Friday, January 21, 2011

Freaky Friday in Kala Land

*** (09:59:50):Welcome to the Kalagenesis Chat Room.
Kalagenesis says (10:03:07):
Welcome my people's
ImhotepVII says to (10:04:45):
Kalagenesis says (10:05:39):
This is BC speaking
ImhotepVII says to (10:05:51):
ImhotepVII says to (10:06:04):
Uncle Ruckus!!!
Kalagenesis says (10:06:29):
Yes there are really Negros like that
ImhotepVII says to (10:06:47):
Sadly, this is true
Mr CDMAGEE says to (10:06:55):
Peace Kala and chat room
Kalagenesis says (10:07:03):
Welcome to Freaky Fridays in Kala Land
ImhotepVII says to (10:07:12):
Kalagenesis says (10:07:19):
ImhotepVII says to (10:07:43):
I got my bass out, I should try and learn to play this song while it's going. :)
Kalagenesis says (10:08:33):
ImhotepVII says to (10:08:58):
I just figured out part of it. lo;l
Mr CDMAGEE says to (10:09:57):
Kala, BC AND BENYAMIN makin you a famous... those guys are some clowns...SMH
Kalagenesis says (10:10:15):
Yes they are boosting my ratings
Mr CDMAGEE says to (10:10:56):
ImhotepVII says to (10:11:19):
Cojoined twins
ImhotepVII says to (10:11:32):
Nice Kala
nonprophet says to (10:21:22):
fuccck BTR
HUEY B says to (10:26:43):
Brotha Pritch says to (10:31:21):
ggt183 says to (10:31:32):
hes entertaining..thats all
Brotha Pritch says to (10:31:42):
Wheelock you da man!lmbo
HUEY B says to (10:32:06):
peace pritch
Brotha Pritch says to (10:32:08):
Huey B!!!
Brotha Pritch says to (10:32:57):
Just came from there...they got mad at
Brotha Pritch says to (10:36:06):
Thats why me and my brother had to take our mom out of there...that place is hell.
ImhotepVII says to (10:37:06):
We are taking our cues from the majority culture
Brotha Pritch says to (10:37:10):
She was in there for like a week...that was enough.
50 and Retired says to (10:37:27):
Hello to the HOST and the CHAT ROOM
Brotha Pritch says to (10:37:38):
ImhotepVII says to (10:37:47):
Hi 50
Rocko611 says to (10:40:08):
I thought everything was going to be great once this country elected obama what happened. You don't sound very happy.
Rocko611 says to (10:41:43):
But your heros told you it would.
50 and Retired says to (10:42:04):
Rocko, Pres. Obama is still one man. It take the whole country's people to invest into the change, even YOU.
Rocko611 says to (10:43:29):
Race war? Boy that sure sounds like violent rhetoric.
50 and Retired says to (10:43:44):
Healthcare will help more white people than it will help black people.
ImhotepVII says to (10:43:46):
Here we go...:|
Rocko611 says to (10:44:17):
Sharpton, Jackson, Van Jones, those are your heros.
Brotha Pritch says to (10:45:05):
Rocko611 says to (10:45:07):
Race War you said it. What do you fight a war with?
HUEY B says to (10:46:33):
Rocko611 says to (10:47:12):
Get used to it, in 2012 we are taking the whitehouse back.
ImhotepVII says to (10:47:42):
When was the last time you saw Black people start a race war? @Rocko611
ImhotepVII says to (10:47:51):
Right, never
Rocko611 says to (10:48:09):
I seriously dought that.
ImhotepVII says to (10:49:22):
Systems built on bloodshed don't last. America was founded by displacing and destroying the native people.
ImhotepVII says to (10:49:52):
It was not founded in peace
Brotha Pritch says to (10:50:40):
All their systems of government come crashin eventually...just a matter of time.
ImhotepVII says to (10:50:57):
Look at Rome, the Byzantines, Britain in the 19th century. All came down
Brotha Pritch says to (10:51:28):
Brotha Pritch says to (10:51:56):
They dont last for only a hot minute...then they're gone
ImhotepVII says to (10:52:01):
ImhotepVII says to (10:52:19):
"Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the Earth."
Brotha Pritch says to (10:52:48):
Indeed, and aint nothin meek about them mother......
Rocko611 says to (10:52:56):
Riots there you go again with your violent rhetoric.
Rocko611 says to (10:53:40):
The Klan was started by the democratic party.
HUEY B says to (10:53:42):
what violent rhetoric@rocko dude your talking ***
ImhotepVII says to (10:54:20):
@Rocko611. I'm sorry, this may be your thoughts process, but it is flawed. No one here is talking about violence
HUEY B says to (10:54:33):
it dont matter who started the klan there still white folks@rock
Rocko611 says to (10:54:46):
Look it up:
ImhotepVII says to (10:54:55):
Brotha Pritch says to (10:55:14):
Violence? You the once with the war paint on William Wallace.
HUEY B says to (10:55:14):
look what up its still white folks whats your point@rocko
ImhotepVII says to (10:55:17):
The only difference is thier rhetoric, their actions are he same
ImhotepVII says to (10:55:37):
Rocko611 says to (10:56:05):
What party was Robert Bryd a member of?
HUEY B says to (10:57:05):
the white supreamacy
Brotha Pritch says to (10:57:24):
HUEY B says to (10:57:34):
HUEY B says to (10:57:38):
Brotha Pritch says to (10:57:54):
lol...I'm witchu Sun
HUEY B says to (10:58:11):
no doubt@pritch
Brotha Pritch says to (11:00:47):
Why trust someone that turns on their own?
ImhotepVII says to (11:01:11):
The poor White people who are listening to Faux News and really thinking that they are speaking for them don't realize that they are the pawns in the chess game
Rocko611 says to (11:01:15):
Democrat Senators organized the record Senate filibuster of the Civil Rights Act of 1964
Rocko611 says to (11:01:32):
Robert Byrd
*** (11:01:36):Rocko611 is muted by Admin for breaking rules!
ImhotepVII says to (11:02:00):
Rocko is pulling our chain
ImhotepVII says to (11:02:13):
He doesn't have any real points to make
HUEY B says to (11:02:26):
Brotha Pritch says to (11:03:13): Rocko
HUEY B says to (11:03:24):
ImhotepVII says to (11:03:31):
HUEY B says to (11:03:53):
crystal meth?
ImhotepVII says to (11:04:02):
Oh wow! lol
HUEY B says to (11:04:11):
ImhotepVII says to (11:04:25):
I just don't think Rocko wants to dialogue
NuffLuv says to (11:04:28):
Low voice and Long Rider. lol
Brotha Pritch says to (11:04:51):
Do what you gotta do...then link up.
ImhotepVII says to (11:06:25):
Logic and truth always prevails
DesertRose says to (11:06:29):
i think so too
HUEY B says to (11:07:27):
white terrorists
HUEY B says to (11:07:59):
ImhotepVII says to (11:08:06):
Like "Jihad Jane".
Brotha Pritch says to (11:08:20):
People kill me with that. Im known well in my community...Im not hard to find. Smoke and mirrors.
ImhotepVII says to (11:09:36):
ImhotepVII says to (11:14:03):
(In George Bush Sr. voice) "Not gonna' do it, not gonna' do it."
Brotha Pritch says to (11:14:12):
Brotha Pritch says to (11:15:07):
You go run off massa gone beat me too!!!
ImhotepVII says to (11:15:12):
"Dat dere is a Guinea man"
ImhotepVII says to (11:15:23):
@Bro. Pritch
ImhotepVII says to (11:15:37):
Yes, Fiddler is a perfect example
Brotha Pritch says to (11:16:40):
Those days are over...I'm kickin ass when necessary.
Brotha Pritch says to (11:19:12):
They famous for that ish!
ImhotepVII says to (11:19:14):
I believe in peace, but will defend myself should it become necessary.
ImhotepVII says to (11:19:36):
Fighting is ALWAYS the last resort.
Vorpalbite says to (11:19:39):
Id rather be called a "RACIST" than "COMMERADE"
ImhotepVII says to (11:20:21):
Brotha Pritch says to (11:21:24):
Conservative ~ Favoring traditional views and values; tending to oppose change.
Brotha Pritch says to (11:21:34):
Speaks for itself.
HUEY B says to (11:21:42):
HUEY B says to (11:22:34):
Brotha Pritch says to (11:23:43):
I got Uncle Rukus in my family...sad
Vorpalbite says to (11:23:57):
I do not give a damn how bad the ohter guys life is - not my problem - But when they want to take from me and give to others - ITS TIME TO KILL THE FREELOADER
HUEY B says to (11:24:05):
i think we all have@bro pritch
Brotha Pritch says to (11:24:19):
Yeah right.
Vorpalbite says to (11:25:50):
Bottomline - dont burrden me with your life
HUEY B says to (11:26:11):
@vorapalbite white folks are the ultimate freeloaders off all time , everything they got they stole
HUEY B says to (11:26:19):
Vorpalbite says to (11:26:29):
ImhotepVII says to (11:26:34):
Vorpalbite says to (11:26:40):
I am out to protect myself
Vorpalbite says to (11:26:47):
not others
Brotha Pritch says to (11:26:49):
We are a compassionate and caring people, so I understand Vorpalbite.
parkerhellsin says to (11:27:00):
well they can give me the chocolate ones they dont want
ImhotepVII says to (11:27:01):
Wait, you don't care@Vorapalbite?
Brotha Pritch says to (11:27:04):
Lil Wayne is a catamite.
parkerhellsin says to (11:27:14):
chocolate is my favorite food
Vorpalbite says to (11:27:24):
I am sorry, society abused me because I was poor - I no longer have compassion for the ppl who had no compassion for me
Vorpalbite says to (11:27:36):
none what so ever
HUEY B says to (11:27:37):
if its that bad just shoot yourself 1 less problem to deal with you can do it vor go go
Brotha Pritch says to (11:27:56):
Someone needs a hug.
HUEY B says to (11:28:01):
Vorpalbite says to (11:28:02):
no thats not the way it works
ImhotepVII says to (11:28:07):
Ok, Vora, I'm sorry that you have been hurt, but that's no reason to demonize others
ImhotepVII says to (11:28:22):
I don't hate you
parkerhellsin says to (11:28:25):
jill scott
Vorpalbite says to (11:28:34):
Its my mission on Earth to treat ppl as heartless as they treated me
Brotha Pritch says to (11:28:35):
Not my fault some people's father's never played catch with them.
parkerhellsin says to (11:28:35):
would rock the part
parkerhellsin says to (11:28:54):
i could see jill scott doing it
ImhotepVII says to (11:28:59):
Then you are doomed to failure@Vorapalbite. Evil is self-destructive
ImhotepVII says to (11:29:10):
But you havea choice to change
Vorpalbite says to (11:29:27):
Vorpalbite says to (11:29:35):
F your change
ImhotepVII says to (11:29:36):
or revenge?
parkerhellsin says to (11:29:49):
Vorpalbite says to (11:30:02):
Imposse upon my life and you deserve to DIE
ImhotepVII says to (11:30:03):
Threre's a fine line @Vorapalbite
Vorpalbite says to (11:30:14):
parkerhellsin says to (11:30:30):
nobody likes fat black dudes
ImhotepVII says to (11:30:33):
I will be praying for you man, seriously@Vorapalbite
Vorpalbite says to (11:30:44):
as if I care
ImhotepVII says to (11:31:10):
Doesn't matter. You need Jesus.
DesertRose says to (11:31:12):
I think you need Jesus(F)
HUEY B says to (11:31:16):
dont you just luv it when white folks play the victim sick bastards
DesertRose says to (11:31:18):
lol Imhotep
DesertRose says to (11:31:27):
(lol) we said it the same time
ImhotepVII says to (11:31:37):
We did, because it's true
Vorpalbite says to (11:31:49):
I am no victim, I am a purp
Vorpalbite says to (11:32:07):
I hurt ppl for fun
ImhotepVII says to (11:32:14):
No, you ARE a victim. Satan's victim
Vorpalbite says to (11:32:22):
ImhotepVII says to (11:32:31):
He has no sons, he has slaves
HUEY B says to (11:32:33):
btr super hero talk ok vor ok
parkerhellsin says to (11:32:38):

parkerhellsin says to (11:33:10):
not me
parkerhellsin says to (11:33:21):
its 2011
*** (11:33:22):Vorpalbite is muted by Admin for breaking rules!
ImhotepVII says to (11:33:36):
Thank Kala for muting him. smh
DesertRose says to (11:33:44):
you mean when your skin peels?
DesertRose says to (11:34:00):
I am confused
DesertRose says to (11:34:26):
oh bleaching?
DesertRose says to (11:34:31):
they do it in china too
parkerhellsin says to (11:34:48):
thats wack
ImhotepVII says to (11:35:00):
Wow ^o)
parkerhellsin says to (11:35:21):
you bleach your skin youre messin with the melanin...
parkerhellsin says to (11:35:52):
dont mess with the melanin...
DesertRose says to (11:36:03):
oh that is nuts
parkerhellsin says to (11:37:02):
melanin does make you superior
parkerhellsin says to (11:37:18):
it protects from the sun
parkerhellsin says to (11:37:31):
we have built in sunblock
Brotha Pritch says to (11:37:46):
parkerhellsin says to (11:38:13):
so youre sayin consciousness is a joke?
ImhotepVII says to (11:38:36):
Melanin is a protein. It does not give us super powers
parkerhellsin says to (11:39:09):
whats the difference
Brotha Pritch says to (11:39:13):
Concious Community is a one big Frat.
parkerhellsin says to (11:39:35):
what is real consciousness to you?
ImhotepVII says to (11:39:35):
I respect Dr. Cress-Wellsing, but melanin does not make one superior
parkerhellsin says to (11:40:38):
its 2011
HUEY B says to (11:40:38):
everything is about skin colour fact
parkerhellsin says to (11:41:21):
i love red girls so what darker sisters wimm get it too
ImhotepVII says to (11:41:26):
Skin color is just a metaphor
parkerhellsin says to (11:41:31):
parkerhellsin says to (11:41:52):
i prefer a pecan tan
ImhotepVII says to (11:42:19):
Apart from an immaterial concept called racism, skin color has no meaning
parkerhellsin says to (11:42:20):
sorta like an in between...
Brotha Pritch says to (11:42:20):
Ive had dark skin and light skin girlfriends
parkerhellsin says to (11:42:31):
pecan is in the middle
parkerhellsin says to (11:42:59):
its preferance
ImhotepVII says to (11:43:01):
Pecan, dark blue-black, coffe, it's ALL BEAUTIFUL!!!
ImhotepVII says to (11:43:23):
Right on Kala!
parkerhellsin says to (11:43:28):
its the contrast
Brotha Pritch says to (11:43:30):
Big women, small women. As long as she's intelligent and pretty Im good
ImhotepVII says to (11:44:06):
I have a beautiful, chocalate queen that walked down the isle with me
parkerhellsin says to (11:44:24):
yeah i love big boobies and huge butts small waists
Brotha Pritch says to (11:44:29):
Good for you Imhotep...hold her down Bro.
parkerhellsin says to (11:44:35):
ling hair
ImhotepVII says to (11:44:45):
Indeed@Bro. Pritch
HUEY B says to (11:44:47):
yo kala so when are you going to visit africa
parkerhellsin says to (11:44:56):
tall i want her at least as smart as i
parkerhellsin says to (11:45:03):
at least
parkerhellsin says to (11:45:23):
and have a skill level equivialnt to mine
ImhotepVII says to (11:45:31):
I envy you Kala. I'm stuck here
parkerhellsin says to (11:45:34):
in another field
parkerhellsin says to (11:46:12):
my pills are kickin ingoodnight concious people...
Brotha Pritch says to (11:47:10):
Me too Imhotep...Im stuck in VA.
ImhotepVII says to (11:47:59):
One day though, I plan on setting foot on the motherland
Brotha Pritch says to (11:48:09):
HUEY B says to (11:48:15):
lol@digusing flight plans
Brotha Pritch says to (11:48:23):
HUEY B says to (11:50:09):
so blk skin has no benfits
HUEY B says to (11:50:12):
HUEY B says to (11:50:41):
scientists must be talking *** then
ImhotepVII says to (11:50:53):
Cool, if melanin makes one superior, then we should be able to resolve the General Relativity / Quantum Mechanics conundrum without problem
Brotha Pritch says to (11:50:59):
I bask in the
HUEY B says to (11:51:17):
yep@pritch and i dont peel
Brotha Pritch says to (11:51:44):
That ish be lookin gross.
HUEY B says to (11:51:58):
for real
ImhotepVII says to (11:52:00):
Black skin is adpated to more sunbaked environments, but it has nothing to do with character
Brotha Pritch says to (11:52:21):
Good point
ImhotepVII says to (11:52:29):
or morality, intelligenc, etc. Nothing immaterial
ImhotepVII says to (11:52:41):
Brotha Pritch says to (11:52:53):
It does give us an advantage to those things tho.
ImhotepVII says to (11:53:06):
In what way?
ImhotepVII says to (11:53:11):
HUEY B says to (11:53:37):
aint no concious community anywhere
Brotha Pritch says to (11:54:17):
Well if you ask me Blackman is God. Not all of are but we have the potential to be.
Brotha Pritch says to (11:54:24):
ImhotepVII says to (11:54:30):
ImhotepVII says to (11:54:35):
I see
ImhotepVII says to (11:54:53):
I respectfully disagree, but I do understand your point
Brotha Pritch says to (11:55:06):
I can digg it
ImhotepVII says to (11:55:07):
HUEY B says to (11:55:49):
i wonder how many so called nation builders are married to becky and suzy
HUEY B says to (11:57:04):
ImhotepVII says to (11:57:31):
FLOTUS is definitely a beautiful Afrikan queen.
HUEY B says to (11:57:42):
white ppl will never like us
HUEY B says to (11:57:48):
Brotha Pritch says to (11:57:55):
They dont have the heart to
HUEY B says to (11:57:57):
and i will never like them
Brotha Pritch says to (11:58:18):
We have been likin them for
ImhotepVII says to (11:58:36):
@Heuy Not ALL White's are yurugu.
ImhotepVII says to (11:58:41):
ImhotepVII says to (11:58:47):
my bad
ImhotepVII says to (11:59:01):
There are many that are
ImhotepVII says to (11:59:05):
but not all
HUEY B says to (11:59:21):
aint no holding hands over here and callling them our brothers when our ppl have not been avenged
ImhotepVII says to (11:59:51):
What about Time Wise? Fathe Micher Pfleger? Are they yurugu?
Brotha Pritch says to (11:59:59):
I dont hate the white people...I dont have to love them either. I hate crackas
ImhotepVII says to (12:00:00):
HUEY B says to (12:00:05):
*** tim wises bitch azz
ImhotepVII says to (12:00:41):
He is one of the ONLY white brothers who speak truth about us
HUEY B says to (12:01:11):
why you gonna rub it in blk ppls face about white privalge but dont do anything to change it
HUEY B says to (12:01:42):
@imhotep you need to go check out the cows
Brotha Pritch says to (12:01:46):
Damn...I forgot to call in. Im out Fam...till next time...Peace
HUEY B says to (12:01:55):
peace pritch
ImhotepVII says to (12:02:00):
ImhotepVII says to (12:02:11):
Htp, Pritch
Brotha Pritch says to (12:02:18):
Brotha Pritch says to (12:02:21):
HUEY B says to (12:02:26):
context of white superemacy // btr
ImhotepVII says to (12:02:37):
ImhotepVII says to (12:03:15):
Is everybody bouncing out?
HUEY B says to (12:04:29):
im serious @imhotep check then show out then we will have this discussion next time i see you
HUEY B says to (12:06:32):
oh yeah and tim wise is not our brother
Mr CDMAGEE says to (12:07:22):
HUEY B says to (12:07:25):
white dude speaking up for white folk he making money and blk ppl are not
Kalagenesis says (12:07:29):
Thank you
HUEY B says to (12:08:00):
black folk^^^
HUEY B says to (12:11:10):
:|@white sympathizers

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