KalaAmalekite is anti-Semitic.
ImhotepVII says to (10:40:10):
Nice thought, but not true
TonyInOhio says to (10:40:33):
we stop israel from making peace treaties as much as keep them from defending that way we contribute to their insecurity
ggt183 says to (10:40:50):
anti-semitism does exist Kala..especially in the middle east
hlsn technologies says to (10:40:54):
i want to pull sarah silvermans hair and spank her ass...
TonyInOhio says to (10:40:55):
And look what we propped up in Egypt,
Richcanon says to (10:41:14):
TonyInOhio says to (10:41:43):
ggt, to your point, Egypt is highly anti-semitic, it's media purposefully spreads anti-semitic propaganda, and we supported that...yuck
TonyInOhio says to (10:41:51):
i'd hit sarah silverman
TonyInOhio says to (10:41:54):
fo sho
ggt183 says to (10:41:58):
Whats the alternative in Egypt now though?
TonyInOhio says to (10:42:09):
we dont know
TonyInOhio says to (10:42:13):
but i know this...
bluesky69 says to (10:42:14):
ggt183 says to (10:42:20):
thats whats scary
TonyInOhio says to (10:42:24):
its a sovereign nation, and self determination is not tyranny
bluesky69 says to (10:42:28):
tony (L):-*
ggt183 says to (10:42:30):
Bostonant says to (10:42:32):
Rush is the republican party! He's never held accountalble?
TonyInOhio says to (10:42:36):
hi blue
bluesky69 says to (10:42:43):
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:42:50):
Good republicans and good Conservatives, to Kalaidiot, are sellouts.
bluesky69 says to (10:43:11):
helllo everyone
ggt183 says to (10:43:18): you would be ok with the muslim brotherhood taking over in Egypt?
ImhotepVII says to (10:43:27):
Hi bluesky
bluesky69 says to (10:43:43):
hi imhotep(L):-*
ImhotepVII says to (10:44:14):
TonyInOhio says to (10:44:34):
is it a sovewriegn nation? yes. If they decide that, yes, as that as self determination. Is it preferable to the tyrant we supported, or something else? maybe not...but America stands for self determination and liberty...not safety...freedom comes with ris
TonyInOhio says to (10:44:36):
TonyInOhio says to (10:44:55):
not everything is about what we want
TonyInOhio says to (10:45:21):
I'm not willing to be a tyrant to make myself safe...I know our govt is., i'm not
infodude1 says to (10:45:42):
ban the jew racist benyamin solomon
TonyInOhio says to (10:45:49):
btw, Bush hosted the Taliban at Crawford, b4 9-11
TonyInOhio says to (10:45:56):
so we never drew this line b4
Bostonant says to (10:46:02):
If america was all white everything would be cool? Like germany,findlan, sweden etc? They don't care about us!
TonyInOhio says to (10:46:08):
they were our homies until they hid Osama
hlsn technologies says to (10:46:14):
shes pretty though
ggt183 says to (10:46:21):
I understand your point..but I think we are making the same mistake we made in 78 with Iran
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:46:33):
Infodude wants to deport Jews. He said so on BC's chatroom.
infodude1 says to (10:46:39):
blacks built this country, without blacks, there would be no america, we gave america free labor
Kalagenesis says (10:46:47):
TonyInOhio says to (10:46:52):
why did iran get what they are now?
TonyInOhio says to (10:46:56):
we supported the shah
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:47:00):
Infodude is anti-Semitic and he calls me racist. People like infodude make me sick.
Bostonant says to (10:47:05):
I hear you!
infodude1 says to (10:47:09):
deport benny
TonyInOhio says to (10:47:11):
if we never propped him up, no islamic govty
TonyInOhio says to (10:47:16):
so in a way ur right
TonyInOhio says to (10:47:25):
but we screwed up by supporting a tyrant
infodude1 says to (10:47:27):
benny is bc's uncle tom
TonyInOhio says to (10:47:30):
not allowing the reaction to it
ggt183 says to (10:47:50):
Mubarak is the devil we know....I fear the devil we dont know
bluesky69 says to (10:47:55):
hey i have a uncle tom(lol)
TonyInOhio says to (10:47:56):
Not that I'm a Carter fan
Del773 says to (10:48:12):
TonyInOhio says to (10:48:13):
The devil we don't know is our fault for dealing with the devil
infodude1 says to (10:48:21):
agree, its all about ur white skin
ggt183 says to (10:48:34):
to late for that in Egypt though
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:48:36):
i never said white people are superior to black people.
TonyInOhio says to (10:48:38):
like bailouts, we cant stop the market adjustment, there will be consequences in 'blowback'
infodude1 says to (10:48:38):
the more whit eu are, the better
TonyInOhio says to (10:49:11):
but we cant keep 'bailing out' out foreign policy by continuing to repreat old mistakes, like supporting dictators
Bostonant says to (10:49:32):
The system make us black folk crazy! We take it out on each other.
ggt183 says to (10:49:33):
I agree tony..i completely agree
infodude1 says to (10:49:36):
deport benny to the gaza strip
TonyInOhio says to (10:49:39):
our foerign policy*
TonyInOhio says to (10:49:52):
oh u ALready
Del773 says to (10:49:54):
Whom is the guy?
TonyInOhio says to (10:50:01):
let me finish
TonyInOhio says to (10:50:06):
let me
infodude1 says to (10:50:11):
mute his arse
ggt183 says to (10:50:36):
go ahead(lol)
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:50:43):
Inforat is stupid.
bluesky69 says to (10:50:51):
ggt183 says to (10:51:58):
bluesky69 says to (10:52:05):
TonyInOhio says to (10:52:15):
1/4 of people killed by drones are civilians...pentagon stat
ggt183 says to (10:52:16):
<-----------is drinking
TonyInOhio says to (10:52:28):
wikileaked, but still a pentagon
bluesky69 says to (10:52:38):
gettin drunk ggt?
ggt183 says to (10:52:55):
bluesky69 says to (10:53:02):
bluesky69 says to (10:53:03):
me 2
ggt183 says to (10:53:13):
what ya got!
TonyInOhio says to (10:53:14):
im smokin
TonyInOhio says to (10:53:26):
and not crack, shut
bluesky69 says to (10:53:27):
vodka coolers
ggt183 says to (10:53:30):
smokin what
TonyInOhio says to (10:53:41):
the herbal essence :)
ggt183 says to (10:53:46):
<------------is drinking vodka
bluesky69 says to (10:54:00):
cool (lol)
TonyInOhio says to (10:54:12):
ahhh, ur legal, whats the fun in that?
ggt183 says to (10:54:23):
not drunk yet though:)
TonyInOhio says to (10:54:41):
ggt183 says to (10:54:43):
working on it
TonyInOhio says to (10:54:46):
let me finish
TonyInOhio says to (10:54:48):
let me finish
bluesky69 says to (10:54:49):
oh ok cool
TonyInOhio says to (10:56:10):
i love it when Ben calls, the let me finish is like a catch phrase...Kala should record it and make a sound effect out of could be ben's intro when he calls
ggt183 says to (10:56:20):
Blusky....I had to fire 12 people Wed:@
bluesky69 says to (10:56:31):
ahhh why?
TonyInOhio says to (10:56:35):
what line of work, may i ask?
bluesky69 says to (10:56:40):
they not doing there work?
Bostonant says to (10:56:52):
You can't have civility? When people can look you in the eye and lie!
TonyInOhio says to (10:57:13):
hell bos, im from Cleveland, thats erverybody
ggt183 says to (10:57:25):
Lowes said we had to get writ of 1 manager in each store in the company
bluesky69 says to (10:57:47):
oh wow really?
ggt183 says to (10:57:51):
I'm a district manager at Lowes
Bostonant says to (10:58:04):
Hello! I hear you! We need to be real with each other.
bluesky69 says to (10:58:07):
yes i know u told em
bluesky69 says to (10:58:08):
TonyInOhio says to (10:58:11):
that sux, but home imrpovement should be down, as homebuilding still needs to fall
ggt183 says to (10:58:16):
yeah it sucked
ggt183 says to (10:58:30):
they were all great men and women
bluesky69 says to (10:58:30):
i can imagine
ggt183 says to (10:58:59):
9 of my 12 stores are meeting their goals
TonyInOhio says to (10:59:08):
i was a carpenter when the recession started in sept 2008...pretty sure thats the right date
TonyInOhio says to (10:59:19):
havent had another person employ me since
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:59:28):
I don't want to use violence.
TonyInOhio says to (10:59:31):
good thing i can gamble for money :)
Del773 says to Kalagenesis (private) (10:59:36):
He's a joke. He's taking an apellation that's not even in the bible, nor does it have significance because an unorthodox Jew is relatively new. Everything Blacks have had is somehow water-downed by these people.
ggt183 says to (10:59:45):
hows that working out for you?
Del773 says to Kalagenesis (private) (10:59:48):
They're not in Russia no more; they're in south Africa now.
Del773 says to Kalagenesis (private) (10:59:59):
this is nuttz! block him!
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:00:08):
The ones who send private messages are pathetic idiots.
TonyInOhio says to (11:00:11):
good, it's alot of reading and math
rightwingbashers says to (11:00:26):
Ben Gets Clowned Everyday But Still Keeps Coming.. Just Like The Kid In Grade School Who You BeatDown And After You Walk Off He Calls You A puzzy
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:00:39):
KalaAmalekite doesn't have any intelligent conversaton.
TonyInOhio says to (11:00:43):
(investors gamble for a living)
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:00:44):
ggt183 says to (11:01:01):
yeah they do
Bostonant says to (11:01:09):
When your back is againt the wall and you got nothing lelf to lose! You fight the power!
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:01:14):
I put them in the same category in terms of racist ideology.
ggt183 says to (11:01:23):
not for me though..I'm not that smart lol
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:01:43):
I talk about racist ideologies.
TonyInOhio says to (11:02:11):
ya, I'm not good at taking direction from others...its like the recession was a god send...i would have never known i could pull this out unless the necessity made me try it
TonyInOhio says to (11:02:31):
god send for me, i mean, of course
TonyInOhio says to (11:03:18):
i was a horrible employeee, as it turns out im not that bad of an investor
ggt183 says to (11:03:24):
I dont see my boss but once a month that makes it easier to deal with
TonyInOhio says to (11:03:33):
oh hell thats cool
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:03:38):
Hollywood is not run by Jews.
TonyInOhio says to (11:03:46):
i was always lower level
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:03:50):
KalaAmalekite got the Jewish Hollywood part from the protocols of the Elders of Zion.
rightwingbashers says to (11:04:07):
Ben Is A Jew Right?.. Yet He Follows ppl Who Make a Mockery Of The Holocaust.. Yet He's Like I Don't Care As Long As Someone Likes Me.. Hey Ben They Hate You Too
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:04:23):
There are nonJews in hollywood KalaAmalekite.
ggt183 says to (11:04:29):
I started as a loader in 2001 and now I'm district manager...only in america lol
TonyInOhio says to (11:04:53):
never did anything but hard labor...used to make a great living though...I made like 60k 3 years in a row working in nasty sewers, human waste, thats' like 100k a year in New York....i was killin it, makin 33$ an hour
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:04:57):
KalaAmalekite is still a jerk.
TonyInOhio says to (11:04:58):
so i hear ya
bluesky69 says to (11:05:00):
Bostonant says to (11:05:00):
The jobs are not coming back! You need new ideas to move forward and make cash
DesertRose says to (11:05:06):
Thats Right!!!!
DesertRose says to (11:05:11):
TonyInOhio says to (11:05:33):
Bos ir right
TonyInOhio says to (11:05:36):
rightwingbashers says to (11:05:38):
Bostonant says to (11:05:47):
bluesky69 says to (11:05:50):
TonyInOhio says to (11:06:36):
it's time to ignore every person who ever told you ur choices were limited...that you couldnt pursue what u were best at, because "they" said u needed to do what "they" wanted.
Bostonant says to (11:07:00):
He who holds the money! Has given up on americans!
ggt183 says to (11:07:24):
I might understand it if I was not half drunk...I'm writing it down for later
rightwingbashers says to (11:07:51):
I Never Bullied I Was To Busy Robing Lil Kids Of Their Voltron And Yo-Yos
TonyInOhio says to (11:07:55):
I've found that many people said I couldn't live off poker money and investments in various staocks and cxommodities...but my landlord, my bankroll, and my portfolio's money management fund and dividends
TonyInOhio says to (11:08:09):
the reason they hoard money is they have too
Bostonant says to (11:08:13):
Money flows from the bottom up! Crap trickles down to us!
TonyInOhio says to (11:08:17):
it's called differential accumulation
Del773 says to (11:08:27):
It starts with us -- not Baracka Flocka Flame.
ggt183 says to (11:08:33):
I've heard that term before
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:08:42):
Thomas the parrot(lol)
TonyInOhio says to (11:08:46):
in downturns it's mathematically correct to stop trying to maximize profits, and to just coast at right above average
ggt183 says to (11:08:51):
clark howard i think!!
bluesky69 says to (11:08:56):
(lol) benyamin
uBpJessie says to (11:08:56):
TonyInOhio says to (11:08:57):
you can risk less to make more market share
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:09:26):
We can take you down.
TonyInOhio says to (11:09:31):
you can actually lose money, as long as you lose less than others...then you get comparatively richer, and will come out of the downturn with larger market share
DesertRose says to (11:09:45):
exactly!!!! I just said that on my show
TonyInOhio says to (11:09:46):
it's also why monopolization occurs so frequently in downturns
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:09:49):
What are you talking about? Plenty of black people have jobs.
DesertRose says to (11:09:50):
bluesky69 says to (11:09:50):
i have a gr 12 does that count?
DesertRose says to (11:10:04):
at least have an associates
ImhotepVII says to (11:10:05):
DesertRose says to (11:10:07):
ImhotepVII says to (11:10:13):
bluesky69 says to (11:10:19):
One Eyed Negro says to (11:10:23):
I love black people......
DesertRose says to (11:10:31):
ggt183 says to (11:10:33):
yes it counts Bluesky(lol)
*** (11:10:35):One Eyed Negro is muted by Admin for breaking rules!
bluesky69 says to (11:10:43):
TonyInOhio says to (11:11:06):
Differential Accumulation and Monetary Circuit Theory is why no amount of "stimulus" or "bailouts" can free up tight credit markets and spur on employment...
TonyInOhio says to (11:11:08):
ggt183 says to (11:11:31):
whats the solution?
TonyInOhio says to (11:11:39):
it's aphenomenon known as "pushing on a string"
bluesky69 says to (11:12:02):
and some unniversity too
TonyInOhio says to (11:12:15):
you extend unemployment to up to 40% of the population, bail no out, and save afew hundred million by doing it, and wait a year or 2 til the correction occurs
ggt183 says to (11:12:16):
If I ever run for office..I want tony as my adviser lol
bluesky69 says to (11:12:24):
TonyInOhio says to (11:12:25):
bluesky69 says to (11:12:32):
what about me:D(lol)
TonyInOhio says to (11:12:39):
bail no one out*
ggt183 says to (11:12:53):
Bluesky can be Czar
Bostonant says to (11:12:58):
Your money may talk? But what does it say? My money is my good friend.
bluesky69 says to (11:13:23):
ggt183 says to (11:14:33):
Linnett can be my spiritual adviser(lol)
bluesky69 says to (11:14:40):
(lol) ggt
bluesky69 says to (11:14:43):
bluesky69 says to (11:14:48):
that is funny
TonyInOhio says to (11:15:01):
ggt, thats my shortterm answer..long term u run surplus, not deficits, pay off the debt, and start building if a Keynesian is office they release reserves into the market, not borrow it...replenish as used with a temp tax
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:15:23):
The misdeeds are by the Democrat Party.
TonyInOhio says to (11:15:33):
Hamilton was wrong, debt does not give us legitimacy
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:15:36):
So blame the Democrat Party.
Bostonant says to (11:15:44):
How many people really want peace?
ggt183 says to (11:15:45):
thast sorta like pay-go right?
ggt183 says to (11:15:55):
ImhotepVII says to (11:15:58):
Del773 says to (11:16:25):
TonyInOhio says to (11:16:31):
sorta, kinda more like a war tax, where u pay it when it happens...or right after...but this way u are just replenishing your national savings acct
TonyInOhio says to (11:17:03):
this is why i was against the Bush tax cuts, when he was in office, and had to support them now, because we cant afford the raise in this economy
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:17:09):
KalaAmalekite said that the average white person believes that white people don't bleieve black people can run a Government and that they want white people to dominate South Africa.
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:17:58):
kalaAmalekite bashs everyone. He has the backing of idiots, who say,"Why have Benyamin Solomon on?"
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:18:18):
KalaAmalekite doesn't speak for all black people. Stop pretending that you do KalaAmalekie.
ggt183 says to (11:18:18):
I was for the cuts..but what your saying makes sense
Del773 says to (11:18:29):
Government was never in Blacks vocabulary before we came over here
TonyInOhio says to (11:18:35):
its better to release money u have, that is out of circulation, then to borrow it...both cause inflation, but one is fixable easily, and causes no raise in another generations taxes
Del773 says to (11:19:00):
Blacks have always been about Anarchism
ggt183 says to (11:19:13):
TonyInOhio says to (11:19:24):
right on anarchism...I'm an individualist anarchist (libertarian)
TonyInOhio says to (11:19:30):
lol ggt
Bostonant says to (11:20:00):
People must open there minds to be ridiculed! By people who have no new Ideas!
Del773 says to (11:20:43):
Del773 says to (11:20:47):
Del773 says to (11:20:48):
TonyInOhio says to (11:21:05):
ggt183 says to (11:21:41): should get into politics tony...
Del773 says to (11:21:51):
America omitted real money and put Ben Bernanke as the third man.
Del773 says to (11:22:24):
Before notes, we had silver and gold
ggt183 says to (11:22:45):
you know how to get your point across
TonyInOhio says to (11:23:03):
i love politics, but right now i spend all my hours playing online poker or researching what few investments i can afford...i want to write a book one day, or whatever, but it's gonnna be a while. Food first.
ggt183 says to (11:23:33):
Tony..your country needs you(lol)
TonyInOhio says to (11:23:35):
And my past, not so prison or arrests, but I'm in a few FBI photos from surveilance on some old friends ...oops
TonyInOhio says to (11:23:58):
And I wasnt just sitting there :)
Del773 says to (11:24:11):
I wouldn't use Caucasians as a reference for science.
Del773 says to (11:24:19):
that's a catch-22
ggt183 says to (11:24:19):
cant be any worse than Obamas friends
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:24:42):
It's not always about white abnd black.
TonyInOhio says to (11:24:46):
but, i still think i can write a book, and maybe even do more good in the long run, than from running for office
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:24:49):
abnd means and. Sorry for the typo.
Bostonant says to (11:24:50):
Kala is a serious man!
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:25:01):
I'm colorblind.
DesertRose says to (11:25:10):
what a liar
TonyInOhio says to (11:26:59):
left left left?
Kalagenesis says (11:27:10):
can everyone hear me?
KONSCIOUSVIBRATIONS says to (11:27:14):
TonyInOhio says to (11:27:15):
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:27:20):
ggt183 says to (11:27:21):
ggt183 says to (11:27:27):
KONSCIOUSVIBRATIONS says to (11:27:27):
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:27:29):
Thomas the parrot
Bostonant says to (11:27:33):
TonyInOhio says to (11:27:38):
ggt, ur on roll
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:27:46):
Thomas the parrot is here:D
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:27:55):
Hey Thomas, how are those crackers?:D
TonyInOhio says to (11:28:05):
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:28:20):
:D @ KalaAmalekite.
TonyInOhio says to (11:28:21):
I used to call my dude at work a cracker (he was white, so ami )
DesertRose says to (11:28:24):
yea he has been mocking you
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:28:29):
Thomas the parrot:D
ggt183 says to (11:28:32):
my wife is making me sleep on the I can stay up all night:D
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:28:39):
or the parrot Thomas:D
Bostonant says to (11:28:51):
Everything is a learning lesson!
TonyInOhio says to (11:28:52):
"good morning u cracker ass cracker" was how i started the day off
DesertRose says to (11:29:04):
DesertRose says to (11:29:07):
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:29:07):
Cause Thomas is cohost of the kalaAmalekite show. Thst's why. Anyone part of the show gets attacked by me.
*** (11:29:17):Benyamin Solomon is muted by Admin for breaking rules!
rightwingbashers says to (11:29:18):
Ben Needs To Stop Acting Like A P-Boy
DesertRose says to (11:29:22):
actually he need lythium
DesertRose says to (11:29:26):
or something
ggt183 says to (11:30:44):
Tony you should have punched him in the face
TonyInOhio says to (11:31:31):
no, i said it
Del773 says to (11:31:33):
TonyInOhio says to (11:31:41):
we both used to say it, as an inside joke
ggt183 says to (11:31:48):
ggt183 says to (11:31:52):
TonyInOhio says to (11:31:53):
u can imagine some peoples faces...lOL
ggt183 says to (11:32:07):
<-------is sensative
TonyInOhio says to (11:32:32):
be at a gas station, "u got a dollar cracker?, I'm short, I want this cocoa milk"
TonyInOhio says to (11:32:47):
peoples eyes would get
ggt183 says to (11:32:50):
TonyInOhio says to (11:33:32):
u can do that in Cleveland, but where i am now is redneck, i wouldnt try
Del773 says to (11:34:04):
Every country other than the States are advancing holistically off common sense.
ggt183 says to (11:34:06):
yeah dont try it
Bostonant says to (11:34:59):
Don't let society judge you in the struggle! Always rise to the challenge!
DesertRose says to (11:35:03):
DesertRose says to (11:35:07):
TonyInOhio says to (11:35:19):
good point Bos
esha2004 says to (11:35:28):
hey Rose (F)
Richcanon says to (11:35:33):
DesertRose says to (11:35:45):
Bostonant says to (11:35:49):
Richcanon says to (11:35:53):
lol@ ben solo
leonard s says to (11:36:11):
Hey DesertRose, Hlsn, HueyB, Richcanon, and Konscious
KONSCIOUSVIBRATIONS says to (11:36:30):
KONSCIOUSVIBRATIONS says to (11:36:34):
One Angry Jew says to (11:36:48):
I see you have Benyamin muted - good choice.
TonyInOhio says to (11:36:57):
TonyInOhio says to (11:37:21):
u have name kinda like his personality :)
TonyInOhio says to (11:37:25):
jus kiddin
One Angry Jew says to (11:37:30):
Hey if you want to catch a so called conservative CONSERVATIVE T & T in a racist show, call him from your board. (646) 716-5744
TonyInOhio says to (11:37:49):
is he?
One Angry Jew says to (11:37:49):
He's got Deputy from the Skype Assholes telling all how Black people are.
TonyInOhio says to (11:37:56):
Del773 says to (11:38:12):
Yah gone get that azz
TonyInOhio says to (11:38:14):
shaun, i cant believe it
TonyInOhio says to (11:38:21):
awww man
One Angry Jew says to (11:38:21):
Go listen
One Angry Jew says to (11:38:35):
By the way, to make Benyamin Apoplectic -
One Angry Jew says to (11:38:44):
Black Conservative is a phony.
TonyInOhio says to (11:38:44):
im not sayin urr a liar, im just in the throws of
One Angry Jew says to (11:38:47):
It's a scam
TonyInOhio says to (11:39:05):
is it?
One Angry Jew says to (11:39:11):
He can speak normally without munging his words.
Del773 says to (11:39:45):
We get the best of worst worlds.
SlimJim says to (11:39:46):
OAJ... so, whats the scam is BC is phony? who is scammed? outta what?
TonyInOhio says to (11:39:54):
lol del
*** (11:40:08):Benyamin Solomon has been unmuted by Admin.
One Angry Jew says to (11:40:16):
Kala while I don't agree you almost 100 percent of the time, you are more intelligent and certainly more truthful than BC.
ggt183 says to (11:40:20):
goodnight guys(})
One Angry Jew says to (11:40:21):
Got that Benyamin?
DesertRose says to (11:40:30):
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:40:32):
If KalaAmalekite doesn't care what America's interests is, why doesn't he leave?
TonyInOhio says to (11:40:37):
gn ggt
SlimJim says to (11:40:55):
Kala.. what is a tea-bagger?
TonyInOhio says to (11:41:00):
individual sovereignty Ben
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:41:02):
Kala's show is an intellectual jungle. BC is an intelligent man, who deals with left-wing morons like I do.
One Angry Jew says to (11:41:16):
BC is a fake. A fraud.
Del773 says to (11:41:17):
Wait until that deflation hits like it did in 1929.
TonyInOhio says to (11:41:32):
the "move if you don't like it" only works if you believe govt gives u rights, not your humanity...Natural Rights
Richcanon says to (11:41:33):
slimfag you know what a tea-bagger is
SlimJim says to (11:41:40):
expound.. Angry Jew
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:41:41):
Even Perry Steele admitted that BC stumped kalaAmalekite.
esha2004 says to (11:41:58):
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:41:58):
Perry Steele is stupid. He'd like to have me aborted.
One Angry Jew says to (11:42:14):
Perry is a nice man. You Benyamin are a bad man.
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:42:15):
stumped may be an understatement there.
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:42:40):
One Angry Jew is a loser, who is obsessed with BC while OAJ wants me smacked for exposing KalaAmalekite.
AmericanCitizen says to (11:42:47):
goldman sachs is an investment firm which represents the elites--we all know this
Del773 says to (11:42:52):
swollow your pride
SlimJim says to (11:42:55):
i agree... Perry is a nice man.. not one who I agree with much, but a decent man
Richcanon says to (11:43:11):
some of u in chat maybe Khazars
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:43:12):
Perry Steele is stupid, but not as stupid as KalaAmalekite.
AmericanCitizen says to (11:43:15):
that is why obama is not your savior because he is using people from the elite investment firms
Del773 says to (11:43:20):
Bostonant says to (11:43:29):
Individuals must be the leaders of there own lives! Embrace personal responsiblity!
esha2004 says to (11:44:02):
thats a hell of a name
TonyInOhio says to (11:44:06):
i like you more and more
AmericanCitizen says to (11:44:14):
these negroes on this show are 35 years old or older and they still complain about the white man like they are 21 years old and members of the nation of islam:D
Bostonant says to (11:44:17):
leonard s says to (11:44:35):
AmericanCitizen says to (11:44:56):
at your age kalanation u should be worrying about trying to work with anyone that can generate revenue and has ability
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:45:18):
There's no difference between black America and white America. It's America.
TonyInOhio says to (11:45:26):
we do have to admit, the courts aren't exactl fair...all the more reason to end the drug war...the BIA needs to be abolished, no way to treat native americans...we cant deny the instutions change slower than our minds
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:45:38):
As I said, I'm colorblind. My philosophy is colorblind.
TonyInOhio says to (11:45:40):
Vorpalbite says to (11:45:47):
U want catostraphic change ?
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:45:47):
No matter what any left-wing radical says.
DesertRose says to (11:45:50):
Del773 says to (11:45:56):
Quit trolling @ AC
TonyInOhio says to (11:46:08):
is there another kind of change than catastrophic?
TonyInOhio says to (11:46:10):
AmericanCitizen says to (11:46:12):
the whole situation in north africa is because the arabs put all their faith in their fellow people to run their affairs because they were the same religion and it created a tyrant in egypt and tunisia
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:46:14):
No matter what kalaAmalekite or losers like desertrose says. No matter what Warlord X says.
leonard s says to (11:46:28):
if that was the case why did we have a census that separated us by race
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:46:29):
if you dispute me, show me one racist statement.
TonyInOhio says to (11:46:43):
which we supported all these years btw AC
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:46:46):
Bill Cosby does not hate himself. Give me a breka.
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:46:49):
Del773 says to (11:47:11):
Bill Cosby semi-black az
AmericanCitizen says to (11:47:21):
shut the hell up u grown ass clown----anyone that complains about race like u isnt making any money fool@del773
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:47:24):
To KalaAmalekite, his opponents in the black community hate themselves. KalaAmalekite demonizing Bill Cosby wins me respect for Cosby.
AmericanCitizen says to (11:47:28):
TonyInOhio says to (11:47:52):
thedifference is in generational wealth, incomes, employment, courts, both sentencing and conviction rates, arrests per crime, etc. ect.
*** (11:47:54):AmericanCitizen is muted by Admin for breaking rules!
TonyInOhio says to (11:48:08):
are we really trying to say we have equaltiy of opportunity?
Del773 says to (11:48:08):
No one is complaining
Del773 says to (11:48:11):
@ AC
TonyInOhio says to (11:48:33):
I'm complaining, *** it
leonard s says to (11:48:35):
crack cocaine ve cocaine
TonyInOhio says to (11:48:39):
and I'm white beyaaaaatch
leonard s says to (11:48:40):
Del773 says to (11:48:41):
You refute what you see. If you don't like it, do a michael jackson and just beat it nuggar
Bostonant says to (11:49:03):
Don't keep doing the same thing expecting a different results? That's crazy no?
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:49:22):
Let me respond.
TonyInOhio says to (11:49:41):
we do not have equality of opportunity...we should strive for's equality of outcome we must oppose, unless we are commies anyway
Del773 says to (11:49:46):
Cheese. Outtie.
Vorpalbite says to (11:50:00):
Samurai honor
Vorpalbite says to (11:50:19):
code of bushudo
TonyInOhio says to (11:50:52):
the whole honor thing is based on collectivism, indivduality doesnt matter...hence why we call suicide cowardly in the west, and why we have no shame system
Vorpalbite says to (11:51:07):
personally, I cannt find an honor in chopping off peasents heads
TonyInOhio says to (11:51:22):
Otaku has no meaning in the west
TonyInOhio says to (11:51:40):
i'd agree to that
Del773 says to (11:52:44):
Asians will be over here in a minute buying up the real estate.
TonyInOhio says to (11:52:51):
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:52:52):
I'm out.
TonyInOhio says to (11:52:56):
that doesnt hurt us
TonyInOhio says to (11:53:04):
it didnt when the japanese did it either
TonyInOhio says to (11:53:15):
investing in America is good for us
TonyInOhio says to (11:53:22):
see ya Ben
Del773 says to (11:53:56):
In spite of what though
Del773 says to (11:54:17):
any service they do onward from here won't be in good nature
TonyInOhio says to (11:54:26):
People are caught up in the idea we need to be threatened by China...they haven't shown as much imperialistic tendancies as us, although they did pull off a lil genocide, then again ,so did we
Vorpalbite says to (11:54:47):
When you immigrate, you are supposed to leave your culture behind and join the Great American Melting Pot
TonyInOhio says to (11:55:02):
not really, but sorta ya
TonyInOhio says to (11:55:10):
there is no national langauage here
TonyInOhio says to (11:55:16):
and language is culture
Del773 says to (11:55:27):
no one follows that protocol
Bostonant says to (11:55:50):
The new Halle Berry movie was very whacked? She went insane because the white man she loved died?
TonyInOhio says to (11:56:11):
she's half white
TonyInOhio says to (11:56:22):
she went to school with my brother in Bedford
Bostonant says to (11:56:45):
Base on a true story. The way that it was told?
TonyInOhio says to (11:57:04):
Bedford High School
TonyInOhio says to (11:58:05):
She is still smokin'
*** (11:58:08):AmericanCitizen has been unmuted by Admin.
TonyInOhio says to (11:58:13):
my brother looks like ***
Bostonant says to (11:58:15):
The acting was brillant! Story weak?
AmericanCitizen says to (11:59:11):
at 35 years old fool u better be about your money and cut that hate whitey talk out of your vocab son!!!!:D
Vorpalbite says to (11:59:43):
Republicans and Democrats are the same party
Vorpalbite says to (11:59:46):
Vorpalbite says to (11:59:53):
and they are united agianst the ppl
Bostonant says to (11:59:56):
Great Program! Thanks! Take great care everybody! Peace!
AmericanCitizen says to (12:00:12):
i know kalanation doesn't have a family or mouths to feed that is why he likes to talk all that militant talk---he lives with his mother!!!:D
TonyInOhio says to (12:00:27):
i didn't see any one refute the several inquities i mentioned...maybe it isn't complaining where it is accurate
TonyInOhio says to (12:00:50):
altho, I dont agree with him altogether either..
TonyInOhio says to (12:00:52):
great show
JasonX says to (12:01:38):
Not only is america not interested in building new cities unless they are gated communities for the superwealthy, but they are not interested in saving some of the existing American cities.
JasonX says to (12:02:24):
Look at these pictures of contemporary Detroit, a city that a generation ago was the epicenter of global manufactering.
Kalagenesis says (12:02:44):
JasonX says to (12:02:46):
JasonX says to (12:03:49):
It makes me want to cry, or get very angry.
Kalagenesis says (12:04:20):
Yes this country is on iits way out'

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