Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday Night Open Rant.1/26/11

*** (09:51:07):Welcome to the Kalagenesis Chat Room.
Kalagenesis says (09:51:49):
Welcome to the Wendesday Night Open Rant.
Kalagenesis says (09:52:12):
Obama hit is out of park for Liberal White America
Kalagenesis says (09:52:40):
But Black and working America it is get under the Bus!!!!!!!!
Kalagenesis says (09:53:20):
Lets examine some Blackkk Coonservative Phonics
Kalagenesis says (09:53:40):
Can you understand what the hell he says?
Kalagenesis says (09:54:19):
Luke the Sambo Cambell shows why he was one of the destroyers of Hip Hop
One Angry Jew says to (09:55:01):
Oh boy that sounds like some riveting topics. Oh yeah.
One Angry Jew says to (09:55:04):
Kalagenesis says (09:55:12):
Tonight the rant goes by quickly so get your rant on
Kalagenesis says (09:55:20):
One Angry FOOL
Kalagenesis says (09:55:25):
One Angry Jew says to (09:55:51):
If Obama was a goony bird and flew ofver your house, dropped a turd on your lawn, you'd tell me it smells good.
One Angry Jew says to (09:56:03):
No thank - not buying insanity tonight.
Kalagenesis says (09:56:24):
How about those poll numbers?
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:02:36):
I shall call in.
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:02:41):
I'm no chatroom coward.
Kalagenesis says (10:02:47):
Kalagenesis says (10:02:58):
this for you
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:03:16):
I'm called in.
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:03:27):
Time to take you radicals down.
Kalagenesis says (10:03:38):
Just wait you will get spanked yet racist
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:04:38):
I made it clear that I'm anti-racist. I agree with MLK that we should judge people based on the content of their character, not based on their skin color.
Kalagenesis says (10:04:54):
tell that to the Palistinians
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:05:03):
I don't like when people use their skin color [whether it's the KKK or the New Black Panther Party] use their skin color for their racist agenda.
Mr CDMAGEE says to (10:05:12):
Greenbeasley says to (10:05:16):
green is here
Kalagenesis says (10:05:17):
peace CD
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:05:21):
Sorry for saying that twice. You know what I mean.
Greenbeasley says to (10:05:33):
lets give a big shout out to green
Greenbeasley says to (10:05:43):
hey green ... we love yiou
Kalagenesis says (10:05:45):
Who is Green?
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:06:08):
I don't like when people use their skin color [whether it's the KKK or the New Black Panther Party] to spread their racist agenda.
Kalagenesis says (10:06:16):
Lets get reaDY TO RUMBLE
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:07:13):
I said that Israel should integrate the West Bank and Gaza into Israel and to promote Jewish settlements. I said that the Arabs in the territories should be integrated as citizens like the Arabs in pre-1967 Israel are.
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:08:48):
I believe that the demographic timebomb that comes with Israel integrating the territories is a false threat. Israel can still integrate the territories and have Jews be the majority of Israel.
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:09:02):
Obama said that if you birng a knife, we'll bring a gun. What aobut that Kala?
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:09:28):
I strongly believe that Israel has to continue to be a Jewish state with Jews as the majority.
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:09:49):
When I said aobut, I meant about.
TonyInOhio says to (10:09:56):
that's a little racist sounding...imho
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:09:59):
Kala, flattery will get you nowhere(lol)
TonyInOhio says to (10:10:15):
it's like ttrying to keep america majority white, not cool
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:10:29):
Sure you will(lol)
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:10:44):
Thanks for giving me more attention(lol)
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:11:03):
Kala, you don't speak for black people, only the radicals.
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:11:14):
only for the radicals I mean to say.
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:11:47):
Why does Kala want to have Allen West, Sarah Palin, Corey and Glenn Beck in jail?
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:12:02):
Wrong. I like Brother K, who is proud of his black identity.
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:12:13):
Allen West is a war hero.
TonyInOhio says to (10:12:13):
i can't imagine why
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:12:34):
Yes he is.
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:12:47):
See. Kala wants Allen west in jail while he claims to favor free speech.
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:13:07):
Give me a break KalaAmalekite8-)
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:14:01):
So it's okay to accuse Black Conservatives of playing the race card, but we're racist if we accuse leftists of playing the race card. That's an example of leftist hypocrisy.
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:14:36):
We should have regime change and support the pro-democracy movement.
Greenbeasley says to (10:14:47):
we are allowed to play our race card ..... it was given to us forour ancestors free labor in the formation of this country
TonyInOhio says to (10:14:54):
Chris Matthews is an idiot, he jocked Bush too when he gave the "mission accomplished " speech
TonyInOhio says to (10:15:36):
hi kala
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:16:17):
I believe what the Torah says. I never said Jews are better than non-Jews. When I say chosen people, I mean what the bible says, which is that Jews recieve Israel and make the world closer to God.
TonyInOhio says to (10:16:19):
thx for the compliment :)
TonyInOhio says to (10:16:28):
always liked your show too
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:16:30):
I don't care what Obama's skin color is. I care about his politics.
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:16:40):
I also dislike having Carter as president.
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:16:54):
I don't give a crpa about the skin color of the President.
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:17:04):
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:17:24):
I'm not a victim. I shall be victorious by following through the American dream.
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:17:36):
Israel is wrong when she appeases terrorists.
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:17:51):
No, I regret some of the stuff I do.
Greenbeasley says to (10:17:59):
we are right most of the time
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:18:03):
The Syrians used the Golan as a terror base to launch rockets.
Greenbeasley says to (10:18:07):
i know i'm right
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:19:16):
I hate America kissing up to Saudi Arabia.
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:19:21):
Stop distorting what I say.
TonyInOhio says to (10:19:44):
"When goods do not cross borders, armies will"---Frederic Bastiat

Closed borders lead to wars, and that's why we should not close ours, Israel should open theirs
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:19:50):
America and Israel are my favorite countries.
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:20:05):
As BC says, I'm hanging you out to dry KalaAmalekite.
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:20:24):
Using BC's phrase since I like that phrase myself.
TonyInOhio says to (10:21:11):
lol, quotin bill bixby]
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:21:29):
As for the Muslim thing, I said I don't care what Obama is born as. But if his father is a Muslim, he is born as a Muslim. Since my mom converted to Judaism before I was born, I was born a Jew.
TonyInOhio says to (10:21:43):
no child is born a religion
TonyInOhio says to (10:21:46):
it isnt a race
TonyInOhio says to (10:21:50):
its a decision
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:22:01):
KalaAmalekite always distorts what I say in order to portray me as a racist scumbag.
TonyInOhio says to (10:22:02):
how can a child be subject to their parents religion?
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:22:23):
You're born as someone from that religion. Heard of religious communities?
TonyInOhio says to (10:22:37):
i'd say brainwashing children to one religion is a bad thing...
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:22:48):
What bothers me is not Obama's skin color and not what Obama is born as, but his radical politics and the allies he chooses.
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:22:55):
You worship Obama KalaAmalekite.
TonyInOhio says to (10:22:56):
it's a decision, or why else would adults change religions?
TonyInOhio says to (10:23:09):
I'm a right winger
TonyInOhio says to (10:23:26):
and righter than you, double entandre
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:23:51):
To follow the religious doctrine [or your interpretation of it] is a choice. But being born into a community is not a choice. Plus you can convert.
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:24:16):
If Obama did convert from Islam to another religion, radical follwoers of the so-called "religion of peace" would threaten his life.
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:24:26):
And Obama wouldn't be such a big Islam apologist.
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:24:43):
Do you know what the argument is about KalaAmalekite?
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:24:58):
BC destroyed him KalaAmalekite.
*** (10:25:09):Benyamin Solomon is muted by Admin for breaking rules!
TonyInOhio says to (10:25:17):
when you are born, your parents religion is's just what you're born, it's deemed more by geography than any no child is a religious person...they do what they know
TonyInOhio says to (10:25:28):
Mr CDMAGEE says to (10:26:17):
TonyInOhio says to (10:26:26):
to me jsutifying anything through religion, or damning anything by just religion is not a good argumentative point
DC Spy says to (10:28:21):
Great point BC is a Baffoon and Ben is a clown
TonyInOhio says to (10:28:57):
i often find myself embarassed to be there when i sit in on BC's
DC Spy says to (10:30:14):
The conservative love negroes like BC
TonyInOhio says to (10:31:03):
I'm kind of more libertarian-ish, so that's why i find him distasteful...but i will give it to him, it is entertaining, in a sick way
TonyInOhio says to (10:31:12):
like watchin' a boxing match
DC Spy says to (10:31:33):
Ben is a slime idoit
DC Spy says to (10:31:48):
rightwingbashers says to (10:32:21):
Ben STFU You Stuttering Fool
TonyInOhio says to (10:32:50):
here's my reverence for the Bible...God told David to genocide the men women and children of several lands to consolidate power...or did he just make that up? It's pretty obvious.
TonyInOhio says to (10:33:12):
so can we quit using it to make points?
DC Spy says to (10:33:15):
these clowns love to throw religion on black folks. Hell the negro preachers are the number one problem in the black community
TonyInOhio says to (10:33:23):
what are we, calvinists?
TonyInOhio says to (10:34:10):
dude, dude, diude
TonyInOhio says to (10:34:12):
TonyInOhio says to (10:34:58):
nobody say anything anti-semitic please
rightwingbashers says to (10:35:03):
Ben STFU Crybaby
rightwingbashers says to (10:35:21):
Ben Is A BC Nuthugger
TonyInOhio says to (10:35:23):
*** (10:35:24):Benyamin Solomon has been unmuted by Admin.
rightwingbashers says to (10:35:41):
Ben I Was There Too And Bc Was Pwned
rightwingbashers says to (10:36:11):
By The Gay Guy He Kept Muting Him And Then Kicked The Gay Guy
TonyInOhio says to (10:36:36):
some of these guys that i am supposedly allied with on the right are easy to debate circles around
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:37:32):
I was there. Not everyone laughed at BC.
DC Spy says to (10:37:36):
(lol) that BC is really a clown
rightwingbashers says to (10:37:44):
Brotherk And Ranger Were fighting The Other Night Over BC Attention
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:37:47):
DC Spy is a leftist political moron.
TonyInOhio says to (10:37:59):
hell they call themselves free market capitalists, and advocate for closed borders at the same time...the two are markets require free trade and open borders (secure is different than closed)
DC Spy says to (10:38:13):
Ben glad you talking to some real black folks
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:38:39):
Waht "real black folks"? Do you mean the radicals DC idiot?
TonyInOhio says to (10:38:41):
it's the underinformed angry mob, they know they are mad, and desewrve to be, but the education system has made them dim.
rightwingbashers says to (10:39:34):
Ben Damn You Cry About Everything..
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:39:59):
rightwingbashers is a policial moron chickenhead.
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:40:11):
When I said waht, I meant what.
TonyInOhio says to (10:40:14):
isn't a chickenhead a women?
TonyInOhio says to (10:40:36):
I mean I'm Sicilian, but I ain't that damn
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:40:40):
You are a leftist KalaAmalekite. You spew the leftist propaganda on everything.
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:40:55):
What racist comments KalaAmalekite? I'm sick of the race card being used by the left.
DC Spy says to (10:40:58):
Ben Also
TonyInOhio says to (10:41:35):
Left and right don't exist. It's statists and individualists to me, and some in between
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:41:36):
Ben also what DC moron?
DC Spy says to (10:41:55):
The main job of negroes like BC is to make white folks feel confortable.
TonyInOhio says to (10:42:14):
he makes this white dude feel uncomfortable
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:42:19):
DC Spy is a radical clown, who helps the leftist plantaiton mentally enslave minorities.
TonyInOhio says to (10:42:39):
it's like being at a Klan rally sometimes, but where a black guy is running's got to end badly :)
DC Spy says to (10:42:59):
tony you 're on point
TonyInOhio says to (10:42:59):
(not that I'd go to a Klan rally)
DC Spy says to (10:43:21):
can you help ben
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:43:37):
Mexico has a lot of corruption, fool.
TonyInOhio says to (10:43:55):
it's hard, he is coming from a religious's hard enough to convert neocons to
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:43:58):
I don't need help DC spy. I don't need help from a political moron like you DC Spy.
TonyInOhio says to (10:44:24):
and i dont't mean neocon as a anti-semitic term Ben
DC Spy says to (10:44:28):
most devils hide behind religion..
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:44:31):
Then why not leave KalaAmalekite?
rightwingbashers says to (10:44:55):
Ben Is A Young Frustrated Closet Gay Kid. Who Is Trapped By The Opinion Family Members And Friends. But I Wish Him Luck On His journey To Find Himself.. You Can Hear It In The Way He Talks And Clings To Ideals That He Really Doesn't Agree With
TonyInOhio says to (10:45:17):
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:45:18):
I'm not a Homosexual, right-wingbashers.
TonyInOhio says to (10:45:21):
o man
TonyInOhio says to (10:45:34):
1st step's denial
TonyInOhio says to (10:45:35):
DC Spy says to (10:45:49):
Ben is the guy no one in the neighood would play with as a kid
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:45:50):
I'm not a neo-Con. I'm a neo-con when it comes to foreign policy and a paleo-conservative when it comes to economic policy.
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:46:01):
I'm a hardcore Conservative and a right-wing Jewish nationalist.
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:46:27):
DC Spy has dog doo and clutter in his brain.
TonyInOhio says to (10:46:39):
i didnt call you neocon ben, i said converting you would be tuff because you come from a religious standpoitn...then i pointed out neocons are hard enought to convert to libertarianism, let alone you
TonyInOhio says to (10:47:12):
but i applaud your paleoconservative tendancies, but haVE TO ASK HOW AS PALEOCon is not a noninterventionist in foreign policy?
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:47:29):
I'm not an Orthodoc person. Yes I have some religious views. Yet I'm more liberal [not in a political sense] when it comes to some religious aspects like Kashrut.
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:47:43):
When I said orthodoc,I meant Orthodox.
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:48:02):
I'm more on the nationalist end than on the religious end, though I do strongly believe in God, Tony.
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:48:35):
I strongly believe that God backs Israel and, along with the clever people, who built and defended Israel, helped Israel survive.
TonyInOhio says to (10:48:58):
Look, my firend i talked to like 20 minutes ago has the last name Oxenberger..guess what religion she is? so im familiar with your beliefs somewhat...she is very much a tuff person to convince too, although she is liberal, so opposite problems
rightwingbashers says to (10:49:07):
Yeah You Are.. Just Face Those Demons.. There Is Alot Of Support For You.. Your Family Can't Oppress You Sexual Feeling Forever.. The Sooner You Deal With It. The Better Your Sorry Life Will Be.Stop Pillow Cry
DC Spy says to (10:49:18):
not so
TonyInOhio says to (10:49:22):
nationalism is bad
TonyInOhio says to (10:49:27):
it's false patriotism
TonyInOhio says to (10:49:52):
patriotism is dissent from the state, nationalism is faith in it..which btw is false idolization to me
rightwingbashers says to (10:49:52):
Sorry Ben I Had To Out You
Pianki says to (10:49:54):
Damm Kala be careful
TonyInOhio says to (10:49:56):
I'm a deist
DC Spy says to (10:50:01):
DC Spy says to (10:50:21):
Ben say it anit so
rightwingbashers says to (10:51:23):
rightwingbashers says to (10:51:39):
Ben Just Let It Out
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:52:06):
KalaAmalekite said that Jews manipulate black people in the 1800 rent a coon episode. He's anti-Semitic.
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:52:12):
Let me respond KalaGenesis.
TonyInOhio says to (10:52:19):
TSA: "Handlin' more packages than the post office since '08"
Pianki says to (10:52:23):
@Nuffluv. Got kicked off
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:52:31):
Here we go again with the anti-Israel propaganda8-)
NuffLuv says to (10:52:42):
NuffLuv says to (10:52:52):
By who@Pianki
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:52:53):
KalaAmalekite is anti-Semitic8-)
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:53:10):
KalaAmalekite is anti-Semitic. I'm not being sarcastic there.
rightwingbashers says to (10:53:11):
Ben Uses The Jew Card All The Time Can't Say Anything About Jews
TonyInOhio says to (10:53:21):
ben if you think God backs israel, you can never find fault with it...the King is dead, long live the king....excwept you think the stae is dead, long live the state....
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:53:21):
Leet me respond.
Pianki says to (10:53:27):
Kala other picture looked better to me. More Presidential
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:53:31):
Thomas the parrot.
rightwingbashers says to (10:53:41):
Ben Shh Wait You Are On Blast
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:53:42):
Read the bible, KalaGenesis.
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:53:56):
It's in the bible.
Pianki says to (10:54:13):
Told them to go back to Germany.
TonyInOhio says to (10:54:17):
the bible isn't really good as a singular research's hard to argue with that kind of logic, know what I'm saying?
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:54:25):
Not most Orthodox Jews, just the traitors like Neturai Karta, which kisses up with Ahmadinejad.
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:54:36):
They were not converts, fool.
DC Spy says to (10:54:37):
Ben , great point tony
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:54:55):
Those Jews were not converts.
DC Spy says to (10:55:17):
North Africa...
rightwingbashers says to (10:55:44):
The Only Thing Ben Knows About His Ppl In From Wiki..
Benyamin Solomon says to (10:55:49):
Am I still muted?
TonyInOhio says to (10:55:57):
Is it possible to dislike something Israel does, and still be a Jew? Is it possible to see a wrong it has done, and still be in the good graces of your G-d? I hope you say yes to both
Pianki says to (10:56:11):
Long live Ahmadinejad and Chavez
TonyInOhio says to (10:56:16):
because no state is worth your faith
DC Spy says to (10:56:25):
Guys it's call $$$$$$
TonyInOhio says to (10:56:43):
Baba, lol
Pianki says to (10:56:57):
Remember they were going to Unganda first.
TonyInOhio says to (10:57:20):
you the same Pianki from the 'conscience rasta' show?
TonyInOhio says to (10:57:35):
Pianki says to (10:57:42):
Yes, LibRadio
TonyInOhio says to (10:57:51):
ya i called in a few times
TonyInOhio says to (10:57:58):
nice to see ya
DC Spy says to (10:58:05):
Ben you are funny dude
rightwingbashers says to (10:58:38):
Sexual Frustration.. In Bens Voice
TonyInOhio says to (10:58:43):
Pianki says to (10:58:44):
You damm Zionist need to take your Red and Hairy butts back to western europe and stop terrorizing helpless people.
rightwingbashers says to (10:59:14):
He Just Said He Was
rightwingbashers says to (10:59:19):
TonyInOhio says to (10:59:37):
separating religion from the state is so
DC Spy says to (10:59:39):
let him finish that nonsense
TonyInOhio says to (10:59:49):
let me finsih
Pianki says to (10:59:49):
What dammm god was it that gave away others land.
TonyInOhio says to (10:59:52):
let me finsih
TonyInOhio says to (10:59:57):
rightwingbashers says to (10:59:59):
TonyInOhio says to (11:00:29):
let me finish..classic
TonyInOhio says to (11:00:52):
he is he for real, he is like secretlly a prankster rick rollin' us?
DC Spy says to (11:00:53):
you see , this is the stuff Black folks like BC belive
HUEY B says to (11:01:25):
peace pianki
TonyInOhio says to (11:01:43):
how can anyone believe it is my thing...but religion can do this to people, so can statism..
Pianki says to (11:02:03):
God was drunk that nite.
Pianki says to (11:02:08):
@Huey. Peace
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:02:32):
Don't act all innocent kalaidiot.
TonyInOhio says to (11:02:44):
TonyInOhio says to (11:02:57):
let me finish...let me finish
TonyInOhio says to (11:02:59):
Pianki says to (11:03:06):
@Ben. Your God told you a damm lie.
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:03:17):
Cause i was interupted.
TonyInOhio says to (11:03:26):
i know it was just funny
Pianki says to (11:03:31):
Our God did not approve that mess.
TonyInOhio says to (11:03:35):
you kept sayin it variation
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:03:44):
I have a problem with Kalaidiot bashing America as a white racist nation.
DC Spy says to (11:03:50):
it called zionism
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:04:21):
We Jewish nationalists love America. America and Israle are in the same boat.
Pianki says to (11:04:24):
America has always be a white biggoted regime.
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:04:59):
Pianki, I'd rather believe God than believe you, you political moron chickenhead.
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:05:13):
Amalekite Warlord X is in the chatroom.
TonyInOhio says to (11:05:16):
I'm not one to deny the past of this government, or the present policies, especially the drug war, that keep in unequal in opportunity in this country. But I also don't defend the use of govt for much of anything. It's hard to say he's totally wrong Ben.
Pianki says to (11:05:26):
Yes because the U.S Military has been at the Zionist disposal. Plus the 3 to 4 billion D U.S give yrly
TonyInOhio says to (11:05:30):
keep it unequal*
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:06:27):
Palestinians are taught to hate Jews.
DC Spy says to (11:06:41):
remember what the CIA did to Patrice Lumumba
TonyInOhio says to (11:06:48):
We hamper Israel a lot. We have more than a few times held them from being able to make treaties we didn't like, and stopped them from handling local problems, because we feel the need to play world policeman, like we wlefare law and order to the world,
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:06:55):
That's one kid kalaidiot.
TonyInOhio says to (11:06:56):
our kids lives, our tax money
Pianki says to (11:07:06):
Anyone who follows Judaism is a jew.
Pianki says to (11:07:18):
People are not born a jew
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:07:19):
That's what leftists do fool.
Pianki says to (11:07:36):
Sammy Davis jr.was a jew.
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:07:44):
people are born jews just like they're born Christians or anyone else.
Pianki says to (11:07:51):
Kazars are what you are.
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:08:02):
Jewishness is also a nationality, as well as a religion.
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:08:30):
It's not an illusion, fool.
Pianki says to (11:08:30):
There is no biological species called jew.
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:09:01):
Jews were in Europe before the khazars came, fool.
TonyInOhio says to (11:09:09):
whether there is or isn' doesnt give any state infallability through religious dcree
TonyInOhio says to (11:09:13):
Pianki says to (11:09:20):
In that time period when the land belonged to the African Caananites the term was Iu's
Pianki says to (11:10:40):
Khazars are what they are.
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:11:17):
The Canaanites were not Africans. God judged them and gave the land to Israel. Israel targetted the elite, though Canaanites were engaged in sinful sexual orgies and human sacrifise.
TonyInOhio says to (11:11:33):
I'm Sicilian, all of you get the evil eye...does that settle it?
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:11:50):
I said that Jews were in Europe way before the khazars came.
DC Spy says to (11:11:53):
remember all the countries that played a role in keeping Mandela locked up
Pianki says to (11:12:05):
That political subdivision know as Palestine was "Iudaea"
TonyInOhio says to (11:12:32):
and that he divorced his wife after releaSE, EVEN AS HE FORGAVE his captors...cuz some trhings no man can
DC Spy says to (11:13:09):
African Warlord X says to (11:14:20):
And Jeffrey Emmelt is going to be one of Barack Obama's top guns, and when he was CEO of General Electric, he had dealings with Iran.
Pianki says to (11:14:21):
Synogue of Satan. The hated Goi
DC Spy says to (11:14:28):
$$$$$$$ Corp Capitalism and it's greed
Pianki says to (11:15:41):
The southern inititive is doing the same thing also.
TonyInOhio says to (11:15:51):
nationalism is bad...why do people like nationalism?
TonyInOhio says to (11:16:15):
nationalism is what drives white supremecists too, statism is bad no matter who runs the
Pianki says to (11:16:19):
Chinese are chinese first. Tats Nationalism.
TonyInOhio says to (11:16:32):
and they limit birthrate
TonyInOhio says to (11:16:36):
do you want that?
TonyInOhio says to (11:16:40):
that's collectivism
Pianki says to (11:17:08):
White Supremacy is an ethnic group who wants to control the consumption of others.
TonyInOhio says to (11:17:15):
individualism is my philosophy, to be fair, I'm biased :)
TonyInOhio says to (11:17:30):
but is it also nationalist?
TonyInOhio says to (11:17:41):
skinheads are, klan was, look at south africa
Pianki says to (11:17:48):
Whites has tried to control birth through genocideand other demonic methods
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:17:58):
The Tea party is not racist.
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:18:09):
The tea party opposes Obama's radical Socialist agenda.
TonyInOhio says to (11:18:12):
its always accompanied by a "white nation" as a "utopian state" model, ala Platonic philosophy
DC Spy says to (11:18:22):
not so , you must under stand how Washington works
Pianki says to (11:18:34):
The Hell with racism. Who cares about racism. It is white supremacy that must be destroyed.
TonyInOhio says to (11:18:45):
ya i agree
Pianki says to (11:18:51):
The hell with holding hands and singing damm songs.
TonyInOhio says to (11:18:54):
you cant eliminate stupidity
DC Spy says to (11:18:58):
it's not about what he say in a speech it what he dose
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:19:08):
See how stupid Kalaidiot sounds.
Pianki says to (11:19:36):
Kala sound more logical that bennie did all nite.
TonyInOhio says to (11:19:44):
esha2004 says to (11:19:45):
Benamin Kala is telling the truth, this speech did not address african americans agenda
TonyInOhio says to (11:19:54):
high speed trains blow
TonyInOhio says to (11:20:07):
they cost the taxpayer 3$ for ewvery 1$ the rider pays
TonyInOhio says to (11:20:09):
thats not good
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:20:23):
The issue is not abour race, but about the issue of Government bureaucracy.
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:20:50):
Conservatives and Tea party don't want black people on chains. Sarge is black himself.
Pianki says to (11:20:55):
I for one don't want my tax dollars going to a israel every year.
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:21:09):
DC Spy says to (11:21:23):
What the hell matter if Obama say something in a speech. Actions speaks louder than words
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:21:38):
It was Democrats, who favored slavery, idiots.
Pianki says to (11:21:45):
Them jews provided the ships for the tarns-atlantic slave trade.
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:22:01):
Pianki is a stupid black racist anti-Semite.
TonyInOhio says to (11:22:07):
1/3 or so of the tea party are libertarian like me, and the rest are necons....who come off a lil racist, about half of them
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:22:09):
Pianki is a spiritual Amalekite.
esha2004 says to (11:22:11):
well I think Obama needs to address the working class concerns
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:22:30):
There is no racism within the Tea party movement.
Pianki says to (11:22:33):
Semetic is a black African language group.
TonyInOhio says to (11:22:39):
ben thats nuts
African Warlord X says to (11:22:40):
We have an uneducated populace, and we import educated people to do things that require brains. Now, developing nations are able to offer them options, and we're screwed.
TonyInOhio says to (11:22:45):
off course there is
TonyInOhio says to (11:22:56):
there is racism in both paties, every movment
Pianki says to (11:22:57):
Now the zionist are jews one day and semites another.
TonyInOhio says to (11:23:09):
you cant get 10 people togewther without a closet bigot
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:23:15):
Semitic includes a variety of groups of people including Jews. As any dictionary definition says, anti-Semitic means being against Jews.
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:23:33):
They're talking about sellout Conservatives and deluded isolationists.
TonyInOhio says to (11:23:42):
yes they do marginalize us
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:24:00):
Democrat Klansman party.
Pianki says to (11:24:06):
Semetic is one of the Black African languages not on the African Continient
DC Spy says to (11:24:15):
Hell how many presidents and politicos have said a lot and done nothing
TonyInOhio says to (11:24:28):
all ?
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:24:31):
Democrats have been the party of the klan at one time.
esha2004 says to (11:24:33):
our president never do anything it says
TonyInOhio says to (11:24:58):
hence why i have no faith in the state :)
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:25:05):
Thank to leftist Socialis tMarxist policies.
DC Spy says to (11:25:12):
it's not about a damn speech. it about his actions .. stay tuned
TonyInOhio says to (11:25:18):
and the fascist right!
Pianki says to (11:25:34):
Jacob was a Black Man while Esau was caucasian.
Pianki says to (11:25:45):
God hated Esau to his bones.
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:25:45):
Tony is being a sellout Conservative.
TonyInOhio says to (11:25:56):
i m not a conservative
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:25:59):
Socialis tMarxist means Socialist Marxist.
TonyInOhio says to (11:26:03):
im libertarian-ish
DC Spy says to (11:26:13):
esha2004 says to (11:26:22):
why u cut him off Kala
TonyInOhio says to (11:26:47):
the dude that called in was a cool dude
TonyInOhio says to (11:26:53):
he has called my show b4 kala
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:27:04):
Prove it Pianki. We don't know the skin color of Jacob or Esau.
TonyInOhio says to (11:27:13):
i dont always agree with him, but he was legit
Pianki says to (11:27:36):
Yeah, white males are sinking fast now they want to "come together". Sounds like a damm hippie song.
esha2004 says to (11:27:50):
TonyInOhio says to (11:28:04):
most whites could care less about raace, we are as united as the crips
TonyInOhio says to (11:28:09):
or D's
esha2004 says to (11:28:20):
what is D's
TonyInOhio says to (11:28:25):
TonyInOhio says to (11:28:33):
maniac latin disciples, chicago
esha2004 says to (11:28:40):
TonyInOhio says to (11:28:44):
famous for killin each other
Pianki says to (11:28:53):
Esau was "haiy and red". Jocob (Isreal-ite) was smooth. Khazars are red and hairy comig from the northern regions of west asia.
African Warlord X says to (11:29:10):
Yep. That's why they're rioting in Egypt
Pianki says to (11:29:25):
Cold northern regions you need a lot of body hair.
TonyInOhio says to (11:29:41):
Wikileaks revolutions
TonyInOhio says to (11:29:46):
i love it
African Warlord X says to (11:29:47):
Ghana and Nigeria are allowing them to remain in the stone ages
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:29:48):
That does not describe the skin color Pianki.
TonyInOhio says to (11:29:54):
a new age of full transparency
esha2004 says to (11:29:55):
I'm mad I cant get on wikileaks
TonyInOhio says to (11:30:06):
we used to want fame, in the future we will sekk anonymity
Pianki says to (11:30:07):
Red is not a color?
TonyInOhio says to (11:30:15):
DC Spy says to (11:30:17):
it's about $$$$$
Pianki says to (11:30:47):
Need to get them jews out of the southern sudan.
DC Spy says to (11:30:50):
Nile Valley
TonyInOhio says to (11:31:06):
ethnic cleansing is never good
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:31:37):
Red could mean something else.
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:31:48):
Read and white are different.
Pianki says to (11:32:13):
Our God hated Esau and he siad not to intermingle with him and his descendants.
TonyInOhio says to (11:32:27):
when i hear "family of nations" i think of Oedepus Rex
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:32:28):
Black Conservatives are heroes, who say the truth.
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:32:53):
That radical guy believes that reasonable black people are "irrelevent".
African Warlord X says to (11:33:17):
Yes. Ben Solomon can have Israel. I wouldn't live their for anything
Pianki says to (11:33:35):
Sharon was a murdering thug.
African Warlord X says to (11:33:37):
another war-torn hell hole
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:33:59):
Republicans instituted civil rights in the first place. Democrats instituted Jim Crow and segregation.
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:34:18):
I'm after the left, whether the leftists are black, white or whatever.
TonyInOhio says to (11:34:20):
they didn't
TonyInOhio says to (11:34:33):
if you recall the democrats supported cicl rights
African Warlord X says to (11:34:41):
Just about all whites supported barbarism. Political issues didn't consider the rights of people of color
DC Spy says to (11:34:41):
Hell we can't depend on our Negro preachers anymore or negro elected officials
TonyInOhio says to (11:34:44):
the republicnas, including Goldwater voted against it
TonyInOhio says to (11:34:57):
the y freed the slaves, but reversed direction by the civil rights era
Pianki says to (11:35:02):
The one thing the conservative and Democrats Ben is taliking about have in common is they are Caucasians.
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:35:11):
Kalaidiot hates America. That's the thing. He sees America as a white racist nation.
*** (11:35:17):Benyamin Solomon is muted by Admin for breaking rules!
DC Spy says to (11:35:47):
let Ben stay so we can see how stupid he is
TonyInOhio says to (11:35:48):
im caucasion
TonyInOhio says to (11:36:17):
it's not inherited
Pianki says to (11:36:23):
Whites enacted the 14th Admendment forcing Blacks to become citizens without their input.
TonyInOhio says to (11:36:35):
welcome to government
TonyInOhio says to (11:36:39):
they use force
Pianki says to (11:38:21):
White Holacaust victims pay no federal or state taxes on Holacaust Benefits but they are against blacks receiving reparations.
TonyInOhio says to (11:38:31):
John Brown wasn't a's not genetic...all I'm sayin''s taught..and thank goodness we teach it a lot less now
TonyInOhio says to (11:38:40):
im not against reparations...sue away
TonyInOhio says to (11:39:05):
see conservatives are crazy.. :)
TonyInOhio says to (11:39:16):
libertarians are sane, even if you don't agree ith us
PoliticalVindication says to (11:39:41):
reparations were piad to actual victims of the holocaust - if there are any slaves from 1865 still alive, give them a check.
Pianki says to (11:39:47):
You sure wasn't aginst your taxes not being collected on payments for something that did not happen on American soil.
TonyInOhio says to (11:40:43):
reparations can be a lawsuit against corporations who continued to benefit from slavery after it was outlawed too, it doesn't just have to government money...the real money is in those companies that still exist to a large degree
TonyInOhio says to (11:40:56):
we just gave Japanese theres in 80s
Pianki says to (11:41:06):
Not only the victim but heirs and benafactors who could be endless don't pay federal or state taxes on holacaust payments they receive.
TonyInOhio says to (11:41:08):
and the Indians, like 90 million dead
TonyInOhio says to (11:41:11):
TonyInOhio says to (11:41:34):
the government blows, everyone say it with me :)
PoliticalVindication says to (11:41:55):
Pianki says to (11:42:11):
The Catholic church received a head tax on each Capive African and the U.S did also.
TonyInOhio says to (11:42:39):
The catholics have been involved most genocides
Pianki says to (11:42:48):
The U.S received taxes against Raw Cotton in the millions during the early 1900's
TonyInOhio says to (11:42:53):
Ustasi ring a bell?
DC Spy says to (11:43:34):
JayZ not in the dope game like he claims
DC Spy says to (11:44:04):
Pianki says to (11:44:08):
Israel is a Evil Regime ....
TonyInOhio says to (11:44:39):
we have to face it, the failure of democracy, and republics, are the tyranny of the majority...and no matter the fail safes, look at what happened. No one can be trusted which such a monopoly on violence.
*** (11:45:23):Benyamin Solomon has been unmuted by Admin.
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:45:31):
I believe in the free market Capitalism elevating the individual regardless of race, nationality or skin color.
TonyInOhio says to (11:45:36):
here he goes, out of the shoot
TonyInOhio says to (11:46:02):
ben, do you believe in closed borders or protectionism, like tariffs?
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:46:10):
"Israel is a evil regime" Israel is htis Israel is that. These anti-Israel idiots come up with smears and slogans.
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:46:30):
htis means this.
Pianki says to (11:46:40):
There is nothing free about the capitalist system in the U.S. They use protectionism all the time.
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:46:56):
Israel is a evil regime is not evne proper grammar. Bfore a vowel, it's an, not a.
TonyInOhio says to (11:47:22):
lets not talk about grammar, (Loughner)
TonyInOhio says to (11:47:32):
too soon?
Pianki says to (11:48:00):
Israel is one of the worse evil regimes the world has seen. Tandamont to Joe Stalin.
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:48:46):
My Gosh the slogans from anti-Israel propagandists is ridiculous.
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:48:51):
Can I respond?
TonyInOhio says to (11:49:09):
let me
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:49:19):
Cause I was interupted moron.
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:49:35):
What else do you want me to say? Go ahead and interupt me.
TonyInOhio says to (11:49:36):
TonyInOhio says to (11:49:48):
I like teasin you though it's fun..don't get mad
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:50:03):
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:50:18):
Pianki says to (11:51:44):
Theodor Herzl, and the Jackles dreamed up the Balfour Declaration of 1917 along with those British demons and stole Palestian Land.
TonyInOhio says to (11:52:09):
look we disagree ben, but i disagree with kala a lot too, but I'm not closed minded and that's why he and I have sort of a common repsect. You think a state is infallable by religious belief, and I don't get that.
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:52:40):
Pianki is soo stupid.
1Konstantin4Abilene says to (11:53:00):
kkk is alive ad well here in abilene
TonyInOhio says to (11:53:05):
he's cool, when you aren't agruing about religion anyway
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:53:08):
I don't care about the skin color of the President.
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:53:19):
I'd take Allen West as President.
TonyInOhio says to (11:53:25):
thats good for those 3 hillbillys
TonyInOhio says to (11:53:43):
how many teeth they got between 'em?
TonyInOhio says to (11:54:04):
I'll bet less than the K's in the name of the club
Pianki says to (11:54:28):
Jacob and his sons went into Egypt. He would not had he been a caucasian.
1Konstantin4Abilene says to (11:54:32):
they have money they dont need teeth
TonyInOhio says to (11:54:38):
TonyInOhio says to (11:54:49):
you know why they are destined to fail?
esha2004 says to (11:54:50):
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:54:59):
Jacob and his sons going to Egypt is not any indication of their skin color.
TonyInOhio says to (11:55:09):
they are idiots...see "Home Alone"..good
Benyamin Solomon says to (11:55:24):
It's really late. I gotta run.
TonyInOhio says to (11:55:33):
bye ben, have a good evening
bluesky69 says to (11:55:35):
hi kon
bluesky69 says to (11:55:40):
hello everyone
TonyInOhio says to (11:55:47):
Pianki says to (11:55:55):
No white Jacob would hide in a Black Egypt.
1Konstantin4Abilene says to (11:56:19):
btr is crazy tomite
TonyInOhio says to (11:56:37):
i never found it to be a bastion of sanity, honestly
Pianki says to (11:58:02):
Later Kala. Tell him that is going on all ready.
Kalagenesis says (11:58:04):
TonyInOhio says to (11:58:09):
"There has been a such a thing as leaving man alone, there has never been such a thing as governeing man well"---Loazi (Taoist philosopher 4th century BC)
TonyInOhio says to (11:58:38):
Pianki says to (11:58:44):
Deal with the Chinese. They are better business people.
TonyInOhio says to (11:59:02):
It doesn't hurt the US to make China rich
Pianki says to (11:59:30):
Whites want you to endulge in same sex marriage and all that madness.
bringfortheye says to (11:59:35):
deal with those who follow business ethics and have a strong moral sense, regardless of race
TonyInOhio says to (11:59:45):
the protectionist impulse actually hurts you by David Ricardo's "comparative advantage"
TonyInOhio says to (11:59:54):
pianki, i sense a lil anti-gay
bringfortheye says to (12:00:05):
make sure their scales are calibrated not uneven
bluesky69 says to (12:00:12):
TonyInOhio says to (12:00:19):
ggt183 says to (12:00:30):
TonyInOhio says to (12:00:43):
good show kala
Kalagenesis says (12:00:48):
Pianki says to (12:01:29):
I'mm on the phone listening Kala
TonyInOhio says to (12:01:31):
remember, conservatives are nuts, libertarians are sane, even if you disagree with
TonyInOhio says to (12:01:52):
have a good evening everyone
Pianki says to (12:02:17):
America need to pay her Debts. Foreign and Reparations.
bringfortheye says to (12:03:15):
education is key to understanding and unlocking your potential

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